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YMMV / The New Adventures of Ocean Girl

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  • Anti-Climax Boss: Neri and Galiel "fight" each other with clips while Neri chants "Together we will win." The "battle" ends with Galiel losing the crystals and turning into a statue. The whole thing manages to somehow feel both dragged out and rushed.
  • Awesome Music: That is one comfy Expository Theme Song.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: In one of the final episodes, two Amphibians are captured by the tribe of Mad Flyers, and implicitly sacrificed by them. This comes out of nowhere, has absolutely no bearing on the plot, and is never brought up again.
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  • Complete Monster: Galiel is an alien sorcerer whose obsession with obtaining eternal life and ultimate power led him to steal one of the four magic crystals that sustain the planet Oceana. Using the crystal's power, Galiel spent the proceeding 2,000 years conquering and plundering worlds like Bandor, whose emperor he executed in front of the man's son, Prince Jobah. When his crystal's energy begins to wane, Galiel is reduced to a decrepit state, so he returns to Oceana to get the other three gems, opposed by the planet's prophesied chosen one, Princess Neri. In his quest to obtain the crystals, Galiel terrorizes the Oceanans with natural disasters, attempts to bomb the royal palace, and repeatedly possesses King Nemon to try and turn everyone against Neri. He also frequently tortures his two minions, Elgar and Moza, and is eventually revealed to be the one who destroyed the latter's home world, only sparing the infant Moza so that he could be raised to serve him. When Elgar takes one of the crystals for herself, Galiel seduces her into giving it to him, and uses it to rejuvenate himself before abandoning Elgar and setting off to get the remaining two crystals while laying waste to all of Oceana.
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  • Evil Is Sexy: There is a surprising amount of alluring fanart of young Galiel.
  • Narm: Jobah yelling, "Trust no one, not even yourself!" in "The Possessed."
  • Squick: Galiel is an emaciated wreck, hooked up to his crystal by a throbbing umbilical cord and a big, tumorous mass erupting from his back.


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