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"I am the Arch-fiend, the Despoiler of Worlds, and by my hands shall the false Emperor fall."

"If a man dedicates his life to good deeds and the welfare of others, he will die unthanked and unremembered. If he exercises his genius bringing misery and death to billions, his name will echo down through the millennia for a hundred lifetimes. Infamy is always more preferable to ignominy."
Fabius Bile at the Desecration of Kanzuz IX
Source: Codex: Chaos Space Marines (4th Edition)

Even in the world of tabletop gaming, there still exists some completely despicable villains. Below are some of the worst and most atrocious bastards ever to roam the table top. Hope you roll well.

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Other examples:

  • Battle Machines: Carman Skiric destroys communities on planets he wants to capture because, in his eyes, people exist only as a resource, somewhere below energy and metal. The only reason the Earth and Sol governments have him as the commander of their armies is that he is so utterly terrifying that many foes just give up, rather than have him come down and fight. He's also ax crazy and his personal mech wields four chainsaws, he uses them because, quote, "I like to see the expression of dawning realisation on their faces, right before I tear them apart".
  • Bluebeard's Bride: This version of Bluebeard proves to be even more monstrous than his literary counterpart. A seemingly-polite rich gentleman, Bluebeard would often abuse young maidens that he seduced into marriage in various determinable ways, such as raping them or locking them in cages to be tortured. Throughout the years, Bluebeard has murdered several of his brides, hiding their bodies inside one forbidden room within the mansion. When his latest bride prior to the protagonist enters the room and discovers his secret, Bluebeard decapitates her in a rage. If the titular bride enters the room, Bluebeard will murder her as well. If the bride flees the mansion, Bluebeard will take his rage out on her family out of spite.
  • The Dark Eye: Rhazzazor was an ancient dragon who sold his soul to Thargunitoth, the Archdemoness of the Undead, and became a powerful undead monstrosity. He would eventually become the despotic ruler of a small nation, demanding monthly human sacrifices to maintain his unholy existence. When Emer, the ruler of the Middle Realm, not only dared to challenge him but also managed to injure him, he condemned her to a Fate Worse than Death by turning her into a living seal for an Eldritch Abomination, driving her almost insane. Eventually he planned to steal the life essences of thousands of people to give himself a new body, offering their souls to Thargunitoth in exchange for his own. When a group of heroes stopped the dark ritual that would’ve allowed Thargunitoth to claim these souls, Rhazzazor still continued with the plan, hoping that the sheer life essences of all those soul would give him enough strength to simply break the pact and reclaim his soul. Overall Rhazzazor was sadistic and cruel being, willing to condemn thousands of innocent souls to a Fate Worse than Death so that he could continue his existence.
  • Deadlands: (Jasper) Stone, the Harrowed responsible for bringing Hell to Earth, was originally a Confederate officer with a reputation for cruelty and brutality. When he became the servant of the Reckoners, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Stone ruthlessly killed any who could stand in their way, hunting down and murdering countless heroes. Stone does everything of his own free will for his hunger to take lives and to see Hell on Earth enacted, and is so bad that even the manitou animating his body terrified of his evil.
  • Dragonstar: The red wyrm Mezzenbone is the first chromatic emperor of the Dragon Empire after five millennia of good-aligned metallic rulers. Like most of his kind he's cruel and regards non-dragons as cattle at best, but even among his Always Chaotic Evil kin he stands out for his catastrophic plans for the galaxy. During the Dragon War between chromatic and metallic dragons that left many worlds devastated in its wake, he was first an important wyrm in the chromatic Asamet Kingdom and then its leader after its first king mysteriously died, and while most abhorred the tragedy of the War, Mezzenbone reveled in the slaughter, planning to annihilate friend and foe alike and rule the remains of a lifeless universe as a god. He only changed his mind when he realized the War would claim his life too if it escalated further, and agreed to the truce that would form the Empire only because he knew he needed the 5,000 years until his guaranteed ascension to the throne in order to ensure his scheme would unfold flawlessly. In the present day of the setting, forty years after his coronation, he has introduced a number of controversial acts including forming a drow Secret Police, supporting worship of his patron deity the Destroyer, and brutally assimilating new worlds into the Empire. When he believes the time is right, Mezzenbone will unleash everything at his disposal, including systems-destroying superweapons and magical artifacts of untold power, and completely shatter all possible opposition to his scheduled omnicide.
  • Exalted: The second edition version of The Dowager of the Irreverent Vulgate in Unrent Veils is one of the thirteen Deathlords ghosts, and easily the most vile of the bunch. She hunts people as a hobby, but her real wickedness comes into play with her two pet projects. First is her Orphanage of Fear; she abducts the entire populace of a village, kills everyone over the age of nine, and raises the children in homes furnished with soulsteel made from the children's families. She also takes this opportunity to create the Shoat of the Mire, a psychologically-tortured little girl given the Black Exaltation of a Dusk. But the Dowager's greatest work is the single most catastrophic event in Creation's history, the Great Contagion. Having discovered this virus in the Well of Udr, the Dowager unleashed it upon Creation, where it killed 90% of all living things. The Dowager is the cruelest and most vicious of the Deathlords; she would be Creation's most notorious murderer, if only her role in the Great Contagion were well-known in Creation. Her end goal is to find the opposite of Creation in the Well of Udr, and bring the two worlds together into a matter-antimatter cataclysm.
  • Feng Shui:
    • Curtis Boatman, one-man reason that the Architects of the Flesh are unplayable, is the source of basically everything wrong with the 2056 juncture that isn't his ostensible boss's fault, from Abominations to the surveillance state. Unlike his boss, he is about as far from sympathetic as possible-he's described in-game as a bloated, corrupt, and utterly selfish jerk whose own motive is his own profit, and is personally responsible for several sadistic experiments. His laundry list of crimes included the Uber-kids, tricking normal people into accepting The Corruption of Arcanotech and then accelerating it deliberately so he can have perfectly loyal Super Soldiers, keeps an entire greenhousse complex of Black Market Produce for himself (even his boss, Bonengel, puts his money where his mouth is and buys real food honestly), plans to betray Bonengel because Boatman likes the Crapsack World with himself at the top of the pyramid as it is (and Bonengel had a Heel Realization a few years before and has become Necessarily Evil), and despite the Buro wanting equality at all costs, he's a huge bigot responsible for the rampant homophobia in the 2056 juncture. Most damming of all is the Fisher Kingdom aspect of chi mastery over a juncture-2056 under Architect rulership is his ideal world. Look at the utterly dystopian future and realize what that says about him.
    • Ming I, the worst of the Four Monarchs is a user of warped shadow magic who willingly replaced her arm with an Artifact of Doom to hurt people more, knowing full well she'd effective be urged to render people Deader Than Dead. In her native timeline, she ruled over the Aztecs and then took the Human Sacrifice thing to heights even they found abhorrent, learning how to use the blood of virgins to extend her youth, only being allowed to remain because she cowed them into believing she was a god who killed or enslaved all of theirs. What puts her in the rank of Boatman up above, however, is three little words: Industrialized Mind Rape.
  • Iron Kingdoms: Toruk is the Monster Progenitor of the dragon race, although he considers his progeny the only thing that might pose a threat to him and desires to destroy them all. To accomplish this he becomes an Omnicidal Maniac against every other race. He turns a whole set of island nations into a mix of undead and mutants to serve as his army, all with the intent of slaughtering as many of the inhabitants of the mainland as possible to make a bigger army.
  • Legend of the Five Rings: Hantei XVI, known as Otomo Okucheo before his ascension and also known as the Steel Chrysanthemum , is the most violent and tyrannical Emperor that Rokugan ever had. He was ambitious even as a young child, when he arranged for the murder of his brother to prevent him from being made Emperor. His atrocities ranged from the disastrously grand, such as creating a Secret Police force to hunt down traitors and political dissidents; to the disturbingly petty, such as torturing a woman to death for protesting his widespread use of torture, and then naming her as a minor goddess of Torture. He ruined a political opponent's reputation and career, just so he could claim the man's daughter as a concubine. When that daughter refused to bear Hantei XVI a child, he had her imprisoned in her own room and forced the matter. The final straw, however, was ordering the execution of his own mother, because she dared to protest him killing all of his siblings so they couldn't contest his claim to the throne. This final act was enough to make his entire guard, horrified by what he had done, turn on him, assassinating him in spite of the fact that they would all need to commit seppuku afterwards. Back from the Dead more than 500 years later, Hantei engineered the 12-year-long War of Spirits in order to try taking back the throne. After the War, as one of the conditions of the treaty, Hantei tutors the son of an opponent. Planning to attack his student in order to cause the treaty to be broken and war to break out again, Hantei, while beating this student, is killed by his own fiancé, who has grown to care for this student.
  • Magic: The Gathering: Of all the threats faced by Dominaria and the rest of the Multiverse, these are the worst:
    • Yawgmoth, the first Big Bad, was born a normal Thran in Dominaria during the reign of the technologically advanced Thran empire, about 5,000 years before the birth of the inventor Urza. He was banished for his unorthodox beliefs regarding diseases and healing, but returned to the capital city of Halcyon to treat Glacian, the renowned engineer and inventor, who was suffering from an unknown illness after being attacked by an exiled leper named Gix. Though Yawgmoth was by trade & profession a medic, his ways went towards an unnatural fascination with the mechanics of the body. This fascination led to experiments with plagues and poisons, several of which caused widespread death among the various races that he had visited. Yawgmoth was also slowly draining Glacian's soul to fuel his own power. Yawgmoth later learned about planes from the wizard Dyfed, until he subdued her and gave her to his followers for dissection. Ruing his own realm, Yawgmoth plotted further conquest, corrupting and killing other heroes and innocents. When he invaded Dominaria, he killed millions of innocents before he was destroyed.
    • Nicol Bolas, one of the most predominant villains, is an Elder Dragon Planeswalker over 25,000 years old who loses his near-limitless power when the nature of the Planeswalker Spark is changed, and dedicates himself to getting it back at any cost. A master of red, blue, and black magic, Bolas excels at breaking minds and bending people into submission. In his pre-Mending time he was already a genocidal sadist who by his own admission created entire races only to exterminate them for his amusement, but his atrocity pile increased when he lost a substantial amount of his god-like power in The Mending. The aftermath prompted him into a path to regain his former "glory", combining a brand new set of worlds ruined by his actions with the antagonism of several Planeswalker protagonists, with the best outcome being near-death experiences and the most common being mental abuse into being his slaves. A bona fide mass-murderer and sociopath, he is a vile creature on a personal and cosmic scale.
    • Ob Nixilis is a human Planeswalker who in his mortal life was a cruel, despotic tyrant, bent on conquering his home plane. Eventually defeated by his enemies, Nixilis sacrifices his last loyal soldiers to summons demons who fulfilled his heart's greatest desire: the death of all life in his plane. Despondent over having no one left to rule, his Spark ignited and he began wandering the Multiverse and scouring the life from every plane he came across. After turning into a demon from using the Chain Veil, Nixilis fled to Zendikar to use its mana to remove the curse but lost his Spark instead. Nixilis was willing to destroy Zendikar itself to regain his power and tried to devour Zendikar's soul, and, failing that, finally regained his Spark by absorbing the hedron network keeping Eldrazi titan Ulamog imprisoned. As a final act of spite toward the world he hated, he awakened the titan Kozilek to ensure Zendikar's doom. Driven by his lust for power and conquest, Ob Nixilis was willing to raze the Multiverse to regain the humanity he never had.
  • The Freedom City setting of Mutants & Masterminds is home to some fairly repellant villains, but none quite as bad as Wilhelm Kantor or Omega.
    • Wilhelm Kantor, alias Overshadow, is a Nazi warcriminal and Evil Sorcerer turned international terrorist. As a member of the SS and the Thule Society, Kantor learned that he was the reincarnation of Tan-Aktor, a Treacherous Advisor to the Egyptian Pharoah Heru-Ra. Sacrificing twelve of his men, Kantor regained his past memories and powers, then went onto become the true mastermind behind the Nazi Ubersoldaten program. When Schwartzpanzer was crippled in combat, Kantor sacrificed him to increase the power of his own personal assassin, Nacht-Krieger; when the war ended Kantor would use the ritual suicides of his SS and Thule Society colleagues to further empower himself and Nacht-Krieger. Kantor went onto kill almost the entire roster of the Allies of Freedom, left Nacht-Krieger to take the fall, and set up the terrorist group SHADOW. He has since attacked world capitals with armies of clones, tried to get the USA and USSR to nuke one another, poisoned municipal water supplies, and attempted to use Omega's power to take control of space/time. In the meantime, he has kept himself alive, first by bodyjacking clones of himself, and later trying to take over the body of his own son, Ragnarok. Evil on a grand scale and a petty one (once using a terrorist attack just to ruin an enemy's retirement party), and with a bad habit of throwing his "friends" under the bus when it suits him, Kantor is out only for himself, and is as bad as even a Nazi can get.
    • Omega is the setting's resident Omnicidal Maniac. Once the heroic king of the first race of mortals, Omega realised that entropy was going to destroy the multiverse, and decided that he wanted to be on the winning side. Turning on Unus The Creator, Omega stole the Doom-Coil (the very device Unus had designed to fight against entropy) and reprogrammed it to spread entropy, feeding his own universe into it as fuel. In the process he defeated Unus, slew most of the other gods, and completely surrendered to his own hatred. Omega now travels universe to universe, corrupting and recruiting the greatest heroes of each 'verse into his army, before annihilating their home dimensions. He transformed the greatest physician of one universe into the sadistic Physician Friendly, promised to spare another hero's people only to turn them into mindless drones, and not only destroyed The Centurion's homeworld, but then tracked him to Earth-Prime, killing him and nearly wiping out Freedom City in the process. Concerned only with expanding his own dead realm (the so-called Terminus), Omega's goal in the extinction of all life across the multiverse.
  • Pathfinder:
    • Szuriel, archdaemon and Horsewoman of War, is the worst of Pathfinder's evil deities. A former paladin, Szuriel became a conquering empress who had every member of her former faith crucified in revenge for her excommunication. Following her death, she became a daemon, and murdered her way to the top of Abaddon's hierarchy, eventually slaying the previous Horseman of War and taking his title. In her new rank, Szuriel represents war at its most terrible, celebrating societal breakdowns, scorched earth campaigns, and ethnic cleansing, and counting Insane Admirals, General Rippers, and Sociopathic Soldiers galore among her most devoted followers. Hiring out her daemons to those who pay the most, Szuriel inevitably turns on her employers, after forcing the campaign to degenerate to the point where mutual genocide is the only way it can end. Forging weapons in the heat of burning human souls, and revelling in violent excess, Szuriel demonstrates what happens when a Physical God adopts the mentality of the most sadistic Psycho for Hire.
    • Tar-Baphon, known better by his moniker of the Whispering Tyrant, is one of the most dangerous villains to rise from Golarion. Even before becoming a lich, the man Tar-Baphon was a necromancer, envious of the god Aroden and seeking to attain godhood himself. He has attempted to Take Over the World twice; his first attempt as a mortal man ended when Aroden slew him, but this was part of his plan all along. Thousands of years later, after he had been forgotten, the Whispering Tyrant rose as a lich, and began his conquest in earnest. He conscripted the orcs of Belkzen and subjugated Ustalav, raising the fallen on both sides as undead servants and expanding his power all across Avistan. The Whispering Tyrant reigned supreme for five hundred years, centuries filled with blood, unleashing servants like Socorro and engineering mass Human Sacrifice in his attempts at godhood. When the Shining Crusade, led by Aroden's herald Arazni, attempted to put a stop to him once and for all, the Tyrant went out of his way to capture, humiliate, and torture Arazni to death, before throwing her mangled body to the crusaders to shatter their faith. Driven by his envy of Aroden, his ego, and his all-consuming desire to have the entire world under his boot, the Whispering Tyrant remains one of the most feared beings on Golarion.
    • Curse of the Crimson Throne: Kazavon was at one time The Champion of Zon-Kuthon, God of Envy, Pain, Darkness, and Loss. While all of Zon-Kuthon's followers tend to be a nasty bunch, with a penchant for torture and self-mutilation, none of them, including possibly Zon-Kuthon himself, has ever come close to the level of atrocity perpetrated by Kazavon. Essentially Vlad the Impaler in the form of a sixty foot Blue Dragon, Kazavon disguised himself as a human mercenary and offered to help the nation of Ustalav drive out the invading Orc hordes. Upon his victory, Kazavon set himself up as the dictator of the borderlands area, where he ruled with an iron fist, torturing to death all those who disagreed with him, including many of the soldiers who had served him faithfully up to that point. When his employer tried to rein him in, Kazavon flayed the man alive. He would go on to achieve truly special heights of depravity, holding torture parties, and orgies involving the undead, spreading his influence throughout the entire area, and having entire villages impaled for his entertainment. Kazavon was eventually killed by a party of heroes, but the madness didn't stop there. The pure evil of his soul contaminated his skeleton and threatened to resurrect him. The bones were crafted into seven Artifacts Of Doom and hidden throughout the country; contact with even one of them is enough to drive the wearer down a path of madness, murder, and ultimate self-destruction. When Queen Ileosa, Big Bad of the Adventure Path dons the crown, Kazavon gives her the power to murder her husband, turn Korvosa into a Police State, unleash a plague against the city's poorest citizens, and drain the lives of thousands in an effort to gain eternal youth.
    • Second Darkness: Allevrah Azinrae was once an Elven cleric of Nethys, God of Magic, and a hero in the nation of Kyonin. That was before she, with the aid of the Demon Lord Abraxas, conceived of a plan to exterminate the drow. When the fellow members of her Government Conspiracy refused to go through with the plot, Allevrah murdered her critics, let her rage transform her into a drow, and fled to the drow capital of Zirnakayinn, where she murdered the matron of House Azinrae and took it over. Desiring revenge on Kyonin, Allevrah plans to drop a meteor on the capital; if successful this plan will wipe out Kyonin and trigger an ice age that will kill most life on the planet. After a failed attempt at using the city of Riddleport as a test target, Allevrah retreats to the Land of Black Blood below Kyonin, where she prepares to summon her meteor. She also allows her lover (who is terrified of her) to perform hideous experiments that reduce the victims to masses of screaming black liquid, cuts deals with an aboleth mind rapist and a neothelid, feeds prisoners to ropers, and orders her troglodyte henchman, Ornn, to eat a charda colony's children if they do not cooperate with her. Driven solely by hate, Allevrah shows just how far even the best person can fall.
  • Scion: Seth Farrow is the second-in-command of a Scion band called the Shinsengumi. A son of the Egyptian god Set, Seth is a sadistic man who joined the band because its leader, Kane Taoka, promised he could live the high life and have many chances to indulge his sadism. He's one of the only band members who knows Kane is actually taking orders from the Titan Mikaboshi and is more than willing to kill the other band members if they ever find out and become a liability. When the Shinsengumi disbands after Kane's defeat, he pretends to profess loyalty to the Egyptian gods, but plans to either reunite with Kane if the latter ever reappears, or to sneak away and use his divine powers to create a personal kingdom where he can terrorize and murder anyone he wishes without fearing any consequences.
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse: Spite originally started out as Jack "Maniac Jack" Donovan, a petty delinquent and minor member of the Wraith's street-level Rogues Gallery in Rook City. After getting stopped by the Wraith one too many times, he became a Serial Killer, and after finding out the Wraith's secret identity, he dropped her two best friends off a skyscraper in front of her. After finally being captured, he avoided execution by agreeing to secret drug testing. When the drugs granted him Super Strength and other abilities, he broke out of prison and went back to his murderous ways, while also using any drugs he could get his hands on to fuel his new addictions. His villain card deck reflects all this by often forcing the players to make sadistic choices between saving victims or themselves, and his potential victims include a teenage wanna-be sidekick, an innocent priest in a soup kitchen, and a trusting little girl. Even the heroes deciding to just kill him this time didn't faze him, as when a demon god offered him a chance to be resurrected in exchange for killing lots and lots of people to spread enough fear and misery to allow the demon god to be summoned to our reality, Spite saw it as a win-win sucker's bet where he got to live again—even though resurrection is normally a very unpleasant occurrence in this universe—in exchange for doing the mayhem he wanted to do anyway. While nowhere near as powerful as other beings in the universe, Spite is as bad as it gets for a street-level villain.
  • Star Wars d20: Mnggal-Mnggal, from The Unknown Regions supplement, is a bizarre alien intelligence taking the form of a sapient ocean of grey slime, and by far the most feared being in the Galaxy's turbulent Unknown Regions. The being operates by possessing the bodies of unwary beings, something for which a mere drop will suffice, and then painfully hollows out their insides and wears the unfortunate being's ever-rotting carcass as a puppet. Far from a mindless beast that needs to do this to eat or reproduce, Mnggal-Mnggal is quite intelligent and is believed to perform these actions simply because it enjoys them. It has been known to possess the bodies of small children just to watch their parents' horror, and keeps a "collection" of starships whose crews it has massacred in orbit around its home planet. Its reputation is such that all other powers in the Unknown Regions, even mortal enemies, will band together to fight it should it make its presence known, and should it ever gain complete hold of a planet it is believed that all life on it will be wiped clean.
  • Warhammer Fantasy Battle: Before Archaon destroyed everything and the Continuity Reboot of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, this duo wreaked havoc:
  • Warhammer 40,000 is a dark and brutal place to live. No side is truly in the right, with most not even remotely in the "good" territory of the Well-Intentioned Extremist. That said, a select few manage to stand out:
    • Ezekyle Abaddon, known as The Despoiler, is the heir of the fallen Primarch Horus. Abaddon is consumed with hatred for all that lives, even his former master, and seeks nothing less than the extermination of all he can manage while uniting humanity under the dark banners of Chaos. As the only man with the support of all the Gods of Chaos, Abaddon has united the forces of Chaos under his banner no less than thirteen times in the Black Crusades. During these ventures, Abaddon storms the galaxy itself, burning and destroying all he can until the forces of the Imperium inevitably defeat him. Abaddon hardly minds as he is able to destroy and kill in great number, something he loves more than anything else. Willing to send countless numbers of his own to their doom and living only to destroy everything he can, Abaddon is the champion of Chaos and is one of the most evil and brutal beings in all of the dark world of Warhammer 40,000.
    • Erebus, First Chaplain of the Word Bearers, was the first ever Chaos Space Marine. After his fall, Erebus set up the slaughter of the Interex civilization to prevent them from warning the Imperium about Chaos and arranged for the corruption of Lorgar and Horus Lupercal, setting up the Horus Heresy that would turn the galaxy and Imperium into hellholes and cost countless lives. Erebus helped to arrange the Istvan V Drop Site massacre where he had countless Marines loyal to the Emperor slaughtered and purged an entire planetary system of life to empower daemons with the intention of corrupting the Blood Raven chapter. In the present, Erebus continues to serve Lorgar, and was involved in the 13th Black Crusade where he sacrificed millions to summon Daemons to assist the aforementioned Abaddon's forces. Responsible more than almost anyone else for the horrific state of the galaxy, Erebus repeatedly shows why he is one of the most vile servants of Chaos around.
    • Even among the Traitor Legions of Chaos, Fabius Bile, the self-styled "Primogenitor", is an unspeakably vile force feared and hated across the galaxy to those who know his name and actions. A Mad Scientist extraordinaire longing to exceed the scientific accomplishments of the Emperor, Bile refuses to pledge himself to any one Chaos God and instead sells his services to whomever can take him, stringing behind him a legacy of depraved experiments, genocides, and horrors with entire sectors of lives reduced longing for death from what Bile has brought upon them. Among Bile's many atrocities are forcing those he has flayed to carry a cloak made of the skin of dozens behind him, earning him the epitaph Manflayer; forcing the population of Dimmamar to take in his own mutative serums or suffocate by changing the composition of the very air they breathed; squashing down over a million prisoners into amplifying drugs for his followers, whom he also treats as test fodder; engaging in degenerate experiments with clones, earning him fear and respect from the world of Palamar V; and his proudest accomplishment, the "New Men", with the populations of entire worlds transformed into powerful but blindly murderous specimens of his own image. In the Chaos-ravaged world of Warhammer 40K, Fabius Bile, reviled by even the Traitor Legions he is ostensibly a part of, is a man who has dedicated his life to immortality through infamy by means of the destruction and perversion of billions of lives in his never-ending quest to permanently etch the foul memory of his name on the universe.
    • Asdrubael Vect, Archon of the Black Heart Kabal and Supreme Overlord of Commorragh, is one of the eldest beings in the galaxy and one of the most unspeakably vile. The lord of the Dark Eldar who keeps the horrific culture of torture and depravity going, Vect masterminds the slaughter and torture of countless innocents on a constant basis while also engaging in mentally tormenting a luckless slave, even revealing a drink they were sharing will give him agonizing stomach cramps for days. What sets Vect apart is his willingness to cross even the few lines other Dark Eldar have, having captured an Imperial Salamander to lure the Imperium to Comorragh and allow them to kill off his own people just to eliminate his rivals. Being a master torturer who feeds off the agony of others, Vect once faked his own death to allow the Dark Eldar to lapse into a terrible civil war, and once the battle lines had been drawn, Vect dropped a sun on the rebels, wiping them out along with all the innocents and civilians in that section of the city, damning all their souls to be devoured by Slaanesh. Unspeakably devious, hiding behind a mask of civility and refinement, Vect is almost unmatched in cruelty and evil even in this grim dark future.