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Game Designer's Workshop was a company that made Tabletop Games from its founding in 1973 to its closing in 1996. Their most well-known products are the role-playing games Traveller, 2300 AD and Twilight: 2000.

Not to be confused with Games Workshop, but the latter did produce material for Traveller back in the day.

An incomplete list of games produced by GDW:

  • 2300 AD: A hard SF roleplaying game. Originally advertised as Traveller:2300 which made it sound like a spinoff of Traveller, though they had very little to do with each other.
    • Star Cruiser: Extended space combat rules.
  • Dangerous Journeys: A short-lived fantasy RPG created by Gary Gygax after he left TSR. The legal entanglements with TSR over this game mean that it didn't have much of a chance at attracting an audience.
  • Dark Conspiracy: A horror RPG set in the near future.
  • Imperium: A board game about a war between an old, decaying Empire and a bright upstart Federation. Was incorporated into the backstory for Traveller.
  • Space 1889
  • Traveller, one of the first science-fiction RPGs, and related projects:
    • Striker: Additional rules for miniatures combat.
    • Azhanti High Lightning: Personal combat aboard the eponymous Cool Starship. Included rules for using them in the Traveller RPG.
    • And several more, until GDW's demise in 1996.
  • Twilight: 2000: Soldiers surviving in post-nuclear Europe.
    • Merc 2000: an alternate timeline version of Twilight 2000, where World War III didn't happen.