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A lot of tension in a story happens when the characters do something against the wishes of the audience. This isn't really possible in the context of an RPG, because the characters ARE the audience.
Shamus Young

The rulebooks explain that undead have very low charisma scores, but they offer nothing in the way of explanation as to why the other people at the table are so lacking in it.
Shamus Young

So, you're a wizard. Or rather, you're a geek, pretending to be a wizard, while the guy to your right pretends to be charismatic and good with people plus a master at assassinating people, the guy to your left pretends to be a slutty lesbian elf princess, and the guy across the table and behind the screen is indulging his power fantasies and would probably be getting off on it if not for his erectile difficulties—but hey, it's not like he's ever touched a girl, so the only person he's disappointing is himself.
Being Batman: the Logic Ninja's Guide to Wizards