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Eihort, from The Things We Leave Behind

"Welcome home Taylor. Do you like what I’ve done to the place? You probably never expected to see me again, when you sealed me in the temple, but you never were very bright. I was awake all those years, Taylor. I spent them thinking of what I would do to you when my great intellect and ability led to my freedom. I think this is suitable revenge, don’t you Taylor? After I kill your friends and re-animate them to keep you company, I’ll leave you here. I’ll leave you here forever."
-Dr. Henry Pierce, Bitter Wind (part of the unreleased module End Times)

Even in the relentlessly bleak Cosmic Horror Story setting that is Call of Cthulhu, several entities, be they eldritch or completely human, stand out as pure evil.

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All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Multiple Modules

  • Eihort, the Pale Beast and the god of a globe-spanning labyrinth, is unique among the Great Old Ones for its tendency to trap unlucky humans in one-sided deals: Either they bear its spawn, or it smashes them to death. Eihort horrifically implants its spawn in those who accept its deal to gestate and eventually fatally burst out of its host, in preparation to have its young eventually overwhelm all mankind. Beyond this, Eihort has some act as its "Chosen", promising to extend the lives of those it implants with spawn so long as they bring it more victims to violate, killing any who are too slow on their offerings and gathering in countless droves of victims through them.
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  • Nyarlathotep is the Overarching Villain of the setting, responsible for a multitude of atrocities. Relishing in corruption, Nyarlathotep loves to persuade and twist others into becoming his tools and puppets, always granting their wishes but perverting and twisting them as he wishes to lead his victims to ruin. Repeatedly arriving to cause mass murder and sacrifice, Nyarlathotep's most infamous outing is The Masks of Nyarlathotep adventure, when he intends on opening the Great Gate to exterminate humanity. Working through his cultists and creating cults based on enslavement, sacrifice and murder in multiple guises, Nyarlathotep is ultimately responsible for all the evils of M'Weru, Ho Fong and their contemporaries. In Kenya, Nyarlathotep impregnates socialite Hypatia to "replace" the child she lost in a botched abortion, intending on entering the world through his own spawn and even killing his own cultists while opting to obliterate humanity through a blood-drenched apocalypse if he can. With little but horrific cruelty driving him, Nyarlathotep is as wicked as ever and proves himself worthy of all his horrible titles over and over.
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  • Y'golonac, in fine form as ever, is the Old One of hunger, carnality and depravity. Keeping those he enslaves as eyeless husks in his realm that ever crawl up his titanic, bloated frame, Y'golonac sways others into giving into their most perverse hungers, such as snuff rings, rape, child pornography and more. In the module Love's Lonely Children, Y'golonac manifests within adult bookstore owner Colin Hammond, turning his equally demented wife Edith into an adoring slave while Colin had raped his own daughter. Y'golonac has the Hammonds sacrifice people to him, while having Colin rape women as part of his rites, before dismembering them, including their own daughter Kitty. If allowed to, Y'golonac will possess the Investigators or attempt to destroy them as well, being as twisted and monstrous as ever, and easily one of the most monstrous of the Mythos deities.

Individual Modules

Bitter Wind
  • Dr. Henry Pierce is an egotistical archaeologist who turned to the worship of Ithaqua on one of his expeditions in the 1920s, betraying and murdering most of the rest of his party before he was sealed away by his last surviving colleague. Living over a century in stasis, Pierce returns to life to murder an investigative party who stumble upon the base he was sealed in, resurrecting his victims as frozen revenants. Upon the investigators coming into the base as well, Pierce torments and attempts to kill all of them, seeing the descendant of his old colleague who sealed him away among them and vowing to make him immortal to spend the rest of his tortured existence isolated, surrounded by the reanimated bodies of his friends.

The Fungi from Yuggoth

  • Edward Chandler is the reincarnation of the wicked priest Nophru-Ka, the chosen prophet of the Day of the Beast and the cause of all the misery in the campaign. Taking over his father's company by arranging the death of his own parents, Chandler presides over all the Brotherhood of the Beast does, from keeping the world politically fractured and at war to routine assassination, sacrifice, and horrible human experimentation, including the lobotomized Sons of Terror. Chandler seeks nothing less than to enact the apocalypse itself, summoning the Beast to allow it to devastate all in its path and enslave the ruins of humanity forevermore.
  • Baron Hauptman is the right hand and mentor of the aforementioned Beast, Edward Chandler. A ruthless 700-year-old aristocrat who tormented and murdered the townspeople in his Transylvanian holdings, even allowing his pet Star Vampire to prey upon them, Hauptman is responsible for numerous atrocities of the Brotherhood of the Beast and directs countless sacrifices and widescale horrors to help Chandler rise to power. Surviving by switching bodies and then murdering his own elderly form, Hauptman enjoys nothing so much as causing pain and intends to wipe out the world of man, being described as addicted to the sight of human suffering.
  • Lang-Fu is one of the co-founders of the Brotherhood of the Beast. A 2,000-year old sorcerer, Lang-Fu has destroyed countless lives, overflowing the Huang Ho River and killing hundreds of thousands simply one incident. Lang-Fu works to ensure the Day of the Beast, killing Chandler's parents himself, keeping China in constant war for the Brotherhood's purposes and ensuring a steady supply of immigrant sacrifices to the Deep Ones.
  • Dr. Dieter is the Brotherhood's Mad Scientist, a staunch supporter of the then-dawning National Socialist Party arrested for a series of gruesome murders in his scientific experimentation. Dieter is freed by the Brotherhood and fully works to enforce their worldwide campaigns of terror, subjecting innocents to awful experimentation. Dieter's greatest accomplishment is the Sons of Terror, lobotomized candidates the Brotherhood uses to further break and divide the world, even turning his assistant into one for his treachery and activating his head-destroying failsafe.

Horror on the Orient Express

  • Selim is the founder of the Brothers of Skin, a cult worshipping an aspect of Nyarlathotep named the Skinless One, and one of the most twisted of his many awful worshippers. Selim has hundreds horrifically butchered, flayed and mutilated alive with rusty knives in offering to the Skinless One, while organizing the hideous murder of whomever transgresses on the cult's affairs. Selim has the organs and skin of his victims stored away so his Brothers may transplant them into themselves to live forever. Selim's most vile creations are the Skin Beasts, created through sewing dozens of children together alive and in agony before pouring melted, enchanted flesh on them, binding them together into one amalgamated abomination that can do nothing more than destroy the enemies of the cult.
  • Mehmet Makryat is the wicked right hand of his father Selim in the Cult of the Skin. Assisting in a multitude of horrible murders, Mehmet flays people to take their identity and to trick the heroes into leading him to the pieces of the artifact that he needs to take over the cult. Killing others along the way, Mehmet gleefully murders his father and takes over, denouncing "petty" atrocities while planning on murdering the Prince of Wales to take his place and reign over the British Empire to begin an empire of atrocity with the Cult of the Skin flourishing to offer up countless others to Nyarlathotep.

The King of Chicago

  • Le Douanier—The Customs Officer—is a partner to the Deep Ones in Marseilles. Kidnapping multiple people to feed to the Deep Ones in exchange for gold, Le Douanier finances a gang war in Marseilles and Chicago that kills multiple people, gangster and civilian alike, all to create the chaos he needs to snatch more people to deliver to his masters. Intending upon gaining control of Marseilles, Le Douanier intends to deliver the entire city to the Deep Ones so that the people may all serve as "breeding stock" for Father Dagon's children.

The Legacy of Arrius Lurco

  • Agathias and Messala are the masters of the Tenders, a group of cultists dedicated to the Pale Beast Eihort who dwells within a massive labyrinth along with its devoted servant the Minotaur. Seeking to bring about Eihort and his spawn's domination of all, the two have countless slaves and other luckless innocents taken and sent into the labyrinth to either be devoured by the Minotaur or to be impregnated with Eihort's spawn or to be killed by the Old One should they refuse its bargain. Upon being discovered, the two are gleeful to torture their victims, even threatening to burn captives alive.

Lost in a Book

  • Stuart Putnam was a Serial Rapist who drugged and raped multiple women even before he got into the occult, callously taunting one in court when she attempted to have him prosecuted for it. After a multitude of rapes, Putnam delved into the occult and achieved the ability to become a wandering spirit. Possessing others to have them rape and murder, allowing them to see what he did before leaving them as broken shells, Putnam gleefully violates and kills the women who catch his eye before attempting to possess the Investigators and start a new murder spree.

Mansion of Madness

  • Ezekial Crater, or Zeke the Geek, is a ruthless waterfront crime lord who gained possession of an artifact called the Dark Stone, using it to throw violent, hedonistic orgies until he was horrendously disfigured by a cultist seeking the Dark Stone. Turned into an insectoid abomination, Zeke starts seeking a way to turn back to normal, gruesomely murdering any threats to his operation. Zeke sinks to his worst when it's revealed he's kidnapping dozens of women, hacking off their hands and feet before raping them into insanity to have them forcibly bear his insectoid spawn, which horrifically tear their way out of their hosts. Zeke dissects many of his children and even many of his "wives", his transformation into a Humanoid Abomination being only a reflection of the monster Zeke really is.

Masks of Nyarlathotep

  • M'Weru is the High Priestess of the Bloody Tongue, a Nyarlathotep cult based in Kenya, and one of Nyarlathotep's most zealous devotees. High Priestess since she was only fourteen, M'Weru has for years orchestrated the kidnapping and gruesome sacrifice of dozens to the Bloody Tongue, driving to madness all those who would seek to challenge her power. M'Weru sets in motion the Carlyle Expedition and the subsequent massacre to begin with for the benefit of the cult, seducing Carlyle before tossing him away to be devoured by giant rats. M'Weru, in the climax of the Kenya scenario, awakens the Bloody Tongue to conduct an orgy of violence in his name, tearing apart over 200 sacrifices—down to the infants—in every gruesome way that can be fathomed, summoning disasters that flatten villages and giving rise to Nyarlathotep's own spawn so he may destroy all that exists.
  • Ho Fong is the leader of the Order of the Bloated Woman, and easily one of the most reprehensible Nyarlathotep cult leaders in a module abundant with them. Seemingly an upfront and respectable importer based in Shanghai, Ho Fong presides over constant horrible murder and dismemberment through his cult, demanding the ritual self-evisceration of any who fail. Ho Fong attempted to convert his own wife to his side by systematically destroying her life in an attempt to make her dependent on him, and horribly sacrificed her when she remained defiant, driving his young daughter to insanity when she witnessed this—whereupon she was tossed into a room to eat bugs for the rest of her life. The worst of his actions coming to light in Bloody Botany, Ho Fong turned his late wife's garden into a place for him to produce lethal poisons and toxins he kills many people with, reducing it to a pit of Body Horror where countless people are kept alive in indefinite agony as the plants grow within them and countless more are mulched and fed to the plants.

Pagan Call (includes Shadow Kingdoms)

  • Seth, or Sss'th, is a powerful serpent man sorcerer who intends on exterminating humanity. Awakening in the dark ages and taking the guise of "Lord Stigand", Seth proceeds to induce people to Human Sacrifice and the worship of pagan cults to sow chaos and bloodshed, spreading plagues and starting bloody conflicts while setting up chaos and murder in an abbey while manipulating the Deep Ones nearby into summoning Yog-Sothoth to wipe out humanity, unwittingly setting the Deep Ones up to be exterminated as well. Escaping, Seth attempts to bring about judgement day, trying to cause the apocalypse to reduce humanity to extinction or to a slave race, all to set up an empire where he himself reigns with the serpent men.
  • 8MM and Sex Machine are the leaders of a child snuff porn ring, kidnapping children to rape and torture them to death while filming the atrocities to sell them. Sex Machine tortures the victims himself, the bodies of over a half-dozen children found under his basement, while 8MM is smugly sadistic about the filming process, proposing they film a video by forcing one of the witnesses he's captured—many more homeless vagrants murdered by the two for being loose ends—to "play" with a kid before murdering them both.

Sacraments of Evil

  • G'hanateccz, the Lloigor, is the main villain of the adventure. A sinister being who awakens in a church, the lloigor proceeds to corrupt the hapless priest Bristol by appearing as Christ, to bid Bristol into brutal murders to harvest the pineal glands of his victims for the lloigor to feed upon, killing numerous people and spreading its influence to drive others into insanity and murder, giving light influence to Malcolm Sedny to enjoy him raping and murdering boys, even with Sedny acting of his own accord. The lloigor intends to rise from its prison and turn all of York into a hellhole where people rape, kill and riot at will, expanding its net ever wider.
  • The aforementioned Malcolm Sedny is a disturbed young man who, with minimal influence from the lloiger, becomes captivated by the slayings of the insane Bristol and decides to copy them to fulfill his personal fantasies. Sedny brutally rapes and murders a series of young boys across London, even being revealed to keep their torn-out pineal glands as trophies.

The Shadow of Yog-Sothoth

  • Carl Stanton is the master of the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight, and a fanatic worshipper of the Great Old Ones. Stanton maintains his life by draining the essence of countless innocents, aging them to dust to add their years to his own, a magic he teaches to his inner circle to allow them to prolong their lives at the expense of others. Seeking to awaken the Old Ones to destroy the world, Stanton has countless people abducted and sacrificed, murdering and driving others mad along the way until things come to a head as he attempts to unleash Cthulhu himself upon the world.

Tales of the Crescent City

  • "Needles": Thutemhab is a former Egyptian priest who fed the souls of his victims to his malign god Ammit. Revived centuries later as the leader of the sinister Needle Men, Thutemhab kidnaps dozens of innocents-—mostly poor people who will be easily missed-—to subject them all to hideous experimentation, destroying their minds and killing them horribly. Thutemhab creates new Needle Men by murdering intelligent minds and resurrecting them to be mindlessly loyal to him through the power of Glaaki, killing them again if they dare to choose Glaaki over him. Thutemhab does everything to sate his twisted sadism, with even human meat found in his cooking.
  • "Song and Dance": Ignacio "Fat Iggy" Giacona is a mob boss who controls most of the heroin trade in New Orleans. Secretly a worshipper of Y'golonac, Ignacio runs brothels and helps to create the monstrous "Paramours" of Y'golonac by infecting the willing and unwilling with Y'golonac's bite. Willingly becoming an avatar of Y'golonac, Ignacio sacrifices others to Y'golonac in perverse, torturous rites, while centering on two women possessed by muses. Intending on corrupting them to kill and corrupt a great deal of dancers and artists, Ignacio plans to spread Y'golonac's dark influence over all humanity.

The Things We Leave Behind

  • Vanessa Volker is one of Eihort's Chosen, having willingly taken his bargain and delays her death by his spawn erupting from her by sacrificing luckless innocents to the Old Ones. Having murdered the realtor of the home beneath which lies Eihort's labyrinth, Vanessa picks up men in bars, then taking her victims there and sending them into the Labyrinth to face Eihort's bargain, allowing her greater knowledge through the spawn implanted within her. Vanessa is the one to send the Investigators to meet Eihort, looking for a mass sacrifice to keep her dark pact going, until she tires of her bargain and uses a spell to kill the spawn inside her before skipping out to serve the next dark god.

This Fire Shall Kill

  • Lieutenant Robert Hardman, seemingly an upstanding fireman with a series of certificates for saving innocent lives from fires, is in actuality a deranged servant of Cthugha. Hardman destroys the minds of his own department with a series of drugs that brainwashes them into becoming servile to Cthugha, and deliberately sets fire to wreak swathes of damage and consume countless human lives while Hardman always arrives just too late to stop it. Even disposing of fellow firefighters in this way when they find out too much, Hardman's ultimate plot is to offer up all of San Francisco to Cthugha's flames, annihilating the entire city in an eldritch holocaust.

The Wail of the Witch

  • Mercy Boothe is a Wicked Witch from Salem who made a pact with Nyarlathotep. Sacrificing innocent people, especially children, Boothe was caught and executed, but survived thanks using a Gate to bind her soul by the Elder Things. Returning later to take a new body, Boothe has any in her way murdered, even having one obstacle killed by ghouls. When pressed to the wall, Boothe happily tries to summon the Old One Nyogtha to destroy Salem itself.


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