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     Famous Stories 
  • So imagine this: your group of 5 is suspicious of a local resident for the disappearance of his girlfriend, whom he claims not to know anything about. One takes him out to clear his mind, while the other 4 search the house. While searching, they see a clear path in the back of the house leading into the thick woods, and start following the trail. Half a mile in, a scuffling is heard about 30 yards away, and 2 go off to investigate. One of the members who stayed behind remembers that they left clues at the house, so she leaves to clean up, leaving one all alone... The two who went off to investigate hear a gunshot, and run back to where they were to find both their friends missing, and a pool of blood along with a gun where they should be. They decide to keep venturing into the woods, and find a clearing with rune stones. After staying for hours with no events occurring, dusk falls, and one decides he will not stay in the forest at night, while the other stays to see what happens. The one who leaves runs the whole way, while the other hides up in a tree, and eventually succumbs to sleep, never to wake up again. True horror movie fashion. What happened was, the man was possessed and had a ghoul guarding the woods. The ghoul does not fight groups of 4 or more, so he threw a huge rock to split them up, and was fortunate that one investigator started backtracking. When attacking the first investigator, he was sloppy and got shot in the shoulder, but still took the character down. Then he ran back towards the house and dispatched the other one. He tracked the other two, and was unable to keep up with the investigator who ran all the way back to town, but waited until the other investigator fell asleep to gnaw on his stupid head. From a GM perspective, it couldn't have gone any better.
    • Made even better by the fact that a (not fixed) tarot reading was done at the beginning of the game that specifically said "Do not abandon your 'family' (and made it clear that your 'family' was not blood-related) or you will die".
  • Old Man Henderson, the only character ever to win Call Of Cthulhu. Check also his page. note 
  • This Keeper of about three years running now runs campaigns with a group of people she's known for a while. One of them has developed a reputation for constantly critting on stupidly insignificant rolls, with one exception. The players were trapped in a basement with an armed Mi-go. Said "constantly critting" player, as I am narrating how the Mi-go raises its electrical weapon to fire, decides to butt in and ask if he can Fast Talk the creature. I, figuring that Mi-go ARE sentient, decide to let him, warning him he needs to get an extreme success. He rolls, and proceeds to critically succeed... which also results in it thinking he's a cultist of Nyarlathotep, and giving him the Shining Trapezohedron it had been entrusted with. Nobody at the table could believe it for about ten minutes.

     Canon Adventures and Campaigns 
  • The Haunting is a game virtually every Call of Cthulhu Investigator has experienced. There's a house for sale with a horrifying undead wizard who feeds with a magic knife—you need to deal with it.
  • The Masks of Nyarlathotep has nothing less than the Investigators saving the world from the arrival of the Outer God. It is a globe-trotting adventure which climaxes in one of the most powerful beings in the universe's will being thwarted. Even he didn't see that coming. You also get the chance to destroy several of his avatars in the process.
  • The Shadow of Yog-Sothoth is about dealing with a cult planning to raise Cthulhu. They succeed. You need to put him back down.
  • The famous Innsmouth Raid is detailed and expanded on from the short description in Lovecraft's works. Instead of a police action, it's more like a small-scale war of the United States government against the Innsmouth populace as well as the Deep One city nearby. The player characters even have the opportunity to kill Dagon and even if they don't, they will torpedo the Deep One's city into oblivion. This is one of the rare instances of where, cannonically, the humans got the better of the Mythos.
  • Armoured Angels is about a British archeological expedition in Iraq accidentally opening a portal to Yuggoth, causing the Mi-Go to overrun the dig site. So, the British army sends in a mechanised infantry battalion with some Rolls Royce armoured battle cars, and guess what the Investigators wind up doing...


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