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YMMV / Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger

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  • Arc Fatigue: Every villain's machinations are for the sake of causing the arrival of "that." But you're not getting any description or even the slightest hint of who or what "that" is or much real progress being made until the last two or three episodes. One would think it really doesn't matter what the Excuse Plot that enables the chop-socky and robot battles is, and many sentai series don't go the Myth Arc route at all, but... the set-up for the whole show is that everything is about whoever or whatever "that" is, with the villains trying to cause it and the heroes trying to prevent it, and every new storyline being about a new way for the villains to bring it about, and every new piece of information is being sought because it might tell how to bring/stop "that," every MacGuffin is something that everyone is chasing because in the right/wrong hands it's the key to stopping/causing "that," and it makes it hard to keep caring when it's episode 48 and the term is still utterly meaningless.
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  • Awesome Music: Both the entrance themes of Hurricanegers and Gouraigers.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Yosuke Shiina. Either a decent Sentai Red or the very first to start the whole "Screaming/Loudmouthed Red" phenomenon.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Boss/Leader Tau Zant, master of Jakanja, is a monstrous being who destroys worlds throughout the cosmos to become the supreme being. Coming to earth, Tau Zant begins targeting civilians and cities while destroying the Hurricenger ninja school, leaving only a few survivors. Betraying his own men and having them eliminated once their purposes are served, Tau Zant gleefully attempts to harness the Evil Force trapped beneath Earth to destroy the very universe and recreate it as a god.
    • Seventh Spear, Sandaaru, is Tau Zant's most powerful and wicked soldier. Leader of the Seven Darkness Lances, Sandaaru is a vicious shark-like alien known for destroying entire worlds. Coming to earth to assume leadership of Jakanja's military, he immediately shows himself as a more brutal and cunning foe than the Hurricengers have yet faced, even killing the ninja Lady Gozen to steal a magic gem from her. Betraying his own side and eliminating fellow Lances when they have fulfilled their purpose, Sandaru even turns on and kills Tau Zant before attempting to hijack his plan to use the Evil Force to wipe out all life and become a god in his stead.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The series itself is an underdog with a cult following compared to the other more notable Super Sentai series with bigger fanbases, getting a "Ten Years Later" postscript.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Not only would Kamen Rider Kabuto have two lead Riders with similar colors and beetle motifs as the Gouraiger, but their personal weapons are also similar (except that KuwagaRaiger's scissor claw can't be seperated).
    • Also Nanami's career aside of her ninja-ness. Starting out as an enka singer and eventually exploding as a famous Idol Singer and multi-talent star? Well, why does it reminds us to a certain someone in real life named Nana Mizuki? In hindsight, because during the airing of Hurricaneger, Nana Mizuki hadn't really exploded as a true star.
  • Ho Yay: Some fans take Yousuke and Ikkou this way, particularly when Yousuke is deliberately poisoned to save Ikkou's life.
  • Smurfette Breakout: Nanami is easily the most popular character in this series and has frequently appeared, on her own, in future Super Sentai seasons and specials.


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