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  • Isshu in episode 26 while under the love spell, when trying to impress Nanami after Yousuke and Kouta told Isshu to give Nanami a cute animal as a gift. The cute animal that Isshu gave her, a cow. It's hilarious.
  • Episode 46, aside of that one crossed with Moment of Awesome, there's Nanami taking her cooking for Kagura/Lady Gozen into Serious Business to the point of translating every of her stoic commentaries into either insults or praises to her cooking.
  • Ten Years After was generally rather serious...until the battle at the end. It was the Gouraigers' segment that really shined, though. LET'S BATTLE DANCING!
  • Shurikenger and his Gratuitous English? Normal run-in-the-mill. Shurikenger being played by Kenji Ohba as a shrine caretaker and saying a broken "See you again!" while hopping? The delivery just makes it that hilarious.
    • What's more, the Hurricaneger spent the rest of the episode trying to figure out the identity of Shurikenger... That scene above didn't even bat an eye on them, and when the reveal hit in, only then they realize. "Damn, I should've noticed that he spoke English!!"


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