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  • When Sae reaches breaking point after being treated as Just a Kid all season long. She sits in the middle of Gao's Rock and refuses to budge, and Kakeru tries to appease her by presenting her with one stuffed toy after another until she's covered with them.
  • Episode 15. Tsuetsue and Yabaiba doing a song-and-dance routine. In a field of flowers. Wearing civvies.
  • Washio is standing in front of a coffin when it opens up, revealing a Lugosian vampire. His response?
    Washio: GAAAAAAH! (thrashes vampire with prop skeleton arm) OH! MY! GOD!
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  • In Episode 35, after Kakeru used his Falcon Summoner Gun Mode
    Blacksmith Org: It's unfair to use Projectile Weapons!
    Kakeru: Well then, I'll use Arrow Mode!
    Blacksmith Org: Isn't that still a projectile weapon!?
  • In episode 28, a variant of Gao King using Gao Wolf and Hammerhead in place of Shark and Tiger is put together. Kakeru tries to call out its name, only for the narrator to declare that the combination doesn't have a name, so he just calls it a variation on Gao King.
  • Quest 37 had some hilarious bits. Courtesy of Gao Yellow and his "I don't trust what I can't control" demeanor.
  • Episode 45 has a few of these. Gao Red interrupts Gao Yellow's flashback of how he first encountered Gao Eagle. Later in the episode, a lonely Yabaiba, looking for someone to play with, holds a knife to Tetomu's throat and forces Gao King to dance passionately. That's all he wanted.
    • Shirogane is relaxing in the hotsprings, and looks like he wants to stay there...until he sees the aforementioned dancing. He proceeds to rescue Tetomu by slapping Yabaiba on the noggin with a pan.


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