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  • All of episode 24. Mikela and Voffa, after failing to defeat the Abarangers again, decide to go to Earth and research creatures they can combine into Trinoids to create something strong enough to defeat the Abarangers. Eventually Abare Killer runs into them, and during that fight they see some schoolgirls, which AbareKiller calls "the greatest creatures on Earth." Mikela and Voffa then go on to capture AbareKiller, Yatsudenwani and the rest of the Abarangers except Abare Blue. He then has to dress up in a Sailor Fuku and, together with Emiri, try and get close to them to save the rest of the Abarangers.
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  • And despite being trapped in Mikela's Hammerspace, Ryoga is able to make a phone call to Dino House using Yatsudenwani.note 
  • Episode 30. Opening. That is all. note 
  • Episode 38. Mahoro somehow takes the current discussion in a completely different direction.
  • Durring the team up with Hurricanger at the end everyone does a hand clasp with their counterpart....except Isshu who puts up his hand only to realize no one is their and start to pout.
  • Episode 12, the Abarangers travel back to the Edo Period. Ryoga is saved by the Daigaro


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