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    General Concepts 
The francise is comprised of several Multiverses and not a single Timeline.
  • Mighty Morphin' through Lost Galaxy take place in the same continuity as they all tie into each other all other series take place in their own multiverses with anything that happens in one could be considered Broad Strokes in another.
  • This would explain several inconsistencies when newer series bring up plot points from older series
  • Theories regarding this:
    • Bulk going to Mironoi at the end of Lost galaxy is ignored in other series therefor it never happened outside of that subcontinuity
    • Any Powers Rangers that lost powers could have them back without explanation as they never lost them outside of their main series. This might explain how Tommy will use his past powers In Super Megaforce
    • RPM existed in the same continuity as all others that came before it However It is considered in another dimension in Samurai and probably anything after as the two cannot exist side by side.
    • In Samurai Skull is a bit older which would explain how he has a teenage son despite math making spike born sometime in the original run.
    • Also in Samurai The Samurai Rangers have been around or centuries despite Mighty Morphin' Rangers being stated as being earth's first Power Rangers
    • This would explain why Tommy's Green ranger uniform is slightly different.
    • This could also explain the difference between Wild Force Tommy and Dino Thunder Tommy, the former is implied to be rich and owns the local hangout However the latter conflicts with this as Tommy should at this point be working with Anton Mercer.
      • Its possible the latter Tommy is older too, late 20's instead of mid 20's which seems improbable with his accomplishments such as having a PhD. (going by his age in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers he would have had to have gotten it in his early 20's.)
    • The Movie would fit under this banner as well as an offshoot of the original series' but as it's own subcontinuity.

The monsters are the results of the rangers being drug addicted.

No, this is not a troll WMG. I somehow feel like this is canon. Maybe their suits are the result of a near-death hallucination?

This has all happened before.
Okay this one might be hard to follow but here goes. 1000 years ago roughly Master Orc nearly destroyed the world the nylocks were sealed away the magic war happened Daishi almost wiped out the world Rita was imprisoned ETC. now in Power Rangers Turbo the Blue Centurion arrives with a message for the rangers concerning a coming conflict with all the previous Big Bads to occur in the year 2000. Now for the actual Wmg. Roughly every thousand years the morphing grid has a surge that draws the forces of evil together against the forces of good. The team ups between villains an ranger teams are spikes in the grid that are typical of this cycle. alternately this same cycle is caused by the grid becoming unbalanced favoring the good or evil too much.

The monsters are filled with hydrogen gas.
In order to get around the Square-Cube Law, they have several bladders throughout their bodies full of the lighter than air gas. This also explains why they always blow sky high when defeated.

Building a morpher is easy
Or at least, there's a trick to it, but anyone who has built a motherboard from spare parts can understand it. The tough part is finding a suitable power source; that's what puts it in the domain of ancient orders, government projects, and megacorporations. The ancient orders, government, and megacorps keep the secret to building morphers secret because they don't want massive proliferation.

Case in point: R.J., who clearly used morphers jury-rigged from sunglasses and spare parts that didn't even USE a power source (they just rerouted power native to the user), but insisted that he got them from what is presumably the black market (he "knew a guy who knew a guy").

When a Ranger morphs, his/her regular clothes are de-molecularized and stored within the suit, and then reform as the Ranger demorphs
In RPM's Ranger Green, we see Ziggy, fully clothed, morph into the Green Ranger. He then attempts to use his teleportation ability, only to teleport most of his suit off his body. Instead of leaving him in his regular clothes, he is left in his underwear. So clothing is removed as a way of getting rid of unnecessary bulk (eg, in Mighty Morphin's Life's a Masquerade, Kimberly is wearing a dress, yet morphs into a pair of tights with no problem). However a Ranger's underwear is left intact presumably to prevent chafing and for hygiene.
  • Alternately, humans are particularly, ahem, endowed for primates, so humanlike species in the rest of the PR universe didn't evolve the same way. Keeping the underwear on helps constrict these, ahem, parts, so a male ranger who morphs doesn't become female.

All the ranger suits are energy constructs made by the morphers
This would explain where the suits come from in the first place when they morph. This would also explain why the rangers rarely get any life threatening injuries while fighting endless legions of footsoldiers and super powerful monsters. The suits serve a secondary purpose of being a durable but light and manuverable suit of armor. This also supports Linkara's theory as to why the suits spark when they're hit: It causes a small power overload causing the suit to discharge.
  • This would also explain the immediate disappearance of the suits when the Command Centre is wrecked by Ooze in the Movie—as soon as the power dies, so does the armour.

The Morphing Power causes someone to be shaped like a human in morph
This explains how aliens end up being like humans in morph. The Aquitar Rangers somehow get their big heads into smaller helmets. Cruger manages to get his big dog snout in to a human helmet. Zenowing is able to get his big wings in his back to fit into a ranger suit...

English is the dominant language in all the history of the universe
As a side effect of all life being connected by the morphing grid, every species develops the same language when the develop speech, and the language never changes significantly. Although other languages develop, they always get subsumed by English in the end. Even Earth had been predominately English speaking for most of its history in this universe, we just never see enough of a history lesson to know this. This is why Rita was speaking English right out of the can even after ten thousand years, why all the aliens speak English, and so on. The larger historical presence this would give England also explains what they were doing in colonial California. Presumably that one alien from SPD had a speech impediment.
  • This could act like Zulu time for the military—it's a good, standard language, and you don't offend any major species by not using their language, because the only people using it live very, very far away.
    • Zordon could also have introduced English artificially so that at least some Earthlings could communicate with the rest of the galaxy.

The Morphin Grid gives each team a limit to how many members it can have at a maximum
This explains why in seasons like RPM or Operation Overdrive, they can't just build an army of rangers, despite the fact that, in theory, they could do so. When a team is created for the first time, the Morphin Grid takes in various factors surrounding the team (i.e., how dire the situation the team is facing could get, how strong the powers are), and assigns a limit to how many members can be on the team - in the cases for series where there was a limit to how many morphers existed, like Dino Charge, it sets the limit equal to how many morphers there are - and it gives them an extra slot if someone is able to create their own morpher (like Antonio did in Samurai. This ties into Zordon's "Too much pink energy is dangerous" line - odds are that 2 rangers of the same color on the same team puts more strain on the morphin grid then 2 rangers of the same color from different teams do.

The reason all of the Human Aliens really are the same species, as Andros claims, is because all the other human-inhabited planets are Lost Colonies
Back in the Great War 10,000 years ago before Zordon and Rita were sealed, humans were shipped out all over the galaxy and beyond as soldiers for Good (most likely with permission and proper recruiting on the aliens' part). Once the war was over, either as part of a bargain or due to the war's not ending well for Good (evil did, sorta, rule the galaxy by the time of the first season, for the most part), those soldiers were left behind and began new civilizations. We know Earth is the original world because of our archaeological record.

The use of the word "destroy" is not actually a case of Never Say "Die".
When people on the show say they will "destroy" you, they literally mean that they will wipe you off the face of the earth.

Every Henshin Hero is accessing the Morphic Grid to transform.
Their individual origins and phelblonium are just focuses to determine the morphed form.

All other Saban Henshin Hero series take place in the main PR universe
Continuing on from the previous WMG, it is likely true as well. With crossovers with Masked Rider and Big Bad Beetleborgs, it is likely that VR Troopers and Mystic Knights Of Tir Na Nog take place in the same reality too.

While in morph, bodily functions are on pause.
Consider how Tommy was stuck in morph for weeks or months on "Dino Thunder", or when Tyler lost his mind while in morph on the "Roar of the Red Ranger" episode of "Dino Charge". It seems based on those examples, while in morph, a person doesn't need to eat, drink, or use the bathroom.

The Rangers shout their attacks as a way of communicating in a battlefield situation
Look at some of the fight scenes, especially the Disney Era ones. The explosions caused by the rangers weapons even their basic side-arms are incredibly powerful and can throw people away even from a few meters behind them. If they just used these weapons willy-nilly then they'd end up killing each other so they Call Their Attacks so that their teammates know what they're doing and are aware that a huge explosive blast of energy is going to hit something.
  • Supporting evidence: those helmets aren't always too good as far as peripheral vision goes. They probably need the extra bit of warning to compensate for lost visual range.

Any civilians watching the rangers battle will usually have the same reactions as the viewers
Basically, they will get excited when the rangers are kicking butt and look nervous when they are getting beat.

Alpha is named "Alpha" because he was part of the first series in a long line of robots that Zordon designed
Before he got trapped in the time warp, it's likely that he was dabbling in robotics long before he was skilled enough to manipulate the Morphing Grid or make combat-ready Humongous Mecha. The Alpha line (presumably starting with "Alpha 1") was probably a series of prototypes that he made when he was still a rookie scientist. Hence, they were little more than robot buddies, with few practical abilities. As he went on, he gradually made more advanced models with more combat add-ons. There was a "Beta" line, a "Gamma" line, a "Delta" line and so on...culminating in a Humongous Mecha called "Omega 1", the first of the Zords. After the battle with Rita 10,000 years ago, all of the robots were destroyed except Alpha 5, who remained behind in the command center to help Zordon recruit the next team of heroes to fight Rita.
  • Then explain Alpha 6
    • "Alpha" refers to any and all robots made with the designs of the Alpha line. The number just refers to the order in which they were built and/or programmed.
  • Nice theory, but Zordon didn't create Alpha, King Lexian from Edenoi and grandfather of Masked Rider did

The various time issues in the Power Rangers universe exist because time has been rewound and fast-forwarded too many times.
The Rangers were de-aged twice during MMPR, and the second time, the effect lasted for . The Orb of Doom physa 1/4th of a season basiically reversed the Earth on its axis (yeah... don't ask). As a result, the timeline has been modified so many times that it's like the the reconstructed Glass Clock of Time. The effects aren't really noticeable until you look at certain details, such as how Tommy and Dana both got doctorates in ridiculously short amounts of time.

Not all of the moon is inhabitable
Just the area around the Moon Palace. When the Monks of the M51 Galaxy made it to protect the Zeo Crystal, they set up a magical field surrounding it so that they could then devote their abilities to excavation and preparation of the traps and seals on the Crystal. This magical field, providing air and keeping the temperature within the comfort zone, is still there because when the Masters make something, they make it to last.
  • There are also habitable regions of the moon around Serpentara's crash site and the location of the Terra Venture training exercise at the beginning of Lost Galaxy. It does seem that the moon wasn't habitable prior to Rita's release; the astronauts who release her are wearing space suits. There's no evidence that all of the moon is habitable, but it does seem like it's more than just the area around the castle.
    • We don't get a distance shot in either of those situations, though. In the training ground, at least, the lighting and rock structures are practically identical to the area where Rita and Zedd kept their mobile home (implicitly near the palace, although far enough that they weren't under Mondo's nose), indicating that it may be the same area. As for the crash site, the valley-like nature indicates it may be that quarry the Machine Empire was digging in every shot of their base we got, which was, if you recall, at the foot of the palace.
  • In the unaired pilot, the space dumpster landed on the moon. Not only was the area around the dumpster inhabitable, but it had a blue sky breathable atmosphere (one astronaut notice a smell coming from the dumpster) and the terrain was a sandy desert. You just have to ignore the appearance of the moon in the sky.

The Zords are actually reverse engineered/enlisted Techno-organics
A la Transformers, specifically of the Beast Era Maximal kinds (and possibly with less intelliegnce/sentience). I have no idea how PR would therefore fit into Transformers canon since I'm not really that much of a Transformers fan but still, I could totally see Zordon reverse engineering (or even enlisting) some techno-organics if they had fallen to the Earth 10,000 years ago. They could then have been dubbed "Zords", just like the Rangers were dubbed as such and these first generation "zords" (Tyranno, Pterodactyl etc. including Titanus) then served as the inspiration for later Zords, using the same tech, and it's all gone on since then.
  • Also-also: Serpentera, Dragonzord and Cyclopsis (sp?) were wayward Predacons reverse-engineered/recruited by Zedd and/or Rita, the last one gifted to Goldar.

Zords require a code to enter from Alpha to be activated.
This explains why in the Alien Rangers mini series why Zordon was able to acess some of the Zords, yet not be able to contact Ninjor.

There's a limit to how many rangers can join the morphin grid at a time
This would explain why in, oh say, Operation Overdrive, Andrew Hartford doesn't just buy an army despite having the funds to - he might have WANTED to do that, but if he did that, he wouldn't be able to use the Morphin Grid. When a new team is formed (or in the case of Lost Galaxy, the powers of an old team are passed on to new hands), the Morphin grid either makes room for a new number of rangers based on how many morphers can be created (in the case of seasons that have morphers based on items with a limit, like Dino Charge or Super Megaforce), or it chooses a number based on the circumstances the team is facing and sets the cap as that number (for seasons where the morphers are man-made, like Lightspeed Rescue or Operation Overdrive). However, in both cases, it allows for extra ranger(s) in case someone who uses a morpher different from the rest of the team (i.e., the Titanium Ranger's morpher, or the 2nd Magna Defender's morpher) starts allying themselves with the team. While multiple teams of rangers could still be active, they couldn't add new members after the conflict they had been created in response to was resolved (hence the reason why despite being a government operation that was still operating after they had defeated Queen Bansheera, Lightspeed Rescue hadn't gained any new members when they teamed up with Time Force).

Zedd's Haunted Forest, the Shadow World, the Abyss of Evil, and the Nighlok Heaven all exist in the same dimension.
This dimension is the afterlife for Monsters of the Week after they were destroyed by the Ranger teams.
  • Presumably, different "cultures" of monster primarily stay in different parts of the afterlife. This begs the question, though, of what kind of region do the other seasons' monsters spend eternity in?

Earth made formal First Contact with KO-35 after defeating Astronema, and began an economic trade
We know the Karovians had morphing technology and rudimentary zord skills. Soon after Astronoma was defeated, the technology level Earth displayed skyrocketed - a space colony, Lightspeed Rescue, etc. Within a decade, morphers are apparently cheap enough to buy on the black market with a pizza shop owner's salary, although power supplies still seem to be at a premium.
  • Black market morphers? That's awesome. What story was that?
    • First episode of Jungle Fury. When R.J., a pizza shop owner/retired martial artist, is asked where he got three morphers, he responded that he "knows a guy who knows a guy", and quickly changed the subject.
    • Let's put this one and a similar one below to rest...

In a very near future season, we will see aliens starting to openly immigrate to earth.
The future that is SPD is a little over a decade away (2025). With that in mind, around this time is a good start to have them coming in with people more aware of their existence.

The Moon is habitable because Earth's governments made a serious effort to terraform it into a habitable space colony—or, alternately, the scenes taking place on the Moon actually take place on a habitable dwarf planet that humanity recently started sending expeditions to. Likewise, KO-35 is a Terran space colony that Earth's government's secretly sent colonists to a few decades in the past (which is why the average citizen has never heard of it), but said colonists have access to government technology that's kept secret from most people. The Terra Venture is historically significant because it's the first colonization effort that Earth's governments didn't try to keep under wraps—they had already had the necessary technology for decades, they just didn't want to let the public know about its existence.
  • Kimberly says "This is so 90's" upon getting their communicators, Tommy, Adam, Tanya, and Kat explicitly graduate in the class of 97, the same year that Power Rangers Turbo aired.

Each Ranger Color has a different level of stability.
Certain episodes, and even seasons, mention the danger of an over surge of one color. "Too much pink energy can be dangerous." And two White Rangers caused a lot of Damage in Dino Thunder. But other colors seem to be more stable. The more stable ones, like blue and yellow, appear in a team more frequently than less stable colors, like white and pink. Green and Black or somewhat tricky, and may fluctuate, possibly depending on the power source(Technology vs Magic.) The most stable color is red, which may describe the special properties it holds. Battlelizers. Multiple power-up forms. Therefore, mentors reserve it for team leaders, in case there is a time where power is at risk to run out. To back this theory up further: Forever Red.
  • Additionally, Red and Blue have been the only colors that have canonically repeated within a team, so, perhaps blue is more stable as well.
    • So, theoretically, it would go something like this, from most stable to least: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green/Black, Pink, White, Silver, Gold (rarely seen, apparently very hard to control as far as Zeo is concerned) & Orange/Purple (almost never seen). Interestingly, the most "stable" colours here are the most unique, in a sense; Green & Black, Gold & Silver, and Pink & White are all clearly tied to each other, often sharing roles or connections of some sort. For example:
      • Green & Black rangers share personas, and it is not uncommon for black rangers to go green & vice versa (c.f. Adam, Tommy, and the similarities between Mike of Samurai & Jake of Megaforce)
      • Pink & White are often conflated e.g. Kat co-piloting Tommy's zords early on, "White" Wild Force Ranger comes off very Pink, Original Pink ranger included the most white in her outfit (allowing it to intrude on her helmet, something that didn't happen with the others'), Kim & Tommy romance, etc..
      • Gold & Silver have appeared paired (RPM), and those colours are typically associated with each other anyway.
    • On the other hand, Red, Blue & Yellow might be seen as the basic, most distinct units for a team, which would make sense if they were the most "stable".

The armoured ranger-like allies were forerunners of the Power Rangers
Characters like the Magna Defender, Solaris Knight and Wolf Warrior seem to have something in common; they're all relatively old (some older than others). Daggeron also once referred to his and Leanbow's powers as their "Knight Powers". So perhaps instead of Power Rangers, these could be called Power Knights or something. This could also include Sentinal Knight, Robo Knight and Ninjor (maybe Ninjor traveled extensively in the east and adopted the nina concept into his design). Power Knights are perhaps, less powerful and tend to work alone, but compensate with strong armor and lots of experience.

The Morphing Grid is sentient being focused on keeping balance in the universe
There's a lot of info here, so let me try to explain what I mean. There are certain seasons of Power Rangers (Lightspeed Rescue, S.P.D., etc.) that have a direct technological connection to the morphing grid, while others (Wild Force, Mystic Force, etc.) that have an unexplained, magical connection. The technological connection may be from reverse engineering older ranger parts, which is a common theory, but the magical connections may be through the morphing grid creating a way for the magical users to connect to it. One example is Animus, who is able to take control of the Zords. As for keeping balance, remember that Zed stated that the morphing grid's power comes from the conflict between good and evil. If Zordon's "Z-Wave" supposedly got rid of the powers from the In Space Rangers and reverted some of the villains to good, how did villains like Scorpius, Master Org, or Grumm still come to be? Well, it's possible they were spared by the Grid so that not only could it keep itself alive, but that the balance of good and evil could still exist. In fact, this also explains how there are evil rangers that are able to morph, such as the Titanium Ranger or Dino Thunder's White Ranger.

A single Ranger Powerset only lasts for a year or two at most, with a few exceptions
It has to be either reset or recycled back into the grid. Otherwise it shorts out and can seriously harm a ranger, such as when Adam tried to use a busted Power Coin in in Space. This explains why a single team cannot stick around longer than their own seasons, and why most mentors are adamant about relieving them of their duty once the Big Bad is defeated. Furthermore, it gives a reason for why rangers that do return don't always necessarily have all their previous power-ups. The exceptions to this rule are when the world is in dire need or when the rangers are facing opponents fought by other teams (team-ups, Forever Red, and yes, the Legendary Battle - who are we to judge what the Grid deems "dire need") or outside forces, such as Sentinel Knight empowering the Retro Rangers.

The sets of MacGuffins from Dino Charge onward are powerful and sentient physical aspects of the Morphing Grid
The Energems and the Ninja Nexus Prism have several things in common: they are powerful artifacts highly-sought after by evil forces in the entire universe, they both choose who are worthy to wield their innate powers, they are infinite power sources that can be drawn from to develop new ranger armaments (Dino Chargers from Energems and Ninja Steel from the Ninja Nexus Prism), and they bestow great manifestations of their power when the sets are gathered together. Corroborated with the above WMG that the Grid is a sentient entity all by itself, these sets of MacGuffins are basically enforcers to ensure the balance between good and evil in the universe, much like the True Runes in the Suikoden series.
  • The Energems' true power is paradox-free time travel; and as such, they represent Time — the Morphing Grid transcends all space-time.
  • The Ninja Nexus Prism that the Ninja Power Stars are contained in is made of Ninja Steel, a special type of galactic steel. Steel is basically iron mixed with other substances, and iron symbolizes physical power. Thus, the Prism represents Strength — the Morphing Grid bestows strength to chosen people as Power Rangers.

"Zord" is an Eltaran word, possibly meaning "Guardian" or "Defender".
Basically, the Zords aren't named after Zordon himself, but has a common meaning in his native language. This could explain why after so long, they're still referred to as Zords and not something else.

It would explain why this costume in particular is subjected to so much Prop Recycling, even compared to other recycled monsters in PR. Memorella could also be a part of the “Necrolai race”, albeit a Half-Human Hybrid or other mutant strain.
  • Other monsters with shared costumes could be of the same species, such as Maligore and Dark Specter mentioned below.

Miscellaneous theories about future seasons of Power Rangers.
  • One of the rangers will be related to the astronauts who freed Rita
  • A future ranger will be LGBT.
    • Confirmed via Dino Fury Green.
  • Kimberly will come back and we'll finally find out the identity of the "new guy" who she dumped Tommy for.
  • A purified Lord Zedd will play a prominent role.
  • The Phantom Ranger will come back and reveal his secret identity

Time warping has royally screwed up the Mesozoic Era
  • Considering several different power sources, villain factions, and or other magical nonsense has happened involving the Cretaceous Period; the final part of the Mesozoic era has been radically changed. Not only by the magical and technological artifacts dumped into the time, but also animals and people. This is how an unseen person drew artwork of the Q-Rex but also why there are frequently Cenozoic or Paleozoic animals in the dinosaur centric seasons. When Dino Fury showed an Ice Age Smilodon and Jurassic Period Stegosaurus in the late Cretaceous, it's not a mistake. The time period has become a whacky dumping ground.

RPM and Dino Charge were part of the prime universe originally before the Morphin Masters reshaped history so that they now inhabit satellite universes.
Both the near-destruction of Earth at the hands of Venjix (who may well have been descended from the Machine Empire's General Venjix, at least originally) and the major change to the timeline by saving the dinosaurs were deemed to be unacceptable destinies for the prime universe by the Morphin Masters whom, in an example of Good Is Not Nice, cosigned RPM and Dino Charge to more Expendable Alternate Universes.

    Zordon Era 
Power Rangers Zeo
The Zeo Crystal stored energy from the Morphing Grid.
Presumably, the Grid draws power from the between either the season's mentor and Big Bad, or good and evil in general. However, Dr. K says that the Grid connects every living creature. The Machine Empire was made up of robots and therefore was not connected to the grid. Thus, the Rangers had less power, since the Big Bad isn't living and is wiping out most creatures that were. If they don't have a direct connection to the Grid, they need an alternative power source: energy already drawn from the Grid, primed and ready. This energy was stored in the Zeo Crystal. Presumably, the RPM rangers use something similar. Again, Dr. K mentioned the field being electromagnetic; something to do with magnetics, perhaps?
  • Interestingly enough, the online stop-motion crossover video to promote the new Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers toys may support this... it shows the "Universal Morphing Grid" as a huge red crystal that the RPM rangers have to protect!

The Zeonizers are Power Limiters
The Gold Ranger lacked them, was more powerful then the other Zeo Rangers, and was either an alien or unable to handle them over a long period of time.

Billy was still a little older in his final scene in Zeo.
Notice how in his final scene how he stills sounds a bit different even though he is no longer old. Perhaps he was reverted back for the most part, but is still a few years older, maybe in his early 20's. This also explains why he can live on Aquitar without his parents, since he is now old enough. We can also assume his parents know of his past by then.

Kat was married to Tommy by the time of "Forever Red"
This was actually confirmed by dual Word of God by the head writer of Wild Force and the showrunner of Dino Thunder, but where was Kat in Forever Red and Dino Thunder, well, considering that the events took place within a two year period, Kat could likely still be in Angel Grove where she teaches ballet, before she gets something stable in Reefside, and probably far to commute day by day and Kat would have visited met the teens during the timeskip in Drawn and Danger.
  • An alternate theory is that during Dino Thunder, Tommy and Kat are going through a rough patch and separated without officially divorcing. After the season ends they get back together.
  • Or Tommy and Kat broke up before/during college, then met up again after Dino Thunder and started going out again.
  • Or the reason is the events from Dino Thunder's backstory. After the island accident Tommy realized that he had become the prime target for a new dangerous villain and sent Kat away to protect her. Especially likely if they already had a child at that point. Once the threat was dealt with, they reunited.

Tommy and Kat were married/living together by the time of Power Rangers: Dino Thunder.
But Kat needed to go somewhere... for a whole year... without any mention from Tommy's part for the whole season...and some implications that he is still single... anyway. She was out because she needed to do something the whole time, maybe she was out of the country studying or something. Tommy wanted to go with her, but she insisted for him to stay to begin his career as a teacher.
  • You do realize that they could have just broken up pre-Dino Thunder and then gotten back together post-Dino Thunder, right? Because no one else seems to.

Tommy stopped using the Zeo powers after "Forever Red" because they became too powerful.
Tommy was able to destroy one of the Machine Empire's generals with one "Zeo Flying Power Kick". An attack that (IIRC) we've never seen before. Tommy became worried that if one kick using the Zeo powers would destroy a monster/robot that would normally take a lengthy battle with five or six rangers, what could accidentally happen? Tommy may have been told by Adam about the incident where Carlos injured Cassie, which helped Tommy make his decision to never use the Zeo powers after Serpentera was destroyed.
  • The "Zeo Power Kick" was in Zeo, but it was much weaker. In Zeo, it could knock-out a Cog. In "Forever Red", it sent a Machine Empire general flying and made him explode.

The Zeo Crystal was somehow all-but-completely drained of its power sometime between Zeo and Turbo
Either from fighting Lord Zedd or the Machine Empire, the Rangers may have had to use up almost all of the Zeo Crystal's power somewhere along the line. Because of this, their Zeo powers would be temporarily made unavailable until the Crystal had recharged itself enough. This would explain why Kat's attempt to Zeo-morph in the Turbo movie barely lasted long enough to break her fall into the river due to the Crystal still being empty, while Tommy was fully able to Zeo-morph again in "Forever Red" after the Crystal had a few years to get its juice back. The Crystal being too drained to use would also explain why a new power set was needed in the Turbo movie.

Why would the rangers abandon the Zeo powers in favor tricked out cars?
It was established that the Zeo crystal would progressively become more powerful over time and events in the show suggested that this increase in power was directly related to how often the rangers actually used the powers. If this is the case why would the rangers ever abandon such incredible powers in favor of cars? Could it be that they had no choice? What if Zordon or Alpha or even Billy came to the conclusion that this steady growth in power would one day reach a point where the using the powers became dangerous to the Rangers? What if the Zeo powers became just too much for the rangers fragile human body's to handle? Maybe in a situation like that someone who cared would takes steps to spare the rangers the strain of the Zeo powers, and went to work on a whole new set of powers to replace them and kept it a secret from the others so they could go on fighting without worrying about what might happen later. Maybe after defeating the Machine Empire Zordon finally dropped the bomb about the Zeo powers off camera and promised that if the Rangers could muscle threw and keep using the powers a little longer they would be able to replace them in time.

The New Guy that Kimberly mentioned in her "Dear John" Letter wasn't actually a guy
While separated from Tommy, Kimberly met a woman and they started dating. Not wanting to cheat on Tommy, she decided to break up with him, but lied about finding a new boyfriend because she wasn't ready to come out of the closet. After a while, she came out to her fellow rangers and they were all accepting of her and her partner.I know that they planned to reveal that she was Spike's mother which would presumably make Bulk the "New Guy" but that plan was dropped and is presumably non-canon.

Power Rangers Turbo

The Zeo Ranger Powers were retired before Power Rangers Turbo because they were too dangerous to their users.
Because of what happened with Jason and the powers of the Gold Zeo Ranger, the Zeo Rangers officially retired the Zeo Ranger powers and adopted the Turbo Ranger powers that Billy had been working on just in case they lost the Zeo Ranger Powers. As for why the regular non-Gold Zeo Rangers didn't get any adverse effects all year, that was because their power wasn't based on an entire Zeo Crystal like the Gold Ranger but a simple sub-crystal. However, the danger was still ahead for them. This also explains why Tommy would become the Black Dino Ranger instead of becoming the Red Zeo Ranger during Power Rangers: Dino Thunder and why Adam would go through the trouble of getting his Mastodon Power Coin fixed and becoming the Black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, when he could just become the Green Zeo Ranger during Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. Both Tommy and Adam were to be using their Ranger powers regularly when Zeo Ranger Powers are not fit for anything but limited use.
  • They said flat out that the problem with the Gold Ranger powers was that they were designed for alien use, not human. Jason was never as powerful as Trey even before the side effects started. However, Trey's race is three people in one body: when he was split into three actual people, he couldn't use the Gold Ranger powers, which is why Jason got it in the first place! Perhaps this aspect of Trey's alien race allows them to channel the Zeo Crystal better because the powers are being split between the three personalities... Thus, Zeo suits can't be safely used by humans, at least ones who don't have multiple-personality disorder.

The Turbo Powers still come from the Zeo Crystal.
This follows on from the "Zeonizers as Power Limiters" in the previous section. The theory here is that the Turbo powers represent a higher level of power from the Zeo Crystal, sice it's supposed to grow in power over time, and the Zeonizers can't handle the increasing power. It also means there is actually a reason for the changeover.
  • The Movie gave us a reason, The Turbo powers were needed to get to the Island and The Turbo Megazord would be the only thing that could stop Maligore since the Zeo Zords would get wrecked. Also if the Turbo powers were Connected to the Zeo Crystal... Why in the blue blazing hell would Zordon take the Zeo crystal to Eltar knowing full well it's gonna become a war zone.
    • Because, in a war zone, having an incredibly powerful energy source to fuel your defenses is a very good idea?
      • It's a poor Idea when said power source is being used by Someone else... Namely the Rangers on Earth.
      • Not like he had any other sources available at the time... certainly nothing nearly as powerful. Also keep in mind heirarchy of need- the rangers were fighting a pirate crew, whereas he was fighting entire armies; its only fair that he get most use from the Crystal. He probably figured that if something happened, the Rangers would be directed to Ninjor or Lerigot, etc. for some temporary powers. Two possibilities:
      • Demitria screwed up royally and forgot about that minor detail and left before calling the babysitter secondary mentor
      • The idea was that the rangers would still have the Power Chamber after losing their powers, and would use it to ask one of their allies to spot them some morphers for a while- he probably simply never anticipated that communications and data archives with contact information would go down almost immediately after the power loss. He was only mortal, after all, and could make mistakes.

The Phantom Ranger is Alpha 5.
Friend of Zordon? Robotic parts? Remember, no mention of Alpha is made after Zordon gets captured. Granted, the Phantom's planet doesn't look like Edenoi, would be kinda awesome.

Rocky is the Phantom Ranger.
  • But that', why not.
    • Think about it: After Rocky took time off to heal from his back injury, he received the Phantom Ranger powers. There are two possible theories as to how he obtained the power. One is that they were passed down to him from a man who was the original Phantom Ranger. Another is that he created the powers himself in the Command Center when the others weren't around.
      • "The home planet of the Phantom Ranger."-Astronema, not referring to earth

Billy is the Phantom Ranger.
The Phantom Ranger comes from space (Billy was already off-planet), with new Zords (again not too difficult for him to have developed on Aquitar), has had communication with Zordon (again not too hard to imagine), and needs his Power Ruby to stay healthy (It could channel the powers of the waters of Aquitar needed to keep him young (physically)). Also no one finds it creepy that there might be something between him and Cassie, since Billy would only have to be few years older than Cassie for all the dates to work it accounts for that to. Another biased point Billy had 3 years of experience as a Power Ranger which would go a long way to explain why he could dispatch everyone so easily.
  • The planet Astronema mentioned was most definitely not Aquitar.
  • This is supported by the Judd Lynn, one of the writers for the show during Turbo, who wanted it to be Billy. They didn't have the time to work the story out properly though, and as a result some discrepancies slipped by.
  • Jossed (maybe) by Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, as David Yost is coming back to reprise the role of Billy Cranston.

The Phantom Ranger Was Once a Man.
He was a Ranger using the Phantom ranger powers that Zordon gave him centuries ago, until one day he was so badly injured he had to be rebuilt as 90% robot, and could no longer demorph. But, enthusiastic to help people as he was, he took advantage of his new power to assist people across the universe for centuries, until he encountered Cassie on Earth. For the first time, he felt joy from something other than doing good. He fell in love with her, but could not bring himself to admit this or to actually be with her, because he didn't want to have to cope with having lost her when she dies of old age after having lived with her for presumably decades. He simply leaves her a message rather than actually saying goodbye so as to not break down in front of the others.

The Blue Senturion is an SPD robot that had its memory wiped.
This was done because SPD studied the timeline, and found the Blue Senturion, and recognized some of their own tech in him. At the time, the timeline said he went back and stopped the United Alliance of Evil's invasion with the Millenium Message. But when he was sent back he was damaged and created an alternate time line where the Alliance was not stopped in time, Zordon died, and Venjix was created from leftover Machine Empire tech from the splinter cell's equipment left on the moon.

The Blue Senturion was always truly a video game character.
In SPD, we see a Fighting Game in which the Blue Senturion is battling Cyclopter (PRLR monster, not Masked Rider general.) In Turbo, Blue said he was an intergalactic police officer, but we never see any others like him to indicate that he's part of a police force of any kind, even during the bigger battles away from Earth in which a whole squad of Senturions would really have come in handy. What if he was somehow brought out of the game (we know that can happen) and believes his game backstory of being part of a force?

The Blue Senturion was always just a game character.
He somehow came from the computer (maybe thanks to Tomars?) and the Millennium Message is taken from SPD's computers - the events of Countdown to Destruction being common knowledge (kinda hard to miss!) by then. Somehow he wound up in the past. See, in PRT, he mentioned being part of a police force but we saw only him - even in Countdown, where a whole squad of Senturions would come in real handy. Maybe the parts of his history that weren't borne out in PRT and PRIS are his video game backstory and he still thinks it's real?

History was substantially rewritten during Turbo
The Blue Senturion was sent back to avert some sort of global attack slated for the year 2000. As we know, the rangers only recovered part of the message, but Divatox received the whole thing. The global attack appears to be the UAE's combined assault on the galaxy at the end of Power Rangers in Space.

It appears that history was altered so that the attack occurred a year early.

Now, in "A Season To Remember", Tommy's grandson wears an MMPR/Zeo-style communicator. We are meant to assume that the rangers in that timeline are still operating under the guidance of Zordon, who is still based out of the original Power Center. Divatox's foreknowledge accelerated Dark Spectre's plan, and included the knowledge to destroy the Power Center.

At the same time, we might conclude, Zordon gave advanced technology to NASADA, allowing them to build the Astro-Megazord Shuttle. Hence NASADA "coincidentally" builds a shuttle that can interlink with a Kerovian ship to form a Megazord, and immediately surrenders it because a twelve year old mentions Zordon.

In the original timeline, Zordon survived but was therefore unable to purge the galaxy of evil, leading to a much more devastating attack a year later.

  • It should be noted Billy created the communicators not Zordon. And we have no idea who Tommy and Kat's grandson's mentor was.
    • It should also be noted that those communicators operated via the communications/teleportation system of the Command Center, going inoperable whenever the Center was incapacitated.
      • And there can't be a Neo-Command Center by the time Tommy and Kat's grandson became a Ranger because....? Word of God has confirmed that Season to Remember is canon so yeah.

Justin's father had a nervous breakdown after his wife's death and may have been institutionalized.
It's implied that Justin was separated from his dad for a time before the Turbo movie. He's been moving around on his own (relatives? foster homes?) and he and his dad have also moved a lot as his dad struggles to hold down a job (employers are scared off by his mental history.)

Power Rangers in Space

NASA was reorganized into NASADA.
It was simply NASA just like in our world, but in the Power Rangers universe they militarized themselves and became the "National Aeronautics, Space, And Defense Administration" in order to help deal with the constant alien invasions that were happening.
  • Alternately, NASADA is just a militaristic branch of NASA.

There is one of Maligore and Dark Spector's race on each planet.
Considering their magma-esque hide, they could be some sort of race of primal evil entities born from the planet itself.

Dark Spector is The Great Leader.
Reformatted once again, the Great Leader hops on over to another universe, where he gathers many of the galaxy's most evil beings, and forms yet another evil organization.

Andros had another team of rangers before the Turbo rangers came to space to take on the powers.
  • Think about it. Andros already had his Red Ranger powers prior to the season's beginning, and not only that, but there were 4 Astro Morphers unused which he gave to T.J., Carlos, Ashley, and Cassie almost out of nowhere. What other reason would he have the morphers? Logically, he could have had another team of his own kind fighting in space with him sometime during the events of the previous 5 (or 3 if you put all MMPR seasons together as one) seasons, and then they either betrayed him or died in battle.

Zhane was a part of Andros' old team.
  • Continuing the WMG above, Zhane may have been the Sixth Ranger of Andros' old team, as Zhane was not only frozen due to serious injuries, but it was also stated many times that he and Andros entered many battles together. When he came back to life, Andros said he was 'glad he was alive' after his cryogenic chamber destructed. In the KO-35 flashback, only Andros and Zhane were seen fighting, meaning that they also could have been the only remaining members of the aforementioned previous team he may have had.

Ecliptor sacrificed himself to resurrect Karone/Astronema.
People have often wondered why Noble Demon Ecliptor was killed, while Rita and Zedd (and Divatox, but that's arguably justified due to her relationship with Dimitria) were purified. Maybe Zordon's sacrifice couldn't resurrect Karone on its own, and needed Ecliptor to donate his life force to her in order to truly bring her back to life.

The astronauts who accidentally free Rita and his minions are from NASADA.

Zordon Era in General

Zordon was evil
Millennia ago, all sorts of life forms evolved. Zordon, for whatever reason, decided he liked humans and Human Aliens better than all the non-humanoid "monsters", so he started a war. The non-humanoids became warlike and aggressive simply to survive, thus allowing Zordon to convince his humanoid followers that they were evil. Eventually, the non-humanoids went along with this because they had lost their good qualities.
  • Given his humanlike head and human appearance in the noncanonical movie, this would make him racist, not evil - a racist of the "everyone who doesn't look like me is automatically evil" sort.
  • Proof against this theory: Aquitarans. No way are those closer to humans than Rita.
    • Her brother is a skeleton and her dad is the spawn of Satan, Elton John, and the King of all Cosmos. Maybe she's just had work done.
      • Given what her son, Thrax looked like, this is entirely possible. The father was Zedd, who is presumed to have looked more human before touching the Zeo Crystal- so his genes should have been human in phenotype, meaning that the monstrous genes must have come from Rita's side of the family.
  • There's the theory that Zordon used the Power Rangers as his goons to destroy the evil in the universe, because the other forces of evil were preventing Zordon from being able to claim the universe for himself, and as such he saw them as competition towards his own claim to universal power. An excellent way for an evil to gain support, is to demonize their rival and convince the masses that their opponents must be removed. Not only would the greater evil, in this case Zordon, be able to eliminate the competition, but he also has the most powerful forces in the universe (that the city's of Earth place their complete trust in) completely subservient to his word as a gospel... because he's convinced them it's the right thing to do. Zordon and Zedd are probably rivals, because they had creative differences on who could be the biggest douchebag. Dark Specter probably ordered Zordon to be captured, so that Zordon couldn't take over the universe before him. Had Zordon not panicked at the end and, rather than admit his treachery, he wouldn't have continued to play the goody mentor card when asking Andros to help him sacrifice his life, and wouldn't have been a coward escaping having to tell Andros the truth. The Z wave destroyed all the evil currently attacking the universe because, well, that technically was his plan all along, so they'd be nothing to stop him taking over. But him being dead kind of hindered that.
  • Explains why he was such a douchebag to Jason, on two accounts. Firstly he neglects to tell the team about the green candle, even though he knew about it, right until it was too late. Consequently Jason blames himself for not getting the candle in time, causing Tommy to lose his green ranger powers, and this serves as a huge emotional scar that Jason probably never really got over. Sure Tommy returned as the green ranger, but only for a short time before losing his powers again. Jason risks making the same mistake with the rest of his team, but manages to learn from his mistakes. Zordon openly congratulates Jason for his good leadership, to get Jason's hopes up, only to knock them down a few episodes later by bringing Tommy back as the white ranger, and makes him LEADER. It was a totally unnecessary move that affects Jason tremendously. He became a quiet, withdrawn hermit for the remainder of his Red Ranger run, with only Zack and Trini by his side, resulting in a split between the team, and Jason (with Trini and Zack) eventually departing off to Switzerland. But it's cool, I mean Jason gets over it, moves on, comes back a changed man in Zeo. He's cool with Tommy being the leader now, the guy is competent, the team is in capable hands, and as long as he still contributes then he still sees it as a team effort. It's fine. Oh except that he now has a ranger power (Gold Ranger) that ends up almost painfully killing him because his powers weren't built for a human physiology, and thus conflicting entirely with his biochemistry. But Zordon doesn't show him any compassion. But he treats Tommy like a golden boy though, and when Tommy's Green Ranger powers were failing, Zordon insisted Tommy stay behind, because his life would be at risk. It might just be elitism than plain universal douchebaggery, but Zordon is still a dick.
  • Would also explain why he let them walk out of the Command Center with their morphers. He had Alpha 5 teleport them there; he could have easily had Alpha teleport them back and picked 5 more teens who would have been more agreeable to being Rangers...or however many of the OG 5 teens he'd picked that had said 'no' instead of 'yes' right away. Jason had been willing to listen from the start while the others were either on the fence or against the idea until Rita attacked them. Rita, IMHO, had only attacked them because Zordon didn't transport them to the Youth Center sans morphers. She really didn't have a way to see who Zordon had picked until he let them walk out of the Command Center.

Zordon's power protected the Command Center/Power Chamber
The reason why Rita, Zedd, and Mondo did not attack the base, despite knowing where it was, is because Zordon had the power to protect it. If they had attacked it with an army, the army could have been wiped away by Zordon. So when Zordon left, Demetria, who was far less powerful, was put in charge and Divatox did not know where the base was until the end of Turbo. Without Zordon, the Power Chamber was vulnerable, and Divatox (who was a screw-up until the finale) was able to attack it full force with no worries.

The show takes place in a parallel universe where England colonized western North America, rather than Spain
The city of Angel Grove, California, where the early seasons take place is this universe's version of Los Angeles. This speculation is mostly due to the presence of a Colonial Angel Grove in one early episode. Colonial towns are generally restricted to the original English colonies. Furthermore, we do once see a map of Angel Grove, and the coastline looks suspiciously similar to that near LA.
  • Alternately, Colonial Angel Grove was on the East Coast, and the whole town packed up and headed west (founding Angel Grove, CA) during the Gold Rush.
  • The word "Angel" appears prominently in both "Angel Grove" and "Los Angeles," especially when you translate the latter. Angel Grove was clearly intended to be a major Californian city. The presence of the word Angel, especially in junction with this theory, lends itself to a connection to our formerly Spanish City of Angels.
    • Biggest confirmation came in "Countdown to Destruction," when a Bank of California sign is visible during a scene in the city. Also, the climate; the gravel pits; the commonness of earthquakes (given how calm Ernie was about the one in "Day of the Dumpster"); the comment that it didn't snow in Angel Grove in "The Great Bookala Escape"; an oil spill on the ocean moving left out of frame was said to be moving south, indicating that the beach we saw it from was facing west...
    • That said, later seasons show (primarily through bus signs) that Los Angeles does exist.

There is a Chinatown/Japantown of sorts in Angel Grove
That is why you can sometimes see Japanese text during fight scenes.
  • The real LA has both a Chinatown and a Japantown, and since Angel Grove is basically LA, it makes sense. Maybe all the Zyuranger-stock-footage fights just so happen to take place in Angel Grove's Japantown?
  • It would also explain in "A Bad Reflection on You" why the Evil Rangers are at a part of town where there's a lot of Asians.

Mrs. Appleby received a promotion
This explains why she teaches different subjects in Highschool. She could have been promoted to another subject and grade within a year, and there are 3 Halloween-themed episodes of MMPR, meaning years have passed.

Zordon intended to commit suicide from the beginning
He planned for the final battle to happen and went home in season five intending to be captured and killed as part of a Gambit Roulette to purify Rita. He felt that she could do more good as the Mystic Mother than he could do as a head in a can; he had already made all he could make and trained a new generation of protectors.
  • Or he went home in season five intending to be captured and killed as part of a plan to destroy or purify the entire united alliance of evil.

Scorpina got purified by the Z-Wave and turned into a human
We can extend that to the other villains we didn't see then, such as Finster.
  • To extend this theory, the reason we haven't seen any of them is that they are all living in the Mystic Realm, not seeing themselves as worthy of living with humanity as a whole due to their crimes.
  • Or...

Scorpina got purified by the Z-Wave, turned into a human, and became Mia of Power Rangers Samurai.
Before pinning me as a racist, hear me out. Scorpina did take on the form of an Asian woman in her human form. I imagine her purified self would be an Asian woman as well. Mia, an Asian woman who does bear some mild similarities to Scorpina, as well as sharing a similar sweet appearance, acts like an alien towards her human surroundings. Like she's trying to fit in, but isn't quite sure of the culture or social context at the time. As such, she seems to act like a stereotypical 1950s housewife. I imagine Scorpina became purified, but remained immortal and thus impossible to age, tried to become established towards life as a human. She may have researched how a woman is supposed to act to fit in, but probably got her learning from traditional, reactionary, and conservative-leaning stances that talk of how a woman should know her place, and stay in the kitchen etc. Scorpina, now adopting the human name of Mia, likely absorbed his information into her new personality, and became indoctrinated by it. It helps to tie in the continuities for me, as well as helps me to live in blissful ignorance away from the realization that Power Rangers Samurai has really, really bad writers.
  • Jossed, see above.

The 3 Big Bads who were turned human were given a fate worse than death
Think of it. Why would Zedd, Rita, and Divatox be turned good, but not the others. The Big Bads are much worse than the minions after all! But, then again they all hate humans. So, to them that would be a fate worse than death, turning into the things they hate most.
  • It's much, much worse than that for them. They were purified, made into good people, as shown by Rita's becoming the Mystic Mother, source of good magic, by Power Rangers Mystic Force. As newly-made good people, they are capabe of feeling remorse and horror at sins they have committed. Before said purification, they had razed cities, planetary systems, even galaxies in Zedd's case. And they still remember everything they did while evil. Death would be a mercy compared to the guilt they must have felt, and had to live with it for the rest of their unimaginably long lives.

Zedd became a Rabbi after "Countdown To Destruction".
Well, with all the hinting about him being Jewish...

Zedd is Zed
After being turned human by Zordon, Zedd could have continued his evil doings as a cop. The Gimp could be a leftover monster of his.

Zordon has Angel Grove locked in a barrier
Why do the monsters only attack Angel Grove and nowhere else? Zordon prevents it by keeping Angel Grove in an energy barrier which keeps the rest of the world immune from the attacks.

Zordon was Ernie
Ok, little backstory. The idea that Ernie was supposed to be Zordon in human form was something the producers of the show told David Fielding, who voiced Zordon in season 1. The idea was dropped, as they thought that the fat guy running the juice bar was funny. We only know about this because David Fielding mentioned it in a podcast.

Now, we can dismiss this as it didn't happen within the show itself. Kinda like how the idea that Kimberly married Skull, which was floated around Forever Red. It never materialized so it is non-canon.

But is it not strange that Ernie's last listed appearance is in the Turbo movie, while Zordon left to return to his home planet not long after? Ernie's absence was explained by the line "Well, his foreign service unit recalled him and he had to suddenly leave. I don't know, something about building a bridge in the Amazon," and the Youth Center/Juice Bar was left in the hands of Lt. Stone. Ernie never returns, not even for a cameo. Let that last part sink in. Not even at the end of In Space, the guy who always believed in the team was not there to say a few words. Granted, neither were any of the past Rangers.

Zordon, on the other hand, left shortly thereafter to return to his home planet and be reunited with his family. He left the Rangers in the hands of his longtime friend Dimitria. He is captured and later sacrifices his life to purge the galaxy of evil.

Now, you can say it's a coincidence. Two characters who were on the show from the beginning leaving at the same time. What I think is that while they never outright said it, Ernie indeed was Zordon. Maybe an avatar, maybe a fragment. Who knows? But what would that accomplish? What I think is that Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Billy, and Trini were not chosen at random. While Ernie was written out due to a case of Real Life Writes the Plot (Ernie's actor had some health issues due to a mix of both his weight and because he smoked), evidence suggests that it is entirely probable that they are the same person because he's never mentioned again, even in shows where there are characters that would have known him and prior to Richard Genelle's death in 2008 and Zordon's death in 1998 (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Power Rangers Wild Force, and Power Rangers: Dino Thunder). The two being the same person are never brought up because it's not relevant to the plot. NOW, with the 30th anniversary coming up next year, this would be a great place to canonize this WMG. With Zordon, too, keep in mind that there was limited footage for his face, so that may be another Real Life Writes the Plot issue, as his original actor had left acting about halfway through Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, but they kept using his face through the end of Power Rangers in Space. It had to be wearing out, even by Power Rangers Turbo, hence why he goes back to Eltar.

Remember what kind of events were hosted at the juice bar. Martial Arts tournaments, charity events, parties, you name it. That, and it was a popular place for the teenagers of Angel Grove. As "Ernie," Zordon was in a position to monitor the available youth and figure out who was worthy to be a power ranger. Who had the ability to fight and who showed kindness and compassion. Maybe it was even "Ernie's" idea that Billy sign up for Jason's karate class. After all, Billy was insanely smart, which could be a benefit to the team, but without the ability to fight he could end up as a liability.

And let's face it, he asked for 5 teenagers. Could have been anyone (I kinda like to think there is a universe where Skull was picked to be the Black Ranger) and somehow Zordon picked 5 teens, conveniently in the same place instead of randomly picking teens from around the city. Thus, when Rita was released and began her attack, Zordon had already scouted out five teenagers with goodness in their hearts and in good physical shape.

  • More evidence: In "The Green Dream," Bulk and Skull use some kind of energy detector to figure out the Power Rangers' identities. When the Power Rangers use one of Billy's gadgets to block them off from the device, it still registers energy nearby, which turns out to be coming from...Ernie.

  • More evidence: Word Of God is Ernie knows who the Power Rangers are and that's why they never (mostly-there's a scene in Power Rangers Zeo where Ernie's at the Rangers' table, counting money) pay for the drinks he gives them, he's doing it out of gratitude for saving Earth over and over. Makes more sense if it can be Zordon, right?

  • This also fits with Zyuranger. Zordon's equivalent, Barza, disguised himself as the superintendent of an apartment building where he built up a good relationship with the local kids.

  • Someone actually took this idea and ran with it: Mentor on Archive of Our Own by Jen425. While it's not a full Zordon is Ernie in disguise, it doesn't require much in the way of Suspension of Disbelief.

Billy and Kim didn't switch minds.

Rather, their minds were overwritten with copies of the others. So, in the case of Billy, there is a copy of Billy's mind over a copy of Kim's mind over Billy's mind. Also, The Kim part of Billy's mind was attracted to Tommy, which cause Billy, afraid and confused, to have many girlfriends over his tenure.

Goldar and Scorpina are still out there.
They escape the Z-Wave in "Countdown to Destruction" and decided to cut their losses. They fell in love and got married. They even have a baby, just like in the ending of Zyuranger.

If Thrax was hit by the Z-Wave, he'd resemble Kai from Zyuranger.
The purified Zedd and Rita/Mystic Mother would have named him Bubba, which was gonna be his name if they used him in the "Doomsday" 2-parter.

Most of the Rangers married their love interests.
Jason - Emily from Zoe
Zach - Angela
Trini - Richie
Adam - The girl at the end of "Return of the Green Ranger, Part 2" who's likely the colonial girl Marissa's descendant. That's if we're not taking the ship tease that he has with Tanya in Power Rangers Zeo.

    Post-Zordon First Saban Era 
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Skull faked sleeping in on the day Terra Venture boarded and left because of Spike
He knew about Spike, but Bulk didn't, or maybe he had second thoughts after buying tickets. He never told Bulk he didn't want to go because he knew Bulk really wanted to go, and that Bulk would stay behind out of friendship if he knew Skull couldn't go, so he had to trick Bulk into leaving without him; Heterosexual Life-Partners I Want My Beloved to Be Happy. Either way, he decided, whether beforehand or at the last minute, that he wanted to stay behind on earth so he could provide for and spend time with his son.

The Lost Galaxy powers were created during the galactic battle 3,000 years ago, and are based off the powers of Power Rangers Wild Force
After watching Linkara's History of Power Rangers on Wild Force, I think there's a flimsy connection to create this unifying theory between Lost Galaxy and Wild Force. When Master Org emerged on Earth, his Org army swarmed the land, and the Ancient Warriors defeated him thanks to Merrick's use of the wolf mask. After the Animarium was saved and Merrick sealed away, the five warriors heard of danger on another lush forest planet thanks to a mishap in Scorpius's first attempted conquest of Mirinoi (similar to the wormhole that sent Maya to the moon). The five warriors wished to protect nature on that world as well, but they realized that the battle far from Earth would require greater powers for such a fight. So they crafted the Quasar Sabers, and took eight of the wildzords through the portal in order to save Mirinoi. The battle was long and hard, and due to Scorpious's trickery, the wildzords they took with them were mutated into the Galactabeasts, with Strataforce, Centarus, and Aenith being lost to space, possibly sent flying during one fight with Scorpious. Scorpius retreated, and the five warriors returned to Earth. However, in order to protect this world, they planted their Quasar Sabers within a great rock, which they enchanted so the sabers would only be drawn by those worthy at the right time. The Galactabeasts were later captured by Scorpius in revenge for the humiliation he suffered at their hand, and thus all was prepared for the day when five warriors would redraw the swords and be the force of great justice to stop Scorpius and his army once more.

Morphing technology is based on the abilities of Magna Defender's species.
When we see Magna Defender and Zika, we aren't seeing them morphed; we're seeing what they really look like. When a member of their species dies, they have the ability to embed an object with a copy of their body. That object can then be used by some other person to gain armor that allows them to appear identical to the person who embedded the item.

Morphing technology was created by figuring out what changes were made to the items when they were embedded and then figuring out how to make those changes artificially.

The Galactabeasts' organic modes are disguises
This would explain quite a bit why they suddenly go from being organic creatures, to robots. They simply don't, as they are just disguises, possibly via holographic projectors.

Kendrix came back from the dead via a Reaper's Game
It took her more than a week to return either because she played the game multiple times, or because she became a reaper and had to earn points.

Kendrix never really died.
Her spirit somehow got trapped inside her Saber during the explosion, which is why she was able to play Spirit Advisor to Karone. When the Sabers got stuck back into the rock and released the energy to restore everybody back to normal, her spirit also got released.
  • Possibly confirmed by Gem and Gemma's death.
    • But her body was destroyed in the explosion, Mike was dead but the Magna Defender taking over his body revived him, for all practical purposes Kedrix's spirit had no proper vessel to return to.
  • Her body may have been [temporarily] destroyed, but it's likely that her spirit was put into limbo rather than passing onto the afterlife or truly becoming a ghost possibly because "it wasn't her time yet". And yes, Mike's spirit was probably in limbo as well (ergo he, too, wasn't truly dead).
    • And because this is the Power Rangers universe we're talking about (where logic doesn't always take a front seat), it's possible that her Ranger suit offered SOME form of protection — however miniscule — from Psycho Pink's damaging energy wave; and thus, she probably wasn't completely killed, in spite of the dangerously close range of the blast.

The "important mission back on Earth" that Andros mentions in "The Power of Pink" is the foundation of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
This explains why his actor appears in the background of some episodes of Lightspeed, Andros is working as a consulting technician for the Aquabase. He is also the one who helped Ms. Fairweather access the morphing grid to begin with.
  • I love this theory, but... Christopher Khayman Lee shows up in the background in Lightspeed Rescue? News to me. Where and when?

Areola is Maya in disguise.
Ever since her team's team-up with the Lightspeed Rangers, she acts as a contact person for aliens who want to immigrate to Earth, leading to the events of Power Rangers S.P.D.. The fully-naked persona she adapts is just a cover to hide her true identity and intentions, as the common populace isn't ready for an alien influx yet.

The rumored "Ancient Rangers" were the "group of young [Ranger-like] warriors"/Order of Meridian mentioned in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

Terra Venture's other domes.
Apart from the main City Dome, Terra Venture has six secondary domes and several tinier ones. The named ones are the Mountain Dome, Ocean Dome, Forest Dome, and Industrial Dome. What could the remaining domes be?
  • Desert Dome: Not all deserts are Thirsty Deserts almost devoid of life. Many are thriving ecosystems. It makes sense to have one along with the other habitats.
  • Grassland Dome: Many people forget about grasslands when they think of biomes, but they are one of the biggest biomes in the world.
  • Agricultural Dome: If there’s an Industrial Dome, there needs to be one of these too. The people on Terra Venture can't survive without food.
  • Lake Dome: For freshwater life, probably one of the tiny ones.
  • Other Forest Domes: It really doesn't make sense to just have one because there are different types of forests. The one we see resembles a temperate forest. But what about a Taiga Dome? Or a Tropical Rainforest Dome?

Power Rangers Time Force

Time Force does not use the Morphing Grid as a power source; instead, they use the Zeo Crystal.
In "White Light," it's revealed that the Morphing Grid's balance is maintained by Zordon's and Zedd's struggle with each other and thus becomes less powerful when they aren't struggling. Zordon died, and Zedd was turned good, so they cannot be struggling anymore; thus, the Morphing Grid, and by extension anyone who relies on it, must be getting weaker. It's safe to assume that, by the year 3,000, it wouldn't be sufficient to power any rangers (no pun intended). On the other hand, in "Master Vile and the Metallic Armor," it's revealed that the Zeo Crystal becomes more powerful over time and thus will always be a viable power source.

Also, Time Force's colors correspond to the colors of the Zeo subcrystals.

  • Alternatively, by "Zordon and myself", Zedd meant the struggle between good and evil using it, respectively. Thus, since Dark Spector, the Big Bad of Big Bads, and Zordon, are gone, new teams keep popping up because the Grid keeps drawing them in to bring balance. Also, in 3,000, if you'll notice, only one ranger was active, red, and he was not all that powerful, indicating that the Grid was weaker then. It wasn't until the team got back to 2001 that they could all morph; all of our own dormant evil was keeping the Grid up then. Plus, the Gold Ranger had a piece, and there was nothing there corresponding to him.

Alex did die in the first episode of Time Force
The future was changed via the butterfly effect: some building got blown up in just the right place, causing an improbable line of changes down the timeline that led to Alex juuust surviving instead of dying.
  • Alternatively, the Alex we see after his "death" is a clone of the one who died. The Time Force Agency always keeps a backup on hand. They keep this a closely guarded secret because it would cause the public to lose faith in the Time Force.

Wes and Alex are the same person
In his early years with S.P.D., he had experiments done granting him immortality and eternal youth. He then survives the Venjixocalpyse, which convinces him to go into hiding in a cave somewhere. When he comes out, he learns that man has rebuilt, and founds Time Force out of necessity, since nobody else is. This is why the two have the same DNA despite intervening centuries and a genetic bottleneck in between them. Alex is more of a jerk because he's kinda jaded by now by the whole "everyone he knew has died of either old age or killer robots" thing.

Alex is a clone of Wes. The Red Time Force Morpher only ever responded to someone who shared Wes' DNA, not Alex's
Time Force is a Stable Time Loop. The morpher used by Time Force to create their Red Ranger was given to them by the Collins family. Wes's knowledge that, in the future, kids are genetically engineered meant that he could leave a blood sample in his family along with the morpher. When the right year came along, Alex was created. He grew up and joined Time Force, and it turned out that the morpher his family gave them to create their own Ranger only worked for him.
  • Word of God says yes, Alex is a clone of Wes. Why they decided to wait almost a millennium to clone him is anyone's guess.
    • So he could be with Jen, obviously.

Alex is not the first clone of Wes.
One clone is made every twenty years. They are kept separate, but they are all trained as Time Force. The base is the size of a city, so it shouldn't be hard. When one close turns forty, the next takes up the mantle as he turns twenty, and a new clone is born — all on the same day.

The Time Force Agency is the future of the Silver Guardians.
Wes advanced his father's corps to the point that it became the progenitor of the SPD, and eventually the Time Force. Alex is in charge, because he is either a hereditary leader, a clone or Wes himself—rendered immortal.
  • This actually makes some sense. Remember during the series that they tried replicating the quantum morpher's powers for the rest of the silver guardians? Well, what if they succeeded? The resulting power boost to the guardians would turn them into a stronger power rangers operation, and due to the ranks of the guardians, it would lead to the formation of A and B squads, and with an anchored base of operations, they would become SPD, and by following the memories/clones of Wes, Time Force would finally be founded, just as Wes had foresaw.

Which leads to:

Alex is the Time Force Chief O' Police.
  • We see Captain Logan saluting him
  • He goes back in time without answering to anyone.
  • He is able to override Circuit's controls to block information.
  • He decides what is classified and what is not
  • He was the one who told the other rangers they had to have the memory wipe.
  • He was the one who authorized the four to take the Megazord, and canceled Memory Adaptation.
    • If he hadn't, they would have been arrested at the door.

Alex wasn't the head of Time Force in the first episode
But due to the Rangers actions in the past Alex is not only brought back from the dead (having actually died in the original timeline, but only severely injured in the altered one) But also the head of Time Force due to being Wes' descendant (who used his knowledge of the future timeline and technology, and his father's resources to eventually form the Silver Guardians into Time Force).

Wes had an illegitimate child at some point before his ranger career
Which is why Alex, his descendant, was perfectly willing to let him die in battle. He's already made his contribution to the gene pool.

One of the changes made by the events of Power Rangers Time Force was the policy of Time Force itself
Specifically, the policy of erasing the memories of agents who went to the past. The reason none of the Rangers were familiar with it is because it hadn't been policy until they changed things.
  • And if you subscribe to the theory that some combination of Lightspeed Rescue, the Silver Guardians and SPD equals Time Force, it may have happened before that... remember the Dino Rangers getting their memories wiped twice after their encounters with SPD.

In Power Rangers Time Force, (and by extension, the greater Power Rangers universe) time happens simultaneously.
While definitely a Mind Screw, this would explain that despite all the activity done by the rangers in the past, the year 3000 seems relatively unaffected, and only seems to move at the same speed as 2001. Why? Because nothing had actually changed for the year 3000 yet. Despite the progress of technology, injuries and rewriting of the history books, the events of the series didn't change the future at all. (now not being an expert in the series, please correct me if I'm wrong) In the most definitive example I can think of: If Wes had died in the final battle as Alex had said, then by Temporal Paradox, Alex as Wes's descendant would cease to exist due to the lack of an ancestor. Thus, because time happens simultaneously, no major changes happen, so the Butterfly of Doom effect is not present in the universe. (I didn't make much sense, did I?)
  • Very good theory, but I thought I read on either the main Power Rangers page or the Time Force page that Word of God says Alex is a clone, created maybe 2 decades before Time Force starts.

The Time Force future is a police state.
Ok, so this one's way out there, but think about it. 1000 years in the future (990 as of this writing), everyone talks about the greatness of the Time Force police. There's no mention of government, no mention of nations, just Time Force. Now conceivably they do exist and just not needed on screen as Time Force is just the arms of the world, but if Time Force is suppose to be in a Utopian future where "Peace and Justice reign", what does that imply? Now given that in the crossover with Power Rangers Wild Force we do see they have recreated parole with the ex-villain Nadira so it may not necessarily be a Crapsack World of a police state, but it's still a possibility.
  • The re-created parole because of Nadira and her connections to the Time Force Rangers. It also seems that cryogenic freezing has been discontinued (Ransik seem to be serving his sentence in a regular jail cell) possibly because the rangers figured out that the prisoners were conscious during the whole thing.

Ransik's past of being hated by humanity is all in his head
It's never shown and sources that are easily more mentally stable and trustworthy say it didn't and we are shown Ransik is quite the bigot himself given his words against robots. Ransik just thinks different "species" all inherently hate each other.
  • Dr. Fericks did try to help Ransik, but that was because he himself had be shunned and was lonely with robots serving as his only friends. The only other person who claims Ransik had any kind of help is Jen, and at that point she's just parroting whatever Time Force told her and we find out later that Mutants really are treated pretty horribly in the year 3000. Yes there are some mutants who had stable careers and a place in society (Jen's former partner and Lucas' racing rival) they are very few and far between, and very humanoid looking at that. So probably both versions are true, somewhat. Ransik did have folks who wanted to help him but only after he had grown so bitter with human society he decided to strike back.

    Disney Era 
Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Ninjor founded the Wind and Thunder Ninja academies
Inhuman ninja abilities, check. Located in California, which is the only place any alien bothers, check. Morphers with disks, check. Plus, they have tech far above average human levels, and it's all too ancient to be a result of trade resulting from the First Contact with KO-35 in late '98. Ninjor is known to be good with giant ninja robot animals. He didn't have the Academies help out in Season Three because of Conservation of Ninjutsu.
  • The toy line for Ninja Storm did a redeco'd Ninjor.
  • This WOULD have been the backstory had MMPR Productions been allowed to continue under Disney for Ninja Storm. Ninjor founding the Wind Academy, anyway. They had something much wankier in mind for the Thunder Rangers' master — The Phantom Ranger...
    • It's still possible that he founded the Wind Ninja Academy. It just wasn't mentioned on-screen. For all we know, ten feet behind the waterfall portal is a statue of Ninjor labeled "Our Founder". It's not like we ever got a comprehensive tour of the academy or its history.

Shane's Battlizer has a third mode.
It's called the "Tri-Battlized Armor," but it only has two modes. Therefore, it has a third, unseen mode. Since the two modes that we've seen handle ground and air, the third probably deals with the third Wind Ninja element, water, as an aquatic mode.
  • Jossed by the toyline: the third mode is actually a car mode which assembles around the folded-up Ranger—hence the wheels which go unused on the show.

The Samurai Amulet vanished due to Kiya mishandling it.
We hear that Kiya was trying to use the dark ninja powers to unlock the amulet's powers. It's likely that, in the original timeline, he did so without being interrupted, and accidentally destroyed it in the process, leading to it being lost before Cam's time travel (this incident may also have been the direct result of his banishment/taking the mantle of Lothor in the original timeline. Alternatively, the amulet was missing just because Cam took it from the past.

Cam's mother banned Cam from being trained as a ninja because she knew he was the one to come back for the samurai amulet.
Assuming "A Samurai's Journey" is a Stable Time Loop, Miko at some point figured out her son was the rightful owner of the Samurai Amulet. It had been passed down in her family for generations - it would be odd for a mysterious stranger to be claimed as the rightful owner out of the blue. She may have realized, especially since samurai are traditionally from noble families, that Cam was related to her, and once her son was born and she got sick, she likely figured out the truth. She even knew in the past that Cam was there for the amulet. So from there, based on what Cam told her of his past, Miko may have realized she had to ban Cam from ninja training to ensure he would one day could come back and claim the amulet, preserving the timeline.

Power Rangers: Dino Thunder

Tommy Oliver unconsciously created Power Rangers: Dino Thunder because he has C-PTSD.
Complex-Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a form of PTSD without a visual component. It's extremely hard to diagnose and the result of repeated trauma. After being turned evil the fourth or fifth time, he could have begun to develop it. So at the beginning of Power Rangers Dino Thunder, he could have created Mesogog and his lieutenants and set everything in motion so that Trent would replicate his own situation with Rita. It would explain why the series felt so much like Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers—it was Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

Tommy from Dino Thunder wasn't the original
He was the evil clone, who quickly got bored of colonial times, found a time portal, and returned before he left. Because there is no way Tommy could have become a professor in 6 years.
  • But in Fighting Spirit he had the Zeo and White Rangers to fight
    • That was about living up to the original, and he couldn't break free unless he could fight the original's legacy
  • This would also explain why Kat wasn't present, despite being married to Tommy. She is married to the original Tommy.
    • The canonicity of "A Season To Remember" is debatable despite Word of God comments due to it requiring Zordon to still be alive.

Tommy is a creative consultant on the Japanese Dino Thunder show.
That's the reason why their morphing call is the same as the actual Dino Rangers.
  • That could explain where he had the cash to maintain the zords.
    • Not just the zords, but the entire command center. If their command center isn't powered by solar power like one of the below WMGs states, that's going to be one hell of a power bill for Tommy to pay. Even with a doctorate, being a high school teacher doesn't pay much. That would also explain why he's able to afford everything down there as well...well, what didn't get bought/made by Hayley or Tommy's off-planet allies.

Tommy and Hayley dated at one point.
And it may have gotten serious enough to where Tommy felt compelled to tell her about his Ranger past.
  • There's nothing to suggest they aren't still dating during the time of Dino Thunder - in fact, Hayley seems to pretty much stay at Tommy's place when she's not busy at her cafe.
  • Of course, knowing Tommy, it's equally likely she just found the morphers lying around his place during college...

Dino Thunder takes place during a year where Tommy and Kat are on a break.
His guilt over what happened to his friend Smitty (along with the other issues he deals with in "Fighting Spirit") might have led Tommy to a breakdown in his personal and professional life. It would really help explain how a doctor of paleontology as young as Tommy (which would be quite impressive in the real world) is teaching a high school class. "Fighting Spirit" and the resolution of Dino Thunder help Tommy get his act together and reconcile with Kat before they divorce.
  • This could be the case, since Kat would have been in Elsa's place if the former's actress hadn't gotten pregnant (which is a bit ironic if you've seen Abaranger).

Hayley is a Lady of War, and Elsa is her Evil Counterpart.
We never really see what Hayley's doing, do we? What if her job is to spy on Mesogog and keep him under wraps? After all, Mesogog's psychotic. What's stopping him from using Anton Mercer's body to get the kids arrested for vandalism or have Tommy arrested on some charge involving Kira? Answer: Hayley. She found out what her friend Tommy was doing, realized his 'Make-Teens-Rangers' plan was doomed to fail, then took matters into her own hands. Mesogog created Elsa in an attempt to do the same thing in reverse, but Elsa, being a sentient being with her own skills and plans, focused more on creating the White Ranger.

The Dino Gems give you martial arts skills
There's no way that a rock singer, a computer geek, and a soccer player could possibly have fought off the Tyrannodrones when they first appeared. The Dino Gems had to have given them the power to fight them off and protect their host.
  • Most likely. During their first meeting with the Tyrannodrones, they were losing badly until their powers activated, otherwise they may have died. Maybe from then on their fighting skill raised by their powers, but they were good fighters on their own halfway through the series.

Kira went to prom with Trent in the finale.
Seriously. All the teens had a date except for them, and there were pretty clear hints that Kira and Trent liked each other during the series. The only reason they weren't shown together was because Kira was on stage.

The Dino Thunder command center (Triceramax?) is powered by solar power.
Honestly...think about it. We have confirmation from MMPR season 1 that their original Zords and the Megazord are solar-powered as (is likely) their command center. Tommy would have gotten a hold of that tech at some point and when he moved to Reefside, he gave that to Hayley and she came up with a design that would look inconspicuous because Tommy lives out in the middle of nowhere, with plenty of trees. You can't have normal solar panels in the woods without taking out a ton of trees. The amount of power needed to power the Dino Thunder base...people would start asking questions as to how a science teacher with a doctorate would be able to pay that seemingly huge bill every month. Being a high school teacher, even with a doctorate, pays well, but not that well. Even if you seemingly count what he might have made working for Anton Mercer, that's still not enough to hold him over if he's got a huge electric bill every month.

Power Rangers S.P.D.

Sky from Power Rangers S.P.D. is son of Alex from Power Rangers Time Force
It was never confirmed by the Word of God, but it's obvious. Sky's father was a red Ranger, and his ranger costume was a Time Force one; we all know that this type works only for one person, or somebody with that same DNA. Sky mentioned that he was the best of the rangers, and Alex was described this way many times in Time Force. Also, we never see any other Rangers with Sky's dad; as we all know, Alex was working alone. Both Sky and Alex were JerkAsses. Sure, Sky's father looks different, but also older - he could change his look. It means that the Time Force Rangers' memories were wiped after all, and maybe even that Jen is Sky's mother. And Time Force was, for some reason, shut down and replaced by SPD, or was incorporated into SPD, because of alien danger. Yes, there are dates that set up Time Force in 3000 and SPD in 2025, which leads us to the theory below...
  • Or, y'know, Wes could just be his father.
    • Would it mean, that Wes could be one of SPD founders?
      • It's possible, with two former rangers in the Silver Guardians.

Sky's father is another clone of Wes.

The calendar has been altered
SPD, set in year 2025, has more advanced technology than Time Force, set up in the year 3000 - they can travel in space and don't need a Megazord to send something back in time. Also, there are no aliens in Time Force; in SPD, plenty of them live on Earth, and there's no way in hell that they could just forget about Earth or abandon it. Also, mutants in Time Force are hated because of their monstrous looks; the community in SPD is very tolerant. For some reason, the Earth calendar has been changed, maybe to fit with those used by aliens; or one new cosmic calendar was created; or an alien planet's calendar has been in use for some reasons.
  • More reasonably, the calendar is exactly the same as always, but by 3000 the earth still hasn't completely recovered from the Venjix apocalypse. SPD is higher tech than Time Force because Time Force came after most human knowledge and technology was destroyed.
    • And what with aliens? Can we assume that Venjix destroyed them all?
      • He's simply cut off communications and is sending fake signals out to keep aid from coming. As for why aliens didn't bring human technology back up... it's not like they Uplifted humanity much the first time — note how they held back much supertech long after the Countdown — so why would rebuilding be different? There's probably some form of Prime Directive in place.
      • Also, SPD technically wasn't an Earth organization, which is why its tech was so good. It was a Sirian organization with a branch on Earth, which is probably a Prime Directive loophole.
      • And the reason for the lack of aliens is Time Force is because the people of that time period are paranoid and speciest which is why Mutants are less than second-class citizens (hell, they're pretty much considered outright criminals from the time they're born) and the humans are Gattica Babies. Following the events of RPM and the reconstruction of human society earth closed off its borders completely because they didn't trust anything that wasn't human.
      • Actually during Ransik's trial you can spot some aliens. And Trip is also an alien.
  • The calendar was changed because of Venjix. See the RPM WMG page for more.
  • If I remember, one of the themes in Time Force is the possibility that, with they and Ransik in the past, they are changing the past. Also, the time travel could not need a zord or ship assistance if the travel is less than 100 years in the past/future. Maybe, the trouble comes in large travels(1000 years in the past, for example), because they need more energy and are more unstable.

Doggie Cruger and his wife are not the Last of Their Kind.
She, Fowler Birdie, and A-Squad are all moles working for the Troobian Empire, and the rest of Sirius are their slaves.

There is no logical reason for Grumm and the Empire to wipe out all of Sirius, but keep Isinia alive. None for Omni, anyhow; Grumm could certainly use that as psychological warfare against Doggie - but he doesn't.

Also, there are some of Birdie's actions, which almost scream "Blatant attempt at sabotage": deposing Doggie as Earth S.P.D. commander and splitting the team up; conveniently being unable to help when Morgana went on a rampage - a rampage that, if not stopped, would've destroyed Earth Branch and left the entire universe at Grumm's mercy.

There is A-Squad's sudden Face–Heel Turn, with little more than the desire to be "on the winning side" as a reason for their defection.

There's Broodwing, who - despite his numerous Krybots - doesn't seem like the type to pass up the opportunity to sell flesh-and-blood slaves, which the Sirian invasion would've easily given him.

All this seems to point to the whole bunch being in cahoots with the Empire from the beginning, selling out both Earth and Sirius for their share of the spoils. It also points to most of the Sirian populace being under Troobian rule.

The team-up with S.P.D. made a convenient Masquerade for whenever a high-ranking soldier or lowly thug (like Grumm) gets out of hand: just have S.P.D. eliminate them for the Empire. The rest of the free universe will see it as "bringing justice to the guilty".

  • Don't forget Sky's little friend Dru. A former S.P.D. Cadet, missing in action, tries to assassinate Cruger for Broodwing and rants to Sky about how he doesn't understand? He's either in on it or acting under duress.

SPD is a totalitarian agency
It was formed after the collapse of the United Alliance of Evil destabilized the Local Group of galaxies. Dru, Birdie, and A-Squad are just endemic of the greyness of the organization.

We don't know if S.P.D.'s high command was in cahoots with Omni. But there's still an S.P.D. in Sam's timeline.

Kat Manx is in love with Doggie Krueger.
Watch her pretty much any time the two are on-screen together. In particular, check out the way she looks up at him as he rescues her in "Shadow Part 2", and (even more tellingly) the look of pain on her face at the end of the episode when Kruger describes her as "my very good friend."

Omega Ranger is very powerful because he's not just a Ranger—he's Battlized.
Omega Ranger has a very wide range of powers. Also, the Battlizer Morpher is a repaint of the Omega Morpher. Now, this is par-for-the-course Prop Recycling for easier toy repaints, but perhaps in the future, SPD has advanced enough that their normal power levels are what used to be battlized power levels, hence the technology in their morphers.
  • Battlizers only work for red rangers, the correct term is Mega Battle
    • Well, that's an out-of-universe rule, not an in-universe one (as far as we know). Besides, the OP was talking about a specific Battlizer, not just the general concept.
      • Kat stated the battlizer is only compatible with red rangers
      • Yes, at their current level the Battlizer is is only compatible with Red Rangers, but the Omega Ranger is from the future, so it's possible this has changed.
      • The only battlizer ever confirmed to only work for a red ranger is the one Kat built. There's nothing to suggest any battlizer that came before or after couldn't have theoretically worked for another ranger. Take Samurai's Shogun Mode for example.

Power Rangers Mystic Force

Lord Zedd eventually became the Big Bad of Power Rangers Mystic Force, having been turned back to evil.
There was no mention of Lord Zedd in Mystic Force, despite his wife Rita Repulsa showing up as the Mystic Mother. Likewise, in Operation Overdrive, their son Thrax only mentioned how "weak" they were for becoming good. The Master's reshaped body bears some similarity to Lord Zedd's pre-Countdown to Destruction look; and the Master was feared and respected tremendously by the forces of evil, something that Zedd once had as well. He personally went after Mystic Mother, knowing exactly where she was even though the Rangers themselves didn't know, showing some sort of intimate knowledge about the Mystic Mother that no one else had. Thus, Lord Zedd is the Master, turned back to evil and sealed by Rita.
  • What a sad way for such a historic villain to go out, unrecognized and killed by the multiverse's lamest Care Bear Stare. Then again, at least it wasn't the Combined Energy Attack...
  • Well, the ''Power Rangers: Super Legends'' video game does show Zedd returning to his evil ways...
    • The same source also says that, in at least one Alternate Universe, human!Zedd became an archaeologist. Anyone else thinking Anton Mercer?
      • If that's the case, then the look on Tommy's face when he finds out.
      • If the Anton\Tommy fangirls are right, that's gonna be one hell of a look.
      • Or Smitty

Thrax was raised in a "time moves slowly" pocket dimension
Because there is no effing way that nine years is enough time for a member of a functionally immortal species to be fully grown.
  • Zedd's species reproduces with genetic memories like the Goa'uld. The bigger problem is explaining why Thrax was a legendary warlord that was running around and imprisoned when Sentinel Knight still had his body, which was when Pangea still existed. MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO. Significantly more ancient than either of his parents!
    • Maybe Sentinel Knight was active for a really really long time, from Pangea-era to about 2004, when he took out Thrax and got disembodied in the process?

Thrax was raised in a "time moves backwards" pocket dimension

Udonna got the Mystic Morphers from Zordon
After the battle ended in 1986 - nobody had morphing then, you may notice - she realized that she would need an edge when the forces of darkness arose again later, since she would be working with untrained new mages. It's inevitable that she would have heard of the alien Great Sage Morphing Master who lived out in Angel Grove Desert; she simply came to him to ask if she could have a few morphers, assuring him that she'd take care of the power source. The Mystics hadn't asked for his help during the war for political reasons; now that they were so weakened, she didn't have a choice.

Udonna got the Mystic Morphers from Rita.
Rita would've known how her enemy's tech worked, especially since she held the Dragon Coin all that time. And this would explain why the Mystics didn't have it during the first war: Rita wasn't Mystic Mother then.
  • This oddly connects to the theory below as Lord Zedd was able to use the powers from the Dragon Coin to create his own set of Rangers, so it actually makes sense that when Rita became the Mystic Mother, she was able to channel the Green Ranger Powers she gained into making the Mystic Rangers.

Rita and Zedd are still married as of Power Rangers Mystic Force
We don't see him because while Rita's managed to get a sweet gig as the Mystic Mother of the Mystic Realm, Zedd is employed elsewhere, either in another subdimension (they presumably commute to work from the same place), or elsewhere in the Mystic Realm. Its not like we see Rita/Mystic Mother outside of her throne room, or get much exposition on what she's been doing since last we saw her. If you'll notice, the throne room is completely empty except for Rita and whoever is having an audience with her, so its not like there'd be any evidence of him in that one room- you can't keep pictures of the family at the desk when your desk is a formal throne room, after all.

The Spirit Realm is the "good" afterlife for the entire PR Universe.
'Cause there isn't evidence against it.

Thrax has a twin sister
Who is the Zedd to Thrax's Rita, she looks mostly human but wears a visor similar to her father's.

The "Believe in Magic" requirement has a hidden requirement
You have to believe in others and yourself as well. In the magic of teamwork so to speak. That's why Nick wasn't able to access his magic right away. He was still struggling with his place as a member of the team and in his self will. It was only when he finally came back to help that he could finally believe.

Nick didn't believe in Magic at first
Because he thought it was just really advanced technology. Maybe having seen all the science based rangers on tv, he just thought the magic was Special effects and technology that the others just happened to have.

The history and secrets of Dark Wish in Mystic Force
The villains in mystic force once made a wish to stop the rangers. "I wish there were never mystic force power rangers." With a wish this specific, it ensured that the rangers never took up their wands at the beginning of the season. However, when the rangers talk about how evil rules the world, this seems to indicate that the 12 teams of rangers that came before them died/failed to protect the world. But how? Lightspeed Rescue, while working on demons rather than magic monsters, could be adapted to specifically fight the darkness. Some of them have ninja skills, some have megazords still, and they could also call on their space friends to fight (aquitar, the gold ranger, the phantom ranger and blue centurion, or the galaxy rangers). So why did they fail?

I find there's two possible explanations. One is a matter of timing, while the other is a matter of semantics/bad luck.

  • Theory 1: The timing theory. Without the mystic force to hold the darkness at bay, this meant that the forces of evil stormed over briarwood quickly, and before the other rangers could react in time, the dark forces work entrenched, and launched a Zerg Rush over the earth. While individual teams and legacies might have fought bravely to stem the tide, like in the end of power rangers turbo or in space, they were simply outmatched and slowly were destroyed one team and ranger at a time.
  • Theory 2: Semantics. When Flurious made the wish, and put extra emphasis on the phrase Power Rangers, the wish actually removed ALL rangers from existence. Thus, earth was the sight of a great cataclysm as countless evil empires fought for control of the earth, until the dark magical forces ended up as the victorious ones.
  • Theory 3: Bad luck. When the wish was taking effect, there was a hidden clause in the wish that made it so that any force against the forces of the master were overrun. Basically turning all luck against earth's defenders.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Andrew Hartford is gay and in a relationship with Spencer
Stated elsewhere in the wiki, but it belongs here. Andrew is unimaginably wealthy and leads an exciting life. Even if his work as an Adventurer Archaeologist didn't net him an Indy-Girl-style girlfriend/wife who could have borne the son he wanted, his unimaginable wealth could have gotten him a gold-digger to do the same. The fact that he, with his social status and career, has neither a wife nor a girlfriend implies that he does not want a girlfriend, especially since he does want a son. His having a girlfriend, even if he wasn't truly interested, would make it easier for him to have a son, so the most reasonable explanation is that he's gay. Further evidence is his suspiciously close relationship to Spencer.

The relationship with Spencer is requited. Spencer is more loyal than Alfred Pennyworth, and someone in that job without any emotional attachment would, if he was prudent, take the salary and RUN to somewhere not likely to be bombed by aliens. Love Makes You Crazy.

Andrew Hartford and Spencer are really Bruce Wayne and Alfred in hiding.
One's a billionaire who uses his insane wealth to fight evil, and the other is his loyal butler. This could explain why Andrew was so confident that he could fight as the Red Ranger. This works a bit better with The Dark Knight Trilogy incarnations because of Andrew's slight resemblance to Christian Bale and Spencer's snarky nature.
  • An episode of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers has Ernie say that they will do for Angel Grove what Batman did for Gotham City, suggesting his existence in the Power Rangers universe. And Spencer is a master of disguise.
  • Or the Batman: Arkham Series versions if you subscribe to the theory they went into hiding after blowing up Wayne Manor.

Dax is mildly autistic.
  • Pay attention to the way he tends to act at times. When he speaks he's almost always somewhat louder than needed, his attention span seems to be low, and his speech patterns are slightly accented. Sometimes when he talks, he says very out-there things that come off as slightly childish, such as when they were in Turkey and he made a ridiculously dumb (though somewhat funny) joke about how they were finding a bird. Also, when Rose was explaining the Sentinel Morpher to him by telling him he would be "fried" or something really dangerous, he stared into space and still had to think about it. He definitely doesn't have full-blown autism, but it's worth pointing out that he could be one of the franchise's biggest Cloud Cuckoolander rangers because he might have a few symptoms.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury

The United Alliance of Evil was formed as a result of the Great Battle 10,000 years ago
We know from Jungle Fury that, in addition to fighting the Pai Zhuq and Zordon's group, the villains were fighting each other; this ended up neutralizing the three major villain groups that fought in the battle. It's likely that Dark Specter (or one of his predecessors) used these facts to persuade various villain groups to band together.

RJ bought the Solar Morphers from Andros, who, being a go-between between KO-35 and Earth, makes a killing as a morpher salesman
How would RJ "know a guy who knows" Andros? Simple - RJ is a pizza shop owner affiliated with the paranormal. It's inevitable that the NinjaTurtles came by at least once. When they were there, they mentioned knowing the Space Rangers and left a number, which RJ used to buy some bargain-basement morphers (no power source and the nonstandard unpopular "sunglasses" model) just in case.

RJ got the morphers from Cam.
He says that he knew a guy, who knew a guy, who had a uncle. Cam is the only one whom we know had a uncle (Lothor) during the series.

R.J. got the sunglasses from Cam Watanabe, who got them from Tommy Oliver.
  • If the above is true, then this is also confirmed.

Master Finn wasn't the only person to capture the "Starlight"
In a later season, a villain will use the other cache of Starlight to revive the remaining phantom beasts, and the Power Ranger team that will be current then will have to team up with other rangers to defeat them.

Dai Shi was part of the Great Battle 10,000 years ago that sealed Rita and Zordon.
No way is it a coincidence that two independent evils were sealed at the same time in the same place. Rita never tried to unseal him because he failed her and fell to pitiful humans (she was a bit racist, humans being as primitive as we were 10,000 years ago); the martial artists who fought him were trained by Zordon, which is why their magical martial arts include "Ki-Humongous Mecha".
  • Since Rita and Dai Shi escaped roughly sixteen years apart, this would make "ten thousand years" a rough figure rather than an exact one... But one would imagine Sealed Evil in a Can tends to lose track of time.
  • Good and evil were in a cold war 10,000 years ago, and Earth's Beast War warmed things up very quickly.
  • "Ten thousand years ago" remained a fixed point in time from 1993-1995, and so it is a rough figure. Besides, the Pai Zhua Masters and Dai Shi's forces weren't NEWBORNS when the Beast Wars happened. On the other hand...

Rita failed to free Dai Shi because she didn't know where to find him.

Rita failed to free Dai Shi because she had never heard of him.
They were involved in completely separate branches of the ancient war.
  • Well, this one would confirm the one directly above it, since if she didn't know who he was, she obviously wouldn't know where to find him...

Rita refused to free Dai Shi because she didn't need more competition for supremacy.
This is the most likely reason.
  • Heck, she wasn't happy when Zedd showed up in "The Mutiny".
    • This one would joss the above 2 - but it's probably the most likely of the 3, for the other reason stated in this WMG.

The armored form Dai Shi uses when he fights the Rangers is not formed from his own power, but that of his host body, Jarrod.
Jarrod was seen using the lion in sparring practice before Dai Shi got to him. Dai Shi's spirit had a dragon motif, as opposed to the lion motif his new body's armored form has taken.
  • Hinted at in the show: the overlords who are ostensibly below Dai Shi in power and rank taunt him for being a "mere human".
  • Confirmed at the end: Jarrod and Dai Shi separated, but Jarrod could still summon the armor.

Camille is a Half-Human Hybrid.
Specifically, she's half human, half Rinshi. She looks human and accesses her animal spirit in the way a Pai Zhua user does. However, the form she uses in battle has more in common with a monster than a ranger or ranger-like ally.
  • Or she could have a somewhat similar situation to Jarrod; maybe back during the Beast War she made a deal with Dai Shi: immortality in exchange for her eternal servitude.

Ninjor helped expand the moves used by the Pai Zhua/Founded the school.
My evidence? When the rangers discuss with Casey about the Mantor growing, he mentions it as a move that the rangers aren't advanced enough to know yet. Who was one of the people who grew under his own power the most in the series? Ninjor. So Ninjor must have at least taught that move to them. And as he has experience in making morphers, he could've easily made some for the Jungle Fury rangers.

    Future Adaptations and Unadapted Sentai 
The Red Ranger in the new series will have a Heroic Lineage
Hence the need for a fixed race. Descended from who? No idea.
  • Jossed the new casting sheet says all ethnicities.
    • And yet he's still white...

Tzachor has declared all the seasons to be separate continuities specifically to prepare for Gokaiger
It may seem stupid to suddenly declare that every season takes place in a separate universe just before they have to adapt a season that relies on previous Rangers returning, but think about it. How on earth could they have the Great Legend War in Power Rangers when so many Rangers have had more than one set of powers? For example, how would one have the Green and White Mighty Morphin' Rangers, the Red Zeo Ranger, the Red Turbo Ranger (If T.J is the Red Turbo Ranger, who plays the Blue Space Ranger) and the Black Dino Thunder Ranger in the same battle? Answer: Make each season a completely separate universe and all these different teams traveled to one universe where they could team up for the Legend War.
  • Time travel. They gave their powers to someone else. Ninjor did it. Z-wave Machina. Etc., etc. The problem with giving each season its own continuity is that along the series it's shown again and again that it is just ONE big continuity. Saying it now just make no sense.
  • I think all Tzachor said was that the non-MMPR Productions seasons (everything after Wild Force) was out of continuity. (And you can sort of explain away Lost Galaxy through Wild Force as being jumps through different dimensions/timelines/whatever.) Besides, the Zordon Era seasons not being in continuity with each other can't be reconciled, considering the characters carrying over - did the NASADA shuttle go through some sort of dimensional hole between Turbo and In Space, and if so, how are its occupants not the same T.J., Carlos, Ashley and Cassie? (Also, see "If Gokaiger is adapted..." above for why it might not be as big a problem as it sounds.)
    • Jossed - ironically, the Gokaiger adaptation is within the continuity of the Goseiger adaptation (specifically, it's a sequel). It seems this was the mindset he had when making the adaptation though, since they include Zeo, Turbo, and In Space teams as separate teams, despite the fact that members are shared between the teams note  - however, as Tommy is only shown in his Green Ranger outfit (despite the fact that his legend shift when he was rescuing a kid showed him as the white ranger), it's likely that he got a few other people to fill in for some of his other powers.
Even if Power Rangers Samurai is technically the 18th season, after it finishes they will be on the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers. Gokaiger is an anniversary series, and it would be bizzare for it to take place in year 21. And they're a year behind on adaptations now anyways, so they would have the time to do it.
  • Also supported by the fact that Goseiger exists to advertise not just toys, but a trading card arcade game, the latter of which probably won't make the voyage over the pacific. Just makes good business sense to skip to the one advertising merch they can sell stateside.
    • Goseiger is in Gokaiger. You can't really adapt them out of order.
      • Gokaiger also has ranger suits from before Zyuranger. All easily explainable as being Rangers from before 1992 or from different worlds in the Rangers-verse; the Goseiger suits will probably be lumped in with those, and then not adapted in and of itself at all due to merchandising difficulty issues.
      • What difficulty issues? It's angels with cards! Not that hard to sell. If anything they could sell them in packs for the Tensounder adapted toy.
      • Yes, but will the kids into action figures and transforming combining robots buy into card games? I know I wouldn't have, back in the day. We don't have as big a market segment to cater to in America as they do in Japan, and tend to have narrower types of merchandising in general...
      • Yu-Gi-Oh! begs to differ.
      • Again, different audiences. I'm just going by what I was like as a kid regarding toy-purchasing habits- I bought loads of Power Rangers toys when I was into it, but didn't get into Yu-Gi-Oh! cards despite liking the show.
    • I disagree, if only because they would want the 20th season's team to have the same colors as the original team. (Same logic as the Sentai colors for 35th)
      • Why are you still arguing over the point. Power Rangers Megaforce has already been announced and it's based on Goseiger.
  • Jossed, but not by much. They will both be in Megaforce''.

The Gokaiger adaptation will have Phantom Ranger give the Ranger Keys to the Red Ranger
This is as Phantom Ranger is probably the closest thing the series has to Super Sentai's AkaRed, especially now that Zordon is dead. It follows that Phantom Ranger will finally be given backstory.
  • Jossed.

The Gokaiger adaptation will address every plot hole, Aborted Arc, and unsolved mystery ever.
A fan can dream, can't he?
  • Jossed.

If the Gokaiger adaptation uses the Sentai-only suits/seasons, they won't use Himitsu Sentai Gorenger, J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai, or Battle Fever J.
Those three teams are radical departures in terms of suit design, especially Battle Fever J. Plus, without the context of the Sentai, the suits will just look kinda goofy.
  • I can definitely see them dropping the Battle Fever J suits, but the Goranger and JAKQ suits could work. They've done symbol visors before.
    • Confirmed, although they do allow some other sentai-only teams for some odd reason.

AkaRed's counterpart in the Gokaiger adaptation will be the purified Lord Zedd
Two reasons to suspect this. First, the very theme of that season will by default be shoutouts and celebration of the show's history, and the character of AkaRed in particular seems extremely suited to being someone familiar from the old continuity-between-seasons days. Second, unlike Rita/Magic Mother, we only ever saw purified Zedd for a few seconds, and never heard his purified voice- meaning he can be recast and played by a cheaper Aussie or Kiwi actor without any jarring The Other Darrin problems. If he isn't going to be AkaRed, he'll probably be the mentor figure; its just too good an opportunity for them to have continuity porn and not incur any significant financial hit for it like they would for most tied-to-American-actors characters from that era.
  • Jossed, although that was a fan theory about Gosei. Seems like it would have been a better idea to do the same thing with Rita Repulsa in Mystic Force and have Zedd turn out to be the mentor of the Megaforce team - it would have given an explanation for what happened to him after the events of In Space.

If Gokaiger is adapted, the Rangers will be tag-teaming instead of the people in the Gokaiger suits accessing different powers. And if not, Tommy will be the silver ranger, Kim or Kat will be the pink one, Aisha or Trini-played-by-a-lookalike will be the yellow one, Zack or Adam will be the green one, and Jason or Rocky will be the red one. Also, the older teams will not be de-powered.
Fans would not be happy in the slightest to see everyone lose their powers, so keeping that would be a bad idea. They'd have to re-shoot the opening battle anyway because of Ryan. Tag-teaming would be good because it keeps everyone in their own suit. And if they don't do the tag team thing but have the morphers copy the other powers they would have to put those characters on the team because it's doubtful people would accept anyone else wearing the Mighty Morphin suits, though an exception would need to be made for the Blue Ranger suit unless David Yost is somehow persuaded to return.
  • If it's a straight adaptation, it might not be a problem. What Gokaiger seems to be doing is only bringing back one or two characters from the Special Guest Sentai Team Of The Week. It looks like the only full team that's been brought back so far is the Hurricanger Power Trio (and that's the most recent one).
    • It's more of a straight adaptation, but jossed - they keep the Gokaiger suits swapping powers.

There will be a specific Mythology Gag to Carranger...
Let's say an episode calls for Power Ranger convention at one point. There's all the Continuity Porn and Call Backs for diehard Ranger fans to swim in... but then the current Rangers, who are visiting for whatever reason, bump into a girl in the White Racer costume from Carranger. They ask her who she's supposed to be. She claims she's the White Turbo Ranger and that the Turbo Rangers inspired her to created the costume. The Rangers call her crazy and move on.
  • Several convention-goers will also be wearing costumes of the Monsters of the Week from previous seasons. The costumes will be the actual props from the previous shows, if they are able to use them. The current villains may even transform the costumes into the actual monsters to distract the current Rangers.
  • Most, if not all, former Rangers are revealed to have contribute to the convention. The current Rangers meet some of them without revealing their secret. The former Rangers give each other a knowing look after meeting them.
    • Unfortunately jossed - this might have happened if they had done a Turbo tribute episode, but unfortunately, that didn't happen.

Footage from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Space Sheriff Gavan will be used in the Gokaiger adaptation.
Gavan will be adapted as Ryan Steele.
  • Jossed.

In the Gokaiger adaptation, Gokai Silver's counterpart will be a former Ranger.
Gai Ikari is a Genre Savvy Ascended Fanboy who keeps an encyclopedia on Sentai heroes. While any random human would fit the role, why not make it someone who would legitimately know about the history of the Rangers and be able to show the... Pirate Rangers? (Doesn't really roll off the tongue) what being a Ranger really means?
  • Alternatively, it'll be a former civilian ally/friend, who wasn't a ranger himself, but knew them. Ideally Bulk, Skull, or Spike.
    • Spike's the right age.
  • And Jossed. Following In Space and Operation Overdrive, the Silver Ranger is an alien who is battling against the villains...although one has to wonder why they didn't at least have him be from a Power Rangers version of a sentai-only team.

In the Gokaiger adaptation, the Legend War will be All Just a Dream...
...which will become a reality by the end of the series (similar to the Rider War in Kamen Rider Decade).

There won't be a Navi analogue in the Gokaiger adaptation.
RPM didn't have a Bomper analogue (they had Dr. K instead), so why not?
  • Confirmed...sort of. Tensou fills the role of Navi and Datas, but has more in common with the latter than the former.

We'll get to see the actual RPM team in the Gokaiger adaptation.
In "Clash of the Red Rangers" we have learned that RPM takes place in an Alternate Universe, correct? Thus, when Gokaiger is adapted, we'll get to see how the RPM team from the standard Power Rangers universe (as opposed to the team from the Venjix-dominated dimension we saw in the show) looks like. Unless, of course, they do something like the Gokaiger analogues winding up in the dimension where RPM takes place.
  • Jossed. It's a case of Stock Footage Failure - they don't even leave the skyship, much less interact with the team!

In the Gokaiger adaptation, GokaiSilver's counterpart will start out evil, but turn good.
As a nod to the original series. Lengthier explanation:
  • On the other hand, PR!Gai will be a Muggle Best Friend who tries desperately to become a Ranger (in the vein of Bulk and Skull) and fails everytime.
    • Jossed - he ends up being another alien, much like Zane and Tyzonn.

The Gokaiger adaptation will reveal that an American counterpart for the Gorangers were the first Ranger team
They were formed on Planet Zoltar, and Zordon was Aka Red before meeting Rita.
  • One of the Zordon's finest warriors in the flashback where he fights Knasty Knight might have been a Ranger on that team. He could be it's Black Ranger since the warrior in the clip was Goushi.
    • And jossed. The Goranger suits don't make any appearance whatsoever.

If they do an MMPR reunion in the Gokaiger adaptation, they will reveal that Trini passed away (in reference to Thuy Trang's fatal car accident), Zack suffered from an unknown addiction (Walter Jones' DUI), and Billy had a falling out with Jason for his decision to leave Earth (David Yost dealing with homophobia and consequentially leaving).
  • Jossed, as the reunion doesn't happen until the 30th anniversary. Zack and Billy are both present, it's Jason who's missing, as his actor Austin St. John has had his passport confiscated due to a federal fraud accusation. Trini is represented by her daughter, so we should find out her status. Adam, Aisha, Rocky and Kat will also be present, but not Kimberly or Tommy, for unknown reasons - Tommy's actor Jason David Frank died in 2022 but this was after filming on the anniversary special was completed.

In the Gokaiger adaptation (to help fill the plot holes of the un-adapted Super Sentai teams) the un-adapted teams would be Retconned/Retcanoned to be Zordon's fallen warriors from the Great War 10,000 ago and to get their great powers (or whatever the plot they used for the Gokaiger adaptation) they must find their modern day inheritors first.
The teams' adaptation names would be:
  • For Himitsu Sentai Goranger, they would be called "(Power Rangers) Alpha Squad" because they are the first team.
    • Alternatively they would be called by their Philippine adaptation's name "Star Rangers."
  • For J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai, they would be called "(Power Rangers) Suit Squadron."
    • Alternatively they would be called "(Power Rangers) Justice Shuffle" to somewhat match the original sentai symbol.
    • Alternatively they would be called by their Philippine adaptation's name "Lucky Aces".
  • For Battle Fever J, they would be called "(Power Rangers) Patriot Force." Though it lead into a bit of a paradox since the countries the team members represent did not exist 10,000 years ago.
    • Alternatively they would be called "(Power Rangers) Battle Force" to match the original sentai symbol.
  • For Denshi Sentai Denziman, they would be called "(Power Rangers) Electron Defenders."
  • For Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan, they would just replace "Taiyo Sentai" with "Power Rangers" and keep the rest of the name the same.
    • The Yellow Ranger would be a female, just like in the Disney Era season which features a Power Trio.
  • For Dai Sentai Goggle V, they would be called "(Power Rangers) Visor Force."
  • For Kagaku Sentai Dynaman, they would be called "(Power Rangers) Dynamics."
    • There might be a reference to the 1988 six-episode mini-series.
    • In Super Megaforce, they're called "Battalion Rangers".
  • For Choudenshi Bioman, they would be called "(Power Rangers) Bio Force."
  • For Dengeki Sentai Changeman, they would be called "(Power Rangers) Change Masters" to match the original sentai symbol.
    • Alternatively they would be called "(Power Rangers) Creature Morphers."
    • In Super Megaforce, they're called "Blitz Rangers".
  • For Choushinsei Flashman, they would be called "(Power Rangers) Supernova."
    • In Super Megaforce, they're called "Prism Rangers".
  • For Hikari Sentai Maskman, they would be called "(Power Rangers) Light Squad."
    • Alternatively they would be called "(Power Rangers) Spectrum Five" to somewhat match the original sentai symbol.
    • In Super Megaforce, they're called "Lightning Rangers".
  • For Choujuu Sentai Liveman, they would be called "(Power Rangers) Lifeforce Might" to somewhat match the original sentai symbol.
    • Alternatively they would be called "(Power Rangers) Life Morphers."
  • For Kousoku Sentai Turboranger, is a bit harder since their team symbol has their name in it, unless they edit out the words the team would be confused for the Power Rangers Turbo team.
    • Alternatively Power Rangers Drive Force
    • A nice Mythology Gag could be made by calling them the "Car Rangers".
    • In a reversal to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, these Rangers are ancient warriors reawakened in the modern world to fight the demon tribes.
  • For Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman, they would be called "(Power Rangers) Vanguard."
    • In Super Megaforce, they're called "Supersonic Rangers".
  • For Choujin Sentai Jetman, they would be called "(Power Rangers) Jet Stream." The Neo Jetman team would be called "Jet Stream: Black Ops."
    • Alternativly (Power Rangers) Sky Force
  • Related to the theory in the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers WMG page, a Ranger team for Gosei Sentai Dairanger. Maybe "(Power Rangers) Thunder Squadron" or "(Power Rangers) Five-Star Force".
    • Alternatively, to go with the "D" in their symbol, they would be called "(Power Rangers) Dynasty".
    • In Super Megaforce, they're called "Legendary Squadron".
    • Interestingly, there have been rumors that the unused Dairanger suits would've been used in Lost Galaxy for a team of "Ancient Rangers". So this could partially be true.

Alternately, these Ranger teams appeared during the mid-to-late 20th century like their Super Sentai counterparts. Thought Zordon may have had a role in their creations, since he's been on Earth for 10,000 years. Or may have had an indirect influence on their creations (in a similar way to the post-Zordon Era Rangers).

AkaRed's adaptation name would be...
  • Red Prime Ranger
  • Red Nexus Ranger
  • Red Ranger
  • Red Legacy Ranger
  • Red Amalgam Ranger
  • Crimson Ranger
  • Scarlet Ranger

The Power Rangers World as a whole is in fact a parallel universe of Super Sentai
The Super Sentai rangers reincarnates as the characters from Power Rangers; Geki reborn as Jason, Mei as Kimberly, Burai as Tommy, Dan as Billy, Goushi as Zack, even Barza as Zordon... Granted, they grew up in different circumstances and have different personalities (Kenta as Andros is something you can't deny) and deal with less intense enemies. This goes to the other following Rangers from their respective seasons.
  • Alternatively or additionally, the Power Rangers universe is a parallel universe to the world seen in Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle.

The Power Rangers equivalent of AkaRed will be the Morphing Grid itself
  • It was stated in a bonus episode of Dino Thunder that the Morphing Grid is actually sentient to a certain degree. It's also been said that the Morphing Grid is powered by the battle between good and evil. So if, during the Gokaiger adaptation, the massive fleet of enemies attacks earth, suddenly there's so much evil in one location that the Morphing Grid is able to restore the powers of all rangers who lost their powers previously, hence the legendary war. Once they all lose their powers though, the Morphing Grid takes all that power to form it's own physical body and ranger powers and starts searching for five new people to give the Gokaiger powers to.
  • Jossed - Gokaiger's adaptation is a direct sequel to the Goseiger adaptation. Akared didn't get a PR counterpart.

The Power Rangers equivalent of AkaRed will be a PR-exclusive character.
His costume design will have elements from Red Rangers in American adapted series. While AkaRed resembles the Red Goranger, this version will resemble the Red Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger.
  • And jossed for the same reason as the above WMG.

Every Sentai team before Zyuranger actually has a Power Rangers counterpart, but they will not be introduced until the American counterpart of Gokaiger
  • Let's face it: A lot of Gokaiger involves using previous ranger powers. Saban can't avoid the footage of Sentai rangers who have not been adapted into a season of PR, at least not for a while. They simply have to provide an explanation for those teams, unless they want to recreate the whole Sam situation again, except to an even worse extent.

If the Rangers version of the Great Legends War does, in fact, occur the majority of fans really won't care how it came to be.
Face it... IT'S EVERY RANGER EVER TAKING ON THE ULTIMATE EVIL IN A BATTLE TO END ALL BATTLES... again, actually, since I'm pretty sure the Z-Wave was supposed to...oops.

Nonetheless, most fans wouldn't care if the ninja turtles open up some super mega awesome portal to make it happen, or if the ponies from My Little Pony pop up and magically make it happen, the majority of fans won't care and go flat-out insane over it. That said...

The Great Legends War will be a massive disappointment...
This goes back to the exact same reason that every crossover has had some flaw: money. The PR budget is never good up enough to do everything the creators want to do. How much money do you think it will cost to bring back every possible actor, get the suits, repair any damaged suits, the same thing with the suits apply to the props, and make a new villain? That's not even talking about the amount of money it will take to actually make the episode. Also, I really doubt it will have the time to live up to expectations. This actually goes back to Forever Red; Originally, it was supposed to be a two parter, but due to the fact that Disney wouldn't budge and let them do it, they had to make it into a 1 parter. Forever Red was good, don't get me wrong, but an event of this proportion will have MUCH higher expectations... and I just can't picture it living up to it. Hopefully, this WMG is wrong, but we'll just have to wait and see.
  • While this is more of a YMMV, the general consensus is that this one was confirmed, albeit it's the "Legendary Battle" instead of the Great Legends War. While they do actually bring back some of the actors, and they add in the Titanium Ranger, it's mostly Gokaiger footage - and it's just seen as underwhelming here, since the Legendary Battle was clearly trying to harken back to "Countdown to Destruction". While the extended cut is seen as slightly better, it's still underwhelming given the amount of build-up it's given.

One of the male rangers in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger will be gender flipped
  • Kyoryuger is going to be the first Sentai since Gaoranger to start with a full team of five but only have one female ranger. As we know, whenever this happened previously, Saban always gender flipped the Yellow Ranger to compensate (save for Alien Rangers) and will probably do so again. However, there is no Yellow Ranger in Kyoryuger's core five, so this means we'll either get a new female Blue ranger or maybe our first ever female Green or Black ranger (probably depends on which of the three is the shortest).
    • When this season gets adapted, not only will Bulk be featured in the subsequent Power Rangers season, he'll serve as one of the team's mentors and secret keepers. Let's face it, the man is due for the honor. He wouldn't be able to show the Rangers any techniques or new gear or anything, but would serve as the heart, soul, and conscience of the team.
      • Jossed. All early promo material for "Power Rangers Dino Charge" clearly features only one Female (The Pink Ranger). Unless Gold gets Gender-Flipped, or they pass over the Male Cyan for the Female one.

Saban will adapt Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger
  • They will combine season 1 and 2 (maybe 3 if Akibaranger gets a third season) and put them together into one Power Rangers Season... and it will be awesome.
    • Jossed - the source material was unofficial, so it would be pretty odd for Saban to adapt Akibaranger while skipping over Go-Busters or ''ToQger''. Plus, a lot of the content in Akibaranger wouldn't make it past censors.

Tokkuger will be skipped
  • The suits and Resha are non typical designs
  • The Resha wont fit well into Zord Builder
  • The Resha arent the ideal collectible gimmic, being zords means there would have to be a higher price point than cards leys or batteries
    • Confirmed...sort of - The core team doesn't get adapted, but some of the villains look like they will be included in Ninja Steel.

The upcoming film will include a return for Billy Cranston.
We already know Jason David Frank will be back. At this point an entire generation of PR fans have basically been outraged by the knowledge that David Yost was bullied into leaving for being gay, and you can bet it's an Old Shame for Sabban. Having him return, kick-ass, and coming out of the closet would probably be the best way to put everything right.

The Ninninger adaptation will be a direct continuation of Dino Charge
In the same manner as the Zordon-era series, keeping similar casts and such. There are already a few similarities that could be transferred over between seasons.
  • The shuriken on Ninninger spin, just like the Dino Morphers do, and could easily be renamed "ninja chargers" or something similar.
  • Dino Charge kept "It's about to get wild!" as one of its catchphrases, and Ninninger is already using "We're running wild!"
  • Both series have auxiliary rangers with similar themes (The Graphite Ranger is Riley's cowboy brother Matt and the sixth ranger on Ninninger is Star Ninger, a cowboy-ninja).
    • This point may be jossed, since the Graphite Ranger appears to be somebody other than what was originally stated.
    • Jossed - Ninja Steel has a completely different cast than Dino Charge, and the plot summary doesn't mention Dino Charge in any way (both directly and indirectly). Barring a crossover, it looks unlikely that it'll be related to Dino Charge.

Go-Busters hasn't been skipped, just delayed.
Bandai might have gotten wind of Jurassic World and convinced Toei and Saban to do Dino Charge in 2015 so their toy sales would ride the popularity of the film. If this hypothesis is true, then maybe they'll make a Go-Busters adaptation in 2016?note 

The Ninninger adaptation will be a team of Corporate Sponsored Superheroes
The villains will be created or hired by a company to take down their rivals, so the main company will sue their not-insignificant funds to gather a team of rangers together and fight them off - and all the while making money off of them. The mix-and-match elements of the season can be justified by the company trying to hit all demographics. The rangers themselves can be in-universe celebrities like actors, athletes, maybe a stage magician for Blue, and StarNinger could start as a country singer.
  • Adding to that, White or Yellow could be the Naïve Newcomer intern.
    • Doesn't look like it. The villains are a company in a sense, but are aliens who are involved with a gladiatorial game show and are after a power source that gives the heroes their weapons and powers.

All unadapted Sentai are ranger teams in the RPM universe.
Which is why in Megaforce they had never been seen before on Earth - that Earth, that is. Everything from Goranger to Jetman happened before Venjix's outbreak. One of the teams may have been formed by Alphabet Soup or a precursor to it. The later teams also fit in: Go-Busters technology and data themed, but also have animal-vehicle combo zords that are thematically similar to the RPM zords; they likely had to fight remnants of Venjix's army and Venjix trying to reconstruct itself. ToQGer can easily be set in another rebuilt city that uses trains as a major method of transportation, with their zords based on similar tech to the PaleoMax Megazord.
  • Considering that Tenaya 7 is seen picking up a discarded Operation Overdrive helmet, if that IS the case, then it would mean that while both the RPM and the main earth have the same teams, the RPM universe started documenting ranger teams long before the man Earth did. My theory is that the main universe Earth and the RPM universe Earth shared teams up until Operation Overdrive - after that, they diverged; Jungle Fury took place in the main universe at the same time as RPM (since we know that Jungle Fury exists in the main universe, as shown in Super Megaforce), with the events of the teams not in the main universe happened in between the events of the teams in the main universe - i.e., the Power Rangers version of ''Go-Busters'' happened after the finale of Super Megaforce but ended before the beginning of Dino Charge, the Power Rangers version of ''ToQger'' happened after the finale of Dino Super Charge but before the beginning of Ninja Steel'', and so on.

Zyuohger will be adapted after Ninja Steel, rather than skipping over to Kyuranger.
  • Kind of unlikely - while animals have been used as a motif for teams before, the space-themed series have been better received then the animal ones. Also, unless Nickelodeon decides to give PR an exception to the "20 episode a season" rule or Saban moves the show to a different network, the "Super" part would be the 6th post-Megaforce season...and seeing as how Saban has been reusing themes that were used in Mighty Morphin (Dinosaurs and Ninjas), it would be odd if they didn't have the 6th season be space themed like the aforementioned In Space. Not to mention that Zyuohger has a really similar premise to Ninja Steel, so it's pretty unlikely they'd do the same plot twice in a row.
    • It doesn't seem like Saban is going to great lengths to make patterns for the seasons' themes, so saying that space stuff has been used for In Space is a reason to skip a certain season isn't totally solid. Also, an adaptation of Zyuohger wouldn't necessarily have the same plot. Look at Ninja Steel compared to ''Ninninger"; They are quite divergent, like some previous seasons, and an adaptation of Zyuohger could go in many directions.
      • It's been confirmed that Kyuranger is being made with American input - why would they adapt the sentai they didn't have any involvement with? Unless they decided to adapt both seasons like they did with Goseiger and Gokaiger in Megaforce, odds are that they're going to skip Zyuohger in favor of Kyuranger. Then again, I've heard Saban's contract with Nickelodeon will have expired by the time Super Ninja Steel will have finished, so Saban COULD end up moving to another network and adapting both separately.
      • Looking even more likely to be jossed, since Bandai of America said in an interview that Zyuohger's cube gimmick is not workable - unless they adapt the fight scenes from Zyuohger and adapt the mech footage from Kyuranger (Something that does have precedence, although it has not been done in a LOOOONG time), we're likely getting a Kyuranger adaptation.
      • Seemingly jossed for good by the cover art of Shattered Grid, as seen here, where Chameleon Green is clearly present behind the Pink Ninja Steel Ranger - and since none of the other rangers from any of the unadapted Sentai teams (both pre-Zyuranger and post-Zyuranger) are present, it seems that Saban has all but officially decided that Zyuohger is going to be skipped.
      • And jossed, albeit in a different way - we're getting an adaptation of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters instead.

If they adapt Zyuohger, they won't use the footage from the Gokaiger crossover.
4 main reasons for this. First reason is that since the Megaforce Rangers aren't pirates, they wouldn't exactly have a reason to steal the PR version of the Whale Change Gun. Second reason is that a fair amount of the Gokai changes in the episode are from seasons that weren't adapted into Power Rangers (most of the ones Captain Marvelous makes are into rangers from Sentai series made before they began adapting Power Rangers, both he and Gokai Yellow transform into Red Buster and Yellow Buster respectively, and Gokai Green transforms into ToQ4gou). Third reason is that the Gokaiger crossover was made to celebrate the 2000th episode of Super Sentai; we're still a long way away from the 1000th episode of Power Rangers (unless this troper is mistaken, as of the completion of Dino Super Charge, there are 831 episodes - and assuming Ninja Steel ends up with a total of 44 episodes, including the Christmas and Halloween episodes in both seasons, there will be a total of 875 episodes), and there isn't a year milestone they could celebrate (although I could be mistaken). The final reason is the same one why there isn't an Operation Overdrive-Jungle Fury crossover - one of the teams isn't liked by the fandomnote .

At some point, Saban will start working with Netflix to adapt the sentai they skip (i.e., if they start this after Ninja Steel, they'd work with Netflix to make a Zyuohger adaptation) for TV broadcast into PR series exclusive to Netflix
It would be the perfect way to address the Broken Base about Saban skipping series - sure, they wouldn't be able to adapt Go-Busters, since the monster/villain suits for that series weren't made to last, but at least Saban wouldn't have to skip the series. Why do I say Netflix specifically? Because they already have all of the older Power Rangers series; why not make a Netflix exclusive PR series?

The unofficial Blue Ranger hand-off will become a tradition
Because why not?

Power Rangers will undergo a Channel Hop to Discovery Family
Saban did renew their contract with Nickelodeon up until 2021...which would mean that it ends after the 28th season is finished. As no signs exist indicating that Saban has a "Get out of jail free" card from Nick's 20 episodes per season rule, it could be that Beast Morphers will be the last full series to air on Nick, and then whatever comes next will air it's first half on Nick, then it's second half on Discovery Familynote . After all, Hasbro will be making the toys for Power Rangers by then, so why not?

What Could Have Been had Gosei Sentai Dairanger and Kakuranger been adapted into the series proper.
One of the original male rangers would have taken turn being the second girl to pink/white; Shishi Ranger (green) would have been GenderFlipped into a female ranger instead of Kirin Ranger, while Ninja Blue would have been the one to go under the Gender Flip.

Beast Morphers will be the start of a new era
The following seasons will take place in the same semi-future universe building on what comes before
  • Toqger will feature trains powered by Morph X energy
  • Zyuohger will involve aliens arriving on Earth with beast people forms (the Zyumen suits with Bard/Bud/Bird acting as Red)
  • Kyuranger will explore the cosmos
  • Lu Pat will be an attempt to use the fabled Hexagon concept
  • Ryusoulger will have shout outs to the previous dinosaur teams.

If Ressha Sentai ToQger ever gets adapted, it'll be a Spiritual Successor or legitimate sequel to Power Rangers RPM.
ToQger's rangers have a similar color scheme to the RPM/Go-onger team, treating black and green as equivalent and with the addition of pink (who could be an expy or descendant of Professor K), and the color change gimmick in ToQger could easily be adapted into a derivation of the bio-fields from RPM. In addition, the finishing moves in ToQger and RPM/Go-onger are nearly identical in style, even with Operator Series Red's/ToQ 1gou's sword forming a road/train track for the combined weapon. Plus, any Power Rangers adaptation of ToQger will probably end up with original villains anyway, since Baron Nero's costume was used in Power Rangers Ninja Steel and Z is a human.

The use of To Qger villains is setting up for its own adaptation as ananniversary series with a Legion of Doom.
Think of it. You use a member of the Shadow Line every so often, then when it's time to adapt To Qger, these villains represent an evil alliance with Z as the Dark Specter type who brought them all together. Cosmo Royale's "new" face can be easily explained away.

Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger will be adapted as a Self-Parody installment of the franchise
It can be used as a excuse for Hasbro to try their hand at making an Power Rangers show that makes fun of itself.

Kamen Rider will be adapted.
... But only when Sentai is cancelled and/or legally barred from use, if this series will be called Power Rider or just be another season of Power Rangers has yet to be seen.

What Power Rangers Dino Fury might look like...
  • In lieu of a traditional City of Adventure (mostly), it will be set at summer camp—something that no Power Rangers season has done before.
  • The villains will be a space-conquering empire who were sealed away into an abyss, but were inadvertently freed by the Rangers via unlocking a mysterious gate underground using five mysterious jewels.
  • The Five-Token Band will be a Multinational Team of foreign-exchange students, consisting of Asian Red and Pink (respectively Vietnamese-Canadian and South Korean), Hispanic Blue (of Puerto Rican descent), Caucasian Black (hailing from Ireland), and Native Hawaiian Green.
    • Gold would be Afro-Caribbean, whether he hails from Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, etc.
    • Or alternatively, because of the Black Lives Matter movement, this can instead become the very first Power Rangers team without any Caucasian members.
  • Besides the Red Ranger, who's obviously The Leader, the Pink Ranger will be a judo champion filling the role of The Lancer (the second such instance for a female Ranger, after Taylor from Wild Force), the Blue Ranger will be The Smart Guy (he can come up with new Megazord formations, and even discover a long lost powerful artifact to create a Battlizer for Red), the Green Ranger will be The Big Guy (specifically a wannabe thoroughbred racer), and the Black Ranger will be The Heart (a Kid-Appeal Character who's addicted to comic books).
  • The Gold Ranger would acquire his powers from an ancient warrior who sacrificed himself to seal the villains away, but initially he will have a lot of trouble adapting to his new powers.

We'll find out what Billy, Zack, (and very likely) Trini have been up to since leaving the show in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury
  • Think about it: the last time we saw Zack and Trini, it was in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers season 2, as they prepared to head off to the peace summit. The last time we saw Billy, he'd been turned into an old man. All 3 cases were because their actors quit by walking off the set due to various reasons. Out of the 3, only Walter Jones (Zack) has come back to the show, but not as Zack, rather voicing a couple of different MOTW. Now: with Thuy Trang's death in 2001, they seem to have brought her daughter into her role, but nothing (yet) has been said if Trini is alive or dead. This will put that to rest, hopefully confirming if the MMPR Yellow Ranger we see in Power Rangers Megaforce and Power Rangers Beast Morphers is Trini or Aisha. While David Yost (Billy) has created his own script and theory as to what Billy's been up to since moving to Aquitar, it remains to be seen if those ideas will be incorporated into Cosmic Fury (this troper hopes so, as Billy's her favorite Ranger).

Power Rangers will still be running after Super Sentai is cancelled
  • As of this writing, there have been 4 Sentai seasons that haven't been adapted into Power Rangers and even if they were all adapted for the next 4 PR seasons, Hasbro would still be at least 4 seasons behind. Therefore it's highly likely that once Sentai is canceled, Hasbro will adopt all the usable footage into the last few seasons of Power Rangers in order to keep their latest cash cow going for a few more years. Once all the usable Sentai footage is completely exhausted, Hasbro will begin production on a Power Rangers cartoon that can run for as long as they like with no need for Japanese Stock Footage.

    Meta and Other 
Now that Saban bought back the rights to the show, we will see more cameos and guest-appearances from Saban-era Rangers
Because that would be awesome.
  • A corollary to this theory is that production will be moved back to California and out of New Zealand.
  • Now that he no longer considers it an Old Shame, maybe we'll see David Yost again?
    • Production will still be in New Zealand.
  • How about an all-SixthRangers team-up to compliment Forever Red?
    • They'd have to use all original footage for that one, since there hasn't been any sentai equivalent to that. Plus, seeing as how it's pretty expensive as is to film original footage, it would make more sense to do an all-blue version of Forever Red.

The Gag Dub for Kagaku Sentai Dynaman is in the Power Rangers Canon
Of all the "New Powers" that appeared in Megaforce, the only one that actually appeared on American screens before was the Battalion Powers. While it's true that a lot of people haven't seen Dynaman, considering that it's the only one that appeared on American shores before Power Rangers, it's possible that it's considered canon.

Power Rangers and Doctor Who share a universe
In the Lost Galaxy episode "Green Courage," Terra Venture stops over an asteroid field which was once Gallifrey. In Time Force, Alex revives Mr. Collins with technology which look suspiciously like nanogene tech. Speaking of Time Force, it is highly plausible that the chronomorphers were late 30th-early 31st century model vortex manipulators. In "Wormhole," the Delta Command Base has a TARDIS console with the center raised containing the Dino Gems.
  • Expanding the theory: Zordon is a Time Lord. (See the theory above)
  • Further evidence: Dr. Who (albeit, one of the radio dramas) mentions Eltar

Zordon was a Time Lord.
Zordon spent ten thousand years in a time warp, That's brutal enough for a Time Lord as it is, as it would kill those not used to the time vortex. His body then was that of a old man, but his knowledge of the universe, and his master plan for the Rangers suggests Zordon of being of a later incarnation 11th or 12th, when he was trapped. The energy wave that wiped out the United Alliance of Evil at the end of C 2 D was built-up regenerative energy which explains the change in Rita, Zedd, Divatox and Astronema. Since he did not have a body, the energy had nowhere to gather, thus, Zordon died.
  • Gallifrey has been proven to be, canonically, in Power Rangers. (See below)

Zordon is the Face of Boe
Because what the heck, it's fun.

Zordon is The Doctor
.Now, because we kinda-sorta know that Jack becomes the all-head Face of Boe, we know that in the Doctor Who universe, really really really old humanoids tend to become 100% head. So imagine that The Doctor, instead of regenerating out of his 11th incarnation, somehow gets really, really, really, really, really, really old, turning into just a head himself. Before and during this transformation,he becomes less of a Technical Pacifist (owing to the lack of being able to do anything himself) and actively encourages others to help out. Now, near the end(ish) of his days, The Doctor realizes just how little, really, he did for the universe. He wonders what things that went wrong he could have changed. So he opens up a time warp to the distant past, sets himself up as Zordon, and basically sets up armies to do all the things that his earlier self would never do.
  • Who said he has to be the Doctor, but rather than just a Time Lord.

Zordon is the Doctor's long-lost grandfather
If Zordon is a giant head, that must mean he is REALLY old. The Doctor thinks every other Time Lord is dead. Key word THINKS.

Tommy Oliver is the second Bad Wolf because he created himself.
Tommy created his family lineage — including himself — when he left his clone back in colonial Angel Grove. Tommy is officially so badass that he pulled himself into existence by force of will and a Temporal Paradox.

Zordon was The Wizard Shazam.
Despite the seemingly tech-based aesthetic of his powers, Zordon is continually referred to as a Wizard. What other western wizard is famous for giving Henshin Hero powers? The very father of the transforming hero concept Shazam, the wizard who gave the Marvel Family their powers. Dealing with his previous champions' Character Derailment he traveled to another world and reforged his image to create a new band of heroes to defend humanity. This also explains the lightning bolt logo that seemingly has nothing to do with the show.
  • Interestingly, over on the Gokaiger WMG page, there's speculation that Captain Marvel was the first Henshin Hero, and that Captain Marvelous is a homage to him.
  • The endurance of Zeus, the wisdom of Odin, the strength of Ra, protectiveness of Dementer, the magic of Oberon, and {insert N God here}

Power Rangers RPM and Captain Scarlet take place in the same universe.
Okay, so the events of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons take place in the year 2068, though the future as seen in Captain Scarlet is more primitive than in S.P.D. so here's what happens before, also concerning the aftermath of RPM.

In the year 2027, two years after the defeat of Emperor Gruumm, Bridge Carson, now the S.P.D. Red Ranger, is summoned back in team to fight alongside a team of retro Rangers against Thrax's alliance, he returns without incident. Shortly afterwards, the Venjix Computer Network strikes, the S.P.D. Rangers are the first to face it, they are presumed dead. Venjix then decimates S.P.D. and all military forces, though some people like Mason Truman survive. Eventually Venjix exterminates most of the world's population. Any alien that hasn't died in Venjix's onslaught, quickly make their escape. All known survivors move to the domed city of Corinth to stay safe. Dr. K creates the Ranger Operators to combat it, eventually Venjix is defeated but escapes by hiding inside Scott Truman's morpher. It takes some time for it to strike again. Human civilization is slowly rebuilt, cities are constructed across the Americas and people start to travel to other continents.

Venjix makes its move, it isn't as strong as it was but the war is brutal, really shizz goes down :L. In the middle of the war, Venjix decides that if he wants to wipe out the remnants of humanity, he must rip its heart out, Corinth. Venjix attacks the unprepared city with the largest army he has ever assembled, Human forces desperately try to regroup and make their move to the city. It's a long and brutal battle, Venjix is beaten back, but at a price, Dr. K is severely wounded and all the zords are destroyed.

It is decided a new approach is to be taken, and all the military forces of the new cities are merged into one military defense task force. It has a large arsenal of vehicles, but they are not actually zords. Fleets of Pursuit Vehicles, Saloon Cars and advanced Helicopters and Passenger Jets. The forces are led by Colonel Truman, designated Colonel White, based in Cloudbase, a flying aircraft carrier, operating forty thousand feet above Earth used to monitor Venjix's movements. Since the Rangers' zords are destroyed, they are forced to fight Venjix's armies via aerial strikes using the Angels, experimental fighter planes.

  • Scott becomes Captain Red, later known as Captain Scarlet
  • Flynn becomes Captain Blue
  • Summer becomes Captain Yellow, later known as Captain Ochre
  • Ziggy becomes Lieutenant Green
  • Dillon becomes Captain Black
  • Tenaya becomes Captain Pink, later known as Captain Magenta
  • Gem becomes Lieutenant Gold
  • Gemma becomes Lieutenant Silver

After several years, Venjix is finally destroyed at the cost of the powers of the Ranger Operators. Over the next few decades, Human civilization is fully rebuilt across the Earth, undisturbed by evil, landmarks such as Big Ben (as seen in Big Ben strikes again) are rebuilt. However, Humanity receives no word from aliens nearby, as they moved to fight a massive war in the other side of the galaxy, though the natives of Mars are uninvolved due to their peaceful ways.

The military force conceived by now retired Colonel Truman to defeat Venjix becomes the Spectrum Organisation, Spectrum being a reference to the Power Rangers who safeguarded Earth for years. Spectrum is established through a charter approved on Thursday, 7 July, 2067 and signed on Sunday, 10 July, 2067, that is tasked, in that charter, with keeping peace throughout Earth. Spectrum is mainly involved in diplomatic matters overseen by the former Ranger Operators, who are now senior Spectrum officials while a new group become Spectrum's special agents, though Ranger technology no longer exists. It is decided to renew the space programme to begin relations with alien life again, and also regain contact with the colonists on Mirinoi, who haven't been heard of since Venjix first attacked Earth.

They start off by sending an Exploration Vehicle to Mars piloted by the new Captain Black and two other astronauts. They discover an alien city which they destroy when they fear the aliens were going to attack. To their shock the aliens reconstruct the city before their eyes by reversing matter. The alien Mysterons announce that they will declare Cold War on Earth and they take control of Captain Black. On Earth, Captain Brown and Captain Scarlet fall victim to the Mysterons as well and become their agents, while Captain Brown dies, Scarlet miraculously returns to life after being mortally wounded, it is discovered that he is virtually indestructible. Then follows several months of attempts by the Mysterons to strategically sabotage Earth. Shortly after the last episode, Dr. K decides to begin work on recreating Power Ranger technology, Captain Scarlet and his teammates become the Spectrum Rangers with their own Zords, Captain Black steals some tech and with augmentation by the Mysterons, becomes the Black Mysteron Ranger.

Christopher Khayman Lee is a vampire!
Think of it. Khayman is a fairly important vampire in Anne Rice's novels. Christopher Lee played Dracula in numerous Hammer Horror movies. "Christopher Khayman Lee" is a Meaningful Name a vampire might pick for himself, figuring even if someone figured it out, they'd never believe it. It deserves noting, also, that Christopher Khayman Lee believes he is a vampire and lost his virginity to his sister in a bathtub full of human blood. No joke.
  • As long as we're on this subject...

Chad (Lightspeed Rescue) is a werewolf.
Okay, that one's an old bit of fandom WMG, but no reason it can't go here.

RJ was based on CM Punk.
You're blind if you can't see it.

Why the Green Mighty Morphin' Ranger suddenly has silver trim on his helmet
  • A sign of damage perhaps? The Green Candle followed by Zedd's repeated attacks on the Green Ranger could have left a mark, almost like a scar.
  • Or the opposite? Maybe if the Green Ranger powers were restored, the silver stripe is a sign of the powers being purified.
  • Maybe that's how the Green Ranger would look if he ever had acquired Metallic Armour Mode.
  • Perhaps Tommy was traumatized by his time as the Green Ranger. What with being turned evil and having his powers sapped, perhaps he he was glad to see them go once he received new powers. However let's say there's always been a part of him that never quite managed to let it go. In "Return of the Green Ranger", Tommy vowes to destroy the Green Ranger if it's the last thing he ever does. Rather aggressive for someone like Tommy. While retrieving the Zeo Crystal, he has flashbacks to his evil Green Ranger days and is even confronted by an illusion of the Green Ranger. He clearly hasn't managed to let this go.

And does anyone think it's a coincidence that when the rangers are given the Zeo and Turbo powers, Zordan makes sure to give the Green powers to someone else?

By Dino Thunder we see Tommy making his own team of dinosaur themed rangers, yet no Green Ranger (no Pink Ranger either, maybe he's still not quite over Kimberley yet). And in "Fighting Spirit" the only fight he doesn't win, is against the Green Ranger. However when the Green Ranger doesn't kill him and even restores his Black Ranger powers, maybe this is the moment where Tommy is finally able to let go of his past and embrace his Green Ranger self.

  • Aside from the fandom jokingly attributing it to Brain Damage Tommy suffered as a result of his Coma in Fighting Spirit causing him to misremember what the Green Ranger suit looked like. Popular Fan theory goes that since the original Green Ranger powers eventually faded away, Tommy or someone else (Whoever made the Power Keys, possibly Gosei) Re-Created the powers. However, the result is not a perfect facsimile, owing to not being made by Ninjor, hence the differences between the original suit and the Modern version.
    • Alternatively, the powers could be those originally made for Tom Oliver, Tommy's clone. Since Tom was given the new Dragon Coin made by the Wizard of Deception for Lord Zedd, and his powers where never visibly taken away or severed from the Morphing Grid, it's possible that that Coin survived the 300+ years from Colonial times so that Tommy may find it and use it as his own. The fact he may need to build his own morpher, having lost the Gold original, maybe be another reason for the suit differences.
  • Tommy was a leader by that point in Zeo and Turbo - the only reason he didn't take on the role of Red in Mighty Morphin was because there was no reason for him to switch to Red at that point. Odds are that if he had been one of the original 5 chosen by Zordon, he would've been Red the first time. Odds are that Zordon would only have given him the Green Zeo/Turbo powers if he had asked for them.

A future season will be titled Power Rangers Phantom.
A nod to the Working Title for MMPR, Phantoms. There would be references to Ghostbusters and Nick's earlier show Danny Phantom.
Using the right Super Sentai series to adapt from, this one would involve the new Ranger team drawing their power from helpful spirits to fight evil ghosts from a netherworld, and preventing them from taking over Earth. For this series' Monster of the Week, an evil ghost possesses a One-Shot Character (Victim of the Week, Woobie of the Week, Girl of the Week, etc.) who transforms into a monster; and after the Rangers defeat the monster with their Megazord, they revert back to human while the ghost is destroyed, captured or permanently sent to the netherworld.

    Season Crossovers 
The old lady who said, "There's no such thing as monsters." in "Trakeena's Revenge" has Alzheimers.
How else can she say something that stupid?
  • By being a monster or villain in disguise? Rita used to disguise her Puttys and Tengas as people all the time, no reason future villains wouldn't be able to do that. Especially since the villains were evil magic demons that season.

The old lady who said, "There's no such thing as monsters." in "Trakeena's Revenge" was being overly literal and wrong
  • Rita and Zedd - assumes are aliens but are monsters
  • Machine empire - Robots
  • Devatox - aliens I think
  • Astronima - aliens
  • Trakeena and her dad - irrelevant, and also aliens
  • Queen Bansheera - Demons
    • Alternatively, she recalls the Z-Wave, and she means that "There's no such things as monsters anymore", assuming they were all wiped out by the Z-Wave.

The old lady from the Lost Galaxy/Lightspeed Rescue crossover was part of the MIB.
She was involved in government cover-up of the various alien and demon attacks that took place in the past eight years, and what she said to the girl was an I Was Never Here style line. Obviously, that cover-up's not going to well.
  • That's debatable. Most people seems unaware of the invasion that took place in the finale of In Space, and even in Ninja Storm, it's pretty much confirmed the Power Rangers are seen as urban legends by people not directly in the cities that they operate.
    • ...except that the invasion was in world scale with angel grove as the center. it can be explained since tori never was skeptical to the whole "alien" thing, she is aware of the "alien invasion" thing, but she believed that it was resolved in other way and the rangers thing was just something the kids said.

The "no such things as monsters" lady was just trying to not scare the kid.
This is an old lady to a little girl. If you were that young and you KNEW, positively KNEW, that monster existed, how much would you be able to sleep? This is probably a grandmother, someone who is very kind and caring towards people, she knows what that kind of knowledge might do to a girl. However, it may not have been the best logic ever to not even try to inform authorities after the girl left. So she's still not too smart that way.
  • Yeah, she should of told the authorities, but also, the little girl is saying that SHE SAW a monster take her parents, not to mention the fact that in a world where the Rangers identities are public knowledge and monster attacks are well known, children are going to know that monsters are real already.

Kira and Bridge end up together.
It would just be plain cool
  • If you'll excuse me, I'm just going to head over to that bunker over there before the shipping war breaks out.
  • Wow, cradle robbing much?

Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Power Rangers RPM, and the Power Rangers adaptations of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, Tensou Sentai Goseiger, and the 20th Series all take place in Alternate Universes to the Main Universe and to each other.
  • I can just imagine for the 20th season that there will be a threat so powerful that will justify a team-up with five Power Rangers from Alternate Universes with four from the previous four series and... One from the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
    • As a corollary, in the world of the adaptation of Goseiger, Zordon survived the events of Power Rangers in Space.
    • The villains of the 20th season will be the remaining Phantom Beast Generals, Venjix, and Shitari's PR counterpart, if he performs a Karma Houdini like in Shinkenger.
  • The 35th Super Sentai series, the one after Goseiger, currently known as Kaijoku Sentai Gokaiger, is supposedly about a band of Rangers traveling through the various Sentai worlds on an interdimensional pirate ship. So if Saban can hold on to Power Rangers long enough...
    • Jossed. Gokaiger takes place in a universe where the other 34 Super Sentais all existed. So an adaptation would actually force RPM and Samurai into continuity, current Word of God be damned.
      • Well, the Go-Onger arc in Gokaiger involves interdimensional travel. It would be easy to write the alternate universe setting of RPM around that.
      • Which they already did, in Samurai's team-up episode Clash of the Red Rangers.
      • Officially jossed by Super Megaforce, the Gokaiger adaptation, which keeps RPM in a separate universe...but confirms that Jungle Fury and Samurai are in the main universe. As for the Goseiger's actually the first half of Super Megaforce.

Time Force's future and RPM take place in the same reality
  • I guess this isn't exactly jossed, since you did say reality and RPM takes place in an alternate dimension and stuff, but it seems highly unlikely considering that, in Reinforcements From the Future the Time Force Rangers use time travel to go to back to the year 2002 and that the Mut Orgs gave Ransik his powers. I'd say that Time Force is probably within the same continuity as the majority of Ranger Teams are.
    • Alternatively RPM takes place in the same continuity with the original Time Force future. But Time Force Rangers' actions in the past prevented it... somehow.
    • Time Force is the direct future of RPM's timeline. As 2001 predates the timeline divergence in the late 2000s(K successfully putting up the firewall in the main timeline) the past is a singular one.

The explanation for Tommy's fast-track PhD is actually quite mundane.
After something like three to five years living on high alert in what is essentially a war situation with the fate of the world always in the balance, Tommy found himself with nothing to do, comparatively speaking. Very much used to life with little or no sleep and a need to learn lessons very very fast, he turned all this energy and drive to getting his PhD, and with no team to lead and worry over, his now-honed brain was able to use every last short-cut that might exist, holding down a class schedule as grueling as any mook fight or Crisis, without feeling the pressure of the world's fate, and with the added illicit thrill of accomplishing something strictly for himself. Add in no real girlfriend at that point, and exposure to alien tech with strange laws and rules, and you have a very committed man capable of thinking very fast. Of course, his push and the accompanying exhaustion could have led to his errors in judgment, like the Tyrannodrones and creating a dino with the power of mind control—and like that.

The Dinogems are infused with Energem energy
Pretty straight forward here. The energems held the main energy and connection to the morphing grid, but when the asteroids hit, some of that energy was infused into fragments of the asteroid, creating the dinogems. For bonus points, the gems might've been offshoots of some of the dinosaurs who took them on, thus explaining their infused dino powers. This could also explain how the dinogems ran out of power at the end of the series. Since they're borrowing energy from a previous source, they do have a finite amount.
The Venjix seen in Forever Red is the same one we see in RPM and Beast Morphers

  • Like their legendary mechanic ancestor, the Megazord is yellow in colour and even shares the same visor shape.