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The 39th sentai will have the team in the following number, colour and gender:
First is Male Red, second is Male Black, third is Female Blue, fourth is Male Yellow and the last number is Female Pink. This color scheme has not been used since Goseiger and they are normally ordered this way. As for the female blue and not yellow, this is because recently, one girl takes on the number three instead of four.
  • Jossed Ninninger has M-Red M-Blue M-Yellow F-White F-Pink M-Gold

To keep with the Super Sentai pattern,
This sentai will have supernatural theme, where...
  • Villains are based on yokai and other Japan-based monsters
  • Mecha look far from being robotic.
    • Confirmed. The villains are all yokai whereas the mechas are all mixed, according to Word of God who wanted to break the consistency.

This series will be a modern version of Ninja Captor
  • Modern or not, they have nothing to do with each other aside from sharing the Ninja concept.

Like Kyoryuger, there will be a crossover movie with all three Ninja Sentai teams
  • Not a movie, but Hurricane Red and Ninja Red are making an appearance in episode 7.
    • Though it doesn't stop the possibility of a crossover movie or two-parter full teamup later on.
    • Jossed for the time being. That episode was a '40 years of Super Sentai' special after all.
      • Confirmed in being jossed. The Ninningers will only team up with the To Qgers.

The series will ultimately feature a nine-person team.
If only because the title sounds like "nine ninja."
  • Jossed for the time being. The 'Nin' part is most likely based on the '忍' Kanji which means endurance, forbearance, patience or self-restraint, something which Akaninger badly needs as he usually charges in head on similar to his predecessors Kyoryu Red and ToQ 1Gou.
    • Confirmed in being jossed. Instead, there will be 7 Ninningers. Mido Ninger appearing in a special.
  • Did you predict Kyuranger?

The Sixth Ranger will get Killed Off for Real halfway through the series
Because most of the recent Ranger deaths happened at the end of the series. We haven't had a mid-season Ranger death since Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.
  • Jossed for the time being and Toei did claim not wanting to have a Gold Ranger get killed off anytime soon after Beet Buster from Go-Busters, the season only being 3 years apart even though he got Killed Off for Real in the end instead of halfway. As proven by Kyoryu Gold who was resurrected moments after.

Unlike Kakuranger and Hurricaneger, Ninninger will have a Pink Ranger.
  • Confirmed. The team colors are red, blue, yellow, white, and pink.

One of the Ninningers will be named Hanzo.

Much like Maskman, Dairanger, Gekiranger, and Shinkenger, training will play an enormous role in this series.
  • The core Ninningers will be complete novices who all leapt at the chance to become heroes, but will initially rely on a reluctant and disapproving mentor to teach them everything about ninjutsu. They all begin with roughly the same skill-level and abilities, but with training, begin to specialize in accordance to their strengths and weaknesses.
    • Jossed for the mentor being reluctant or disapproving. Said mentor encouraged them instead. And further jossed with all being having roughly the same skills. Akaninger able to do it in real battles, Aoninger usually being able to learn quick as it is 'easy' for him, Kininger being the least experienced and somewhat reluctant type, Shironinger being the technological type and Momoninger possibly the only one being average type.

Related to the above...


We get ongoing flashbacks to the core five training as kids.
Since having the kid versions of Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger as a vital plot point worked so well. It'd be like the flashback chapters of Arrow.
The show won't crossover with the previous Ninja teams.
It will, however, crossover with Ninja Captor. It makes sense, since the Vs. movie will be released in 2016, the 40th anniversary of Ninja Captor.
  • Alternatively, the Vs. movie will be the Ninja Sentai bonanza, and the Ninja Captor crossover will be saved for the V-Cinema.
  • Or, the VS would be just Ninninger vs Toqger, but instead of a returns movie for the 2016 summer V-Cinema, it would be a Ninja Sentai teamup featuring Ninja Captor.
  • Jossed. NinjaRed and HurricaneRed are slated to appear in episode 7.
The helmets or team logo will feature shuriken.
Both of these are confirmed.

Color schemes for this team
Firstly, Red Is Heroic and there's Pink Product Ploy, so these two colors will be present. As for the last three colors, they are for practicability, where they help the rangers hide well in the surroundings. Black specializes in night mission, Green hides well in the forest, and Blue will specialize in aerial combat, where (s)he blends well into the bright, blue sky.

Without the Yellow ranger, it may seem to be that Pink will be The Smurfette Principle of the team, but not this one. Being a light shade to match the sky well, Blue will be the second female, and the Expy of Nanami Nono/Hurricane Blue.

  • The first five colors are Red, Blue, Yellow, White, and Pink

Sentai fans are going to have to be REALLY careful while typing out the name of the show.
All I'm saying is that "g" is "close" to "n" on the keyboard, so there could be a lot of inadvertent racial slurs sneaking into Sentai discussions if they mistype the final "n" in the title.
  • For English speaking fans, maybe.
  • YMMV.

The show will be set in Ft. Lauderdale.
There's a Sandy Nininger Drive in the Florida city...
  • Very funny. Jossed to the extreme max. It (obviously) and Super Sentai in general took place in Japan and mainly will often if not always take place in Japan.

The Five-Man Band will follow this pattern.
The Hero: RedThe Lancer: BlueThe Smart Guy: WhiteThe Big Guy: YellowThe Chick: Pink
  • Confirmed: Red, Blue, and Yellow. Jossed: White and Pink. Later episodes shows Yellow filling the role of The Heart.

The Sixth Ranger will be a girl
A single female sixth ranger will be a first. Yes, I know Go-Onger had one but that came in pair with a guy. My guess is her color will be violet to somewhat match the night with the whole ninja motif.
  • Jossed - Starninger is a gold male.

The team's mecha can put on a disguise when not in used.
The robot, dragon and dog are statues, the dump truck impersonates as one of the construction vehicles abandoned in an unfinished building and the sword-thingy is a prop held by the robot.
  • Correction. "The sword-thingy" is a train.
    • Not quite. Shinobimaru hides within a building, Dragomaru hides in what seems to be a kite, Dumpmaru hides underground via flipping street-sized panel, Byunmaru hides with a special ninja sheet to camouflage it as a pink-hued bullet train, with Wanmaru hiding in Byunmaru.

The Youkai comes in two different variants.
One is based on old, traditional folklores, while the other possesses modern machines.
  • or a combination of the two EX: A kamaitachi mixed with chainsaws.

Ninja Captor will be officially recognized this season.
This season is supposedly the 40th Anniversary. This is strange, since it is an anniversary based on years, but not seasons like it has been for the past decade. Why not have it both ways, and add Ninja Captor? This will make Ninninger an anniversary based on both years and seasons. They could even have one of the movies similar to The Day of the Doctor, where an obscure incarnation is officially recognized.
  • Until it happens, jossed to the max. If Akibaranger won't be an official series, Ninja Captor won't either.

The Power Rangers adaptation will contain the unused elements of Power Rangers Samurai
For those who don't know, Samurai had a much different plot than what we got in the final cut. This Troper personally found it to be wasted potential. Since this Ninninger is yet another theme about ancient Japanese warriors, they have a chance to reuse the concept, but just remove all of the Samurai and Samurai Sentai Shinkenger elements.
  • Makes sense - if translated faithfully, there's a little too much of Shinken in Ninnin.
    • Considering the plans for the Power Rangers adaptation involves making the bad guys aliens with a popular intergalactic game show and the bad guys Zircon wants the Spirit Crystal, which contains six supernatural Ninja Power Throwing Stars, I'll say, for now at least, the thoery is jossed.

The sixth Nininnger will have the element of "spirit" or "void"
  • Not likely; there's no elemental theming with the Ninningers, just weather. If he does have a element, he'll likely be taking from Hikaru's book.
  • Jossed; his element alternates between Wind and Thunder.

Instead of individual weaponry for the Ninningers, each of the Karakuri Hengen's alternate modes act as a Weapon of Choice for them.
In one of the promos, we see quick shots of Yellow, White, and Pink wielding their Karakuri Hengen in claw, blade, and bow mode respectively. As for the other two Rangers, Red might use blade mode due to wielding the Ninja Ichibantou in his quick shot and to reflect his sibling relationship with White, while Blue might use bow mode due to using the Gama Gama Ju in his quick shot and to reflect the serious attitude he'll possibly share with Pink.

The Mecha are inspired by the Nininngers themselves
The character profiles have bits and pieces that lend themselves to this:
  • Akaninger is said to dash into action and has the humanoid mecha.
  • Aoninger studied western magic in England and has a western dragon mecha.
  • Kininger's profile is the only one that doesn't match so far, where he has a bulldozer mecha.
    • Lampshaded by himself, as he wonders why he has such a mecha.
    • He's said to have been collecting lots of licences (confirmed in #3), so maybe one of them lets him drive the bulldozer.
  • Shironinger is said to be lighthearted with a strong will, yet gets angry when depressed and she has the dog mecha.
  • Momoninger is mentioned to have an interest in science and mechanical things and she has the train mecha.

  • Perhaps Yoshitaka had kept tabs on how his grandchildren were doing and decided to make the Otomonin based off of either their interests or personalities.
    • In Episode #5 he states that he made them to suit the Ninningers so this might be confirmed

Because Shurikenjinn is already a mecha riding in a mecha, upgrades are supposed to take the gimmick Up to Eleven, so why not make the final mecha a mecha piloting a mecha piloting another mecha?
  • Yo Dawg.
    • Sort of confirmed, sort of jossed. He'll be doing that for the Midseason Mech, revealed in the 3rd quarter scans. We've still got whatever's going to be coming for the 4th quarter. For all we know, it'll involve the larger mech, sitting inside an even larger one.
      • Fourth quarter will have an alternate set of 6 mecha that form their own combination called Gekiatsu Dai-Oh, which can ride in Lion Ha-oh. But this new combo doesn't have one of the six riding in the center, so this one doesn't go Inception-level mecha in a mecha in a mecha like the midseason combo did.

Star Ninger is an Otaku of Western culture
Keeping up with the "Mecha being inspired by the individual Ninninger" WMG from above, making him more an Otaku of American Westerns. Why? Just everything about him screams this. His suit, mecha, weapon and his changer being a cheeseburger for Hanzo's sake!
  • Jossed. The grandfather of the Ninningers said that Star Ninger was from America, mainly the 'cowboy area', probably Texas. Instead, Star Ninger is a fan of Japanese culture, or rather, mainly the Yokai in Japan.

Star Ninger's name will continue the weather Theme Naming
And considering his heavily Western inspiration, there's a chance he'll have it in English.
  • My guesses: Sandstorm, Heat Wave, Drought (?) or their Japanese equivalents
    • Well Jossed on it being in English, but apparently Star's civilian name is Kinji Takigawa. That mean anything?
    • Beyond a pun on "Gold", not much else.

Yakumo studied at Hogwarts.
Either that or Meldiana.
  • If it was Hogwarts, he was a Gryffindor.
    • (OP): Agreed. There's an outside chance of Slytherin, but he seems more glory-seeking than ambitious.
  • Can't be. His school's confirmed to be in England. Hogwarts is in Scotland.
    • That's a case of Writing Around Trademarks. If they'd said Scotland, and Warner Bros. got wind of it, Toei would probably be in trouble. By saying England, nobody can accuse them of specifically referring to Hogwarts. There's actually something else stopping it being Hogwarts - you graduate at 18, and Yakumo is 19, yet is supposed to have ditched school.
      • There's no way that outright saying "Scotland" would get them in legal trouble. Warner doesn't have a copyright on a country, and plenty of other media make nods to Harry Potter just fine. In any case, while it might be a nod to the idea of magic schools in the UK, it's obviously not Hogwarts.
      • Also, the average person is gonna assume Hogwarts is in Britain. This Troper wasn't aware Hogwarts is in Scotland.
      • Also worth noting is that Japanese people often use "England" to refer to the entire UK, so the fact that Yakumo didn't specify Scotland specifically doesn't necessarily joss this.
  • Jossed to the extreme max. Hogwarts does not exist in the Super Sentai universe although the Hurricaneger team got its name from Harry Potter. Also, Yakumo presumably learned magic from the Magirangers, an indirect Easter Egg shown in the special episode when Aka Ninger time travelled to the year 2005 which is when Magiranger aired.
    • Confirmed. Magi Yellow a.k.a. Ozu Tsubasa was the one who tutored Yakumo in Magic which in turns means it has N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do with Hogwarts.

Someone is going to end up being secretly adopted and thus is not related by blood to the Last Ninja
  • It will make some interesting drama.
    • Already happened in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, none other than Shiba Takeru who was adopted by Shiba Kaoru. However, they are still related due to the surnames. Anyhow, that is a good wild mass guessing.
    • Confirmed in being jossed.

The title of The Last Ninja
Will be shared by the whole team at the end of the series.
  • They will then be "Last Ninjas" instead if that happens. Besides, to be the "Last Ninja", he must be defeated by his grandchildren or, depending on how well they do, they will all achieve the "Last Ninja" title as stated.

Future Youkai
Come one, come all, place your bets to guess which Youkai the Ninningers will eventually face! Don't worry; Giant Youkai are accepted too!
  • Regular Youkai
    • Yatagarasu
    • Yuki-Onna + Aluminum Christmas Trees = Christmas Episode
      • We did get a Yuki-Onna! However, she ended up appearing in a summer episode (assumedly to make the viewers pine for cool weather during the heat wave), and was combined with a shaved ice machine rather than Aluminum Christmas Trees.
    • Baku + TV = "Lights, Camera, Action!" episode
  • Giant Youkai
    • Daidarabotchi (Jossed; He appears normal sized)
  • Normally, this troper a.k.a. I am not a fan of ridiculous WM Gs but... I would say "Nurarihyon" or "Hone-Onna" which I doubt they will appear.

Some of the Sealing Shuriken are destroyed before the Grand Finale
Forcing the Ninninjers to sacrifice the ones they've used to morph as well to make up 48, giving up their powers for good (or at least until the next VS)
  • Let's go one step further: the next Sentai is gonna be the anniversary Sentai. If they go Gaoranger or Boukenger's route rather than Gokaiger's route, then they may not even get another VS movie. Granted, it won't stop another Gokaiger from bringing them back and likely just the suits, but don't rule out a complete power loss.
  • Unlike Power Rangers, the Super Sentai warriors rarely lose their powers at the end of their series. Ninninger will definitely not lose their powers.

Kyuemon was part of the Igasaki Clan
Her hammer looks like it could be part of their equipment. My guess was that she was turned into a Yokai. Bonus points if it turns out she's Taka and Fuuka's mother.
  • Her hammer IS part of their equipment. She stole it from them in the opening of episode 1.
  • Partially Jossed. She was The Last Ninja's apprentice, but not actually part of the family. She later explains that she used a magic technique to merge herself with Yokai power, so the guess about being turned into a Yokai is spot on.
  • Jossed entirely. He's actually Kibaoni Gengetsu's son.

The aliens that Grandpa Igasaki contacted thirty times
...were the Presenters. After Fourze saved Japan they decided to take an interest in the country's other major costumed hero franchise and the rest is history.
  • While the Kamen Riders exist together with the Super Sentai warriors and Space Sheriffs plus other Metal Heroes, the aliens are/were not the Presenters because Ninninger has their own aliens, just not mentioned yet. For instance, the aliens in Kyoryuger are the Deboth Army, the Gokaigers and Zangyack are the aliens in Gokaiger, etc.

Shinobimaru arm is superior to Dumpmaru arm
It is faster and has better dexterity.
  • YMMV but isn't that obvious? Shinobimaru is a humanoid mecha and Dumpmaru is a dump truck.

It's not that Yoshitaka is The Last Ninja
All good groups of ninjas are so competent, they didn't know one another could have existed! All Super Sentai Ninja could count as one group, though.
  • I think this is a case of thesaurus abuse on someone's part. Like "last", "ultimate" can mean chronologically final as well as "greatest version" and someone didn't realise that "last" is a synonym for one but not the other.
  • It could also be referring to how he was the "last ninja standing" against Kibaoni.

A Great Ninja War is on the horizon!
Similar to the Great Dinosaur War movie. Ninninger, like Kyoryuger, comes after an underperforming sentai that The Powers That Be might feel people won't mind seeing take a smaller role than usual in the teamup if it means the Hurricangers and Kakurangers can return almost in full.

Handling StarNinger's morpher in a Power Rangers adaptation
Maybe he will be made similar to Antonio in that he made his own morpher (justifying his burger morpher - he made a morpher out of a burger phone).
  • Or maybe the burger will be adapted out and the Shuriken itself will be the morpher.
    • The burger was adapted out as the morpher. However, it's likely they'll still keep the burger to summon the zords, since they kept that function for the swords.

The aliens Grandpa Igasaki contacted 30 times were involved in the ORIGINAL war to seal Gengetsu 444 years ago
The Drive Ninninger special has UFOmaru, of everything from the Ninnninger universe to arrive in the Drive universe, including Kyuemon and Igasaki, be the first to disappear, making it the oldest thing to arrive there. Therefore, UFOmaru is at least older than Kyuemon (it's hard to tell by how much though since Kyuemon left right after)
  • While that might be the case, UFOmaru and Kyuuemon did two different things. Kyuuemon willingly went back to the Ninningers world after accomplishing what she needed. UFOmaru was erased from existence briefly by Drive's universe attempting to sort itself out. Had Kyuuemon stayed longer, we might have seen her be erased too.
  • OP here, and this theory may be jossed based on the fact we now know Kyuemon is significantly younger than most of the Kibaoni generals. That said, UF Omaru is still the oldest thing from the Ninninger side.

There are going to be more than six Ninningers
Star Ninger appeared at the end of episode 8. Usually when the Sixth Ranger is introduced this early, that means there are more coming.
  • Logically, if Grandpa can make equipment for his grandkids, he can make it for himself too. Maybe we'll have the oldest ranger yet? Or maybe Kyuuemon will turn back to the good side?
    • Well when Shironinger and Kininger were incapacitated with doubt Aoninger and Momoninger lead them out by summoning dancing ninja, six of them with colors matchig the team except for the sixth who was lavender which is a shade of purple and Kyuuemon does have a purple color going on.
      • In addition, coincidentially the latest Purple Ranger is named Yayoi which is also Kyuuemon's former name.
  • Jossed for now. It is a little too soon to have more than 6 Rangers after it recently happened in Kyoryuger and To Qger, because of the Conductor being To Q 7Gou, a purple colored Ranger.
    • Confirmed. There's a total of 7 Ninningers.

Yakumo learned magic from the Magirangers
To keep with the anniversary theme.
  • Either a magic academy exists which is owned by a Magiranger family member or Yakumo learned directly from the Magirangers themselves. No other better Super Sentai team who can perform magic. And no. No Hogwarts whatsoever.
    • Confirmed. Tsubasa Ozu was the one who tutored Yakumo in Magic.

None of Yoshitaka's children are any good at ninjutsu
We know his son isn't, and Yakumo's mom is appearing in episode 9 and seems disappointed he's not sticking with magic, possibly because she can't actually do that.

The hammer that Kyuemon holds is the Miracle Mallet
Come on, it's a hammer that makes things grow.
  • Yes, but not the exact same one so jossed.

Starninger has a special Nintality...
of swapping out his Ninja Star Burger with a real burger. Very useful if a smartass Youkai tries to disarm him.
  • Any Ninjas can do that. It is just whether they think about it or wanted to or not, similar to the

Grandfather's legendary feats are somehow connected to other Super Sentai teams.
In a feat of Genre Savvy, he knew that in the future his grandchildren would be forming a sentai team so he went around to all the previous teams to learn the best way to put one together. Contacting aliens was him hanging around with the various non-human members of some teams (Deka Master, Deka Swan, most of the Gokaigers etc), wrestling pandas was something he did when meeting Jan/Geki-Red, eating a giant gyoza was part of a promotional event at Ryo/Ryu Ranger's store. The giant snake... I'm not sure of.

The Youkai Starninger mentioned fighting in America is not the same as the Monster of the Week the heroes are battling.
Rather than being Japanese Youkai, they are really monsters that come from America-based folklore.
  • #17 Shows a shadow resembling a werewolf who was responsible for killing his family, but it's not specified whether it was a werewolf or an Inugami/Okami.
    • Confirmed! That werewolf silhouette was later revealed to be Western Youkai Wolfman.

The flying ninja ally mentioned at the end of Ep 13 is Surfermaru.
See also: If It Swims, It Flies.
  • Seems not to be the case, as even Yoshitaka did not identify it as the one when he appeared in #17.

Tsumuji doesn't have any brothers
None of the other Ninningers besides Takaharu and Fuuka (and Kinji, because he's unrelated) have the surname Igasaki.
  • Maybe. Its not unprecedented in Japanese culture for a husband taking a wife's name though (especially if the wife is an only child and the husband has brothers). Though we've only seen Yakumo's mother, so the question is more about Nagi and Kasumi's parents.

Kyuemon is Tsumuji's extracted ninja talent
Grandfather wanted to make a 'perfect' successor and so hoped to create one using pure ninja talent.
  • Jossed. Though it turns out in episode 28 she was the one who took away Tsumuji's ninja powers.

Kinji will defect to Kyuemon
... due to a Not So Different parallel. After all, it's been while since we've had an evil ranger...
  • Never happens in Super Sentai at all unless manipulated or brainwashed so jossed for the time being.

Aoninger only pretended to fall in love with the Monster of the Week.
Seriously - it's not even a Cute Monster Girl!
  • YMMV. Not being rude or stereotyping but some men actually love fat women instead of slimmer, beautiful women.

The last batch of Mecha will involve all the other Auxillaries
...maybe except for Dinomaru. And then said mecha can combine further with Ha-Oh Shurikenjin as the final combination, possibly by tranforming into a weapon to be used.
  • If that does happen, it will be similar to Samurai Ha-Oh from Shinkenger and the fact that Kyoryumaru is considered a T-Rex.

The Power Rangers version will be an all-star team of past Rangers.
Okay, odds are admittedly low. But it'd be the perfect season to do such a thing. The theme of the mechs is that there isn't one, so you could have one Ranger apiece from a team that had each individual machine's theme. For example, a Red whose zord was humanoid would pass some test; his suit changes into the Akaninger one, his zord changes into Shinobimaru, and voila. Repeat for the others; a past Pink's vehicle zord becomes Byunmaru, etc. Also, the shuriken Transformation Trinket makes "all star" punnier. If they didn't want to fully embrace the ninja theme, then they have shuriken powering everything because they're Power Rangers All-Stars (Power Rangers Superstars in the second half, if we must keep that up.) Meanwhile, similar to a couple Gokaiger mechs, some of the later ones could be connected to other series. For example, UFOmaru could be on loan from the Space Rangers. It'd be another shot at what Super Megaforce could have been.
  • Unless it is an anniversary season. Otherwise, jossed.
    • The "Super" part is the anniversary season, but the team is entirely new, so jossed. Barring them getting the Alien Rangers or Ninja Storm rangers to adapt the Kakuranger/Hurricanger crossover, the most likely scenario for returning rangers is a Dino Charge crossover.

The Hitokarage becoming the Jukkarage was a request from Saban
Saban might have been worried about the American reaction to Asian-themed mooks with pointy straw hats. And they've completely replaced the Hitokarage, they don't really seem any stronger, and the horns for hats switch is the only big difference, so I can't really think of any other reason for the change, especially when it happens so early in.
  • Jossed. Toei always started everything without any input from Saban. Plus, whatever is not comfortable, American footages are made instead.
  • I was indeed wrong, the Ninja Steel mooks have their pointy hats intact.

Being The Last Ninja will be a case of Cursed with Awesome
This might not happen at all, but I think even Toei knows how to twist some tropes. It would make some good character development too, especially for someone like Takaharu, whose greatest dream is merely to take The Last Ninja title, then the 'Cursed' part would shock him to the core and had him enter Heroic BSoD at first, and after that, two outcomes may come out:
  • He decided to stop trying to be the Last Ninja and be his own man.
  • He decided to mature up, bravely taking on the cursed part of being The Last Ninja but in the same time, greatly holding the responsibility that comes with it.
  • Jossed to everything above. Igasaki Yoshitaka was revealed to be dead all along and all the Ninningers became Last Ninjas.

We're not done with the mecha yet.
The toys for Ninninger have some oddities. For example, Shurikenjin has clips on his legs that still remain unused, Bison King has foot clips that aren't used properly (the surfboard doesn't fill in the whole clip), and Surfermaru has a white shuriken symbol on his leg. Ha Oh Gekiatsu Dai-Oh doesn't seem to be the last combination as it means Gekiatsu Dai-Oh can't do much, so it's not illogical to say that Bandai has something up their sleeve.

Starninger's Power Ranger counterpart
He'll be a wannabe rock star that works at a fast food restaurant. Either the burger joint will have a cowboy theme, or he'll want to be a country rock star.
  • Jossed regarding the burger joint aspect (he doesn't use the Burger morpher to transform - no word on if he keeps it for the mecha though), but surprisingly enough, confirmed on the second one - he's not a wannabe; he's already a famous country singer.

Kyuemon will steal one of the Ninningers powers/talent
  • Just like what he/she? did to Tsumuji Igasaki many ago.

Should Tsumuji get his Nintality back from Kyuemon
, he will become an 11th-Hour Ranger.
  • Confirmed! He joins the team as a second AkaNinger

In the end, nobody will take the title of being The Last Ninja.
Instead, they each will create their own title in their own rights.
  • Jossed. All the Ninningers became Last Ninjas.

Kyuemon is the real enemy of the series, not Gengetsu.
He's like Enter where he acts the The Heavy, but will eventually take the title of the Big Bad whom the Ninningers will lastly face by the end of the series.
  • Jossed. Gengetsu is the final boss and true villain of the series. He even pulls a Devour the Dragon moment on Kyuuemon.

Kyuuemon is the prophesized descendant of Kibaoni that will bring the Kibaoni clan to glory
As much as Mangetsu try to claim that he's the one and shows competence for it, he's probably a Red Herring, since such thing is often a tradition to Sentai twists. Kyuuemon has once slipped that his true identity has something about being a 'Kibaoni'. If anything, that's the hint that Kyuuemon is The Chosen One, not Mangetsu.
  • It also makes Masakage's comment about having no pages named Kyuuemon more insightful, in which probably Masakage is also Obfuscating Stupidity, he might know that Kyuuemon is the one, not Mangetsu, and he's more than a page, so he plays along to make sure Mangetsu look like being The Chosen One, while in truth, he knows it's Kyuuemon all along and just makes sure that nobody, not even everyone else in the Kibaoni clan, knows that, so it comes off as a big surprise when it comes for The Reveal.
    • Confirmed and jossed. Yes, Kyuuemon is the prophesized descendant, but Masakage were just as left in the shadows like the rest, he's completely stumped at the reveal.

Paomaru will become Midoninger's personal mecha.
Because they're both green. Also, Shurikenjin Paon will make an appearance in the V-cinemas, with her taking the lead.

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