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Heartwarming / Shuriken Sentai Ninninger

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Shinobi 2: Become the Last Ninja!

  • After Fuuka became a friendly target of 4 of the 5-Element Ninshuriken (including her own water technique), Yakumo used the fire technique to warm her up.

Shinobi 7: Spring Ninja Festival

  • Even when everything, from what Yousuke and Sasuke told the Ninningers to seeing Nekomata return through the door of time and say that she had killed Takaharu, Yakumo refused to believe Takaharu would have been killed so easily. And sure enough, guess who gave a Diving Kick through the door of time.
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  • The very fact that Akaranger is always watching over each new team.

Shinobi 10 - Yee-haw! The Gold StarNinger

  • Despite claiming he wasn't there to help, Kinji risks himself to protect a little girl.

Shinobi 16 - The Father Tsumuji is a Super Ninja?!

  • Pretty much the whole episode. The interaction between father, son, and daughter is really sweet to see.

Shinobi 29: Definitive Edition Ninja Sugoroku!

  • Yoshitaka apologizes to Tsumuji for his shortcomings as a teacher and not believing in him more, but the latter is fine with it and gives his dad a hug.

Shinobi 46: The Last Shuriken Appears!

  • After Yoshitaka passed away, it turns out he left a message via hologram, telling them to continue on. However, just as the Ninningers left to do what must be done, he belayed what he missed out to Tsumuji: That he's proud of what the Ninningers have become and proceeds to tell the good future prospects of the Ninningers after all their training. And to cap it all off, he once again apologizes for not being a good father to Tsumuji and tells him that he'll take over from there.

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