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Costas Mandylor (born Constantinos Theodosopoulos on September 3, 1965) is an Australian actor of Greek descent.

Among his most famous roles include Officer Kenny Lacos on Picket Fences and antagonist Detective Mark Hoffman from the Saw films. Other notable projects include Virtuosity, Players and Beowulf.

He was previously married to actress Talisa Soto and is now married to Victoria Ramos, who he wed in 2013. His younger brother, Louis, is also an actor.


Selected Filmography:

Related Tropes:

  • Career-Ending Injury: He had previously played soccer for both Australia and Greece until constant stress fractures to his shins forced him to give up the sport.
  • Chronically Killed Actor: He has played plenty of doomed characters, including in Virtuosity, Fist of the North Star, Andromeda and Saw 3D.
  • Fake American: The great majority of his roles have him cast as an American or virtually anything but an Aussie.
  • Icy Blue Eyes: Which makes his role as Mark Hoffman even more ominous-looking. Elsewhere however, it's more along the lines of What Beautiful Eyes! (even a male interviewer asked him to remove his sunglasses to show them off—and further complimented him on them!—which made him laugh but he still complied.)
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  • Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: Strongly averted; it's rather admirable how well he is at hiding his natural accent.
  • Stage Names: His real name is Constantinos Theodosopolous. His professional name came from his nickname and his mother's maiden name of "Mandylaris". His younger brother has also followed suit, with his real name being "Elias".

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