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Headscratchers / Shuriken Sentai Ninninger

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  • Why didn't KiNinger and MomoNinger go inside their vehicles? Or why weren't Dumpmaru and Byunmaru built so that they can go inside and drive them?
    • I assume it's due to how all the Ninninger Mecha are designed that they have to sit somewhere atop them, and have their swords planted.

  • What exactly are the clips on Shurikenjin's legs for? They're not used in any of the combinations, so it's rather perplexing why they're there. There are also clips on the back of the feet that weren't used, so what are they there for?

  • If Super Starninger is the result of Kinji overcoming his fears and doubts about his werewolf side, why doesn't the design reflect this?
    • In want way? Cause I’ll remind you that the Gekirangers mastering different animal styles got them white stripes.

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