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the 40th super sentai
  • Will be a team with updated costumes of Himitsu Sentai Goranger
    • Jossed at least for the main five warriors of Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger. The suit design resembles more of screen-printed T-Shirts than tack-on stripes, much less for the helmets which are very animal-looking.

The 40th Super Sentai will feature a special tribute two-parter similar to the 999th and 1000th episode Milestone Celebration done by Kamen Rider OOO.
Mission 21 of Go-Busters was the 1800th overall episode of Super Sentai, the remaining 29 episodes makes 1829 then as each Sentai lasts around 50 episodes Kyoryuger makes 1879, Sentai #38 makes 1929, Sentai #39 makes 1979, placing the 1999th and 2000th overall episodes of Super Sentai around the middle of Sentai #40 like OOO's milestone celebration.
  • Confirmed! Episodes 28 and 29 of Zyuohger make up an arc similar to the one in OOO, and has the Gokaigers make a return - episode 1999 sees them perform Gokai Changes into members of the teams that aired after Gokaiger (Marvelous even references OOO's 1000th anniversary by changing into Sentai with Animal motifs in the same order as OOO's Latorartar Combo - GaoRed/Lion, GekiRed/Tiger, and Red Buster/Cheetah), while episode 2000 sees the Gokaigers change into various Red Rangers.
The 40th season will be a second season of Gokaiger
Sure, it's unofficial, but Akibaranger did try the concept of a second season, even if it was mostly based on fan demand. Bonus points if the core five Gokaigers finally get their own Super Mode, or if we get a seventh Gokaiger.

  • Jossed for Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger if we're talking strictly Gokaiger but doesn't mean they won't be referenced or appear later into the series.
    • Gokaiger does appear in the 1999th and 2000th episodes though. Although it would have been a bit too early to bring them back anyways, since unless you were to give a bunch of tribute episodes to stuff like Ninja Captor, it would have been a really short series (at most, assuming they only stuck with Sentai they could have done Kamen Rider Decade style tributes to the 4 series that came after Gokaiger, with each tribute getting a few episodes). Besides, if what happened with the keys for the Go-On Wings in Gokaiger are any indication, odds are that unless the 7th ranger has a VASTLY different outfit from the 6th, they'll just have GokaiSilver fuse the 6th and 7th ranger keys together and use a combination of the two forms.

Zyuoh Tiger will run through a comparison with Gao White if broached about it or they meet up physically in a Team Up episode/movie.

It sounds inevitable with the exact same motif and color (down to the light shades of pink!). Bonus points if she is a relative. Depending on her personality, she might not take it well though, worst case scenario feeling like an inferior copy.

Every Ranger will have a second animal
It's been revealed that Zyuoh Eagle can transform into Zyuoh Gorilla, so perhaps the entire team can do so.
  • Zyuoh Shark - A dolphin or a whale.
    • Partially Jossed: Zyuoh Eagle will get a special item to transform into Zyuoh Whale.
  • Zyuoh Lion - A cheetah or a bear.
  • Zyuoh Elephant - A snake or a rhino.
  • Zyuoh Tiger - A wolf or a horse.
    • Two Jossings; Rhino and Wolf go to ZyuohTheWorld, along with a Crocodile.

The Zyumen can't have a secondary animal
The only members of the team who have several visors are Zyuoh Eagle (into Zyuoh Gorilla) and Zyuoh The World (Rhinoceros, Wolf, Crocodile). Maybe they're are the only ones who can do that because they are humans and the rest of the team being Zyumen can't change their animal.
  • Considering that Larri sacrifices his Zyuman Powers to give Yamato his Zyuoh Gorilla form, this seems close to the truth.

The entire crew is either composed of...
  • Ascended Fanboys and Fangirls
    • Getting wind of the various grand legends of Super Sentai throughout almost half a century and deciding to form a homemade team of their own against the latest force of evil. It's probably not a coincidence that Gaoranger, one of the previous Animal Sentai has a fairy tale feel to it.
  • Descendants/Relatives of the original Sentai
    • Said original Sentai members encourage them to take on their legacy and effective approach on this series' force of evil.
  • Bystanders who witnessed important moments in Sentai history as children
    • All Jossed, it seems all but Red are from a parallel world of Beast-Men.

There's going to be a recognition to Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters
Namely being that their V-Cinema involves a 'Doubutsu Sentai'. The Zyuohgers might have come into existence because the Doubutsu Sentai Go-Busters Retgone'd themselves and now that the name is vacant again, The Powers That Be in the Super Sentai verse allowed another Doubutsu Sentai to exist, thus giving us the Zyuohgers.
  • Perhaps they will have a crossover with the Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, and during the battle they will combine their powers and temporarily recreate the Doubutsu Sentai Go-Busters.
  • A special on the Blu-ray collection confirms this. Jin and Beet J. Stag return, and Jin even wears the outfit he wore as a member of the Doubutsu Sentai Go-Busters.

The episodes will be known as Stories.
This was the original episode scheme for Ninninger before the crew suddenly switched it to Shinobi; perhaps it was actually meant for this series?
  • Jossed. The episodes are just referred as, well... episodes.

The series will have a secondary motif of video games.
Judging from the rather blocky-looking mecha clearly inspired by Minecraft, the series will have something of a video game motif in some way.

  • This is seeming so on the villains' side: their plan to destroy Earth is very similar to an arcade game where they commission "Players" to try their hand each "session" and have the opportunity to Continue as a giant form too.

The villains are a race of Hollywood Cyborg Planet Looters.
They are called the Deathgalien because they destroy planets over the course of their invasions. Their cyborg parts run on a kind of ore deep below different planets' crusts and make it their with drills, pickaxes, and other mining equipment that is their visual motif and theme in both design and method. Them being "miners" also makes the Minecraft elements a more legitimate Shout Out.
  • Jossed. The Deathgalien are planetary destroyers playing something called a 'Blood Game'. They have a video game motif, however, tying into the pixelated mecha.

One of Yamato/Zyuoh Eagle's parents was a Zyuman and that's why he has two forms
More specifically, one of his parents was an Eagle Zyuman and another was obviously a human (which are great apes like Gorillas). Which is which, if proven correct, is up to debate.
  • Jossed - Yamato obtains the Gorilla powers via Larri transferring it to him through the Mark of the King.
    • Jossed even further - he gains a third form, which is whale based. While that theory could've worked if it was just Zyuoh Eagle and Zyuoh Whale, if the theory was true, he would need to have a third parent for that to be the case.

The sixth Zyuohger will be an Eagle Zyuman with a darker color scheme
Self-explanatory really, but just in case think Time Fire.
  • Jossed, the sixth is black/orange/silver
    • Possibly unjossed scans show a future Zyuohger will be an Orange version of Zyuoh Eagle
      • Close - It's not the sixth, but rather the seventh, and it's Zyouh Bird.

Zyumen will appear as enemies at some point, perhaps as the Psycho Rangers equivalent on the show
Not even gonna explain this one.

The main characters from Zootopia will appear in a Crossover episode
Looking at the motif of anthropomorphs, their will be characters from the movie releasing in the same year as the Sentai series did.

Zyuoh Gorilla isn't really Zyuoh Eagle's power-up.
It changes the red ranger from a Fragile Speedster to a Mighty Glacier. This is similar to how Kamen Rider Drive's Type Wild was initially hyped to be his power-up in series when it discarded off his Super Speed in the progress.

Torin and Doggie Kruger will appear in the anniversary movie.
Think about it, they are the only other two anthropomorphic Sentai Warriors.
  • The Kensei from Juken Sentai Gekiranger could also show up.
  • Torin, Doggie Kruger and Sha-fu have been confirmed to appear in the summer movie.

2 each of the non-human Zyuohgers will rely on a Zyuoh Buster mode.
It would be similar to the previous anniversary series where Gokai Blue and Yellow mostly relied on dual swords, while Gokai Green and Pink relied on dual guns.
  • This might even be predicted by the design of the Buster itself: the sword part has an eagle, shark, and lion on it (indicating that Sera and Leo might prefer to use the sword), while the gun part has an elephant and tiger on it (indicating that Tusk and Amu might prefer to use the gun).

The Sixth Ranger will be a human like Yamato.
People are already comparing Zyuohger to Timeranger with how the Red Ranger joins forces with a group of 4 individuals from a completely different setting than his own, so why not go all the way and make the sixth member similar to Red in some way as well?
  • As a counterpoint, they could have him be either a Black Bat or a Crimson Falcon
  • Jossed on the specifics the sixth is a hybrid of Black Rhino, Orange Crocodile, and Silver Wolf
    • Not jossed yet-that's the motif of his ranger form. His civilian identity has not been revealed yet.
  • Confirmed. He is a human forcibly given the powers of three different zyumen.

There will be an Interspecies Romance.
Yamato will end up liking one of the girls...but then Reality Ensues and she won't be open to the idea.
  • One of the girls could end up with either Leo or Tusk.
  • Nope, we get a Misao, Tusk, Yamato, love triangle with extra Ho yay.
    • Confirmed: In Zyuohger Returns, Misao and the Rhino girl.

The Sixth Ranger will be a Wolf.
As a Mythology Gag or Call-Back to Gao Silver from Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger. The color would be different though.
  • Maybe there'll be two Wolf ones who are brother and sister, similar to Engine Sentai Go-onger. The colors could be silver and gold as well, but with it switched so that Silver is the brother and Gold is the sister.
    • Not an official confirmation, but the latest promo announces three more animals: Alligator, Wolf, and Rhino.
      • 1/3rd Confirmed, the sixth ranger is a hybrid of those three

Zyuoh Gorilla's muscles are a part of his Instinct Awakened mode.
Each Zyuohger's Instinct Awakened mode grants them an accessory that corresponds to their respective animal (Eagle has wings, Shark has a dorsal fin, Lion & Tiger have claws, and Elephant has big feet), so it could be possible that Zyuoh Gorilla's Instinct Awakened mode bulks up his body to grant him muscles.
  • Partially. Zyuoh Gorilla is an alternate Instinct Awakened from of Juoh Eagle and exists only in that form.

If a Zyuohger vs. Super Sentai movie happens, all six Gokaigers will appear and have prominent roles/screentime.
This could go one of two ways: either they get a prominent out-of-suit cameo and quick fight scene (a la Shotaro and Philip in the OOO x Den-O movie), or they're the ones teaming up with the Zyuohger instead of the usual "veteran Ranger team with one representative from each of the past four/five seasons". If it's the latter case, it'll revolve around the Gokaigers obtaining the Zyuohgers' Greater Power and include a Zyuohger Gokai Change at one point.
  • Jossed and confirmed! The Gokaigers will be appearing but in a two-parter instead of a movie

Yamato has his alternate counterpart in the beast man world.
He is an Eagle-man bitten by a radio-active monkey.

The Sixth Ranger will be Silver.
All three post-Carranger anniversary seasons had Silver Rangers as their Sixths. Most recent Sixth Rangers have alternated between Gold or Silver (ToQ 6-gou being the exception due to ToQger's rainbow motif). Ninninger's Sixth was Gold. Do the math.
  • 1/3rd Confirmed, the sixth ranger is a hybrid Black/Orange/Silver ranger

Zyuoh The World is a Rhino-man.
And his alternate counterpart in Earth is a crocodile-werewolf mutant, explaining how he got to have triple-animals motif.
  • Close enough. He is a human given his powers against his will by fusing him with the 3 different zyumen.

If Zyuoh The World doesn't have a human form, he will be voiced by Takehito Koyasu.
I mean, come on... Zyuoh The World? It would be so obvious!
  • Sadly, jossed.

Yamato will gain a zyuman disguise
by the same method the rest got their human disguises.
  • Jossed, unsurprisingly.

Yamato is a Bird Zyuman all along
Tusk states Zyuoh Changer doesn't work for Humans but for some reason, it work for Yamato because he says "Humans are Animals too" but turn out he was Bird Zyuman who gain Human Disguise and have no knowledge of him being a Zyuman.
  • Jossed. Yamato is a human given an Eagle Zyuman's life force, which gives him access to the Eagle's powers.

Bird Man is Yamato's Father
There's a possibility that Yamato's Mother have fall in love with a Zyuman and could explained Yamato become Zyuohger, it hinting Bird Man is Yamato's Father because Yamato is Zyuoh Eagle. But it's unknown of why Yamato doesn't recognize his father who give him a Champion Symbol Cube when he was a little kid. Episode 2 reveals that he first met Bird Man after run away from home because he got into fight with his parents. It's assumed Bird Man left them when Yamato was a little baby and force Yamato's Mother to find a stepfather for Yamato.
  • Jossed. He is an ordinary human who was rescued by the Eagle Zyuman and given his life force to save him.

We haven't seen the last of Jagd.
He was one of the Dethgalien's team leaders... but he goes down in the first episode? Yeah right. He might end up with a similar role to the Zetsumates and come back later with his team as a much tougher opponent.

The final mecha will be based on dinosaurs
Since the motif of the series is animals, the final cube animals will be based on dinosaurs.
  • Jossed- it's a whale.

The Zyuohgers will gain access to the powers of the past Super Sentai teams in The Movie.
The only difference between them and the Gokaigers? They'll use new Transformation Trinkets resembling the normal Zyuoh Changers, using disks instead of keys to transform into past Sentai teams.
  • Jossed.

The cubes are fourth dimensional.
The reason they are capable of what they are and why they're shaped like cubes comes from being 4D devices, and the Zyumans are actually from a different point in time.

Bird Man will temporarily take over the position of Zyuoh Eagle
It'll be a test for Yamato, as well as a reference to Vul Eagle being replaced in Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan.

  • Jossed.

Yamato is being turned slowly into a Zyuman
His eyesight is already being enhanced as of Episode 3

Eventually there will be mecha based on a different three-dimensional shape.
Sphere, Pyramid, maybe even a Dodecahedron! It'll either be the Deathgalien trying out a Psycho Rangers strategy, or the Zyuohgers' final mecha.

There will be a set of Zyuoh Cubes themed after mythical animals.
So we'll have Cube Phoenix, Cube Leviathan and Cube Behemoth, but they're recolors of the rangers' first three zyuoh cubes themselves.
  • Jossed. For the recolors, we have Cube Condor, as well as Zebra, Platypus, Leopard, and Owl.

The rangers will have a Super Mode.
Different from the visor-up technique, they will directly power-up to theme after mythical animals like Zyuoh Eagle becoming Zyuoh Pheonix.
  • Yamato did eventually gain Zyuoh Whale, but none of the other Zyuohgers gained anything like that, so semi-jossed.

Loud roaring is not really Leo's Super Senses.
Notice how Yamato didn't point out that Leo roars loudly like a lion? That is a foreshadowing.
  • Logically speaking, his ability should be an improved sense of touch... though how exactly that would work is hard to imagine. Maybe he has improved balance or something.
  • Jossed. His loud roaring saves the team in episode 8.
    • Misao ends up being the one with an improved sense of touch.

The summer movie mecha will be a trio of insect/arachnid cubes
  • Partially jossed: An indigo coloured Cube Condor replacing Cube Gorilla (of all cubes) has already been confirmed.

Zyuoh the World has no civilian form.
He can only use his Transformation Trinket to change his visor.
  • Jossed.

Zyuoh the World will be evil.
Either initially, or during the entirety of the series. His suit looks evil and his weapons give the feeling of an hunter.
  • Confirmed. He is a "extra player" given powers against his will and brainwashed by the Deathgalians.

The Kensei will be revealed to be also Zyumen.
  • Jossed by Geikiranger itself. They actually show their origin and show in a flashback their original human forms. They also explicitly state that a technique did that. They may be similar, but are not the same.

The Zyuohgers will eventually encounter Kamen Rider OOO.
He shares the coin-operated theme of the Dethgaliens and the animal theme of the Zyuohgers (including most of the specific animals). He could show up in Sa Go Zo combo and fight alongside (or against) Zyuoh The World, Zyuoh Gorilla, and Zyuoh Elephant.
  • Could happen if the Zyuohgers star in a Super Hero Taisen movie.

Cuval is going to exploit Leo's chivalry.
He will send a female player against him.

Zyuoh The World is actually a girl!
it be a nice reference to the Metroid franchise but also neat and progressive to have a female sixth ranger to round out the cast
  • Jossed.

Zyuoh The World's civilian identity is either a rogue Deathgalien or a human
Since he have 3 different visor, He won't be a Zyuman.
  • Zyuoh the World is a human turned into Deathgalien player.

Whatever happened to Yamato's parents, regardless if they are dead or disappeared, it is connected to the Eagle Zyuuman or at least connected the day that Yamato met him
Maybe his parents died or died that day looking for him after he ran away from home. It looked like it was storming out that day, maybe they were so distraught with worry that they weren't careful and end up in a accident. Maybe Eagle Zyuman had something to do with their deaths or disappearance and Eagle Zyuman helped Yamato as repentance.

Ginis is actually a disguise of Real Boss of Deathgalien
His leg could be the reason of why he doesn't fight Zyuohger and actually might give a clue that Ginis is simply a disguise of Real Mastermind

Spider-Man (Japan) will make an appearance
The website for the Kamen Rider Ghost/Zyuohger summer movies has a credit concerning Marvel Comics for certain characters. Seeing as Takuya got his powers from an alien who became a spider, it could stand to reason that this was the first human/Zyuhuman encounter and everyone's favorite Emissary from Hell could be a half-Zyuhuman.

Yamato didn't have a great relationship with his parents
On Episode 2, Yamato told Tusk that he met Bird Man after he got a big argument with his parents. On Episode 9, When Sela ask Yamato about his parents, He didn't responds to her question and his uncle interrupted them so Yamato won't say about his parents. What if Yamato is estranged from his parents? Like his relationship might be similar to Yukito's relationship with his father?
  • Possibly confirmed the in the most recent episode, where he is shown fleeing to his uncle's house after a fight with his father and this is seemingly a normal occurence during his childhood.
  • Jossed with his mother, he loved her until her death.
  • 1/2 Confirmed. His relationship with his father is very tense due to his father not being around most of the time, especially when his mother was dying.

Bird Man will become Zyuohger at some point
Since Bird Man is the one who stole Sixth Champion Symbol and since he find out that those symbol can turn Zyumans into Zyuohgers, Maybe he can turn into Zyuohger
  • He will be Zyuohger Eagle, and whenever he transforms, Yamato will use Zyuoh Gorilla.
    • Calling it now, he's Zyuoh Bird, using the Zyuoh Changer FINAL. He'll use Cube Eagle whenever Yamato's using Whale. As a bonus to this, i'll also guess that he can call Cube Condor.
      • Confirmed - while he doesn't use Zyouh Eagle, he does become Zyuoh Bird. However, he seems to be able to use his Zyuoh Bird form regardless of what form Yamato is using.

Bird Man Hates Zyuland because something happened in the past
Bird Man calls Zyuland, His own home! "A Rotten Place". Did Zyuland something to him that cause him to hate them?
  • Going by the fact the four main Zyumen Had no idea about the true history of Zyuland including Cetas it's implied something is truly wrong with Zyuland
  • Confirmed. Zyuland's leaders kill any humans who accidentally cross over, including someone Bard had become friends with, in order to keep their world secret from humanity. Bard was so disgusted by this, he stole the King's Credential to prevent such a thing from ever happening again.

Bird Man will be the final boss
Okay picture this, None of Deathgaliens especially Ginis become Final Boss but Bird Man is the one who will be Final Boss when he transformed into a Zyuohger
  • Jossed - Bird man actually becomes a Zyuohger.

Bird Man will lose his faith in humanity.
He will realize that humans are no better than Zyumen.
  • Jossed. He already encounter humans who attacked him, but before he became disillusioned, he was saved by a human doctor.

the Zyuman were once extraterrestrial invaders.
They were a parasitic species that invaded planets and consumed and mimicked their life forms to repeatedly evolve. this is why they resemble earth's animals and can appear human.The reason larry was investigating humans was because he was unknowingly collecting data on humans and other species for the invasion.They used the champions symbol and warp cube to infiltrate and attack planets without becoming nomads, after becoming tired of their ways, the birdman sabotaged the warp cube and stole one of the champion's symbols, leaving the rest of the Zyuman stranded in their current states, allowing them to cool down to peacefully raise the next generation blissfully unaware of the horrid plans their parents had.
  • Jossed. They lived peacefully on Earth until a monster attacked them, so Cetas was given the Great King's Symbol and Cube Whale, which allows him to defeat the monster and create ZyuWorld.

or they're just hippy nature spirits and birdman got squicked away by the sappy utopianism.

Ginis has a deeper reason to destroy planets
Maybe his homeworld was destroyed by an extraterrestrial force like the Zangyacks or Zyuman.

Maybe their is a greater cost for the destruction they bring.

Maybe Ginis is actually a sentai fanboy, recruiting armies to mindlessly destroy in hopes of a taskforce of heroes saving the day and his minions are just fodder for his delusions

Instead of joining the Zyuohgers immediately, Misao willingly sides himself with the Deathgaliens for the next twenty episodes or more after being freed from Genis' influence.
The first time a Sixth Ranger willingly joins the villains For the Evulz is Abare Killer, so why not having a second Sixth Ranger who would do the same thing? Makes sense if you consider Zyuoh The World being themed after an Evil Poacher.

Misao will NOT befriend the Zyuohgers once he's no longer brainwashed
Unlike the last 3 Sixth Rangers who have no problem of being with friends with team, Misao will NOT join with Zyuohgers at all! He doesn't know about them and he probably resent them for being indirectly responsible of him becoming Zyuoh The World! He might feel bad for causing 3 Zyumans die and he doesn't want Zyuohgers (Sans Yamato) get a same fate as Rhino, Wolf and Crocodile Zyuman. And even if he teams up with the Zyuohgers around Episode 20s, its only a case of either Rivals Team Up or Enemy Mine because he wants to get revenge on the Deathgaliens for turning him into their lackey, not out of gratitude for saving him.
  • Jossed, same reason as above

Azald has a connection with Zyuland and the Zyuman
This one is completely based on his design, which is formed by cubes, just like all of the architecture and techonology in Zyuland.
  • Possible. Bard was shocked to see his resemblance.
  • Confirmed. Big Time. He is revealed to have been the monster that attacked the Zyuman in ancient times and was defeated by Zyuoh Whale.

When Zyuohger vs. Super Sentai is announced, the veteran Sentai team will consist of...
  • Captain Marvelous, aka Gokai Red, representing Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger the previous anniversary and leading the veterans.
  • Masato Jin, aka Beet Buster, representing Tokumei Sentai Go Busters
    • Most likely not as he's permanently deleted.
  • Beet J. Stag, aka Stag Buster, also representing Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters
  • Amy Yuuzuki, aka Kyoryu Pink, representing Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
  • Akira Nijino, aka ToQ 6gou, representing Ressha Sentai ToQger
  • Yakumo Katou, aka AoNinger, representing Shuriken Sentai Ninninger
    • But are we even going to get a Zyuohger vs. Super Sentai, considering the entire series hasn't done a thing to commemorate the anniversary?

  • Well, dunno if there will be a vs. Super Sentai movie, but the Zyuohgers will indeed meet Captain Marvelous if this picture is any indication.

  • Here's a video of the series Vol. 1 Blu-Ray collection where they apparently meet AkaRed and prove themselves as worthy of being the 40th Super Sentai team. In the video they apparently do meet A Masato Jin and Beet J. Stag. They also meet Kyoryu Blue, ToQ 6gou, and ShiroNinger as well (all in-suit for now). Make of this as you will.

Yamato will not be the only one who can transform into Zyuoh Whale.
It will be later revealed that the transformation trinket can be used without requiring the power of a hypothetical whale-man. And Sela, based on an aquatic animal, will be among the next rangers who will use it. She will become a blue-colored Zyuoh Whale, and since a entirely new costume has to be made for her color, they might as well modify her costume to be a female suit.
  • Jossed.

There is going to be an arc where the zyuohgers and deathgaliens will travel to Zyuland
We'll get some answers about the secret corruption in zyuland that drove away Birdman in the first place.
  • The Zyuohgers will focus on redeeming their homeland, discover the secrets of their powers and Yamato will encounter the Zyu Whale power and Cube Whale to assist them in their fight
  • the Deathgaliens will focus on going back home since Master Ginis isn't with them and they can't entertain somebody who is watching.

Birdman will be the new Orange Ranger, Zyuoh Bird
  • Confirmed.

We're getting HaOh ZyuOh King in Zyuohger vs Ninningernote 
...this is just wishful thinking, though. I mean, we got HaOh ToQ DaiOh, so we might as well, right?
  • If they re-release ZyuOh King that can sit down, yes.

Bangray is hunting the Whale Zyuman
He's referred to as a 'Megabeast Hunter', and given the size of both whales in real life and the reported size of Cube Whale, it seems likely that the person he was hoping to find on Earth is the whale zyuman. On top of that, Bangray has a distinct nautical theme, and his metal prosthesis bring to mind another famous whale-hunter.
  • You might be onto something. Though personally I think he's not after the Zyuman, but the Cube Animal itself. Notice his wonderment and joy when he first sees a giant battle. He's overjoyed to find giant things on Earth.
    • Confirmed! He's hunting the legendary beast, aka Cube Whale.

Captain Marvelous will Gokai Change into Zyuoh Eagle
If Captain Marvelous is gonna be in Zyuohger, there's no way he's not gonna Gokai Change. The way I see it, he will temporarily transform Yamato's Zyuoh Cube into a Ranger Key and use that to turn into Zyuoh Eagle.
  • This might happen if the Gokaigers show up in a future sentai series, but it was jossed for their cameo in Zyuohger - the team didn't have access to the powers of the Zyuohgers.

An Action Commander will be one of Deathgaliens players.
For the Gokaigers to fight against.

Instead of a Zyuohger vs. Ninninger, or even a Zyuohger vs. Super Sentai movie, there will be a Zyuohger vs. Juukou B-Fighter movie.
Insects are one category of animal that hasn't even been brought up in Zyuohger. Having the B-Fighters show up would be a good way to introduce insect Zyumen and such.
  • The Zyuohgers COULD crossover with Juuko B Fighter, but it won't be in place of Zyuohger vs. Ninninger - that one has been confirmed; and it couldn't be in place of Zyuohger vs. Super Sentai, since that doesn't exist (we got a Gokaiger crossover instead).

There's been a budget cut behind the scenes.
Because as good a villain as Bunglay is, his power does provide a convenient excuse to have new episodes without making new monster suits. Also, isn't episode 27 kind of early for a Clip Show?
  • Maybe. Conversely, the show could be saving the budget to produce Ep. 28 and 29, the 1999th and 2000th episodes of Super Sentai, where the Gokaigers will team up with the Zyuohgers.
    • It looks like the 2000th episode is going to climax with Bunglay recreating a bunch of past Super Sentai villains so not a big budget demand there. Also supporting the budget cut theory: Kamen Rider is reusing a lot of monster suits this year too.
  • You also have to consider that Ninninger had two Clip Shows too, so this might be a rising tradition where the clip shows are actually done for a reason, with the downside that there's two of them (well, whether it's bad or not is YMMV)

Yamato's Father will played Important Role in Later Episode.
Yamato have a really bad relationship with his father because he and Mario rarely talk about him and given that Yamato got a fight with him when he was kid. I think his Mother's death really strained the relationship between Yamato and his father. When Yamato see a flower on the tombstone of his mother, It's implied that his father put the flower. Could he played an important role in later episodes?
  • Confirmed.

The monster Cetas fought against will return
They were turned to stone and thrown over the horizon, there's no chance they won't come back
  • Oh yeah, that's a given. And seeing as it was seemingly thrown into space, and we have space villains, odds are if we haven't yet, we will soon.
  • Plus that was definitely a suit, not a CG monster. They wouldn't go to the trouble of making a whole monster suit just to show it in shadow for a few minutes.
    • Confirmed - turns out that we've already met said monster - turns out that it's a previous form of Azald.
      • Not just a previous form. His original form. And he's regained it.

The finale of Zyuohger will be a crossover with many Sentai Rangers of seasons past.
Much like how the finale of Power Rangers Super Megaforce was a crossover with every Power Ranger up to that point.
  • Except that happened in Gokaiger...

To save the rest of the team, Leo will be forced to battle Naria one-on-one..
And defeating her is how he'll learn to hit a girl.

The V-Cinema exclusive Zyuohger(s) will be insect-themed
As noted by one of the earlier WMGs, insects are the only thing that isn't really represented - while it's true that they haven't referenced dinosaurs either, usually dinosaurs are used for an entire team theme for rangers, and it's pretty unlikely since Kyoryuger is still pretty fresh in the minds of Sentai fans. Insects, however, haven't been represented in any previous animal themed sentai series - they already broke ground with an elephant themed ranger, why not break ground by introducing an entirely new concept for a ranger?
  • To clarify: the only sentai rangers that are insect themed are beetle themed. However, something like butterflies or bees might be interesting for a new ranger...

Yamato's father happened to be tending to Bard's human friend when his wife was dying.
It was an unfortunate timing that he's wanted in an emergency room when he is already in one.
  • Close. It's Bard being attended to, after being injured from encountering other humans.

The rulers of zyuland will be the main antagonists of the V-cinema movie
Their known to be corrupt and could be a good group of psycho rangers. their reasons of some of their corrupt actions will be revealed and they would be the ones who erased all knowledge of Cetas
  • Not to mention they were responsible for multiple deaths

     Power Rangers adaptation 

This series will not be adapted into Power Rangers
As popular as Minecraft is, let's face it, cube robots are just too silly... even by the standards of Super Sentai.
  • Saban's track record so far (skipping even-numbered sentai in favor of odd ones) does point to this, but one of the reasons why they skipped Go-Busters was because Kyoryuger's Dinosaurs gave it an edge in the merchandise - there's been 2 animal-themed Power Rangers seasons, so Saban could follow up the third Ninja-themed PR series with the third animal-themed one. Then again, considering that this is an anniversary series...there's just as much to suggest that it will be adapted as it won't.

When adapted into Power Rangers...
  • It will be a homage to the Animorphs series.
  • It will be set in a summer camp for foreign students.
  • Stone Canyon, located near Angel Grove, will act as the season's City of Adventure.
  • The Five-Token Band will consist of foreign Caucasian Red, African-American Blue, Latino Green and Yellow (brothers), and Asian White.
  • The team's mentor will be an anthropomorphic animal and/or emperor of animals.
  • The villains will be a group of aliens who tried to invade Earth but were sealed into an underground abyss long ago.
  • The Zords will be referred to as "Animalzords".
  • Being the 25th season of Power Rangers, some Rangers from past seasons will have cameos.
  • The theme song will not be a remix of "Go Go Power Rangers".
  • The Five-Token Band will be based on where the animal is associated with; white or Native American Red, black and/or English Yellow, black or Asian Green, Pacific Islander Blue and Indian White.
    • Considering Saban's track record so far (the last even-numbered sentai they adapted was Tensou Sentai Goseiger), as well as the fact that Uchu Sentai Kyuranger is being made with American input, I'd actually say that odds point towards this series being skipped; unless Saban decides to only give Power Rangers Ninja Steel 20 episodes and adapt Zyuohger instead of making Ninja Super Steel (or goes to a different network), odds are that we aren't getting a Zyuohger adaptation...

The Power Rangers adaptation will be Power Rangers Untamed
  • The Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink Rangers are aliens who are fleeing from an evil force that destroyed their home planet and scattered the survivors across the universe.
  • They use technology from their world to become rangers to fight against their enemy, but need to retreat.
  • The Red Ranger to be is a scientist who makes contact with the aliens and offers them refuge on his family's unused ranch. They go to Earth where they take on the appearance of humans thanks to some kind of device.
    • Their human appearances give us our Five-Token Band; Blue will be played by a Maori actress and will speak in her natural accent, Green will be played by a white actor, Yellow will be played by an African-American actor, and White will be played by an Asian actress. Red will be played by a mixed race actor.
    • The alien rangers' true forms will be the the original Zyuohger costumes.
      • Alternatively, they will get fancier, more animatronic masks a la Doggie Kreuger.
  • They will use the ranch as their secret base. It is in the vacinity of a city to match the footage as needed.
  • The "Untamed" comes from the aliens refusing to be put down by the villains, who have tracked them to Earth for some reason and decide they'll try to conquer it instead of pursuing the other survivors.
  • The Zords will be called "Beastzords" and they combine into the "Untamed Beast Megazord".
  • The villains will be called The Hunter Squadron and their leader will be A Villain Named "Z__rg".
  • Other zyumen characters will be adapted into more survivors.
    • The seasons of Untamed will end with the aliens Rangers' people finding a new planet to recolonize after the Hunter Squadron is defeated forever. The four leave to join them and are delightfully surprised that the Red Ranger has decided to come with them. The last scene will be of the team arriving on the new world, seeing someone in danger, and morphing, showing that they will be the protectors of the settlers.
    • Considering that Uchu Sentai Kyuranger is being made with Bandai of America's involvementnote , I doubt they'd adapt it, especially since adaptations of sentai seasons that celebrate anniversaries haven't been well received by the fandom...
      • All this "Bandai was involved so Kyuranger only" stuff itself has been jossed. Not only will Kyuranger not be the season adapted following Ninja Steel, Hasbro has flat out bought the Power Rangers brand from Saban. That doesn't mean Zyuohger will be adapted, but it certainly pulls the rug out from all this naysaying. Heck, they went backwards and are adapting Go-Busters. Clearly, there are more possibilities.

A Power Rangers adaptation would of had been a loose sequel to previous seasons.
  • The setting would of been Silver Hills, with the Silver Guardians, now under a new leader, would be a local police force.
  • The Rangers would of gotten their powers from a lost magical artifact of Animaria.
  • The Rangers would of been:
  • The villains would be the last living members of the Armada.
    • Naria's counterpart would be the sister of Levira, who wants to destroy humanity since humans are who killed her sister.
    • They would be explained as not having been at the previous invasion and battles due to being sent to explore the Lost Galaxy and being stuck there for a while due to weird space mumbo jumbo. Their foot soldiers would be said to be created from the DNA of the Swabbies, Captain Mutiny's deceased minions, that they mixed with another species to "fill the gaps". They would be called Urchons (a play on "urchins" and "archons").
  • This is all just a fan fiction-y idea, of course.

Predictions for what elements will be carried over into the Power Rangers adaptation of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger
With signs pointing towards this series not being adapted, it's likely that, much like Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters and Ressha Sentai ToQger elements from Zyuohger will be included. So, fellow tropers, make your prediction for what elements of Zyuohger will be used in a Kyuranger adaptation.
  • Bard's character (not necessarily his Zyuman costume) will be adapted as the PR version of Sasori Orange, and have a conflict with the PR version of Ooshii Black (so they can use the fight footage between the two).
  • The PR versions of the Rangers with non-human forms will have abilities related to the five senses (under the guise of Civilian Powers).
  • Bangray will probably be adapted as a villain, possibly playing up his allusions to the kraken to make him fit with the mythology/folklore theme of Jark Matter. If the adaptation is filled with shout outs to previous series like Kyuranger was, he would probably be made into an Expy of Vexacus. And this just might be reading too much into it, but if they adapt Lucky's backstory (missing parents), then they could tie their adaptation of Bangray into it as an homage to Zyuohger and the rivalry between Bangray and Yamato.
    • If they were to bring back Tommy (let's face it, we're long overdue for Tommy to join a new team), this could easily be used to justify them reusing suits from prior seasons early on like with Ninja Steel, by having him come into contact with Tommy for a few seconds. Of course, those few seconds would only be enough time for him to get the memory of one previous monster.

Power Rangers Wild Pride
A loose sequel to Wild Force. Specific returning elements would include:Morphing/Roll Calls:As for specific plotlines:

The adaptation will downplay the animal aspect and bring up the cube-/voxel-based aspect
Retro gaming is trending in The New '10s and possibly The New '20s, so the following can be implemented:
  • The basic Megazord will be named the Pixel Beast Megazord.
  • The morphing call will be "Install Animal Instincts!"
  • The soundtrack will integrate chiptune aspects.
  • There will be at least a Shout Out to The Angry Video Game Nerd, though understandably toned town to comply with kids' show rules. The Mentor, for example, can be named James or Duncan.


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