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Fridge Brilliance

  • Yakumo's tendency to run off into tangents about non-existing drama might seem weird, like when he began to monologue on episode 2 to Kasumi about his differences with Takaharu, or when he felt conflicted about making Kasumi give up her studies on episode 5. It seems rather weird for a character who's supposed to be the realist to just blindly ignore reality. It becomes MUCH clearer, however, if you realize that Yakumo is a drama-sentai character stuck in a comedy-sentai show. He's like Nobuo when it comes sentai character development tropes!
    • #28 enforces this further, when Yakumo cheats with his magic and makes everyone infiltrate a kindergarten by turning them all into toys - the others wouldn't be out of place at all, but Yakumo becomes a dragon that looks more like a high-end collectors' item, and winds up being ignored by the kids. And to think these collectors' items often say "Not A Toy" on the box!
  • Yakumo's fascination with his lawnmower, Carly, in ep. 18 may seem bizarre until you realize the British actually have a lawnmower museum.
  • Yokai Franken's episode has a couple of sly references to the original Frankenstein (1931) story:
    • Franken is allowed to wander on his own, just as a huge chunk of the story was Victor's Stern Chase of the creature (the canon term for Frankenstein's Monster).
    • Franken getting a dakimakura or body pillow with an anime girl. In the original story, the creature accidentally killed a small girl by hugging her too tight...
  • The Yokai with the ability to go online is Mokumokuren, the hundred-eyed demon, which is strangely appropriate considering rising concerns over online surveillance in Real Life.

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