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ToQger vs. Kyoryuger

  • Clock Shadow leaves the Ninningers with a Darkliner to fight. What do they do? Use a Nin Shuriken to shrink it down! Whoever was manning that Darkliner Robo was in for a surprise.

Shinobi 1: We Are Ninja!

  • Tsumuji explaining their situation by bringing the Ninninger to the site where Gengetsu Kibaoni was sealed and explains that because the seal is broken, something bad will happen soon... Cue chirping birds. "Sure is peaceful here, huh?"
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  • When the rest of the Ninjas are being reunited with each other, Kasumi decides to prank her friends by placing signs on their backs. Meanwhile, you see Tsumuji frantically checking his back for any notes.
  • Fuuka finally inspired to follow her brother's footsteps and rallies everyone to prepare their Ninja Ichibantou... promptly forgetting that they left it behind.
  • Kamaitachi's Famous Last Words during his first defeat: "What kind of shinobi... is this flashy?!"
  • During Shurikenjin's combination sequence, we get a shot of Shinobimaru attempting to walk Wanmaru on a leash, only for Wanmaru to pull him along before escaping.
  • Nagi's reaction to getting a dump truck as his personal mecha. It's on par with Adam realizing his spirit animal is a frog.
    Nagi: I've got... a dump truck? Why?
  • Fuuka tripping on a random banana peel.
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  • Kamaitachi yelling "Kabe-don" when he has pinned Shinobimaru. For those who don't know, "kabe-don" is the trope where someone has another pinned to the wall mainly in a romantic light (seen often in shojo manga). Considering the context of the situation, it is utterly hilarious.
  • At the end of the episode, Yoshitaka Igasaki, the grandfather of the Rangers, is revealed to be still alive. At first he's all serious, telling the rangers that they have a long way to go before they can defeat Kibaoni (and a bit disgruntled at the assumption of his passing). But then he says "love" and "peace" in English while sticking his pointer fingers in the air and making a goofy expression with a equally goofy voice. The other characters can only stare at him in Stunned Silence.

Shinobi 2: Become the Last Ninja!

  • 2 episodes in and Fuuka has cemented her role as the Butt-Monkey. While testing the abilities of the 5-Element Ninshuriken, she gets hit by all the attacks, even the water technique she casted back splashed on her. Thankfully, Yakumo has more control than the others and used the fire technique to warm her up.
  • Speaking of the 5-element Nin Shuriken, the gold/metal elemental attack is a gold-colored metal wash pan falling on the target's head.
  • Takaharu trying to convince Yakumo that Yoshitaka is totally awesome and surpassing him will be a great feat... because amongst all things, he can eat up a super-sized gyoza in less than 30 minutes, and has contacted aliens 30 times.
  • Takaharu's first fight with the Youkai: the sumo wrestling and the color comment. Complete with music stopping on the latter after Takaharu corrects him on his color.
  • During the mecha battle, Takaharu tries to catch the Yokai as it flies away, only to end up falling. Meanwhile in the main cockpit, the rest of the Ninningers just stare at Yakumo, who is the only one with a flying mecha.
    • And then Yakumo hijacks the Gattai, forming Shurikenjin Drago. Takaharu is less than pleased.

Shinobi 3: The Formidable Enemy, Gabi, Appears!

  • Takaharu flunks the scroll retrieval mission they were sent on by being too loud. Apparently, a refusal to hide also means a refusal to be quiet.
    • He then gives a look to Kasumi when they get caged that says "Done with what?"
    • When they get back, Takaharu asked Yoshitaka how well he did. He starts off by hitting Takaharu on the head with the scoring scroll, then shows off a big fat zero for Takaharu, who complains about him not giving out extra credit. To which, he calls him naive, then drinks from his coffee, making a sour face at the bitter flavor. After that, he throws a ninja wire up onto the rafters and pulls himself up, then substitutes himself with a party ball after his custom "Ciao~!", which opens up to say "Naive!"note 
  • Yokai Kasha, grown from a pair of rollerblades, is apparently gliding leisurely backwards when Nagi gets him with a Dynamic Entry from behind. Simultaneously hilarious AND painful. (Stress on 'simultaneous', it's the WTF-inducing abruptness that sells it.)

Shinobi 4: There he is! Paonmaru!

  • When the team is fighting the mooks, we get the lovely scene of Nagi spinning Fuuka around, who becomes dazed from the spinning.
  • The team is training to use better teamwork in battle and they are inside a ring of fire (they didn't go down down down and the flames didn't go higher). They were about to pull of their water jutsu when Takaharu uses his in a spinning motion. The results: Four bamboozled ninjas completely wet because of their hyperactive comrade.
  • Takaharu assigning each of them a item found in oden, with their heads changing into that food item. Needless to say, the others were confused, with Kasumi adding, "I prefer daikon..."

Shinobi 5: The Space Ninja UFOmaru!

  • The Ninningers discover this week's Youkai... handing out balloons to kids.
  • After Youkai Ungaikyo grows, Raizo demands that Takaharu continues his fight a few episodes ago. Taka promises he'll do it after the team defeats Ungaikyo. Later, after the fight, Taka thinks he forgot something but shrugs it off. It cuts to Raizo still waiting in the middle of the street. He's obviously pissed... but keeps waiting.
  • Kasumi deflates Yakumo's heartfelt speech about pursuing one's dreams while still performing their duty by correcting him, saying she intended to do that all along. Her dilemma wasn't about science vs ninjutsu, it was science vs a good night's sleep!
  • When the Ninningers reach the outer atmosphere and UFOmaru appears, Fuuka starts freaking out, hitting Takaharu while asking why it's there. He replies that he doesn't know, between saying "Ow!"
    • Kasumi then explains that the flying saucer is an Otomonin. Everybody looks at Kasumi strangely, then to UFOmaru and go "Otomonin?" in sheer disbelief.

Shinobi 7: The Spring Ninja Festival!

  • Tsumuji screamed when Yakumo raised his Ichibantou to his throat when he sensed his presence.
  • The Kakuranger's signature "POW!" "WHAM!" effects are back.
  • The Ninningers try to use the techniques taught by Sasuke and Yousuke. It doesn't go well.
    • Fuuka and Kasumi mess up with the doppelganger technique. Fuuka can't even fully separate the bodies, while Kasumi's Shadow clone snapped back into her body, sending her flying into Fuuka.
    • Nagi and Yakumo try the decoy technique and fail, with Nagi accidentally performing a strawman Substitution instead. Yakumo then flies and his teammates believe he did the sky walk technique, only to be caught cheating by using magic.
    • Takaharu tries to use the decoy technique only to receive a strike to his head.
  • Sasuke and Yousuke continuously telling Takaharu to lay off the 'Ninjas that don't hide' thing, complete with their panels covering Takaharu, and Takaharu shoving back their panels. And the battle continues with the two using him as a stepping stone, and then Takaharu paying back by shoving them aside for a super-quick Ninja Violent Slash.
  • At the end when Sasuke and Yosuke are lamenting that the Ninningers still didn't bother to "learn how to hide", Akaranger himself appears and tells them they were the same way when they were their age. Making them remember they weren't so different after all.

Shinobi 8: The Nekomata who Leapt Through Time

  • Fuuka desperately tries not to reveal to her classmates that she is a ninja. Fuuka being Fuuka, however, these attempts fail spectacularly.
  • Fuuka and Takaharu fighting over the spotlight during the roll call and mecha fight.
  • Fuuka tricking the Youkai into revealing it's weakness, knowing it would work because the Youkai is an airhead like she is.
  • StarNinger, despite being from America, doesn't even understand his own grammar.

Shinobi 9: Ninjitsu vs. Magic, The Great Battle!

  • Tsumuji's Oh, Crap! face when he realizes his sister has the End Shuriken as a brooch for her dress.
  • AkaNinger and the others suddenly get into a tugging match with Kyuemon over the brooch. Naturally, something's gotta give. It turns out to be the Shuriken, which breaks in two, meaning the Ninningers and Kyuemon were fighting over a convincing-looking fake!
  • StarNinger shows up during the mecha fight and defeats the Monster of the Week so thoroughly that it leaves the Ninningers stunned.
    AkaNinger: I don't know what just happened.

Shinobi 10: Yeehaw! The Golden Starninger

  • Kinji's fangasm over finding the Daidarabocchi Youkai (with a selfie to boot) and his utter disappointment in not hunting the Kamaitachi, Kappa, Tengu and Tsuchigumo Youkai the core five already defeated.
  • Kinji threatening to sue the mom that happens to be at the fight. He never goes through with it thankfully.
  • The three Ninningers that arrive to fight Kinji? Takaharu (Red), Fuuka (White), and Yakumo (Blue).
  • Tsumuji declaring that Yoshitaka really has got to go to the hospital, forcing the latter to snap back into waking up and adamantly refusing. That's the plan all along.

Shinobi 11: Shinobimaru, come back!

  • During the new OP, all the Ninninjers get a shock at the insertion of Kinji.
  • Yakumo and Kinji arguing over how to pronounce "Easy".
    • After Yakumo changes his breakfast into something he'd like, Kinji calls him out on it, Yakumo's response to him saying no magic?
      Yakumo: I don't want to hear that from the western rock'n'roll ninja wannabe.
  • After Kasumi used her gadget but failed to get Shinobimaru get back to its funk, Takaharu gets impatient and grabbed her gadget. Kasumi decided to focus on chasing Enraenra with the rest, leaving Takaharu alone... and expectedly, he has no idea how it works.
  • KiNinger accidentally threw Youkai Enraenra at ShiroNinger.
  • Kasumi helped in recovering Nagi and Fuuka (who were under depression thanks to the Youkai's powers) by convincing them that Yakumo has an inferiority complex over being overshadowed by Takaharu just like them, and has been resorting to using magic to cope through. To make this even better, Kinji believes her!
  • Takaharu and Raizo are about to duel again and we're in for an awesome battle, right? Well, when Takaharu is transforming and the Ichibantou is making the "nin nin" sound, the camera focuses on Raizo while he is unsheathing his swords. It's quite the scene.
  • Heck, just seeing Shinobimaru in a Corner of Woe is downright hilarious.
  • Our favorite ninja cowboy has joined the ED credits dance and he does it all with this big goofy grin on his face.

Shinobi 12: Ultimate Battle! Miracle Combination

  • During the formation of King Shurikenjin, Starninger literally drops into the team's cockpit!

Shinobi 15: Youkai, I Never Make a Mistake

  • Just as KiNinger and ShiroNinger thought they're done with Giant Youkai Gashadokuro, another pops up. Cue them hurrying back to their original seats.
  • Right at the end Kasumi's suddenly serious face after Nagi called her the "Secret Boss" and Nagi's subsequent Oh, Crap! reaction is priceless.
  • The contract the youkai is trying to make Kinji sign includes the clause that he is not allowed to say 'Yeehaw' at youkai, and may only take one picture with a youkai...
  • Akaninger beliving the fight with Rodeomaru was a Defeat Means Friendship fight.

Shinobi 17: Good Bye, StarNinger

  • Just as Takaharu and Kinji were to have their final confrontation to determine if he can be the Last Ninja's pupil, Yoshitaka appears and tells Kinji that the deadline was yesterday. When trying to figure out why, Yoshitaka tells him that he's still operating on American time. Kinji comically turns to stone and shatters.

Shiboni 18: The Youkai That Yakumo Loved

  • Not Really Mind Controlled!AoNinger kicked AkaNinger in the crotch to end their battle and help Youkai Otoroshi.

Shinobi 22: Super Combination! Ha-Oh Shurikenjin

  • Ariake no Kata's Double Take when Takaharu gets her name wrong.
  • The first attempt to combine with Lion Ha-Oh. The shuriken comes off and spins around but nothing happens. Then Shurikenjin and Bison King just look at each other in complete disbelief.
  • The guys finally get their hands on the Shobu Changer, except Shishio decides he'd rather arm up on one of the girls. Cue Fuuka getting the Shobu Changer and all the Chozetsu armor pieces directly on her body (not as ShiroNinger) to become Chozetsu Fuuka!

Shinobi 23: Summer Vacation Special - Summertime! Ninja Courage Test!

  • AriakeNoKata and her hilariously overblown taunting of MomoNinjer. With completely unnecessary fake echo.
  • For those who get irritated at Takaharu's "I'M GETTING FIRED UUUUPPP!!!" Catchphrase... well they may get a bit of laugh that when he said that, Fuuka actually chimed with what they've been thinking: "Shut up, big bro/Taka!"
    • Later, the boys try to scare the girls by investigating a "haunted" school. This consisted of them dressing up and scaring them.
      • Hell, the costumes themselves are worth a mention. Nagi's a ghost, Yakkun's a fallen soldier, Kinji's a zombie straight out of The Walking Dead, and Taka's...a pepper. Bonus points to Kinji for using a duplication technique to create a zombie horde.
  • Ha-Oh Shurikenjin the Snowman.
  • At one point, Ariakenokata pours liquid fear from Kyuemon's gourd on a snowcone, much to Kyuemon's dismay.
  • Nagi uses a triple shuriken combo of fire, metal, and wood to distract Yuki-Onna. The illusion it creates? A summer barbecue. With Yuki-Onna as one of the kabobs.

Shinobi 24: Summer Vacation Special - Summertime! The Arrival of the Western Youkai

  • Kyuuemon showing Frankenstein the city while collecting fear. One of his stops is breaking through stores and stealing all the anime merchandise.
    Frankenstein: Moe moe~
  • While fighting a Gashadokuro, Takaharu calls for Surfermaru to attack. As it's happening you can see Shinobimaru giving a little fist pump hiding behind Bison King Drago.

Shinobi 25: Summer Vacation Special - Summertime! Watch out for Dracula!

  • How everyone beyond Kasumi decides to spy on Fuuka. Nagi and Yakumo crossdress, Kinji is a butler and Takaharu shows up as himself and demands to come in.
  • Yakumo staying in his female character, even after being revealed.
  • What's Dracula's only weakness? Garlic. This is exactly why he didn't steal Fuuka's life force earlier.
    • It's basically a running gag this episode. As Takaharu, Fuuka and Kinji try to figure out the culprit, they decide to invite Silver and the producer to a meal... an entire platter of garlic dumplings. Funny thing is, Silver loves it. The producer was Dracula.
    • Later in the giant battle, Dumpmaru comes around with GIANT GARLIC DUMPLINGS!
      Dracula: Giant garlic too?! Japan's agriculture is dreadful!

Shinobi 26: Summer Vacation Special - Summertime! The Last Ninja Race Midway Report

  • Masakage calling Mataneko "Tomatoneko". Cue Face Fault from Mataneko
    • Masakage then asks if Mataneko can time travel. He tells him his clock is just an ordinary stopwatch. Cue a face fault from Ariake no Kata this time
  • Yoshitaka gives out the midway points in the last Ninja race. Nagi ranks higher than both Yakumo and Kinji much to their ire, Fuuka places first and Takaharu in dead last. And the reason of them? Because Fuuka is cute and Takaharu has been saying his Catchphrase ("Now that's hot..." "I'M GETTING FIRED UUUUPPP!!!" like a Broken Record.
    • When Yakumo gets revealed to be in the 5th place, he was so disappointed that he immediately sat onto the Corner of Woe.
    • As part of the last place ranking, Takaharu has a pan dropped on him
  • Yoshitaka slipping in some "nyas" while speaking.
  • The episode really turned Yakumo, the one who traveled to English for studies, to be a Butt-Monkey, getting owned in every of his quiz attempts provided by Nagi.
  • How does Kasumi tell which Yoshitaka is an imposter? Throw catnip at the ground.
  • During the fight with Mataneko, he finds Kyuuemon's hammer and bonks Takaharu on the head with it. Takaharu grows to giant size in a familiar way.
    • Mataneko then hits himself in the head to grow giant.
    • Midway though the battle, Mataneko trips on Shinobimaru, who seems to have been lying down. He then gets up from nowhere and hangs his head a bit like he's sorry.

Shinobi 28: Mad Dash! The Kibaoni Ninja Corps

  • To get past the school's barrier, Yakumo turns the team into toys. Fuuka becomes a dog, Nagi becomes a truck, Kinji becomes a guitar, Kasumi becomes a doll, Takaharu becomes an Aka Ninger action figure, and Yakumo turns himself into a dragon.
    • When they get inside, Kasumi reminds them that as toys, children are their natural predators. Cue all the kids running to them and playing with them. Except for Yakumo.
      • Special mention to the ADR people timing Fuuka's speech with the battery-operated dog's yapping function. And the way they abort the scene with another kid pulling the dress on the doll (Kasumi) makes you think something was left on the cutting room floor this week...
  • Kasumi asks Hayabusa how to stop the rampaging bus. Hayabusa thinks she's trying to psyche him, but it was actually a setup for Yakumo to use his interrogation spell on him. His reaction is especially priceless.
  • Takaharu somehow gets the "speed" Shuriken in his head and runs through the city (and somehow all over the world).
  • The "speed" Shuriken ends up on the MotW and he can't stop running, leading to the Ninningers to do their roll call while running past him.

Shinobi 29: Definitive Edition Ninja Sugoroku!

  • After Yakumo brought in Tsumuji to enter the Sugoroku, they along with Kasumi and Fuuka re-entered the Sugoroku... but not before Fuuka literally kicked Ikkakkusai on the butt. "What was that for!?"
  • The giant battle. Ikkakusai plans to make the whole city a board game, but then starts explaining how board games came to be for no reason at all. The end result is HaOh Shurikenjin one-shotting him.

Shinobi 30

  • When Takaharu brings home his childhood friend Kikyo, we cut to Nagi, Kinji, Kasumi and Yakumo in a typical Scooby Stack while peeping from behind one of the secret walls. It gets funny when the camera shows how the stack can be done in live action - Yakumo's standing off to one side so that he's looking over the rest, while Nagi and Kinji are the ones stacked normally, with Kasumi's full weight on top of both of them.

Shinobi 31

  • Bimbotic Kasumi is worth a few laughs on its own, but the show takes it even further by throwing in some random Incest Yay with Yakumo. (Turns out it's a disguised Mujina, but still.)
  • Kasumi randomly ducking when Nagi sends her personality back to her instead nails Takaharu, creating a Red ranger archetype we haven't really had since Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Fuuka is way too disturbed at this.

Shinobi 32

  • Takaharu's breakthrough, which leads to the creation of Gekiatsu Daioh and victory over Kyuemon, is... a little confusing at first, but Saika Tetsunosuke figures it out easily enough (Takaharu just reasoned that they'll never beat Kyuemon by reusing everything Yoshitaka tought them). Which leads to Kasumi electing to employ Tetsunosuke as Takaharu's translator.

Shinobi 36: Kinji, the Glorious Super Star

Shinobi 38: The Witch Girl Loves Yakumo?

  • Yakumo told a friend of his that he was the leader of a magic Sentai, not a ninja Sentai. The Ninningers... go along with this, becoming "Mahou Sentai Magimagiger".
    Yokai Amikiri: Maji?note 

Shinobi 43

Shinobi 44: The Final Battle! The Ordeals of the Last Ninja

  • Masakage was getting the upper hand of modifying the memories of the Ninningers. But then he made the mistake of telling how his method works on his last victims: Yakumo and Fuuka, who proceeds to think of the times Takaharu was being a moron, and as a result, Masakage took his place and indulged in those stupidities, embarrassing the hell out of him and giving them the opening to break the spell.

Hyper Battle DVD

  • As Takaharu and Kinji argue about who finished off the last foe on their way back to base, they walk in on Fuuka trying on new clothes. And her dress sense is apparently drawn from Shelly. Their reaction?
    Takaharu and Kinji exchange a look, and then close the door.

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger vs. Kamen Rider Drive Spring Break Combining Special

The Movie: The Dinosaur Lord's Splendid Ninja Scroll!

  • Kasumi fainting upon seeing the lord as a dinosaur.

Ninninger vs. ToQger

  • This:
    Hikari: People call me... Kendama Detective Hikari.
    Hikari: Returns!
  • In one of the illusions that Wanyuudo creates, Takaharu and Fuuka are in a church and the latter is getting married. Who is she marrying? Tokacchi.
  • Tokachhi explains their adventures as ToQgers:
    • And then Takaharu's reaction once everything is properly explained:
    cue Pratfall by everyone
  • In order to escape Wanyuudo, Tokatti shoots a window open for them to escape... and then the train experiences turbulence, causing him to fall out of it.
    Tokacchi: Ah- ah- ah- whyyyyyy?!
  • "Those disembarking... should get off already!!"
  • Mavro creates shadow clones of Schwarz, Noir, and Nero. Schwarz and Noir have their full names surrounding them when they appear... and then we get to Nero, whose name only covers the entrance gate that he's standing in front of. And then those words snap.
  • To enter the shadow world, the Ninningers and ToQgers use ninjutsu to distract the three shadow clones:
    • Yakumo, Tokacchi and Mio all rush at Noir with hundreds of clones... only for Tokatti to trip on a nail and crash, causing all of his clones to disappear. Yakumo and Mio have to go back for him.
    • Three of the team dress up as kimono-clad women to catch Nero's attention: Kagura, Fuuka, and... Kinji. Considering Nero's track record in movies, guess who he falls for.
    • The fight with Schwarz initially seems like it's going to be serious as he catches Kasumi, Nagi and Hikari hiding... but then they trap him in an oil barrel full of hot water on top of a bonfire.
  • Akira's duel against Mavro is mostly serious, but during the beginning of the fight the former scrapes the latter's face with the Yudo Breaker...'s handle.
  • The debut of the Zyuohgers.
    • Seeing as Wanyuudo and the Jukkarage aren't DeathGaliens, Zyuoh Tiger decides to make sure they're still bad guys:
    Zyuoh Tiger: Excuse me! Are you bad guys?
    Wanyuudo: So what if we are? I don't know who you are, but you're dead if you get in our way!
    Zyuoh Tiger: (nods, then points towards Wanyuudo while facing Zyuoh Eagle) They're bad guys.
    • Also, Zyuoh Eagle is glad to know this because he attacked them earlier.
    • We get our first look at the Zyuohgers' suit gimmick: each of them have extensions not unlike the ToQgers' Safari Mode. Eagle has wings, Shark has a fin for underwater ambush, Lion and Tiger have claws, and Elephant... has giant elephant feet. It's about as hilarious as Kagura's panda suit. Except we're going to be seeing this throughout the whole series.
    • After the fight's over, all five of them stand there and have no idea what just happened or what they should do next.
  • The ToQgers give the Ninningers their Renketsu Bazooka so they can defeat Dark AkaNinger with something that the real AkaNinger would hate... what do they hit him with? RED PEPPERS.
    Dark AkaNinger: I was beaten... by such a technique?!
  • The horde battle has its moments:
    • At one point, Akira straight up chucks the Yudo Breaker at one of the Crows.
    • Nero uses a mist technique... but then immediately reveals himself when he yells out in pain because he steps on a bunch of caltrops that Nagi had thrown down.
    • Noir's hypnosis spell affects Tokatti and even Yakumo. Mio has to wake them both.
  • During the giant battle, before the ToQgers can combine, Mavro rams them with his Kurainer into the ocean, saying "Sink to the bottom of the darkness!". Cue Fuuka:
    • As a Call-Back to Cho Cho ToQ DaiOh, Akira corrects HaOh ToQ-Oh's name to HaOh ToQ DaiOh.
      • Said HaOh ToQ DaiOh's cockpit is... cramped, to say the least. The Ninningers' little throne room is no Kyoryuger mech station.
  • Now that everything's all cleaned up, everyone realizes Akira still hasn't introduced himself. So he begins to do so... before being interrupted by Kagura screaming for about five seconds when she realizes that she hasn't done her math homework. Cue massive Oh, Crap! moment from the entire cast as the other ToQgers remember that none of them have done theirs, either.
    • And then as the ToQgers hurry up and leave, they turn back into children. Cue second Oh, Crap! moment by the Ninningers.
  • The entire end credits scene.

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