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Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters

  • Neo-Messiah asks the ToQgers if they were a Sentai. Right emphatically replies they are not. Everyone else, including Neo-Messiah, is confused.
  • The fact their cameo was AFTER the credits, makes one wonder how many people actually missed the Cameo.

Starting Station: Let's Go on the Express Train

  • We are introduced to our fearless red leader with him… sleeping in his seat with a fake ticket. While children are crying all around him. And a monster yelling at him.
    • When attempting to wake him up, Right just up and tries to eat him. Must have been a good dream at the very least.
  • After an exciting mid-air train battle we get the exciting debut of our heroes. They jump out of their Trains mid-flight, bust in the enemy train car guns blazing, their enemies have them cornered but— haha. No. They park the train right beside the Shadow Line train. When stepping out of the car, Tokacchi falls over; not noticing the large descent to the ground.
    • Before this, Right accidentally pushes Bag Shadow off of the platform he was on, making the both of them fall off. With Right landing on Bag Shadow.
  • Right tries his hand at fighting the MOTW for the first time. Poorly.
  • The team's first full transformation. When the changer announces to stay behind the white line, Bag Shadow and the Crows immediately jump back save for one Crow who has no clue what's going on until his teammates call him back. Then they wait there until the ToQgers change.
    • What's even better is that Bag Shadow patiently and politely holds his hands in front of him like someone legitimately waiting for a train to arrive.
  • Tokacchi has an interesting fighting style to say the least. And by that, we mean he has no freaking clue what to do sometimes.
    • Example: He aims at the Crows. Sees he's surrounded on one side. Rolls to the other side. Same thing. No cover whatsoever. He just runs like hell.
  • We see the creative mind of Kagura at work. Sometimes she pictures herself as a body builder or superhero. Other times, she turns enemies as small as ants and picks them off like a kid with a magnifying glass.
    Kagura: Poke, poke. Poke, poke.
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  • ToQ1 forcibly switching the Ressha from the other members' ToQChangers. And then everyone else start taking each other's Ressha as well.
  • The team calling on their trains. Right tries to directly run to his but gets hit by an invisible wall because he didn't go through the gate!
  • The Rainbow Rush finisher. When it turns into the first jizo statue, Bag Shadow says he doesn't get the symbolism. Cue a side glance from Kagura as she admits that neither does Bag Shadow's getting crushed.
  • The opening if you look closely has ToQ 1 falling because of the explosion behind them.
  • The Conductor is asked the reason the ToQgers were chosen. Cue dramatic buildup and...
  • How about Hikari's way of dealing with the Mooks. He takes his ax and knocks one into the air. While beating everyone up, he takes a few moments to keep juggling the first one in the air. And he does it all with the expression of boredom. You almost get the idea he does this type of 'screwing with the enemy' thing quite often.
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  • Tokacchi lampshading that all the Transfer Changes makes it hard to tell who is who.
  • When Right fights Bag Shadow a second time, he declares that he's now a ToQger. Then it hits him. He has NO IDEA how to transform.

Station 2: We Are Here

  • Tokacchi falls over in the opening, instead of Right.
    • Speaking of Tokacchi, during their fight with the Kuros as Toq #2 Green and fumbling around with the Tunnel Axe, he accidently makes the train tracks on his helmet go askew when he tries to get up!
  • The fact Wagon is trying to help Right in his duel...with an oversized fork. And when Conducter tries to dissuade the female robot from "helping", she butt-checks him away!
  • Hikari drives through a tunnel while the MOTW is standing on top of his train with his swords up, breaking his swords. The monster's reaction:
    MOTW: *staring at the broken swords* Uhhhhhh...
    • Keep in mind, this was as the soundtrack was swelling up, with the implication that the MOTW and Right were about to have a Single-Stroke Battle. As soon as they hit the tunnel, the music just stops.
  • Wagon lampshading the difference between Tokacchi and Kagura's actor's ages (a difference of 11 years). Tokacchi looked quite offended.
  • When Saber Shadow accuses the team of being cowards and not dueling the Kuros all surround them and point. Right and Kagura both turn to the camera and say "...Us?" What makes this even funnier is that right after, all the Kuros in the shot nod and grunt, as if saying "Yeah, you!"
  • Right explained to Saber Shadow that they didn't know the rules of Kettogahara because they just arrived. Saber Shadow just accepts it.
  • During the mecha duel, when Saber Shadow cheats, he's called out by Kagura...and ToQ-Oh itself! You can clearly see CHEATER~!! scroll behind the team just before Right splits the trains.

Station 3: Desperate Once Convinced

  • Mio is the one who falls in the opening this time.
  • Ticket and Conductor once again are being vague with the ToQger's origins. Right, however, is more interested in whether Ticket is an actual puppet or not.
    • Brought up later in the episode where Right barges into the room where they are announcing the next station and tries to pull Ticket off Conductor's hand!
  • Wagon taking pictures of herself in all sorts of poses.
  • Hikari swinging on a swing set with some Crows during a battle.
  • The Rainbow Rush turns into a giant pair of chain cutters to defeat Chain Shadow.
  • ToQ-Oh is trapped inside a giant coffin. How do the ToQgers escape? Right drops the front half of his Train (which is the chest of the mech) to break open the coffin. What you're left with is a very.......interesting looking form.
  • Right and Kagura's history; Kagura imagined herself as a mermaid and nearly drowned. When Right tried to rescue her, she thought she was her prince and held on to him so they both nearly drowned.

Station 4: Be Careful Not to Lose Anything

  • This time Hikari is the one that trips in the opening.
  • Tokacchi reacts the same way anyone would if they are told they can buy anything they want from a magic train pass: go on a shopping spree.
    • Then when he finds out he has to pay it all back later, he trips and tries to return everything.
  • After Tokacchi loses his pass, the conductor refuses to let Tokacchi on despite Wagon telling them that the next stop has a monster. Right decides the most rational way to fix this is... to rip off the boarding station.
  • The MOTW lampshading that for a Sentai whose name is "Express" (Tokkyuu is abbreviation of the Japanese word for "special express"), two of the members are late.
  • After the MOTW shows some Genre Savvy and gets out of there, Tokacchi and Mio have to follow on a bus. On the bus, there is no one else but an elderly couple sharing an orange. Mio even lampshades how the atmosphere kills the tension.
  • Turns out Tokacchi's pass was on the Rainbow Line the entire time. Mio wasn't amused.
  • Conductor and Ticket yelling at the ToQgers to look out as they look at their fight against Stove Shadow... seconds before they got it. And into the screen.
  • After Right basically tanks a barrage of hot coals, he tells Stove Shadow that he'd hit himself with a few more of them. Stove Shadow, believing him, tries it out on himself, i.e. hits himself with his own hot coal attack. It goes about as well as you would expect.
  • Once again, the Rainbow Rush's finisher. They basically defeat it with a giant rubber-band snap gag.
  • The summoning of the Shield Express. It smacks ToQ-Oh in the face on entry.
  • When Ticket literally came out of Right's control panel to give him the Shield Express, Right is absolutely dumbfounded on how he did that. Causing him to forget they were pinned by two mecha.
  • When cleaning the trains to pay back their debts on their rainbow passes, Tokacchi accidentally falls on Mio causing Wagon to think Tokacchi and Mio had an Accidental Kiss.

Station 5: Beyond the Vanishing Tracks

  • Kagura falls in the opening this time.
  • While using the Car Carrier Express to get into the Shadow Station, Conductor tells the ToQgers to imagine jumping there. Right over imagines and ends up flying into the Mountains.
  • Right taunting Bucket Shadow with a piece of grilled fish after tying him up. He then tries to eat the fish through his helmet only to realize he needs to transform back. For the next minute or so Right sits there waving the fish in his face and eating it.
  • The Rainbow Rush. The ToQgers shoot out a giant fish to eat Bucket Shadow!
  • After Conductor and Ticket tell the team there are Lost Support Trains out there that they need to find, Right mentions seeing something in the woods that looked like a Train but left it there. Cue the team yelling at him which carries over to the train corner where he tries to take attention off himself.
  • After Right eats the last food of the people that found him, he tries to cheer them up with his usual method, instead he just makes them hungrier.

Station 6: What Are We Looking For?

  • When Right tries to lead the way to the Support Ressha, he leads them in a circle. When Right discovers Schwartz, Schwartz assumes Right was doing it on purpose. Right just goes with it, which Tokacchi and Kagura buy. Hikari and Mio know that Right just forgot.
  • Right and Tokacchi decide which of the ToQgers is which leader. Hikari is the shadow leader, Tokacchi is the support leader, Mio is the Pushy/Meddlesome/Bothersome leader, Kagura is the imagination leader and Right is the bentou (lunch) leader.
    • And then Mio overhears them, you can just sense Right and Tokacchi getting scare out of their minds. Or their Oh, Crap! faces when she realizes that she's the Pushy/Meddlesome/Bothersome leader.
    • Mio is so mad that when she slams onto a table, the train shakes and Right and Tokacchi run the hell away.

Station 8: Explosion on the Rainbow Line

  • Wagon tying Tokacchi up to ensure he doesn't fall. She goes overboard and ties an unneeded ribbon around his head that stays on even after he transforms!
  • After Right kills the MOTW with one kick, everyone is just thinking did it just end. Right even wonders if he was working out.
  • The Conductor did not noticed he took Ticket off his hand AND swiped his sweat off using front of Hikari.

Station 9: Love is a One Way Ticket

  • For some reason Mio's Tsundere shtick goes straight into No Social Skills territory, when she has to return Toru's wallet and forces herself to ask him out... on a duel. Not a date. Totally not a date. I mean it sounded like ransom demands for chrissakes.
  • The Rainbow Rush for this episode turns out to be a gift box, which opens up to reveal a giant onigiri (or rice ball) which then crushes the MOTW.

Station 10: Tokatchi Dies at Sunset

  • The Rainbow Rush this time around first generates a sheet of paper that sticks to Type Shadow's body, then a calligraphy pen writes out "The Shadow Monster's End" as Type Shadow's "title". Considering how Type Shadow abhorred how boring it was earlier, it is very fitting, and Type Shadow is then bonked on the head by the inkstone hard enough for stars to float around him, which is rather fitting of his Wing Ding Eyes.

Station 11: The Emperor of Darkness

  • The entire beginning of the episode, when the ToQgers are at an amusement park. Highlights include Kagura being in a haunted house ride. Her fear causes her to nearly destroy the attraction. Or when they are on a ride that is very high. Hikari's face when he looks down shows that yes, he is scared of heights.

Station 12: Rainbow Commuter Pass

  • Lamp Shadow successfully breaks the team up, making four of them take regular jobs, so Right has to talk them out of it. And Hikari is in this government lab doing elaborate experiments, so how does Right manage to reach him? By volunteering for the experiment. You can pretty much see where it's going before the high-pressure water starts up.
  • When Right meets Lamp Shadow, Lamp Shadow tells Right to take a seat or he won't tell Right what he did to Right's friends. Right sits like a kids as a result.
  • When Lamp Shadow tries to explain the oddities of the situation. He first starts by asking Right, how he is different. Right just says he is a Shadow monster. Lamp Shadow just attacked him for his stupidity.
  • Z sets up a disco ball in their headquarters. And has the hammiest entrance possible for a Sentai villain ever.
  • A smaller one, but while Gritta is away from the Shadow Line, she is sitting on a tram wondering what to do with herself, where a kid can be seen pointing at her, and the kid's mother obviously trying to get her to stop making a scene.
  • When Z tries to met Right, the Shadow Line tells Right to get behind the black line. Right is confused which side is behind.
  • Lamp Shadow's Rainbow Rush involves a giant fire bucket... that dumps smaller fire buckets all over him. Lamp Shadow complains that he doesn't get it just as he goes boom.

Station 13: Run Fire Extinguisher

  • Everyone mistaking the Fire Ressha as the Extinguisher Ressha.
  • Right forgetting to put out the fires while in Diesel-Oh.

Station 14: Lost Cop, Great Detective

  • The ToQgers, minus Hikari, are arrested by a Dirty Cop as soon as they set foot in the new town.
  • Hikari plays detective with Conductor as the boss. Ticket doesn't understand any of it.
  • During Hikari's first battle against Vacuum Shadow (the MOTW) as he is trying to chase the MOTW, he told the MOTW to wait for him. The MOTW told him back what kind of thief would wait just so he can get caught.
    • It happened again when all 5 ToQgers are battling against him.
  • The MOTW throw a box towards the ToQger, Right ducks from it.....and the box ends up hitting the unprepared Tokacchi right in the face.
    • The MOTW throws more boxes towards them, and it ends up burying Kagura in a hilarious cartoon-ish way.
  • Right confessing to the robberies for food. Cue simultaneous "heyyy" from Tokacchi, Mio and Kagura.
  • The Rainbow Rush attack in this episode is a Shiny Fish Sushi Platter. The MOTW asked if he's really getting beaten by small fishes slapping him. Then the platter smacks his head....and he says "okay" in a flat tone.

ToQger vs. Kamen Rider Gaim: Spring Gattai Special

  • The first meeting between the ToQgers and Gaim.
  • Right follows Kouta and an Inves into Helheim. The first thing he tries to do is eat the fruit!
    • It’s even funnier, as generally most people that try to eat the fruit are in a trance. Right is just Right.
    • Less funny when you remember what happens to those that eat one of Helheim's fruits...
  • Kagura dragging Mio and Mai off to try Charamant after learning they have better food. Bandou falls to the ground depressed after hearing that and Tokacchi falls with him when Mio stick him with the tab.
  • The second fight with the Lion Inves has the ToQgers lining up in their normal train form and pushing the inves out the mall!
  • The Lion Inves running away from the ToQBlaster attack. You can almost hear the Benny Hill music playing in the background!
  • The Rainbow Rush against the mole monster. They turn it into a giant Whack-a-Mole game.
    • And returning with another Running Gag, when the mole asks who's idea it was, Kagura admits that she has no idea.
  • The fight between ToQ-Oh and the giant Lion Invess happens right outside Takatora's office and he doesn't notice any of it. He even thinks his employee who calls him about it is losing his mind.
  • After Right tells the group of Kouta's plan to keep Mai away from Zawame City, they huddle up to make a plan to keep Mai interested and on the train..... Which is sent straight to hell as Wagon tells Mai, in five seconds.
  • At the end, Right is pushed aside by Tokacchi when they are buying lunch, which could be seen as a form of revenge as Right generally does that to Tokacchi.
  • This exchange with Right and the Armored Riders:
    Right: Good luck, Banana Guy!
    Baron: Wha- THAT'S BARON!
    Mogura-Roid: But you're a banana!
    Baron: It's Baron.
    Ryugen: You are a banana, though!
  • Mio's reaction to Kamen Rider V3, specifically the fact that he's not named "Kamen Rider Sango".

Station 17: The Sky After the Rain

Station 18: And What Do We Call You?

  • What should have been a serious moment when Right is kidnapped (deliberately this time) goes straight into this when the Kurainer finally pulls out of the scene, leaving one Kuro still standing around, forced to run after his ride.
  • Right's plan to get the ring off of his head is genius and funny at the same time. He says that he remembered "his real name isn't Right", and Ring Shadow's response to this is just hilarious.

Station 19: Now Departing! Build-Dai-Oh

  • Right tries to change colors with Akira. It doesn't work. For bonus funny, before he notices that the change didn't work he actually spouts Akira's "place to die" Catchphrase.
  • Kagura tries to use the rails on Rail Saber to immobilize the enemies. Next, we see her being pulled around by them.
  • Right before this, we see Tokacchi losing the rails on his visor. His reaction mirrors Blind Without Them.

Station 20: Smiling is Dangerous

  • All of the boys in drag (Right as a ballerina with a blond wig, Tokacchi in a blue qipao, and Hikari as a cat maid). The Conductor even gets in on the action by transforming into a mantis! Followed up by Right saying, "I love you, my boyfriend! I love you."
  • The "disco" Kuro.
  • The sumo wrestlers in the background while Right and the MOTW are fighting. It eventually turns into the wrestlers doing a Latin dance.
  • The conductor calling Hikari "sweetie" and basically speaking to him with an "effeminate" voice.
  • Even without the context from manzai, the Rangers training their Dope Slap with punching bags is worth a chuckle. Failing that, there's the Conductor joining them by punching away on the heavy bag with Ticket still on his hand.
  • Their "failed" roll call finisher. Too bad it didn't make MOTW and the Kurous laughed because their usual one is funnier.
  • Akira's "death requiem" being played on a recorder. Why? Because he lost his harmonica.
  • The ToQger version of Color Failure and Corner of Woe: Right gives his train to Kagura, which turns him white. Topping it off, the announcer didn't miss a beat with this.
  • The one Kurous in a schoolgirl outfit who stalked Right in the Corner of Woe sequence.
    • This brought Right out of his stupor to slash it away... only to continue moping.
  • Akira starts laughing during the robot transformation and entire giant battle sequence. His robot starts bouncing up and down! Turns out he was laughing because of a cat.
  • When a girl came and claims back the cat from Akira, he started crying because he loves cats. Moments later, he act like his usual pessimist attitude.

Station 21: The Runaway Bride

  • Even with the Evolving Credits and all, you know ToQ-6 isn't really part of the team until he's also shown toppling over in the OP. By which we mean he takes a rather nasty nosedive.
  • How does Wagon solve the "Freaky Friday" Flip problem? Simply make headbands for all three guys with their souls' real faces on them! (And by 'real faces' we mean simplistic manga renditions of them.)
    • And for our convenience, the ToQgers transform with the headbands already sitting over their helmets. And Akira/ToQ-6 somehow has his maintenance line hardhat on top of his helmet.
  • Tokacchi's use of Politeness Judo to attack the Soap Monster was funny.

Station 22: Birth of the Empress

  • In the opening EVERYONE falls this time.

Station 23: United Hand in Hand

  • Ticket calls the new mech all six Tokkyuger pilot "Chou Chou Tokkyu-Oh", when Akira tells them "NO~!" and gives their mech the new name of "Chou Chou Tokkyu Dai-Oh".
    • Ticket promptly make correction announcement afterwards. It even displayed on the cockpit digital signage.
  • When everyone bar Right manages to get back onto their train, they come across the Conductor and Ticket wrestling on the floor with a Kuro. Meanwhile Wagon is basically standing over them basically "Whipping" the kuro with the rope....That Came Out Wrong.

Station 24: Pass the Junction

  • When the Toqgers realize they can only remained transformed for 30 seconds Hikari comes up with a plan to combine that time for one of them leading to
    Right: I get it... One person, for thirty seconds, five times... 100 seconds!
    Mio: 150 seconds!
    Right: *immediately* 150 seconds!

Station 25: Right Out of a Fairy Tale

  • The Emperor (from The Emperor's New Clothes) appearing. His plan? To take off his shirt and sit there fanning himself complaining it's too hot. Also the fact that said Emperor pretty much keeps his pants on the entire episode.
  • Hikari calls for the Tank Ressha during their battle with the enlarged monster, only for Akira to jump in front and steal the arms for himself. The expression of the Toqgers can best be described as "WTF."
  • Akira walking away mid-battle. Then appearing at the end to congratulate himself on a job well done. Cue Face Palm from the core five.
  • At the end of the episode, Tokacchi is working up the courage to tell Mio something, only for a giant firework to distract them. Cue Akira standing there wielding a giant cannon and setting them off. Tokacchi then loses his glasses as a result!

Station 26: The Fire that Started in the Bathhouse

  • Kagura busting Akira outside the bathhouse. Akira's reaction is basically Caught with Your Pants Down.
  • Tokacchi and Hikari walking up with towels wrapped around their midsections. Akira then comes up behind them and proceeds to Ass Shove the two of them with his lightsticks, causing the towels to drop. (They managed to keep it G-rated)
    • In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it-moment, take a close look at Akira when Right comes in. His eyes happen to drop towards Right's crotch...
  • Right getting clotheslined by Akira.
  • Hell, the entire bathhouse sequence from beginning to end. Starting with the towel drop.
  • Tokacchi's inability to chug down a coffee milk.
  • The team using their change ability as a gimmick
  • Kagura's solution to the bathhouse's woes: use Akira's ressha to move the bathhouse...literally.
  • Coin Shadow's use of Politeness Judo crossing with Badass Boast.
  • Kagura's Insane Troll Logic to work out how to defeat an enlarged Coin Shadow. (She takes a comment from Akira about the darkness pool acting like heat exhaustion literally)

Station 27: A New Power

  • The team wanting to be looked after at the end. This extends through to even the Conductor and Ticket.

Station 28: Uncool but Cool

  • At multiple times we have a cutaway to Akira running like hell shouting at the top of his lungs
  • Hikari finally gets Tokacchi to admit that he has a crush on Mio. Tokacchi's reaction to being caught out is to basically run away, only to realise that he's running on thin air cartoon-style before falling down a hill.
  • What's Wagon's solution to fighting Right without holding back? Why to think of the things they've always wanted to yell at him and let their feelings of anger out.
    • Tokacchi (after remembering a time where Right accidentally squirted milk in his face and laughing afterwards) "Why'd it have to be milk?!"
    • Hikari (after remembering a time where Right ruined his favorite toy) "That's my favorite Kendama!"
    • Mio and Kagura (after remembering a time where Right once got out of the shower in nothing but his underwear and exposed himself to the two) "Put some clothes on!"

Station 30

  • Kagura does her "I am strong!" thing with baking! "I'm a patissier! I'm a patissier! I'm a patissier! SWEETS GIIIIIIIIIRL!" And then the results look delicious, but when they taste them:
    Right: Are you sure this is cake?
    Akira: This is where I will die.
    • Doubly funnier in meta since the final episode of Gaim (where this was partnered) had a heavy dose of Oren.
  • The monster's whole MO. He zaps you with wigs. With birds' nests on top. With a bird inside. You have to take care of the bird because if it dies, you die. What. Even the other villains didn't think much of Madame Noire's scheme.
  • When Kagura activates the Hyper Ressha Armor, Mio rushes up to her side, and the armor attaches to them both. They spend the rest of the battle (mecha portion included) stuck together!
  • The boy's reaction when Wagon showed them roast chicken at the end. They loss their appetite and remembered their temporary beloved chicks
  • The fact that the chickens can catch up with the train in terms of speed.

Station 31

  • It's because of that the Ressha are having a cleanup at the Terminal, the ToQger took another way of transportation... The ToQBus. Every moment involving it.
    • Nero's Aside Glance to the audience about them riding a bus despite being Train themed while Akira trying to park it as a Funny Background Event.
    • The Table Monster flipping the ToQBus over with his ability to flip tables over, even though Kagura points out how can that be possible!
    • Oh ToQBus, Akira hardly knew ye.
    Akira: Oh bus... This is the place you die?
  • The Chair Shadow's attack to make the ToQ-Oh sit on him to shock it. How did the ToQGer counter it? By activating Cho ToQ-Oh so it is too big for the Shadow to take!

Station 34

  • Mio declares Akira as her boyfriend, which leads into a Funny Background Event as Tokacchi faints upon hearing that and the others carry him off.
  • Tokacchi ends up Biting the Handkerchief when he sees Akira come out all gussied up for his and Mio's date.
  • Every moment for Mio and Akira's date. Akira had no delicacy and Mio just sighed by his attitude. Furthermore, Akira do things so bluntly without shame.
  • The fact that Mio's Stalker with a Crush, after an Accidental Kiss, ends up crushing on Akira!

Station 35

  • Despite the seriousness of their finalist mech (ToQRainbow), the Yellow Ressha, Pink Ressha, Fire Ressha and Police Ressha's placements are rather funny looking.
    • The Shadow Line's reaction to it forming. There's a moment with zero background music at all. Just the Shadow Line standing there looking up at the towering behemoth. Even if they lack real facial expressions, you can tell they're thinking 'well, we are so screwed.'
      • Translations reveal that it was more that they like some of the fans, felt that ToQRainbow's transformation was underwhelming for a final mecha transformation!
      Morc: It stood up...
      Nero: That's it?
    • Hikari on the other hand thinks they're overdoing it.
  • When the President enters the train, there's a bit of confusion over how to define him. Kagura states he's a bunny, the conductor corrects her stating he's a rabbit and then the president proceeds to make a "choking" motion behind the conductor, with the conductor pulling this HILARIOUS expression as a result.
    • He then continues to do it to the conductor several more times, each time with the same reaction.
  • Partway through his battle with Schwarz, Akira gets a phone call from the conductor and Ticket. While the Conductor is being his usual hammy self Schwarz actually pauses the battle for a sec so Akira can take the call.
    • Akira then keeps getting calls mid-battle, before he finally powers down in front of Schwarz. Schwarz's expression can best be described as "WTF."

Station 42

  • Tokacchi and Mio's reactions when she suggests that he likes her, complete with a mutual Luminescent Blush.
  • The Rainbow Line Maintenance Crew band (played by the actual band that sings the ToQGer theme song) prepares to introduce the Everybody's Train Corner... and then the lead singer walks off because he doesn't sing the ending theme, prompting a mass Face Fault. note 
  • Akira at the beginning of the episode, showing up in a gold lame robe only for him to strip it and start dancing around in an Elvis-esque outfit.

Final Station

  • Right asking the president to take off his hat but the latter said it can't and change the topic.

Hyper Battle DVD

  • Ticket gets stuck onto Akira, Right's final solution? Blast him with the Renketsu Bazooka!
    • Not to mention beforehand, Ticket couldn't breathe because Right puts on too much soap just to pull him off.
  • Kaniros showing up to his duel with Ticket... on Schwarz's hand.
    • Fridge Logic makes this scene even funnier once it sets in that the probably only reason that Schwarz is participating in this madness at all is because Kaniros must be his superior officer.
  • When Ticket proclaims that, since he's on Akira's hand, he's ToQ 6. Right's response? Just continue eating his bento.

Ressha Sentai ToQger: The Movie - Galaxy Line SOS

  • The trailer for the movie reveals that the ToQgers can slot the five (Lion, Eagle, Wildcat, Crocodile and Panda) Safari Ressha into their ToQChangers for movie-exclusive transformations.

They Went and Came Back: Ressha Sentai ToQger - The Super ToQ #7 of Dreams

  • It is revealed that the kids can still transform into the ToQgers.....while retaining the same child-size appearance!
    • Right mentioned that they are still not used to fight as a child. The next time we see them in the crossover movie with Ninninger, they show up in their adult form instead.
  • The kid Raito actually kicking ToQ #7 in the shin after thinking he had something to do with Akira's disappearance. None of the kid ToQgers are aware it's the Conductor in that suit.
  • After forming Chou Chou ToQ-DaiOh, nobody can agree who should be piloting it for the fight, the older ToQgers or the younger ToQgers. Akira is happy he doesn't have to deal with that sort of mess... then Wagon proceeds to sit down in his control console with him.
  • It takes a grand total of a minute nineteen seconds for all 12 ToQgers to transform to fight the last battle.
  • Speaking of the final battle, it has its moments:
    • Akira calls out the name of the Yudo Breaker classic-Sentai style... and then proceeds to toss it off to the side.
    • ToQ #7 knocks one of the Crows on the head telling him to "get his act together". The Crow then apologizes and leaves.
  • Tank Top Shadow being awfully defensive of his namesake when the child Right calls him a running shirt.
  • Baron Nero initiating Sentai-esque rollcall of his own for the resurrected Shadow Line... And being the ONLY ONE of the four to do a pose. Both Madame Noire and Marchioness Morc refuse to join in, Madame Noire actually TURNING AWAY IN SHEER EMBARRASSMENT. General Schwarz actually does join in, albeit with no pose and a very deadpan conviction.

Ressha Sentai ToQger Vs Kyoryuger The Movie

  • Kyoryugers' reaction when they realized the ToQgers are actually children. Especially Ian's, when seeing Mio and Kagura.
    Ian: You two are still pretty alright.....but not my type.
  • The ToQgers literally get blown back by the explosions caused by Kyoryuger post morph roll-call.
  • The Rainbow President tries to give ghost Torin a high-five after Tokkyuger and Kyoryuger won but since Torin is, well, a ghost, his hand goes right through him with comical sound effects.
  • Baron Nero once again tries to initiate a Shadow Line Roll Call, only this time he's completely ignored by everyone around him.

Meta and Out-Of-Canon

  • The reveal that the combination of ToQ-Oh, Diesel-Oh, and BuilDaiOh will be named "Cho Cho ToQDaiOh." Granted it's a way of saying that it's even more super with ToQ#6's support, but with the train theme this year, it just comes off as humorous.
  • During a team-up stage show with the Kyoryugers, Ian calls Hikari "green boy" like he used to call Souji. Souji simply tells Hikari "he'll get used to it".
  • Whenever the ToQgers have a crossover with other Sentai team and it is revealed they are literally a bunch of kids.

Alternative Title(s): Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger


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