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Trivia / Ressha Sentai ToQger

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General Trivia:

  • This is the second season (the first was Choujuu Sentai Liveman) in which the rangers don't directly kill off ANY of the major villains, and one of the few with none of the major villains growing giant sized.
  • ToQger Returns marks Fumie Arakawa's director debut and her as the first female to direct a Super Sentai work.

Trope-Related Trivia

  • Dawson Casting: The show establishes that the ToQgers are approximately the same age, having been in the same class and all; which makes it kind of funny that Jin Hiramaki (Tokatti) is 27, which would make him 11 years older than the youngest cast member Moritaka Ai (Kagura).
    • Minor example would be Riria (Mio), who is turning 21, while the rest of the team (sans the above mentioned) are in their late teens.
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    • The age difference between Tokatti's and Kagura's actors was given a major lampshade by Wagon in #2.
    • Hilarious in Hindsight:Turns out it's way more apparent as the core 5 are technically kids!
    • Turns out the kids are Dawson Cast too. The Returns V Cinema released in 2015 was set in 2017, and the 10 year old child actors played their real ages in that. In the series, they were one year younger but playing three years younger, as the series aired in 2014.
  • Fan Nickname: Rainbow Ideon for ToQOh, both have Vertical Mecha Fins.
    • Rainbow Bright/Brite for Akira due to his new name loosely translating to that of the 80's cartoon character.
    • The series in general is usually referred to as "Power Traingers". The term is often used by fans hoping to see a Power Rangers adaptation of the show.
  • I Knew It!: Many fans predicted that the Rangers were still kids taking the form of adults.
  • Name's the Same: Get used to calling the red and blue ToQgers Ichigo and Nigo note . When said Riders as well as Kamen Rider V3 meet the ToQgers in the Gaim crossover special, Mio even brings up the fact that V3 isn't called "Sango" note  like she is. As it turns out, Sango would come later.
    • The ToQ Changer has the title of Transformation Brace, which was previously given to the Shift Changer used by Go-On Green and Black.
    • The Shadow Line emperor's name is Z, just like Doctor Z from Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger.
    • As it's pronounced 'zed,' comparisons to a slightly more well-known (in America, anyway) lord named Zedd have been mentioned.
    • Especially since Gritta is going to be his bride. Rita and Zedd, Gritta and Zed!
  • No Export for You: Became the second Sentai (After Go-Busters) in the Saban Brands era of Power Rangers to be skipped in favor of adapting Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. Although this might be subverted eventually, since Go-Busters later got adapted as Power Rangers: Beast Morphers.
  • Playing Against Type: Sion/TimeGreen as the Monster of the Week anyone?

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