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Heartwarming / Ressha Sentai ToQger

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Considering the overarching themes of True Companions and imagination, it's no surprise that this Sentai has more than its fair share of Heartwarming moments to go around.

In-Series Examples

Starting Station: Let's Go on the Express Train
  • The smiles on everyone's faces when Right realizes that they are his old friends.
    • Kagura's hug. Really makes it feel like someone who is seeing a dear old friend after a long time.

Station 3: Desperate Once Convinced

  • Inside the coffin, even though the children are terrified, Kagura doesn't once stop trying to keep their hopes up.
  • Right and Kagura remembering their town being by the sea. And afterwards, they transfer and work together to deliver an epic ass-whooping to Chain Shadow. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome, too.

Station 4: Be Careful Not to Lose Anything

  • Mio willingly went everywhere with Tokacchi so he wouldn't be left behind. She definitely deserves to be called the Team Mom.
  • Mio and Tokacchi trying to cheer the other up, when they both felt unworthy of being a ToQger.

Station 6: What Are We Looking For?

  • Tokacchi was able to understand what Right was thinking just by looking at his face.
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  • When Tokacchi feels that he's just not meant to be a leader, just support. Right counters that Tokacchi is a leader, because if they have a shadow leader (Hikari), they can have a support leader. Everyone has a part to play and whoever can do their part at the right time is the leader. So that makes them all leaders. They later laugh and joke about it aboard the Rainbow Line.

Station 8: Explosion on the Rainbow Line

  • Tokacchi telling Wagon and the others to leave him if something happened. Even though he was in danger his first and primary concern was his friends.
  • Right talking to Diesel Ressha, telling it that as soon as he heard that it was the oldest train, he kind of thought of it as the "grandpa" train of the whole Line. He then tells it "You're not done yet though... right?"
    • Soon after, the ancient Ressha starts up just as it's needed. According to Right, each Ressha has its own personality, and Mio adds that the old timer will come when they need it from here on out.
    • Right finally managing to start the Diesel Ressha, all because his friends were in danger.

Ressha Sentai ToQger vs Kamen Rider Gaim: Spring Break Special

  • The fact the ToQgers got along with Gaim right away. Usually for both Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, when two different protagonists meet, it takes a while for them to work together. Instead Mai and Kouta becomes friends with the ToQgers near-instantly.
  • Even after Kouta and Ticket told Right that he shouldn't help out, since it isn't his job, Right just decides that he can't look away from trouble no matter what. It's enough for Kouta to start smiling again, knowing that are good people like him out there.
  • For a while Michy, Kouta, and Kaito were all willing to work together for Mai's sake.
  • Kouta's attempts to have Mai leave the city show he is willing to go through the pain of never seeing her again just so that she'll be safe. It gets even sweeter when it's shown that he trusts the ToQgers to keep her safe.

Station 12: Rainbow Commuter Pass

Station 19: All Aboard! Build Dai-Oh!

  • The whole episode is a big one for Tokacchi.
    • First we have him trying to help Akira get along with the team better.
    • Also, he remembers being the lonely new kid right before Right and the others brought him out of his shell.
    • And the biggest one: Tokacchi going berserk because of the thought of losing his friends, saying how important they are to him.

Station 20

Station 24

  • Despite it being a possible suicide mission since their powers are greatly crippled, the ToQgers willingly try and get the Rainbow Line into Shadow Line territory just to free their home.

Station 25

  • Tokacchi using the memory of his big brother (as Ryou Knight) to help him overcome his difficulties in battle.
  • Mio taking care of Tokacchi at the beginning of the episode and cheering him up at the end.

Station 26

  • Akira and Kagura in particular willing to help out a bathhouse for no particular reason other than that they can.

Station 30

  • Kagura going to hell and back to bake a cake for Mio's birthday.
    • Also the fact that Mio ends up loving it and Kagura's efforts, not caring that the cake got ruined when the MOTW attacked Kagura.
    • The men all end up bonding surprisingly well with the chicks stuck on their heads.

Station 32

  • The ToQgers singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."
    • As well as Z singing the same tune, oddly enough.

Station 36 The A+ Dream

  • Upon arrival in the next town, Hikari remembers someone who may be able to give them a clue to where their town was. The look of hope on the team's face is simply adorable.
    • Later in the episode, when the Shadow is about to target Sakura, Hikari goes Hyper and states he will protect her.

Station 39: Beginning of the End

  • At the end, the ToQgers swear to find Akira, who has gone AWOL, and Wagon is seen placing his left-behind hardhat atop one of the Christmas trees on the train. If there was any doubt that they cared about Akira, let this moment dispel it.

Station 41 The Christmas Battle

  • Akira sees that the core ToQger's hometown is about to sink away and he dives in to save it. He fails, but when he gets out, all the Toqgers immediately crowd and hug him, clearly overjoyed to see him alive. He even asks why and they straight up tell him so. He's not an initial member of their circle, but they damn sure treat him like one.
  • At the end of the episode, the team are lighting candles. Tokacchi and Mio present two candles to the audience, explaining that one is for Schwarz, while the other is for Grita. It's a touching gesture given the way Schwarz treated them previously.

Station 42: Words for You

  • Tokacchi and Mio throughout the episode. We see that Mio has been holding back her feelings up until now and the whole thing was about to boil over. Thanks to Tokacchi, she could let it out and relax a bit more.
    • Mio's realization that Tokacchi is in love with her and it is hinted that she likes him back. The sweetest thing is that they are technically children and they are experiencing first love.

Station 45

  • Subarugahama is finally back, and the ToQgers are happily playing on the beach, obviously happy to be home.
  • While Right wasn't able to return with them, seeing the ToQgers reuniting with their families after the whole season was still sweet.

Station 46: Final Destination

  • The ToQgers remembering Right thanks to Wagon's plan to leave photos of their time as adults at the Secret Base. And they use those photos to make new passes for the train, allowing them to rush to Right in his time of need.

Terminal Station: The Shining Ones

  • Akira finally making peace with his past:
    Nero: This time I will crush you, and that rail as well!
    Akira: Not happening. This rail is...
    Nero: Another place for you to die?
    Akira: Nope. The Rainbow Line is where I live.
  • When the rest of the ToQgers finally catch up to Right, they tell him that they refuse to forget both him and their time as ToQgers, even if it means they can never live with their families again. Right is touched to the point of crying, prompting the rest of them to surround him in a Group Hug.
  • The ToQgers were ready to leave behind their homes forever as they didn't want to lose their memories of being ToQgers, but the Rainbow Line President revealed that they didn't have to, since their families were able to recognize them as adults, and that they received the letters the group sent to them during New Year's. Even Right, who thought that he wouldn't be able to turn back to a child, nor that his family would able to recognize him after his exposure to darkness, gets a happy ending as his family recognizes him and he, along with the other ToQgers, are able to turn back into children and go back to their normal lives while still keeping their memories as ToQgers.
  • The final scene, of the young Toqgers interacting with their older selves at the secret base.

Ressha Sentai ToQger Returns: Super ToQ7gou of Dreams

  • As a send off to longtime suit actor Yoshifumi Oshikawa (ToQ 1gou, Kyoryu Red, Red Buster, Gokai Blue), he cameoed during the ending credits in a photo with the ToQgers.
  • All of the now-adult ToQgers learning that they can regain their imagination, no matter what age they are, is incredibly inspiring and heartwarming.
  • The reveal that even though they could no longer see him (temporarily), Akira had been following the ToQgers around for the past ten years, looking after them from the sidelines. It's really driven home as Right realises just who threw him out of Hei's line of fire at the beginning of the movie! Also, he looks exactly the same, apparently subverting Tank Top Shadow's fear of him growing old. But either way, their reunion is truly a glorious sight to see.
  • Adult!Right fooling around with Child!Right as the latter attempts to get his Ressha back from the former. Seeing the grown-up Right happily rolling through the grass and playing around with his younger self really drives home how happy he is after he finally managed to reclaim his imagination.
  • The group bumps into Gritta again in the past, and she's still as nice as ever. Plus she reveals that she's the one who saved the group by pulling them into the past.
  • The child!ToQgers getting Akira to remember them. Not once do they give up their "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight until Akira remembers after seeing a rainbow, reminding him what he swore to defend.
    • Afterwards, Tank Top Shadow takes an attack for Akira, dying in his arms just to keep him safe. Perhaps more heartwarming is the reveal that he somehow lives on at the end.
  • Then after the kids have their graduation ceremony, they meet Akira at the secret base and hands him his own diploma. They declare that no matter what happens, they'll always be a team and a group of friends. Akira is moved to tears at this, and the group seals the deal with a pinky swear.

Meta Examples

  • This series can be seen as one of the first in Sentai history with True Companions as a recurring theme, since the five ToQgers are childhood friends and literally combat darkness with the The Power of Friendship and imagination.
    • Seconded. Considering how the previous Sentai gained infamy with its almost-exclusive focus on one Ranger, the fact that all of them show off what great teammates and friends they are is quite welcome.
      • Seriously, the very concept that the To Q Gers are childhood friends that literally fight the forces of darkness with the The Power of Friendship and imagination is enough to warm the hearts of many fans young and old.
  • The imagination theme could also be seen as this. With Japanese schools focusing more on memory, it feels nice that someone thought that kids should have at least some measure of creativity.

Alternative Title(s): Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger