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  • #1 shows that Gabutyra is a big softie. Why didn't he activate the Gaburevolver of Daigo, badass extraordinaire? Because he didn't want the human to get hurt fighting the Deboss.
  • #2 shows us Nobuharu's family and his devotion to them, keeping his identity a secret to protect them. However as a consequence, he fears that his strength isn't enough to do the job. Daigo tells him that the only one that doesn't trust his strength is him. This is backed by his niece Rika, who proudly says that she likes Kyoryu Blue. This gives him the confidence he needs to push back the MotW.
    • Nobuharu views a previous incident as "Because of me, Rika got hurt." His partner Stegochi reveals to Daigo that he views it differently- because of Nobuharu, Rika didn't get killed.
    • Before that, Daigo carves a dinosaur head out of wood for the kids.
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  • #3 has Souji's relation with his father. While they were bickering through the whole episode, they got everything right by the ending. Seeing Souji's own fighting style being praised by his strict father was nice.
  • #4 gives us the true formation of the team, with Ian's promise to Daigo, and the latter's response.
    Ian: If you die, i'll kill you Mr. King.
    Daigo: We're a Sentai now. If we die, we'll all die together, but that's not happening anyway!
  • #5 Souji and Ian's developing teamwork as the episode goes on. To wit, Ian starts out by calling Souji "Green Boy", a play on both his color and a snarky way of calling him a rookie. But when Souji finds out that the reason Ian put him in so many dangerous situations because he knew he could handle it, that cements the two's bond. At the end, Ian's switched to just "Boy".
    Souji: So i'm just "Boy" now? It's an improvement.
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  • #6 Amy fighting her hardest for Ramirez, noting that he looks young for someone that died of natural causes, thus deducing that he fell in battle. Her feats of battle prowess combined with her determination wins over the elder Kyoryuger who winks and shakes her hand before saying his goodbyes.
    Ramirez: I'll see you all again. friends...See you, Powerful Lady.
    Amy: *smiling* See you.
  • #8 Is a huge one for Nobuharu, as the episode deals with overcoming the grief of losing a loved one. The Debo monster's power focuses on casting illusions of the dead returning to taunt their loved ones. As his sister Yuko falls for the trap after seeing the illusion of her dead husband, he finds his little niece Rika is immune because she has already overcome the grief of her father dying. He tries many times to convince his sister that her husband is truly dead and that the man she sees is simply an illusion, but to no avail. Nobuharu resorts to telling a ton of "old man jokes" , the ones Yuko's husband loved to get her to snap out of it and break the illusion. Naturally, it works and Nobuharu attacks not just on behalf of his family, but of all the people the monster manipulated in his scheme.
    • Continuing that, if you remember Yuko's first impression on Kyoryu Blue, it wasn't very nice. For a brief moment when she woke up, Yuko felt really grateful at Kyoryu Blue saving her despite her being mean to him in the past. And even after Yuko thinks that he's even worse than Nossan in jokes and ruins her thanks with the badness of the joke, she still admits that he's a hero now. Quite the improvement.
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    • The flashback to Nobuharu and his brother-in-law. Besides being the first person shown to unabashedly like Nobuharu's "old man" humor, it's obvious that the two were incredibly close friends. This really only serves to make the monster of the week using the dead man's image to torment his loved ones all the more despicable.
  • #11 has... well, everything about Amy and Utsusemimaru's friendship. Turns out that he's actually a nice, kinda dorky guy who just is worried about the Deboss using his good heart against him as they did in the past. Amy coaching him on how to interact with the others, plus his worried message to her at the end asking if he did OK... that's just adorable.
  • #12 has Utsusemimaru accepting everyone as his friend. Given that this guy feels the guilt of 99% of everyone he ever knew dying in combat, it was just great to see him smile while fighting side-by-side Daigo.
  • #13 has Souji openly admitting that his relationship with his friends is making him less cold and smiling more.
    • When there's a misunderstanding and Rin thinks Ian is mocking her, Souji tells her that Ian is too kind to intentionally hurt someone. Our green and black heroes' friendship has come a long way since episode 4...
  • #14: After Amy has been taken by the MOTW, Gentle himself starts to question whether he was pushing Amy too hard on the studying, while the remaining Kyoryugers reassure Gentle that he was just doing it for Amy's sake.
  • #15: All throughout the episode, Nobuharu's friend from high school Nakazato has been a real asshole to everyone,including Nobuharu, judging them because he thinks they have all given up on their dream. Later on, Nobuharu manages to physically and verbally call out Nakazato on his behavior and makes his friend remember why both of them have taken their career paths: So they can help people. Nakazato realizes the error of his ways and helps out Nobuharu.
  • #16: The Ian and Souji bro-train keeps on chugging as Souji encourages Ian to overcome the pain he feels over Shiro's death and help save Daigo, Amy, and Utsusemimaru. Souji also takes an opportunity to steal Shiro's memento back from Aigaron and return it to Ian, who is deeply moved.
  • #18: Tessai (Kyoryu Gray), while he didn't want to show it, helped Daigo pass his test with him, and as a result Daigo is reinstated into the team.
    • It got better with Tessai giving Daigo the Zyudenchi for Bunpachy.
  • #19: All episode long, Ucchi has been involved with a spoiled child name Yuuji who wants EVERYTHING done for him and will call on his mom and dad for just about EVERYTHING. When the MOTW has his parents and Ucchi restrained, Yuuji trips over and expects someone to help him out, Ucchi replies by telling the kid he has to do it for himself, Yuuji reluctant to do so because he knows how strong Ucchi is. Ucchi then replies that it is not true and that no one is truly born strong and that he too has weaknesses that hold him back, but he is willing to work with Yuuji to grow stronger emotionally. Yuuji eventually realizes that he can only help himself grow stronger, and mans up and stops the MOTW's attack and tosses Ucchi his morpher which he lost earlier on in the episode.
  • #20: Daigo's wish on Tanabata is for him to see his father in person, and not as some illusion as he did in #18. Just as Daigo's friends are about to be done in by the MOTW's curse, Daigo's father comes in and saves him. Daigo is overjoyed to see his father again, just as his father is to see him and hear his son be revered by the nickname "King". Just as Daigo is about to approach his father, Mr. Kiryu stops him and tells his son to continue walking the path of the dinosaurs alongside his friends.
    • Especially given that Daigo's biggest concern was whether he was really walking the path of the dinosaurs like his father encouraged him, seeing his dad tell him that he is and to continue proudly on said path is really sweet.
  • #21: When the teams meets Violet, Amy gleefully asks if he's a Spirit Ranger. Guess the first one made quite the impression on her.
    • She also was quite happy seeing Tessai in #18, instantly and gleefully recognizing him as a Spirit Ranger.
  • #23: When Plezuon is resurrected, Gabutyra replies by nuzzling him as if he was a puppy.
  • #24: Despite Amy not really liking Yayoi at first, she tries to encourage her when she can't activate the Kyoryu Violet powers.
    • By #26, Amy and Yayoi are good friends, and it seems like Amy's dislike of Yayoi is gone.
      • At the end of 27, the two even do Amy's signature "Wow!" together, confirming any misgivings between the two are in the past.
  • #26: With King out of commission, the gang has to choose a temporary leader to call the shots. Everyone immediately agrees it should be Ian, despite his own misgivings. Everyone has something positive to say about his leadership skills, and he proves their faith in them by leading them to an awesome victory in the next fight.
  • #27: Gabutyra being jealous of Pluezon is actually touched on, where it is revealed that the big guy's main wish is to fight side by side with his partner. That's EXACTLY what the +1 Battery allows him to do, letting him shrink into 'Minityra' size and give Daigo his new Super Mode, Kyoryu Red Carnival.
  • #28: Dantetsu Kiryu appears again and asks his son if he's willing to follow Torin, no matter what. Daigo doesn't even hesitate to answer that he is, which makes his father proud. Shortly after, Daigo tells Torin that he's aware he knows his dad and Torin confirms that Dantetsu is also a valued friend.
    • When Torin is taken captive by the Deboss, our heroes stop at nothing to get him back. The bond runs deep between the mentor and his warriors. Even though they're thrown by the revelation that he's born of Deboss, the fact that they don't show any signs of holding this against him speaks volumes of their trust as well.
  • #29: In an Imagine Spot, Torin tells the 5 core Kyoryugers his back story. He and Chaos were born in the depths of space to destroy planets, but the brothers were split up as Chaos traveled to the asteroid where Plezuon was whereas Torin was sent to Earth during the time of the dinosaurs. Torin felt a change of heart after witnessing Earth's nature and its dinosaurs and felt guilty that he would destroy something that could have potential to evolve into something wonderful. Ever since then, Torin grew to love the humans and the dinosaurs and has no regrets. Torin bids farewell to the Kyoryugers as he starts to fade away and that Earth is now in their hands.
    • Daigo and the 4 other core Kyoryugers bring Torin back to the Spirit Base in hopes of reviving him. They gather stones similar to the ones on Daigo's pendant and the ones Ian has been searching for. They place them on Torin and sing a song from the events of the Gaburincho of Music movie. Torin revives much to the relief of the 5 Kyoryugers.
    • After the Deboss have been defeated, Torin gives his thanks to the Kyoryugers, but is unsure if they want him back after his heritage is revealed. The Kyoryugers say otherwise and are happy to welcome Torin back to the team, saying that they will believe in him and they will stop him, should he ever get out of line again. Torin is moved to tears by their words, saying that after billions of years, Earth's beauty has not changed, nor has the brilliance of his friends. All 9 Kyoryugers and Torin walk away happily together once more. Doubles as a Tearjerker.
    • A minor one, near the start of the episode, there's a brief moment of friendship as Amy and Yayoi comfort each-other after Torin's death.
    • Another minor one is the spirits of the team's Zyudenryu dancing alongside Daigo during the Carnival Snapping Changes. It really shows how close the dinos are with humans, and vice versa.
  • #31: The end of the episode has Yuko covering a sleeping Nossan with his jacket and thanking him, and she mouths out "Kyoryu Blue".
  • #32: Daigo and Yayoi work together and pilot Plezu-Oh Ankydon in this episode. It's cute to see the two work together.
  • #33: While Ian's girlfriend Erika and Ucchii are trapped in the MOTW's pocket dimension, Erika reveals that while Ian may have many lady friends, they're all sad on the inside. Due to how Ian had lost his friend Shiro to Aigaron in the first Deboss invasion, Ian does his best to cheer up many women and help them forget about their problems. Erika then recounts to how she and Ian first met: She felt downtrodden with work and Ian showed up with a bunch of flowers and promised that whenever they do meet again, he would bring flowers to bury away any sad emotions, more specifically, red gerberas. Ucchii then realizes he had the wrong idea about Ian all along, and then Erika reveals that the reason why she came to Japan is because she found a lost Guardian Stone back in Europe, and hoped that she could make Ian cry tears of joy this time.
    • After Ucchii swears to protect Erika out of atonement, Ucchii fights off the MOTW, but is swatted away. Red gerberas then start falling from the sky, marking Ian's entrance.
    • Erika presents to Ian the Guardian Stone for Kentrospiker that she found in Germany, and much to her delight, leaves Ian in tears of joy. Ucchii then goes on to say that he was wrong about Ian and he's still not a good judge of people.
    • This episode reveals that Aigaraon has a crush on Candelillia. During the episode, he's about to enter his Superpowered Evil Side, but manages to restrain himself because the last time it happened, it frightened Candelillia and didn't want that to happen again.
  • #34: The revival of Bragigas, being cheered on by the Kyoryugers, and being given new life by the Guardians, whom he looked after like children.
    • This is shown in the gold parts of his body, which are reliefs of each fallen Guardian. Bragigas literally wears the armor of (and thus is protected by) his fallen allies.
  • #35: When Gigant Kyoryuzin appears, the people were chanting alongside the music, not giving up hope. Haruto would be proud.
  • #37: All throughout the episode, Souji has been trying to learn Torin's technique and fighting, despite Torin's refusal to teach him. At the end of the episode, after witnessing how Souji emulates Torin's technique with much effort and pain, Torin tells Souji that he can't mimic his style, because he would only just hurt himself. Torin then decides to teach Souji his style, much to the delight of the latter.
  • The lyrics to Torin's image song are about how thanks to the team he's accepted his origin and how he is finally able to enter the fight once more.
  • #38: An artist for Amy's favorite Shojo manga has her dress as one of the characters and deliver an autographed picture to a young fan. When Amy gets to the fan's house, it turns out that it's Luckyuro. However, it turns out that Luckyuro had no idea that Amy would show up. Amy in return doesn't attack and gives Luckyuro the autograph. She tells her that if the world is destroyed, then the manga couldn't continue and leaves. When the manga writer asks if she liked it, she says yes.
  • #39: After the 10 Kyoryugers successfully free Meeko from D's spell, an elated Daigo runs to her and the two hug. When Meeko says, "You saved me again," Daigo tells her that he will save her as many times as he needs to because she is his close friend.
  • #40: Nossan and his date Candelila (yes, you heard right) bonding, especially the scene where Candelila makes her own lame pun joke and Nossan laughs at it.
    • While Nossan is getting beaten left and right by the Mo TW, with Candelila (in human form) watching, Nossan tries to tell Candelila not to continue fighting alongside the Deboss and that she and Luckiero were born to make humans happy. Because of this, Candelila should grow to like humans, much like how Nossan's sister Yuuko learned to like Candelila. Just as the Mo TW is about to make his killing strike on Nossan, Candelila kicks over a Gaburevolver to him just in the nick of time. Candelila transforms back into her Deboss form and leaves, but not before telling Nossan where the humans are held captive.
  • #41: Ucchi getting excited like a child for his first Christmas is bound to get this reaction.
    • While fighting one of the clone Deboss Yayoi is struggling on her own when suddenly Ramierz and Tessai appear next to her to help her out.
  • A surprising villainous example in #42: Endorf, having broken free of Dogold at last, is about to kill him by crushing his faceplate, when Canderila and Aigaron step and stop him, since they both consider Dogold a friend.
    • At the end of the episode, the Kyoryugers play Santa Claus all around the world. Even Torin, as Kyoryu Silver and dressed in a Santa outfit.
  • #43: After Souji stops his parents from fighting and tells them that with parents like them, he doesn't like any of them. Torin (in human form) appears and tells Souji that he shouldn't have snapped at his parents since they are basically the reason why he's alive in the first place. Souji then apologizes to his parents for his behavior while Torin tells Souji's mom and dad that their son doesn't want to see the 2 people he love fight.
    • While a hooded being takes Souji's father hostage, the being relays that it will take the one with more sorrow, i.e. Souji's father. Souji realizes why his father has more sorrow is because after Souji's mom left his dad when he was younger, Souji's dad became a weeping, apologetic mess. Souji then decided that from that day forward was that he wanted to protect people from sorrow. Now finding his motivation, Souji unleashes the Torinity Strazor, much to the praise of his father and Torin.
  • #46: Ian showing Aigaron mercy by breaking his armor enough that his soul could die in peace. He even cries for his foe.
    • Aigaron gives his life for Candelilla.
    • Nobuharu sees Candelilla mourning over Aigaron and says this:
    Nobuharu: Try and cheer upsy-daisy!
    • The reveal that neither Dantetsu or the Earth itself gave up on Torin.
  • #47: After Ucchii and Dogold defeat Endolf, the two have one last duel. Both of them take their stances and rush towards each other, with one slashing the other. Afterwards, Dogold thanks Ucchii for fulfilling his final request: A chance for him to be defeated by Ucchii. Dogold dies soon afterward, Ucchii kneeling in honor of his rival.
    • Just before that, while battling Endolf, Dogold instinctively re-merges with Ucchi to protect him from the Blast of Endolf's attack, then allows him to wear him as an armor to finish off their opponent with a double Raiden Zankou. Even if he has always hated being just a bodyless armor, in the end, Dogold's armor instinct finally surfaced. Doubles as an Awesome Moment.
    • As Ian and Souji are fighting off a horde of Zourima, the 2 stand back to back, and Ian tells Souji that he's amazed by how much stronger he's gotten and Ian finally calls Souji by his name instead of "Boy".
  • #48: Danestsu, about to take his leave from Japan, tells Dr. Ulshade to start calling Daigo "King". It's sweet because after all of this time, Danetsu truly thinks his son is a king.
    • It counts as a bonus moment if you realize he said this before they found out Daigo survived. That's how much faith he has in his son.
    • Daigo's return to Earth, saying that he promised he would go on a date with Amy, and he made sure to survive to do it. The two then hug, aww...
    • Candelilla handing over a tissue to Nossan as he cries over the apparent loss of Daigo, before vanishing.
    • Immediately followed by her and Luckyuro cheering up a little girl who got separated from her mother and skipping happily away to help find her.
    • The entire cast and crew dancing to the ending song.
  • From 100 Years After, we learn that Souji and Rin eventually got married, which is especially sweet, considering how little development the ship got during the regular series.

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