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  • First off, can we say that having Shigeru Chiba as the voice of the Kyoryugers' gear is just hilarious to listen to? Just listen to him hamming it up IN THE FIRST EPISODE ALONE:
    • Gaburincho! Gabu-tyyyyra!!
    • Gaburincho! Parrrra-sagan!!
    • Vamola M~uuuu~cho!
    • Dodorilll~~~!
    • Gabooom, gabooooooom!
    • Doubles as Fridge Brilliance since he plays the character that made the Kyoryugers' gear.
  • Just like in Go-Busters, the dancing theme features dancing mecha...except that this time, it's dancing CGI dinosaurs.
    • And a fart step for Ovirapoo's line!
  • #1: Within the MoA-laden episodes, there were a few good laughs.
    • Daigo's literal Jump at the Call moment sends him falling flat on his face onto pavement.
    • The other Kyoryugers saying no to Daigo's offer of calling him "King". Twice.
    • To say nothing about Nobuharu's Kiais. They just sound so nonsensical!
  • #2: Kyoryu Blue gives the Monster of the Week a Groin Attack.
    • At the end of the episode, Daigo has Gabutyra put on a show for the local kids. Said mecha is visibly shaking trying to hold still.
  • #3: Nobuharu's attempt on a motorcycle...doesn't go well. And then it's revealed that his bike is actually two dinosaur mecha who just run off!
    • The reason the dinos ran off was implied to be because of Nobuharu's bad joke.
    • Ian was described being a comic relief but Nobuharu has been doing this job well too. His puns maybe were not that funny, but the situation he causes by using them are.
    • The cartoony sound effect when Black slaps Red on the back of the noggin for using the Gaburevolver in his sword duel with Green.
    • Early on, Daigo nicknames Nobuharu "Nossan." Nobuharu isn't too keen on it, thinking it makes him sound like an old man (ossan). After the bikes are introduced, the nickname gets used again…by Torin, of all characters!
  • #4: Now Souji is getting in on the Ossan joke. Nobuharu reacts with the same shock he gave to Torin.
    • Before the battle, poor Aigaron got backhanded by his own monster.
  • #5: And once again, Ian's getting on with the Ossan joke.
    • After getting hit with the MOTW's Cavity beam, Ian has to bear through the pain and do the role call. The pain is so bad that Souji has to come over and tell the Monster who Ian is!
      Ian: The bullet hero! Kyory-owowowow...
      Souji: It's ok, don't force it. He's Kyoryu Black.
      Ian: Okay....
      Souji: Next!
      • The cavity continues throughout the roll call that Ian had trouble following up and the music kinda blew off in the end.
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    • The Kyoryugers are trying to catalog the powers of the various Zyudenchi. "Tuperanda" flattens anything it hits, which Black inflicts on Green's Gaburicalibur. Green proceeds to hit Black on the head with his floppy sword, and Black runs away taunting him with "Flat Boy~!"
  • #6: Midway through the episode Amy tries to find a way to extract the MOTW out of Ankydon so that Ramirez can be at full power. She does this by using Tuperanda to flatten herself and get inside Ankydon. Once inside, she uses Stymero, a Zyudenchi that makes the enemy fall in love with the user. Amy uses the new power to make the MOTW fall head over heels for her, and it worked.
    • As Amy is taking down all the mooks, the MOTW jumps in and helps take down the Mooks. Once they're taken down, the MOTW shouts "I LOVE YOU!!" in pure Gratuitous English, while Ramirez is in utter confusion. Just as the MOTW is about to hug the love of his life, Amy stops him with a kick to the throat and proceeds to beat him down subsequently. Ramirez's reaction? "Oh my!"
    • He also gives a quieter one as the MOTW is running toward Amy. Hilariously, the louder one is when the sap gets the boot.
      • And when the MOTW is destroyed he says, "I hurts..." Ramirez then nods his head in agreement.
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    • After the introduction of Kyoryujin Macho, everyone does a macho man pose...except for Souji. Poor guy seemed confused when doing it.
    Kyoryu Red, Blue, Black, and Pink: *all strike a flexing pose* MACHO!
    Kyoryu Green: *raises one arm halfheartedly* ...macho?
    • And earlier, let's just say that Ramirez is not used to riding motorcycles.
    • Our beloved Chiba started the episode off on a high note by singing out the episode title "Utatu Kanderira~!"
  • #7: Our new Zyudenchi is #17, Ovirapoo, full stop. Between its verse in the ED(rough translation - "Who farted?"), the sounds you get playing with it in the Gaburevolver(~Poooooooo-on!~) and just looking at the end, you know what it is.
    • The fact that Torin, of all people, is the one who has the idea to use the battery, and tells Daigo this:
      "You must bravely let one rip!"
      • This is made all the more hilarious due to the other Kyoryugers' reactions.
        Kyoryu Pink: D-did he just say what I think he did?
        Kyoryu Blue: And in that baritone of his too...
    • The reactions of the monsters is priceless too. The MotW screams that it's burning his eyes!
    • King's interaction with the fake Ian. He seems to reflect some of Ian's insults pretty easily, and thinks that he was doing something wrong when the fake Ian shot his necklace as opposed to the fake Ian being a dick. The MOTW is baffled by this, to the point of revealing his location just pointing out how much of an Idiot Hero King is.
  • #8 is a Nobuharu-focused episode, so naturally, his signature trait steals the show in terms of funny. Heck, it's even invoked by Nossan himself!
    • One glorious example is when he's supposed to lie about parent and child tickets. What happens next? We cut to him and Yuko apologizing...and then because of his honesty, the ticket man gives them free tickets for the rides!
    • Yuko states that Kyoryu Blue's puns are worse than Nobuharu's and they sounds like a 40-year-old front of Nobuharu and the other Kyoryugers!
      • With gags like "Okane wa okkane!"note , I can't blame here.
  • #10. While Amy's skills with her feet to work a remote control might be a tad odd, SHIGERU CHIBA WARNS THE KIDS AT HOME TO NOT COPY AMY!!!
    • What's better is that she reacts to Chiba's voice!
    • Nobuharu tries one of the new batteries. The result: He expands and starts bouncing away like a humongous beach ball with bouncing noises when he touches the ground. And Ian's ignoring this while Nobuharu gets farther and farther!
  • #11: Who ever thought that the badass samurai could be so Adorkable? Highlights include:
    • Him bowing toward Amy and asking for help. Cut to them on a swing with ice cream in hand.
    • Him struggling with him getting out of a playground swing.
    • His reactions to Amy call him "Ucchi" and him holding her hand...only for him to get on his knees once more because he's actually very bashful around women.
      • Which actually saves him from the Monster of the Week!
    • The male Kyoryugers falling in love with Candelilla's human form. Particularly the scene with Nobuharu dressed up in a pink vest, pink afro wig and wrapping the gang up in a giant banner of Candelilla.
      • And after Amy transforms into Kyoryu Pink, the boys appear and shoot her...dressed up as fanboys for Candelilla. As Amy states, she could imagine the attitude from Ian, but definitely not Daigo or Souji!
    • At the concert a bunch of Candelilla's fanboys shout her catchphrase "~ KEEP SMILING ~" as they charge to attack.
    • Luckyuro and Candelilla copying the samba the team does before transforming.
    • Ian's "Oh My!"
    • And at the end of the episode, you have to chuckle at Ucchi getting Amy's text that reads "Perfect!", not to mention how she's being all hush-hush on helping him adjust to the 21st century.
    • Amy being so thoroughly pissed by Ucchi's speech to the team, that she immediately summons her Deinochaser to follow him and give him an earful.
    • Daigo, Nobuharu and Amy using Gurumonite, Igeranodon, and Stymero, respectively, in order to knock out Candelilla's overzealous fanboys.
  • #12: Ucchi gives Daigo a sleeping pill so he doesn't die in battle. A few minutes later, Daigo saves him from an attack. How is this possible? Because his Gaburevolver clamped onto his butt and thus kept him awake!
    • And then Daigo pulls it off and rips his pants doing so!
    • So, by the end Ucchi buys him new pants!
    • Daigo gets so excited by watching the mock sumo fights that he puts Nossan in a head lock!
    • The guys' reaction to Utsusemimaru's nickname Ucchii and Amy's resulting Facial Dialogue.
    • After Ucchii tells the core Kyoryugers that he doesn't like children (while in reality, he really does), Ian and Daigo call him out on it, Ucchii secretly commenting how hurt he is to hear their cold response and wonders if Amy teaching him to be aloof was really a good idea.
    • A flashback shows Amy teaching Ucchii to be aloof, complete with Hot Teacher attire.
  • #13: A girl likes Souji. Ian and Ucchii try to help. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Ian and Ucchii as delinquents go and pretend to go after the girl and Souji when they were alone so that Souji would be forced to "protect" her. The result? Amy (who wasn't in on the ruse) comes from out of nowhere and kicks their asses!
      Ian: OH MY!
      • Utchi's delinquent outfit. Complete with wooden sandals.
    • The monster's effect on people makes their feelings of unrequited love over exaggerated, or increase the emotion attachment between friends. Naturally he uses this on Daigo to Nossan, so King becomes a wailing crybaby begging for Nossan!
    • Every time Nossan tells a joke there's a beat.... and they go on with whatever they were talking about before.
      Aigaron: That joke was so bad it doesn't even sting!
    • Nossan is so bad at romance that they actually use it to their advantage to defeat the monster!
      • To clarify, Nossan and king decide to lure out the monster by acting like a young school couple. The problem with it is that the school uniforms they pick out look more like something out of the 50s (Nossan wears these incredibly thick glasses) and king becomes a Wholesome Crossdresser to top it all off. Even Ucchi is unsure who Daigo was while in disguise.
    • In a nice heartwarming moment: Souji gives the girl who likes him a gift he picked out while hanging out with Amy... and proceeds to give her friend a gift as well. The proceeding ass kicking he received was deserved.
  • #14: The boys do their roll calls and all that stuff in the Spirit Base. Just as they're about to do the explosions and stuff, Torin tells him that the explosions might destroy the Spirit Base. So they instead whisper and the explosions are small puffs of smoke.
    Luckyuro: ...Seriously?!
    • Luckyuro is reading a shoujo magazine and is in dismay that he has to wait for the next issue to read what happens next. When he teleports to the Spirit Base, he sees a lawn chair with the next issue that he wanted to read. Shigeru then comes to comment on the coincidence that both Luckyuro and Amy like reading the same magazine.
      • And he never gets to find out what happens, as the Kyoryugers appear just as he opens the magazine.
    • Luckyuro's presence at the Spirit Base itself causes mass hysteria among the guys. The little guy just runs around tossing our brave team aside (but not even bothering to touch Torin) and even biting Nossan's hand (while saying Gaburincho) until he himself is literally tossed aside.
    • By the end of the episode Luckyuro tries to show Chaos the location of Spirit Base, but discovers that they moved it. Chaos proceeds to electrocute the little bugger for all his troubles.
    • Luckyuro and the Monster of the week see Amy practicing to be a proper lady. When Gentle and Utchi leave...Amy leans back and starts tossing food into her mouth. Ths ends up getting the Monster of the Week, a Stern Teacher type, incensed enough to kidnap her!
    • Is no one talking about Chiba's glorious voice crack when he screamed "Abunai!" in the episode title?
    • There's also the Special Effect Failure of the bomb which changes from a perfectly smooth sphere into what is obviously a ribbed exercise ball.
    • Anytime Debo Kibishydesu uses the Blastic Pointer (Burasutikku Kyōben!) on Luckyuro, what's funny is the delivery of the line, it's so over the top.
      • Best part? Chaos actually KEEPS THE POINTER! And it becomes a Running Gag!
  • #15: Nobuharu states that his sister is starting to piece the identities of the Kyoryugers. What's the best thing to do? Cut to a scene with Utchi dressed in a similar uniform like Nobuharu and a white cap.
    • Later, when our heroes confront the villains, Nobuharu asks Utsusemimaru what Yuuko is doing. Utchy replies that he's kept her busy... cut to Yuuko with a mountain of boxes taller than she is, keeping her trapped.
    • During the first morphed fight, Nobuharu tries to get to get to the robot and Luckyuro before they cause any more damage, but the Cambrima stop him before he can. Daigo then uses Archenolon, which creates an amplified gravity field around the area, and during this, everyone's speech is slowed down.
    • Dogold doing the Robot dance.
  • #16: Souji, Ian and Nobuharu have to escape from giant falling stone tablets. Ian uses Pukuptor at Nobuharu. End result? Nobuharu's inflated like a balloon with Ian and Souji latching onto his legs as they float away.
    • Torin gets into another fight with the Deboss, though he soon finds himself with Luckyuro. You could almost tell he was thinking "Are you kidding me?" and fights him off with little to no enthusiasm.
    • In the beginning, Aigaron catches wind of there being a treasure hunt and asks Candelilla if he could join, not knowing it's just a ruse to gather Joy from the humans. The way she reveals this is funny too.
  • #19: Utsusemimaru meets up with a spoiled brat who has to take him home (but has an elaborately detailed map that shows him the way) else the kid starts calling his parents. How does Utchy respond?
    • Debo Kyawain, the Kawaiiko Monster of the Week, can bring out Dogold's Tsundere side. That is all.
    • During the morphed fight, Kyawain makes Ian fall for her, leaving King, Nossan, and Souji to keep him restrained while Amy and Ucchi to take down the rest. Afterwards, Ian asks what the 3 are doing, their response? "Oh, my!"
    • How do Amy and Ucchi defeat Debo Kyawain? Amy uses the Stymero Zyudenchi and shoots the Mooks surrounding her, with Utchi pulling up a mirror to show Kyawain's face. This makes them all fall in love with Kyawain, restraining her while Ucchi goes in for the kill.
    • Earlier, Debo Kyawain turned back to her cutsie form to charm the Kyoryugers... all except Daigo, who just shoots her, catching her completely off-guard. He then asks why she thought that would actually work since she transformed right in front of them. How does she respond?
      "Oh no! Someone with common sense!"
  • #20: Amy and the Kyoryugers copy Luckyuro's Catchphrase. Cue Lucky flipping out.
    • Utchi's wish is to eat a mountain of ice cream. How does this wish come true? Cue Ramirez somehow coming in to the spirit base with a cooler filled with Belgium ice cream.
    • The little window in the ending credits with the people dancing so they can be cast as extras in the summer movie starts with 2 guys in their late 30's dancing. Those Two Guys? Kenichi Suzumura and Hiroshi Kamiya. Dancing like adorable little kids.
  • #21: This episode parodied the In the Name of the Moon trope for all it's worth.
    • Dr. Ulshade after turning into Kyoryu Violet, and posing, ends up getting stuck in his pose (thanks to a really nasty looking and sounding *Crack!* "Oh, My Back!") and is unable to help the team. His whole transformation and announcement is so over the top, especially when he starts going into In the Name of the Moon mode.
    • When Kyoryu Violet states that he's paralyzed, everyone (yes even the monsters) react hilariously.
      • Which is then followed up by the monsters trying to beat up Violet, the Kyoryugers protecting him, and Daigo using Ulshade as a weapon by spinning him around before hurling him toward Torin!
    • He knocked over the background during his roll call. I repeat: HE KNOCKED OVER THE BACKGROUND DURING HIS ROLL CALL. He even reacts to it!
    • The return of three MOTW (Hyogakki, Viruson and Nagareboshi) all introduced themselves with a role call and logo! When Daigo tries to initiate his own, Nagareboshi starts shooting at him.
      • Later on, Daigo finds a great idea on how to counteract their exploding ball technique—use Pukuputor on Nossan as everyone else kicks him around and culminating with Daigo spiking him as if he was a volleyball! Even better, Daigo announces it as the "Nossan-ball" and everyone—minus Nossan of course—is in the know on what he's planning to do!
    • Dr. Ulshade's Establishing Character Moment has him going into Large Ham and Laughing Mad mode and when Nossan prepares one of his jokes, there's a beat...before Ulshade starts laughing. And then he's paralyzed in place and his grand daughter has to help him out.
    • Ian tries to woo Yayoi. Cue Yayoi shifting her gaze at Daigo looking at the Gaburevolvers.
      • During the above wooing scene Daigo hits Souji on the shoulder and Souji grabs his arm and stares at him
  • #22: More of Yayoi and her infatuation with Daigo, complete with a compilation of pictures and a holographic replica to boot!
    • It appears as though Amy is jealous of Yayoi's infatuation with Daigo, so much that Ucchii notices this and a steaming sound can be heard from Amy each time.
    • When Amy's pondering if she likes Daigo or not, during a battle, she interrupts the fight to tell Daigo she's not gonna think about something she doesn't know, while Daigo doesn't get it, he says that's a very "Amy like line". Ian overhears this and here's what he says-
      Kyoryu Black: What a sappy couple.
      • And then he proceeds to tap a Zorima on the head with the Gaburevolver and it falls.
    • Shigeru Chiba states what happened in the previous episode, escalating like never before. There's a distinct pause at the last line...until we cut to Doctor Ulshade in the hospital suddenly screaming.
  • #23: Daigo takes care of the Deboss Generals by using Pukuptor on them, turning them all into bouncing balloons that bounce farther and farther away.
  • #24: Aigaron self-destructed and it seemed as if he took the Kyoryugers with him. When Daigo gets to the scene he sees Amy stuck in the tree in Tuperanda form!
    • The Cold Open has Yayoi obtain her grandfather's Gaburievolver and the Plezuon Zyudenchi. She then starts dancing and humming to henshin dance and when she turns around...she's noticed by the other Kyoryugers. Cue her blushing and running away with the Gaburievolver shielding her face.
      • It's funnier when you realise that the other Kyoryugers basically did a Stealth Hi/Bye just for that gag, because even if she did the last turn wrongly and only go 180, they'd still have to materialise behind her in the time it took. Best not to overthink that one...
    • Like Episode 20, there are special dancers in the end credits. This time, it's "a group of blustery ninja."
    • In the hospital, Daigo's bed is next to Ulshade's. Ulshade's shaking about like a hyperactive kid and Daigo is relaxing.
      • And when it's time to go fight, Daigo gets up all well. Ulshade is in shock when Daigo reveals that he's been healed for days, and has been hanging out in the hospital cause everyone was bugging him to get examined.
    • During Yayoi's attempts to become Kyoryu Violet, Ian suggests the two "dance". Amy and Ucchi immediately call him out on how he wasn't being so subtle with what he really wanted.
    • Nossan's impersonation of Doctor Ulshade was priceless.
  • #25: Luckyuro makes his own MOTW. What does it do? Enter the Kyoryuger's dreams with Luckyuro and terrorize them.
    • All the sleep deprived Kyoryugers (Everyone minus Amy) trying to fight the Zorimas.
    • After Souji brings them some of Rin's energy drink the Kyoryugers begin to do everything in double speed including everyone doing their roll call at once with the music sped up!
      • Lucky's reaction to Red not doing the "It's about to get wild" bit. Even better is that he was just about to sit back and watch the Kyoryugers do their roll call before being floored that they decide to announce it all at the same time.
    Daigo: Listen and be amazed!
    Luckyuro: (totally uninterested) Sure, sure...
    All: *Everyone announces themselves at once*
    Luckyuro: What?! I couldn't even hear it to be amazed!
    Debo Akkumoon: Do it properly!
    All: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger! *runs toward the Deboss before the explosion even occurs*
    Luckyuro: What?! What happened to "It's about to get wild"?!
    • Just to cap it all off, the ensuing fight uses a sped-up version of the standard battle theme.
    • Speaking of Rin, everyone thanks her for the energy drink...only for it to be revealed that Rin wanted it all for Souji. Say it with me now: "Souji-kun no BAKA!!!"
      • Maybe that was actually because he (and Daigo) flat-out said to her that it tasted horrible...
    • Daigo has to use Ovirappoo in order to get the Amy and the other Kyoryugers awake.
    • Like the previous eps we get guests dancing along with the team. This time it's the Wizard crew, with Haruto, Nitoh, and Shunpei dancing with the guys and Koyomi and Rinko dancing with Amy.
    • Nobuharu's attempts to keep himself awake boil down to canned coffee and taping up his eyelids to keep his eyes open. It doesn't work.
  • #26: During the end credits dancing, we get two videos of note. One is a wedding party complete with bride and groom doing the dance, and another with two adults joining the kids, even being dressed in Kyoryuger gear. Doubles as quite heartwarming.
  • #27: Utsusemimaru's "Dororon Shinobi Change" dance, which includes a genie dance, flapping his arms like a bird, and shaking his butt at the camera while chanting "Nin nin nin!". As if that alone wasn't funny enough, right afterwards, when asked about how long the dance lasts, he replies, "Three days, I believe."
    • The fact that you can see Ian's actor, Syuusuke Saito, Corpsing in the background only makes it even funnier.
    • After Ian bluffs how Ucchii has a secret transformation, Ucchii whispers to Ian that he has no such thing. Nobuharu, Amy, and Souji proceed to dig the hole deeper for Ucchii by playing along:
    Ian: Ucchii here still has one more transformation from the Warring States period. Right, Ucchii?
    Utsusemimaru: (whispering) Ehh?? I have no such thing!
    Debo Shinobinba: The desperate words of doomed fools!
    Nobuharu: Ha! They're not desperate words, right, Ucchii? It's a transformation designed after the ninja arts!
    Amy: Yes! Dororon Shinobi Change, right?
    Utsusemimaru: (whispering) You have said far too much!
    Debo Shinobinba: Just try it if you can!
    Souji: Ucchii, go! (whispering) Just do something!
    Utsusemimaru: (resignedly) Very well, then... (steps forward) Now, bravely! Super Ninpou! Dororon Shinobi Change!
    • Amy calling Ucchii's "secret" transformation a Dororon Shinobi Change.
    • The beginning of the episode has the boys luring Daigo out by having Amy tied to a post screaming for help in Gratuitous English and full Damsel in Distress attire. We then get to see that everyone has been grabbing at straws, bringing different things that only they themselves are interested in rather than King, whom they've never really had a handle on to lure him out: gag notebooks (Nobuharu), shoujo comics (Amy), mochi and an ice cream cone (Utchi), and a unicycle (probably Amy again). And then they confirm the whole point of a tied up Amy (Ian!)
      • And then when Daigo finally comes out, everyone (minus Ian) starts chasing after him, only to fail spectacularly.
      • Before that, Ian states that he thought that Amy might be the thing to draw Daigo out. When he admits that it looks like he's not interested, Amy is noticeably disturbed by the notion.
    • When Daigo first experiences the awesome power of Kyoryu Red Carnival, he flashes back to the only experience he can compare it to... Dancing the samba without his shirt on at a wild party during his travels.
    • While trying to find their beloved leader, Ucchii, Amy, Nossan, and Souji are attacked by Debo Shinobinba and are hit by his "Shadow Seal" technique, which really is just duct tape covering their weapons.
    • Back at the base it looks as though King is back to acting like Gabutyra like he was before, but really, he's just talking about his hidden power he still hasn't tapped into yet. After this epiphany, he goes back to acting like Gabutyra while jokingly terrorizing the other Kyoryugers.
  • In #29, when Ramirez, Tessai and Yayoi turn into Kyoryuger form, they do their own version of the rollcall, and Yayoi announcing herself as a Spirit Ranger was pretty funny.
    • She then proceeds to apologize for calling herself a Spirit Ranger, what with her still being alive and all, during the fight.
    • Tessai takes off his disguise... and reveals that he was wearing a bald cap the whole time.
  • #30, the Debo Monster is a combination of two already used Debo Monsters (Doronbosu and Zaihon = Zaihodoron). Who made it? Luckyuro, after Aigaron made him confused on which Debo Monster to reuse.
    • To make matters worse for Luckyuro, it has Zaihon's mentality, meaning he was useless for the purpose of the mission.
    • After Dogold goes to fight the Kyoryugers, Luckyuro goes to get the Guardians stone while everyone is doing the scavenger hunt. He gets distracted by some contestants shooting it out.
      • Which leads to him getting reminded when the MotW gets beaten and sent flying toward him. He splashes Joyro on the poor guy, who gets confused as to why he's grown large.
    Luckyuro: Hey, Treasuredoron! Aw, you're all beat up...
    Debo Zaihodoron: *weakyly* M-Master Luckyuro...did you retrieve the Guardian Stone?
    Luckyuro: Guardian Stone? Uh...Nutritious Joyro!
  • #31 Turns out that Ucchi is only 29 years old. Nossan - who is 32 - is devastated.
    • The Kyoryugers come rushing in to Nossan's side...or not. Instead they're rushing on stage for hula time!
    • Heck the entire episode has hilarity! We have Souji with his hair scrunched up into an ahoge and him and Amy swinging round in circles, culminating them to playing beach ball with the MOTW and Candelila, and when Nossan gets to the Spirit Base, he finds Daigo, Ian and Utchi chilled out.
      • And Utchy is asking Ian to teach him the art of the pickup. Followed by Ian asking if he can handle it.
    • It seems that everyone in Nobuharu's family has super strength. Just ask his sister.
    • The Kyoryugers have a Shikenger-style role-call and Nossan's the one saying "It's about to get wild!"...only for there to be silence and the Kyoryugers shuddering at how bad a pun it was.
      • And during the fight, Luckiero and Candelila get distracted by a yoyo-ball to try to entice the Kyoryugers. They get blasted off by Kyoryu Green and Pink for their troubles.
    • After all of this is done, Minityra is scolding Daigo for being so lazy.
    • And in the ending, we have Team Gaim of Kamen Rider Gaim doing the dance in the picture-in-picture section.
  • #32: From the previews, we have the Kyoryugers doing their henshin dance in basketball uniforms, along with a multitude of Kyoryugers just so they can play sports.
    • Once again, we have Team Gaim plus [[Kaito and Takatora of Kamen Rider Gaim doing the dance in the picture-in-picture section.
    • The core five are all practicing basketball. What's Utchi doing, you ask? Being the coach, making their food, and promising to be supportive. The team is somewhat bewildered and wonders if he's always been this "maternal."
  • #33: The episode begins as we see Ucchii practice his swordsmanship when 2 female friends of Ian's find Ucchii and ask if he can bring back a pair of sunglasses Ian forgot during his nights out. Ucchii then secretly comments to himself how he doesn't like how Ian hangs out with women scot-free. The girls then cling themselves onto Ucchii, but he falls back, telling them that he is awfully shy around women, to which the 2 ladies reply that they think it's cute. Ucchii then runs away from the 2 ladies soon after.
    • After Yayoi shows the core 5 Kyoryugers that the Victory and Maximum Zyudenchi needs complete teamwork of the Kyoryugers for them to work, Ucchii appears in the Spirit Base and begins to chase Ian around for being the cause of the 2 women earlier on. After Ian gets a message from his girlfriend Erika, telling him that she's coming to Japan, Ucchii then takes it as another one of Ian's flings and blasts Ian with the Zandar Thunder.
    Ian (doing his electrocution dance): AAAAAHH-AAAAHHH-AAAHHH-OH MYYYY!!!
    • Also hilarious are the others' reactions during said electrocution. Especially with King and Nossan hugging each other in fright!
    • While Ian is waiting for Erika, Ucchii is found battle-ready on the side, keeping an eye out on Ian. After Ian and Erika run off for unexplained reasons, Ucchii chases after them.
    • It appears as though Aigaron may have a thing for Candelila as he's found thinking about her, and even switches out of his sadistic side during battle after remembering how that scared her.
    • After the MOTW is defeated and Erika is revealed to have found the Guardian Stone for Kentrospiker, the 2 girls from the beginning of the episode appear in front of Ucchii and wish to take him out, much to Ucchii's shock. Erika is then found to be all for it, seeing as how she witnessed that he would protect her back in the pocket dimension and wanted to give thanks. After Ucchii reluctantly refuses, the girls then chase him around, Ucchii screaming for help and Nossan weeping in jealousy.
  • #34: When the Kyoryugers meet the MOTW, he's sitting on a rock, fishing. He even tells them he has not harmed any human. They all sit there confused until the Spirit Rangers figure out what he's up to.
    • After all 13 stones are gathered, the lake begins to glow. Nossan shoves Amy and Candelilla aside just to make a pun!
  • #36: Torin dancing right before transforming. Narm at its prime form.
  • #37: Debo Kibishidesu and Spokorn teaching Debo Akkumoon. Even Luckyuro is too scared to help out.
    • Debo Akkumoon is given a new pillow that can switch people's minds. He uses it to switch King and Amy's minds and Ian and Nossan's minds. Hilarity Ensues.
      • Debo Akkumoon is also given a school outfit and a baseball uniform in place of his pink long-johns to go with the other villains' respective shticks.
    • When they are first switched over, their fight against the Debo Monsters is a complete mess. Nossan (in Ian's body) accidentally throws his Parashot Gun away forgetting it isn't his shield anymore, while Ian (in Nossan's body) deliberately tosses Nossan's shield away complaining it weighs a ton. And how he's already exhausted after maybe thirty seconds of fighting.
    Ian: I guess this is a body in its thirties...
    • Daigo (in Amy's body) exclaims that his body is all curvy of a sudden, prompting Amy (in Daigo's body) to grab his arms to make him stop touching her body, and slapping him.
    • Amy (in Daigo's body) ties Daigo (in Amy's body) to a column in the spirit base to make sure he does nothing while they figure everything out.
    • Nobuharu (in Ian's body) dressing up like a Japanese middle-aged man, just to rile Ian up. It may be too Japanese a joke for some, but you can tell how pissed Ian gets.
    • After getting hit by the Gigant Cannon, Kibishidesu, Spokorn and Akkumoon bow before falling over and blowing up.
    • After Ucchii and Souji have been mind-switched, both of them transform, but are confused at how to do so since both have been switched. Ucchii ends up doing Souji's dance while Souji ends up doing Ucchii's.
    • The 6 Kyoryugers' mix-n-match roll call.
    • After all the Kyoryugers minds are back in their respective bodies, Torin is about to make short work of the Debo monsters when Akkumoon and Spokorn push Kibishidesu out to rot.
    • At the Spirit Base, Torin tells Souji that he can't mimic his style, because he would only just hurt himself. Torin then decides to teach Souji his style, much to the delight of the latter. Overfilled with joy, he ends up crashing into a nearby column.
  • #38: Torin accurately explains the information on the shoujo manga that Amy reads. Tessai wonders how the heck Torin knows all about this. We then cut to a scene in the Spirit Base with a pile of shoujo manga that Amy left there and Torin actually reading one of them!
    • We find Daigo wandering around the city looking for Amy when he is greeted by a punk rocker. Said punk rocker is none other than Tessai in disguise.
    • After Tessai and Daigo find Amy, who is revealed to have met up with someone. Said person is none other than Tessai's descendant Shinya. Tessai is then about to go ask Shinya to fill his role as Kyoryu Grey until Daigo stops him, telling Tessai that he can't go around asking out of the blue.
    • After Shinya hands Amy a shoujo manga, he then reveals that he is the author of said manga, much to the shock of Amy, Daigo, and Tessai. Even the style of the scene changes to a subtle comics style.
    • Shinya and the 6 other Kyoryugers are meeting up at a local restaurant, Tessai and Torin are just a wall away listening in on their conversation, Tessai secretly interjecting about how Shinya bases his story off his rugby experiences, and how he keeps his gender a secret to his manga fanbase. Tessai then faints after a build-up of sheer rage.
    • Luckyuro didn't even go to help during this episode, but the watering can ended up being there.
    • The MOTW's reaction to being given a dose of Joylo...
    Aigaron: Nutritious Joyro~!
    Beautiful Zoreamer : Oh no, here we go... SUPER SEXY SHOWER!!!!!!
  • #39: Daigo is excited that Meeko is returning to Japan. Cue Yayoi pulling Amy aside, wondering what Meeko wants to meet Daigo for.
    • When Yayoi telss Amy that Meeko is "the enemy," a confused Amy interprets this as Meeko being a part of the Deboss Army, ironic, given that Meeko would eventually be revealed as being under D's control.
    • While following Daigo to the airport, Yayoi thinks that Meeko has returned to Japan to give Daigo a love confession and becomes more agitated.
    • Yayoi shooting the roses out of Meeko's hand. What begins as an act of jealousy ends up revealing that Meeko has been brainwashed by D to help him destroy the Kyoryugers.
    • At the end of the episode Daigo runs in, upset. Turns out that Amy, Yayoi and Meeko are having a girls' day out. Yayoi explains to the audience that it's all to both make sure Daigo can't have any time with Meeko and to figure out what sort of "threat" Meeko poses to Yayoi's own chances with Daigo.
    • Just before the giant battle, Kyoryu Red notes that the Tobaspino Zyudenchi had been recharged, allowing the team to use it on their combination. Kyoryu Silver concludes that the charge came from Meeko's feelings for Daigo. Kyoryu Violet is flustered by this, complete with finger fidgeting:
    Yayoi: I-I'm not sure what to make of this...
    Amy: Worry about that later!
  • #40: Nossan's going on a date. His date is Candelila in a human disguise. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Early in the episode, Nossan and Yuko find Ramirez collapsed in an alleyway. Nossan makes an excuse that Ramirez is just cosplaying. Yuko doesn't buy it because she can see the Kyoryuger symbol on Ramirez's shoulder pad.
    • Nossan makes a lame pun joke and Candelila actually laughs at it.
      • At the end of the episode, we see Candelila making her own pun joke - and Luckyuro actually lampshades how those are lame yet funny.
    • The Deboth Monster of the Week pretty much pulls the obligatory Trapped in TV Land plot, first by making Nossan and Candelila in a romantic scene with flower petals, and then the other Kyoryugers in a cop film based on Amy watching one back at the Spirit Base.
      • Closer inspection shows that she was using her feet on the DVD player!
    • During the cop movie fight scene, Daigo—holding onto a juice box and sandwich—hands the sandwich to one Zorima then kicks the other one down. Then he pins the Zorima holding his sandwich onto the ground and eats the sandwich.
    • When the Kyoryugers transform, they're wearing the police uniforms over their suits.
    • As Kyoryu Green jumps through the air he blows a whistle through his helmet.
    • Yuko using Ramirez as a weapon against some Zourima, then chucking him across the park.
      Ramirez: (positively aghast) Wow. Strong lady.
    • The second fight scene has the Monster of the Week pull them into a Sukeban-themed fight, once again courtesy of Amy and her DVD player. Suddenly everyone is wearing delinquent gear - except Souji, who's still dressed in his normal clothes.
      • Ucchi's is even funnier - it's the same delinquent costume he wore when he and Ian were helping Souji with Katsuyama-san! Daigo's outfit makes him resemble Gentaro, and Amy was wearing Daigo's outfit when he dressed up like a girl!
      • During the role-call the Kyoryugers add a bit of flair to their delinquent outfits to make them look badass...except for Souji since he isn't wearing a delinquent outfit. He just resorts to unbuttoning his blazer.
    • And it gets even funnier when the Debo Monster goes giant! He turns the fight into a kaiju monster parody, and Daigo looks at Amy with a "Did you watch a kaiju movie?!?" expression...And then Torin comes stomping in with Buragigas saying "I was the one who watched it."
      • To make it even more hilarious, Torin was already on his way to the battle when he shows one of the DVDs to the Audience! Amy has to go, "I'm sorry..." when Utchi admonishes her.
    • Ramirez wearing a frilly apron at the end of the episode. Makes Just as Much Sense in Context.
  • #41. The Deboss start harvesting anger by making sure kids get the wrong presents, with Deboss cells in them to boot. Turns out Luckyuro also got a present... Love Touch manga! And all old issues!
    • Utchi, our adorkable samurai gets into the Christmas spirit by jumping up and down like a kid on sugar.
  • #42: Kyoryuzin with a santa hat. No seriously. And inside the cockpit, the Kyoryugers are dressed in Christmas costumes with Daigo, Amy and Ian wearing Santa Claus outfits and Nossan and Souji dressed as reindeer.
    • After Spinodaioh Western and Pteragordon finished off their Deboss clone, Pteragordon perches on Spinodaioh Western's shoulder and pecks his head because Tobaspino had shoved Pteragordon aside to steal the arms parts Pteragordon had been using.
  • #43: Upon hearing that his wife has kidnapped Souji and dragged him away, Souji's father promptly freaks out on Utchy, frantically shaking him before tossing him to one side and storming out of his dojo.
    • Souji's mother proves to be astonishingly alike to his father. In a callback to Episode 3, Souji's mother storms into the Tiger Boy cafe, grabs her son and forces him to come with him, and slams money onto the table to pay for something! Just like his father did!
  • While #45 was a Wham Episode, it did have a funny scene. Aigaron manages to escape execution by the classic "Look over there!" gag, with almost everyone falling for it. Almost.
    • While a serious scene Dantetsu also does his own dance during the Kyoryu Change, though it's less a dance and more tapping his foot a few times before doing a spin.
  • Once again, #46 was serious, but with a funny joke. While Candelila is consoling Luckyuro, who has no idea what to do, they both say that "this really stings!" At which point Aigaron shows up.
  • #47: Nobuharu looks in utter disbelief when he finds out that a) Yuko knew about him being Kyoryu Blue since #31 and b) everyone else knew that Yuko knew!
    • And he keeps trying to hide it from her even then!
    "I-it's not what you're thinking, sister! You see, we're rehearsing for a play..."
    • Gentle himself even gets in on the action by taking out a few Zorima himself!
  • #48: The traditional Sentai handoff introduces ToQGer Ichigo... as Pink!
    • As the team back on the ground is starting the ultimate Theme Music Power-Up, there's a quick shot of the nine Zyudenryu…with the entire top of Bunpachy's head missing!
  • Gaburincho Of Music: Deathryuger just kidnapped Meeko and the Kyoryugers don't have power. What happens next? Mood Whiplash time as we have Candelila singing with Luckyuro and Aigaron as backup dancers!
    • What makes it even more hilarious is that Aigaron is dancing Gangnam Style!
  • Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: 100 YEARS AFTER: In the first five minutes alone (through the opening, even) the Debo Monsters become so appalled and embarrassed at the sight of the new Kyoryugers fighting that they actually stop the battle mid-way just to lecture them about being a proper Sentai. Mook Chivalry, I suppose?
    • Just to prove their point further, they even do their own evil version of a proper Sentai roll call to show them how it's done.
    • They even complain about the most common complaint that Gray and Silver are the same color and hard to tell which is which.
    • They don't even have the right color scheme Because Candilina forgot it.
    • Even more so that nether side seems to know what they're doing most of the time.
  • Brave 33.5:
    • One trailer for this little mini-adventure has Daigo appear to defend some kids from some monsters. He yells out 'ikuzo' and not even one second later, he's seen getting knocked on his butt.
      • All of them transformed and yeah, Nossan is cross-dresser in this case.
    • The fact that the Debo Monster of this Special Episode, Debo Bravesky; is actually based on an otaku and a diehard fan of the Kyoryugers. And combined with Tomokazu Sugita's voice acting, it makes you think that Gintoki from Gintama is actually a fan of the Sentai series.
      • Luckyro & Candellia's reactions to Bravesuki's otaku hideout, which is filled with many, MANY Kyoryuger merchandise.
      • Do we mention that Bravesky's had a checklist for Super Sentai cliches?
      • Bravesky pretends a fight scene with the Luckyro & Kyoryu Red cutout, which really hurts Luckyro herself.
      • The 5 core Kyoryugers arrived to fight Bravesky but there is one person they forgot. It is Ucchi and not even King remembered that they are on the same island for training. Ucchi went into his Heroic BSoD mode, sulking from King and the others.
      • During his battle with Kyoryujin in the climax, Bravesky requested one last signature from the mecha before he dies from exploding...without any regrets.
  • Kyoryuger vs Go-Busters:
    • When the Go-Busters meet up with Torin and Yayoi, Hiromu freaks out because Torin resembles a chicken.
Meta and Out of Canon
  • Shigeru Chiba's hamminess knows no bounds, as he's now doing much of the Super Hero Time talking, as well as all of the previews! The previews have him bouncing all over the place, but after he announces the next episode's title, he finishes it with a far more subdued one-liner.
    • The preview for #21 takes the cake as the last line he states is about the glorious transformation of Kyoryu Violet... which he plays!
      • Happens in the preview for #22 when he talks about his back hurting Since he hurt it that episode.
  • The Super Hero Time bumper after the pilot of Kamen Rider Gaim challenges actors from both shows to rattle off every hero name in both shows - Ryo Ryusei is reduced to improvising names in his downward spiral into chaos.
    "Kyoryu Red Carnival! Kamen Rider Gaim! KyoryuBlack! Uhh... Kamen Rider Pink! Kamen Rider Mango BRAVE DA ZEE!!1"
  • The Televi DVD is full of hilarity. First off: There's Utchi in a red and white swimsuit, inner tube, snorkel and flippers lamenting that he couldn't spend time on the beach. Why? Because he wasn't aware of the girls in modern-day bikinis.
    • Nossan gets possessed by two Deboth monsters.
  • This article in regards to what would happen if the actors were going on a Christmas date with members of the Deboth Legion. The guys get Candelila and Amy's date is Aigaron.
    • Ryo is such a James Bond fanboy it's unbelievable.
  • The web movies for Super Hero Taisen Z:

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