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     Old Gokaiger 
There will be a Goukai Black and a Goukai White
And they will be a team during their introduction. It's predictable.
  • Probably disconfirmed now that Goukai Green/Pink can transform into Black rangers, while Goukai Yellow/Pink share between White rangers.
  • Shooting the deconfirmed odds up to the stratosphere is the leak of the Sixth Ranger, Gokai Silver.
    • Well, there goes the Futari wa Pretty Cure crossover fanart potential.
    • Don't. Just don't for "fanarts". Unless the art style is superb.

GaoLion's alternate combination with GoukaiOh will be ShinkenGoukaiOh.
This has been reported but not officially confirmed yet (all we have of the other combination is a silhouette) so it seems like a good idea just to put it here. This might mean other mecha might represent multiple series: perhaps the formations representing Kousoku Sentai Turboranger and Gekisou Sentai Carranger might come from the same mecha, for instance.
  • ShinkenGokaioh is confirmed.

There are still 10 heroes left unaccounted for...
The original poster for Gokaiger proclaimed 200 returning heroes. The first movie for Gokaiger, Gokaiger Goseiger 199 Hero Daikessen, has lessened this down to 199 heroes from all 35 seasons, AKA including Gokaiger. 182 past heroes, plus the six Gokaigers, make 188, and presuming there's a 7th hero to use the remaining keys, leaves 10. Most likely:
  • 1. Ninjaman (effectively the 6th Hero from Kakuranger, given special mention in the after-credit parts in Boukenger)
  • 2. Signalman (same reasons as Ninjaman, but for Carranger)
  • 3. Bull Black Black Knight (not only the 6th hero, but he actually transformed like the Gingaman)
  • 4. DekaMaster (First 6th hero before DekaBreak, fought alongside the Dekarangers almost as much, appeared in both of Dekaranger's VS movies.)
  • 5 & 6: MagiMother & Wolzard Fire (Part of the final teamup in Magiranger, fought alongside them more than once *coughDekaBrightSwanGold*, and more importantly appear in the Gokaiger end credits with the rest of the confirmed Magirangers)
  • 7: Zubaan (Special mentions in Boukenger as the "7th hero", also appears in the Gokaiger end credits alongside them)
  • 8 & 9: Rio & Mele (Made up the final part of the team in Gekiranger, fought alongside them in both of their Vs movies)
  • 10: Toss up between Gun Majin or VRV Master. Gun Majin is awkwardly shaped for transforming into, but is mentioned alongside Ninjaman and Signalman in Boukenger. VRV Master only appeared for an episode or two, but is much more Ranger-like than Gun Majin. DekaSwan may also qualify, having transformed in one more episode than Bright or Gold.
    • On second thought, DekaSwan is actually the most likely of all. More Ranger-like than either VRV Master or Gun Majin, appeared in the final team up in Dekaranger, was present for the entire season. Much more likely.
    • X-1 Mask is also a possibility.
  • 199 Heroes consist only of the core Rangers plus 6th Rangers starting from Zyuranger. And the 10 Bangai Heroes (Signalman, Black Knight, Deka Master, Deka Swan, Wolzard Fire, Magi Mother, Zubaan, Rio, Mele, Hime Shinken Red) and Aka Red, resulting in 199 Heroes. The 200th one would have been Ninjaman if he was not sealed and Abare Pink was nothing more than a joke so she does not count so it stays as 199 Heroes.

  • Some possible disconfirmations going on with at least a few of these. As of episode 2, Zubaan, MagiMother, and Wolzard Fire are out of Gokaiger's end credits, taking their odds down a bit. On another note, another idea came to mind. These last ten may not need a 7th Ranger to use them. They could just be extra keys the Rangers find and take for themselves. That would free up room for an 11th unknown hero to make the 199.
  • Signalman, Black Knight Hyuuga, MagiMother, Wolzard Fire, True ShinkenRed Kaoru, DekaMaster, DekaSwan, Zuuban, Rio and Mele confirmed.
  • Maybe it will include the next Super Sentai team, then again it is a little too early...
  • Where did 200 even come from? There will be only 199 Heroes in the movie. 182 Legendary Heroes + 5 Gokaigers + 11 Extra Heroes (including AkaRed) + 1 Unknown (most likely Gokai Silver).
    • The 200 was just a roundoff. It's supposed to be Ninjaman but he was sealed. Abare Pink does not count due to her being a joke.

There will be a Robot Buddy that channels past nonhuman assistant characters... Murphy K9, DaiGoyou and Datas. Bonus points if he suddenly goes 'ai yi yi...'
  • Confirmed. Say hello to Navi the robot parrot.
    • Well, minus the channeling of past assistant characters.

The reason why the Gokaigers need to change forms is because of the Rule of Cool.
There's been some pondering on when exactly do the Gokaigers need to change forms into another Super Sentai, since it's entirely possible to defeat the Monster of the Week on their own or as practically any Sentai, in contrast to Kamen Rider Decade who had certain situations where a certain Rider would fit the circumstances better (such as needing a speed-based Rider or a long-ranged shooter). Well, this is a Milestone Celebration. Why can't it just be that: a celebration? Why can't they change into past Sentai just for the fans? Admit it, you would feel gleeful whenever your favorite team showed up regardless of whether that Sentai was needed at all.
  • Doesn't mean it can't be used strategically, like when they all used previous Red forms in their Early-Bird Cameo; "hit the red one" would get a little confusing if the baddies weren't paying attention.
    • Plus, they seem to be utilizing it less out of pure "we have to do this" necessity and more out of, "Hey, this is the easiest strategy and it'll get rid of this problem the fastest." Kind of like playing Haseo the Adept Rogue in .hack - you don't have to keep switching tools, but if one is more effective than the others, there's no reason not to.

There will be a super cross-franchise film starring the Gokaigers and Kamen Rider Decade
It's pretty much the most logical route here.
  • Given that this summer Toei is releasing an All Riders movie, supposedly featuring every single main Kamen Rider, this isn't as far-fetched as it seems. And would be awesome.
  • Even more logical would be Gokaiger vs. Diend in a race to find some legendary treasure before they have to team up to beat some villains.
  • If the WMG beneath this one is true, it'll actually be a crossover with Kamen Rider OOO.
  • I honestly can't believe that I'm typing this but... Confirmed.

The Gokaigers can transform into Kamen Rider OOO
There is a voice that says "KAAAAAAAMEN RIDER OOO!" on the Mobirate. So my assumption is that they can transform into Kamen Rider OOO, with each Gokaiger transforming into a diffrent Combo.

  • Gokai Red becomes TaJaDoru
  • Gokai Blue becomes ShaUTa
  • Gokai Yellow becomes RaToraTa
  • Gokai Green becomes GataKiriBa
  • Gokai Pink becomes PuToTyra
  • Gokai Silver though will become Kamen Rider Birth.
    • Or more likely SaGoZo

  • This is, of course, assuming that it isn't just because Tomokazu Seki also screams it out during the Super Hero Time introduction.
    • SaGoZo seems more likely for pink since A). Its one of OOO's main combo forms & B). Since it shares colors which she will change into namely black and white. PuToTyra may be debuing or just recently debued by the time crossover episodes happen.
      • Also, considering the PuToTyra combo is supposedly OOO's strongest combo form, that should probably be left to Eiji, and GokaiPink becomes SaGoZo.
      • Or possibly give PuToTyra to GokaiSilver.
      • What about Burakawani?
  • Well, OOO´s keys have been confirmed, so the possibility is there.
  • Confirmed, it happens in Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen.

The Gokaigers saying "Gokai Change" when they transform into past Rangers will be dropped later on.
With the exception of the first episode, Kamen Rider Decade used to say "Henshin" when transforming into one of his nine Heisei Rider predecessors. But then, after the Faiz's World arc, the "Henshin" call was now only used for when Tsukasa first transformed into Decade. And since Gokaiger is based on Decade, it seems likely that the "Gokai Change" call will eventually be just for when the crew first transform into the Gokaigers.
  • There was never any statements saying Gokaiger was ever based off Decade. Not only that, Decade never actually said "henshin" when changing forms; it's always been just for the initial change and not form changes for Kamen Rider. Super Sentai, however, is different in that nearly everything they do has a name and is shouted out. Gokaiger may or may not drop the "Gokai Change" but not simply because the series was "based" off Decade.
    • Well, it just seemed like it was implied that Gokaiger is based on Decade, simply because of their abilities to transform into their predecessors. Also, in Kamen Rider Decade episodes 4, 6, 8 and 10, Decade did say "Henshin" when he transformed into Kuuga, Kiva, Ryuki and Blade, respectively.
  • Jossed. This is Super Sentai, not Kamen Rider.

At some point in the series, when the girls aren't with them, the guys will transform into Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan
Perhaps sometime during Sentai's annual female Rangers episode, before the Monster of the Week does something that renders the male Gokaigers unable to fight, leaving the girls as the only ones who can defeat him/her.
  • The girls will transform into Flashman and boycott the rest of the team. At least for that one episode.
  • Actually Marvelous, Luka, and Joe transformed into Sun Vulcan in episode 7.

Tetsu's mentor, Lisa (DekaBright), and Ban's girlfriend, Marigold (DekaGold) were on the respective planets which were attacked simultaneously by Zangyack at the same time as the attack on Earth, which is why they weren't in the Legend War. DekaBright and DekaGold are currently leading a two-man rebellion and waiting to be made into a slash-fic.
  • Jossed. Reason why is because Lisa and Marigold had no orders for any long-term deployment on Earth.

The other Gokaigers will have their own versions of GokaiBlue's Blue Slash
They probably won't use 5 GokaiSabres at once, expect for maybe Luka, since she Dual Wields like Joe does. Don and Ahim could do a GokaiGun version called the Green Blast and Pink Blast, respectively. As for Marveleous, since he basically goes with the Sword and Gun routine, perhaps he could hold both a GokaiSabre and GokaiGun in each hand and when he activates their Final Wave, he slash and blast summons the Red Rangers to attack the enemy, then blasts them while leaping and finally, executes a cross slash when descending.
  • Or maybe Luka's could be "Yellow Rush" and use the car based Yellows. Don's could be "Green Crusher" and be based on earthen Greens. Ahim's could be "Pink Arrow" and use the Pinks with arrow weapons. And finally Marveleous could have the "Red Inferno" and use the fire based Reds.
  • Luka's gimmick is the sword on strings so her Yellow Slash will involve her sword dancing with 5 swords on strings, and it will be Epic.
  • More weapons-glued-together props will be used for these attacks - Ahim's finisher involves all five blasters arranged in a team cannon fashion, and her five Ranger projections aim and blast it with her in team-blaster fashion.
  • Luka switches to five blasters and uses only the known bruisers' keys ie. Ki Ranger, Yellow Owl, Go Yellow, Time Yellow and... Bouken Yellow to deliver nothing but crushing blunt damage.
  • They could do finishers that use 2 or more Rangers with the same animal motif, like Marvelous using the Ginga Red and Gao Red Keys for a lion themed finisher, the Tyranno Ranger and Aba Red Keys for a Tyrannosaurus rex themed finisher or the Change Dragon, Ryu Ranger and Gosei Red Keys for a dragon themed finisher. Better yet, he could use all five avain themed Red Ranger Keys (Vul Eagle, Red Falcon, Red Hawk, Hurricane Red and Go-on Red) to execute his own version of the Blue Slash. For Luka, she could either do a lion themed finisher with the Yellow Lion and Hurricane Yellow Keys or a tiger themed finisher with the Tiger Ranger and Gosei Yellow Keys. For Ahim, she could use the Change Phoenix, Houou Ranger and Gosei Pink Keys for a phoenix themed finisher.
  • Marvelous's special finisher will only appear after they unlock the power of all 34 Sentai teams. It'll be a 35-Key attack called 'Marvelous Climax Wave' and feature all 35 red rangers rushing out and striking the enemy with their own super attacks. It'll be used only once, on the main villain.
    • Jossed. They never did anything like that.

The Earth to which the team traveled to search for the ultimate treasure is akin to AR Worlds.
This would explain not only how all 34 past teams were active at once during their fight with the Zangyack, but could also explain why the previously-dead ones were there, too.
  • Actually, that won't be a bad idea and it would also give a opporunity for a crossover with the Kamen Rider Decade cast, though I don't think the idea of AR world would be be very likely.
  • Seemingly jossed. An explanation for deceased Rangers is provided in #28. That said, a multiverse is established in Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger which indicates that Gokaiger is a Crossover Alternate Universe.

The Magiranger have taken up necromancy.
Which is why so many dead rangers showed up for the Legend War.
  • Isn't that forbidden magic?
    • Exactly. Kai "lost his magic" in addition to his ability to become Magired because he used a forbidden spell in a time of great need.
  • Jossed. Kai is using magic as Magi Red as of Super Hero Taisen.

The dead rangers were revived with that resurrection technique from Gekiranger
  • Perhaps in the case of Rio and Mele at least.

The dead rangers revived themselves
You can't keep a good hero down after all.
  • #28 indicates that divine intervention was responsible for Black Condor at least participating in the Legend War.

There could be episodes in which two teams give simultaneous lessons
Because really, the format is getting visible now starting Episode 3: One episode will include a cameo and have the team unlock a Past Sentai power, then next episode has no cameo, and then next episode is a cameo episode... and so on. Starting from episode 3, this means they have 47 or so episodes to work on, and including all 34 Past Sentai teams, it'll need 68 episodes... therefore there may be episodes where there will be two past teams sharing a cameo episode.
  • Its possible that not all the Sentai teams will get focus episodes, due to the fact most of the actors have already quit showbiz (particularly those from the 70s, 80s, and early 90s) or have moved on to other things (like Kane Kosugi or Nagai Masaru). Having focus episodes on teams whose casts have already retired would mean hiring other actors for the same roles if they have to use the characters for out-of-costume scenes.
  • Semi-confirmed. A bunch of Greater Powers are granted in 199 Hero Great Battle, and the last five taken by Basco are received in #49. All 34 Sentai have at least one actor return at some point.

AkaRed is the reason why the Gokaiger have their powers and that of the Super Sentai.
Why else would they have his gimmick of transforming to various Sentai warriors. When the Super Sentai lost their powers he awakened much as what he said in Boukenger VS Super Sentai. He gave Captain Marvelous the Mobirates and the Ranger Keys.
  • Confirmed in episode 2, though it seems as though he appeared during the Legend War and just efought in a separate area from the others.
    • Doubtful that scene took place during the Legend War. Remember that the Zangyack attacked the Goukaiger's home world as well, and the beginning of the series is the first time they've ever been to Earth.
  • Which raises the question of who were the original Gokaiger. AkaRed is shown wielding the GokaiSaber, which can be attributed to his borrowing-past-Reds'-weapons ability in Bouken vs SS. And the Mobirates & Ranger keys themselves are just a way for other people to use those powers (and NOT meant to be Goukaiger's henshin devices) since past Sentai clearly didn't use them.
    • Methinks that there WERE no original Gokaiger. Perhaps AkaRed created the Gokaiger keys and the Mobirates himself, or with the help of the other teams, along with the Gokai Machines and the Gokai Sabers and Guns. Since there was no Gokai Red at the time, the Saber could be used by AR, with no problems. This is somewhat supported by Gouzyujin, as it rests in the future, where the Timerangers are from. It had to have been built expressly for Gokai Silver...but there wasn't a Gokai Silver at the time. So overall I think that all the previous teams merely made precautions and created a team that could use their powers...but would have to prove themselves first.

The Zangyack will resurrect villains from the previous 34 Super Sentai series to help them conquer Earth.
This is the grand anniversary series for the franchise after all. I wouldn't be surprised if the finale of the series is something similar to All Riders Vs Dai Shocker with the emperor of the Zangyack leading all the major villains of the past series in one final battle. Plus the fact that Space Pirates Barban are pretty much the Gokaigers Evil Counterpart which means they NEED to face each other.

The entire team will become Pink Rangers at one point.
We've now seen female Red Rangers. It's time to go in the other direction. If this happens, it will likely be the funniest moment in Sentai history.
  • Sounds like something they'd save for the V-Cinema (re: Shinkenger).
  • Maybe one of the MOTW could be targeting Ahim but was told to kill the pink one. The rest of the team could distract it by changing into Pink Rangers too.
  • Doc will change into Miss America, by his own choice.
  • Confirmed! No Miss America, though.

  • He better bloody be.
  • He's more of a Bunny-Ears Lawyer.
  • Wasn't this WMG confirmed earlier in the show?

At some point in the series, we will get to see (and possibly the Gokaigers will transform into) AkaRed's full team.
So we will get to see AoBlue, KiYellow, MidoGreen and MomoPink. Also, what would their team name be called, I wonder? Sentaiger? Karanger? Heroranger? Just throwing ideas out here.
  • Super Sentai Power Ranger Spirits/Man, effectively killing several birds with one stone?
  • KuroGold and ShiroSilver for the extra rangers?
    • Don't you mean KinGold and GinSilver?
  • Another pic of the team.
    • Unfortunately, no.
  • If Zyuohger's (albeit non-canon) Super Animal War is to be believed, the team would actually be AkaRed, AkaBlue, AkaYellow, AkaGreen, and AkaPink.

Seeing Marvelous transform into non-Red Rangers will be rare to see in the series.
  • So far, it's true. The only non-Red Marvelous transformed into as of late was Bouken Silver.
    • And even he had red somewhere. Anyone remember Silver's GoGoFire mecha?
      • Pretty much confirmed. The only times he changed into anyone other than a Red Ranger was for themed team changes - all-Sixth (TimeFire), all-Silver (BoukenSilver), all-Extra (Wolzard Fire), all-Green (DenziGreen), all-Yellow (GaoYellow), (all-Blue (Gosei Blue), all-Pink (PteraRanger) and all-White (Big One).

We will be seeing more civilians transforming into Senshi
  • So far, not happening.
  • Weeeeeeelll, if you want to be technical, [[spoiler:in the Battle Fever/Christmas episode, a girl became GokaiYellow to disable the Monster of the Week's human-into-doll-making wand.

Takeru died in the War
Considering that kid in episode 2 just happened to use the ShinkenRed key, it could also be implied Takeru had a grandson. Of course, pre-empting This Troper's self, Depending on WHEN the War took place...
  • Or if the kid's grandfather was even a Ranger. The Zangyack were bombing buildings left and right, he could have easily been a civilian casualty in the war.
    • It's hugely unlikely Takeru had a grandson during the Legend War for nine reasons: Chiaki, Genta, Kaoru, Sousuke, and the five main Goseigers. Even discounting the Goseigers due to them being angels, Chiaki, Genta, Kaoru, and Souske (he appeared with Takeru in the team-up between the Go-ongers and Shinkengers) look extremely close to their original ages when they appear with the Gokaigers, which doesn't occur until after the Legend War. If Takeru was old enough to have a grandchild, so would they and they're clearly not.
  • Another possibility is that the child could be an older Hiro Sakakibara.
    • Considering the respectful tone afforded the past Rangers and Gokaiger's track record or tying in many of Sentai's story elements together, big and small, a death of a Sentai Ranger during the Legend War doesn't seem like something that wouldn't have been brought up, especially since Kaoru was one of the Legends with a significant role and two episodes to appear in.

If the team gets a power up mode...
They'll have access to the power up modes from past sentai (i.e Super Shinkenger, Super Goseigers, etc).
  • Maybe in order to access their power up mode, the Gokaigers have to insert a Ranger Key of their Ranger form's Super Mode and possibly have to call out "Cho Gokai Change". But then again, we already saw something like this from last year's Sentai.
    • There's a chance that they'd save some time by simply taking the costume addons and fit those onto the Gokai suits, like the Acceltector, the Miracle Headder armor, the Shinken longcoat for example. Those will be called "Gokai Powerup", saving "Chou Gokai Change" for a proper super mode unique to Gokaiger (which is almost certainly going to involve epaulets and added bling on those nice hats, and maybe longer coats).
      • Partly confirmed. The team has access to the super modes of past teams, but only while AS those Rangers.

If there is a Gokaiger/OOO crossover, Luka will be the source of the Yummy.
Well, her, Marvelous and/or Joe, but most likely Luka. She's got some major greed issues.
  • Jossed. Though they do meet in Super Hero Taisen, there was no contemporary Super Hero Time crossover and wouldn't be for another three years.

In that vein, Gokaiger/Fourze crossover will involve Ahim and Don infiltrating Amanogawa High.
Obviously Ahim will be the New Transfer Student that everyone's Squeeing over for her to join their clubs, while Don's doctorate is somehow legit on Earth so he gets to be a teacher, with the girl students Squeeing over him for related reasons.
  • Also possible: Luka scams her way into a teaching position, while Joe winds up as kendo club teacher and Marvelous, with no really legit skills, gets to be janitor. Hilarity Ensues, of course.
  • Partially jossed as the obligatory high school episode is the Denji Sentai Megaranger tribute, and the whole team gets to be New Transfer Students for a day.

The Go-ongers will be the team to teach the Gokaigers about friendship
Out of all of the Sentai series, Go-onger seems to be the one that showcases the concept of friendship the most. An example would be the bond between the Go-ongers and their Engine partners.
  • Jossed. The two-part Shinkenger tribute episode covered the subject of friendship.

Barizorg and Joe were once friends.
In episode 4 it is implied that Barizorg was the one who taught Joe how to use a sword so it could be possible that they were friends once but Barizorg got captured during the invasion of their homeworld and turned into a cyborg. If the theory that he's GokaiSilver is true then it could be Joe who breaks through to him.
  • Episode 11 might confirm it, based on the preview, and Joe's flashback about his sempai in the Zangyack Special Ops.
    • Completely confirmed as the episode has aired.

Together, the Gokaigers can transform into different Rangers, but only if they are all of the same color
It seems that whenever the Gokaigers transform into a Ranger from a different team, they all turn into Rangers of the same color. Such as in their cameo debut Goseiger vs. Shinkenger and episode 2 of their series, they all transformed into Red Rangers, and in episode 3 when Joe, Luka and Ahim transformed into Black Rangers, then later into White Rangers.
  • Jossed. Episoe 12 shows Marvelous, Luka, Don and Ahim each transforming into 3 different Rangers of their own color.

Joe, Luka and Ahim turning into Black and White Rangers in episode 3 was to promote the Pokémon Black and White video game
What? It could be possible.
  • Except for the fact that the games came out last fall in Japan, and there's no reason for a Japanese show to be promoting a US game release (anyway, episode 4 aired on the release date, so it would've been a week off).
    • Oh, y'all just got Jossed so hard!

The original actors of past Super Sentai will return to reprise their roles.
Super Sentai already has a good track record of having their former actors return to the show as demonstrated by the annual team ups and the 30th Anniversary, at least compared to Kamen Rider. Not only seeing the suits and mecha again would appease the fans but also watching their favorite Sentai members make a triumphant return. They would at least grab actors from all the previous Heisei-era Sentais and avoid use of The Other Darrin.
  • Confirmed. Kai from Mahou Sentai Magiranger showed up in episode 3
    • It was confirmed in episode 1 with respect to voices, as the original actor for Akaranger returned to voice his character, though never appeared out of his suit.

The actors who will return for the Dekaranger episode will be the ones who played Dekared and Dekablue, and feature a Ho Yay theme between Joe and Captain Marvelous.
  • Disconfirmed; the folks who came back for the Deka ep. were Ban, Jasmine, and Doggie.

The man in black will become Gokaiger's answer to Narutaki

The team can only use a Legendary Mecha after learning the theme for that season.
This was inspired by a Youtube comment. In the Magiranger episode, Doc is taught about courage by Kai and the team gains MagiDragon. In the Dekaranger episode, Marvelous is arrested by the Dekarangers (possibly) and may learn about justice and the team'll gain Patstriker. The themes could also be the same as the ones used in Boukenger vs Super Sentai by the veteran sentai.
  • Confirmed in Episode 4.

Whenever the Gokaigers transform into a Sentai team after unsealing the true power of a Ranger Key set, the Transformation Sequence of that past team will be shown with the Gokaigers
In episode 1, when the Gokaigers transformed from Shinkengers to Magirangers, all that showed was a magical circle descending on the team. Same for Luka in episode 2 when she transformed into MagiRed. But, in episode 3, after a supposed seal on the Magiranger Keys was unlocked and the Gokaigers transformed into them, the sequence that shows the Ozu siblings transform into their Magiranger forms plays with the Gokaigers in their place.
  • With the exception of episode 7, confirmed.

GoseiGreen will finally make a full appearance and fight.
Since all the heroes who died during previous seasons were brought back for the Legend War, it would make sense that GoseiGreen would get a chance to return when the Gokaigers visit the Goseigers. Alternatively, Don will find the GoseiGreen Ranger Key somewhere apart from the ones that AkaRed had collected.
  • Is there even a design or animal for GoseiGreen?
  • Not at the moment (most images you can find of him are just recolored GoseiBlue), but Toei isn't averse to making new suits to fit old series- witness Kamen Riders Abyss and Kivara.
  • GoseiGreen died prior to the team forming,while the other returned heros where actually a part of their teams. Not being present at the Lengend War with the other heroes kills (pun intended) the idea. Also making 2 extra suits isn't comparable to having to gender alter possibly 200 suits which isn't even includeing anymore "chibi" rangers suits like seen in Ep 2.
    • Technically speaking, not every deceased hero was revived for the Legend War (since Dan and Beast Demon Hunter Zeke were not revived), but jossed - if they had wanted to use Gosei Green, they would've had to have introduced a seventh Gokaiger (possibly even give the team an extra hero instead) to handle rangers aside from the core 5 and the sixth ranger (which would have been kind of pointless, since he would have been limited to Gosei Green, the 5 extra rangers, and the extra heroes).

The episode where the team unlocks the Abaranger Key's true power will be an Ahim episode
Think about it. Ahim is the only Gokaiger who doesn't have an Abaranger key of her own. Maybe the plot of the episode could be that Ahim tries to deal with a situation, while a subplot focuses on the others meeting one of the Abarangers, most likely at the famous Dino Curry House, and they teach them about the theme of their series. Then later, when the whole team is fighting the Monster of the Week and the Gormin, Ahim will face the monster on her own, while the others deal with the Gormin. During the fight, the four (of five if Silver debuts before this episode) learn about the Abaranger's theme, transform into them and take down the entire Gormin army.
  • Maybe she'll get an AbarePink key?
  • Or another possible Abaranger themed episode idea: Similar to episode 20 of Shinkenger, the monster either kidnaps or does something to Ahim that renders her unable to fight. During this crisis, the Gokaigers meet one of the Abarangers, who try to teach them a lesson that somehow involves the theme of their series. Then, the team head off and face the monster to rescue Ahim. Sometime during the fight, the Gokaigers learn the lesson they were taught and transform into the Abarangers, where they might use the power of Dino Guts to take out the Gormin and weaken the monster before finishing him off with either the Superior Dino Bomber (with GokaiSilver), or Super Dino Bomber (without GokaiSilver) as the Abarangers or a Final Wave finisher as themselves.
  • Jossed
    • Decidedly not Jossed. Episode 29 is confirmed to be the Abaranger tribute, and previews suggest that it's an Ahim-centric episode. Plus, AbarePink is confirmed!

The Legend Mecha will all be from the Heisei era.
It doesn't seem likely we'll have a Legend Mecha from the Showa era, not that there was a lot of them, as that era of Sentai ended with Liveman.
  • Jossed. 199 Hero Great Battle reveals that the Gokaigers will get the Variblune, the Gorangers flying fortress, which will combine with GokaiOh to create GorenGokaiOh.
    • Aside from Goranger, the entire lot of them were from the later part of the Heisei Era, so Half-Confirmed.

During the Hurricaneger tribute episode, the main five will transform into the Kakurangers.
It'll happen either during the team's first fight with the villains of the tribute episode or during the team-up fight with the original three Hurricangers. Now since Gai doesn't have a Kakuranger Key of his own, if the former situation happens, he will either not transform and fight as himself or just not be present at the fight at all. If the latter situation happens, he'll transform into Shurikenger, so he can sort of round off the senior team count a little. Plus, it would just be awesome to see both ninja-themed Sentai teams fighting together.
  • This kinda-sorta already happened during the Boukenger tribute episode. It was just Joe, Doc, Ahim, and Gai, though. Joe, Doc, and Ahim turned into Kakuranger, while Gai turned into Shurikenger. Gai called them out on this, of course.
  • Jossed.

Bandora and her goons return for Zyutanger arc.
Bandora's urn crash lands — Bandora is injuried in ther crash Grizzofer and Lamie goes out and attack city — ending up with the facing the Goikaigers' Rangers and steal the Dragon Ranger key. They are halted by Zangyack and have to battle their usual enemies. By the time the Gokaigers' Mecha takes care of the Zyagakk monster of the day, Bandora has changed into the Dragon Ranger. Bandora decides to attack both sides — during battle - and even enter the Gokaigers' Mecha and causing some headaches. Watching this is — the ZyuRangers' Beast Gods. They meet Mei, the ZyuRanger's Petra Ranger. She leads them — the other six are here. Mei explains that DekaRangers fores did some experiments in attempt to restore use previous Rangers against the DekaRangers. One of them happen to be successful, the Dragon Ranger. This allowed Burai to be around for the the big war against the Zyagakk — lost his power. Their metor explains to Gokiranger that the suit person is Bandora, the witch — though she had lost her power after crying after Kei inside a mache along with Dei Satan. Our Pink Gokiranger come up with a nasty trick on Bandora. The five show up as ZyuRangers and get the key away from Bandora — much to her dismay. With the help of the ZyuRangers, the Gokirangers are able top resealed Bandora and her group.
  • There's only one problem, tho: Bandora's actress, Machiko Soga, is already DEAD.
    • I said the villains stole the Dragon Ranger Key (Bandora is Dragon Ranger form during the arc. Just get another female villain voice acting — and we are golden! We know that other people can use the Ranger Key from the boy that become Red Shikranger in Episode 2. Use your head for one.
      • What's the point in bringing in Bandora if she remains in ranger form the entire time? That wouldn't be very pleasing to fans. And no one said anything about other people using Ranger Keys.
    • And even then, it goes against the norms that it might be impossible:
      • The Gokaigers don't fight the Big Bad of the guest show. They din't fight a resurrected Abrella in any form, nor N Ma. And from the look of it, Long isn't going to come back at the 7th episode. Black Cross Fuhrer is an exception, but he's movie exclusive and only in because he's the first Super Sentai villain EVER.
      • The main ranger to cameo would be the respective red ranger, if Mei appears, she's probably only in for a smaller cameo (plus even Reiko Chiba, her actress, has retired from showbiz although she did appear in some commercials), the one to be mainly involved would probably be Geki (and that's if his actor, Yuuta Mochizuki, is still active...)
      • Agent Abrella is in the summer movie, along with a bunch of old mooks.
      • And apparently, so is Ryuuon in episode 21. Didn't take away the fact that Machiko Soga, who played Bandora, is dead. At least Ryūsei Nakao is still active in voice acting thus Abrella can return. Bandora and Hedrian simply cannot, because their actress is dead.
  • Jossed - as previously mentioned, the Gokaigers don't fight every guest show's Big Bad (Emperor Exhaus was nowhere to be found in the Carranger tribute), and for that matter, there was no Zyuranger tribute episode, much less an arc, and no cameos by either Tyranno Ranger or Ptera Ranger. Although that being said, Goushi (the team's black ranger) did end up appearing in episode 50.

Soukichi Bamba and Chief Miura will both appear in the series.
Imagine the double-take when the team sees them.
  • Miura appeared in the Ohranger episode, though not Soukichi.

Each meeting with a team that has a robot will give the Goikaiger's Mech the ability of final attack of the that Mecha.
This is more like I Knew It! then a WMG. Each time they meet a Super Sentai member from a previous show, they get their the previous Rangers team mecha's finishing move. For I.E.: For meeting a Zyuranger, the group gets the Beast Titan's Super Legendary Lightning Cut
  • It seems more like the series takes some artistic liberties with at least some of the other Sentai finishers - I don't recall the DekarangerRobo having a bunch of gatling guns equipped onto it, for instance - while generally getting across what that show was about/it's themes. Zyuranger might have some dinosaur themed attack, in that vein.
    • The gatling guns are a reference to the Deka movie-exclusive Blast Buggy, which has gatling gun wheels and combines with DekarangerRobo to use them.
  • "Beast Titan"? You mean Daizyujin, right?

  • Suit actor Jiro Okamoto as KiRanger (heck, he already looks the part)

The Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Kamen Rider OOO crossover will have all previous Riders and Sentai
Apparently its been confirmed that this crossover will happen, can't find a link but its apparently true and from what I've heard, it'll tie into the All Riders thing for OOO. Gokaiger is having a massive Sentai Teamup. What better crossover? We could only hope the awesome isn't too much for the universe to contain...
  • Supported since the Gorangers are supposed to be in Let's Go Kamen Rider and 2011 is not only the 35th Aniversary for Super Sentai and the 40th for Kamen Rider but the 60th for Toei as a company so they have more insentive to go big.
    • Maybe they'd even have Akaranger and the original Kamen Rider turn out to be long time friends and team up to beat the villain with a Rider Kick and a Sentai Punch.
      • OOO is officially over, so this is pretty much Jossed. However, there's still a chance of a crossover with Kamen Rider Fourze, especially since Fourze is also considered a Milestone Celebration.
      • Jossed for Fourze as well, but there was Super Hero Taisen, which basically was the same thing.

Team up rumors.
  • During next years team up the Gokaigers will somehow gain the Ranger Keys for that team.
    • How would they have keys for a team that did give up their powers? Being that KR Decade didnt get a card to transform into KR Double because they want to show Double,not just somebody using the suit.The next sentai team with show up using their powers and the Gokaigers won't even know they appeared.
      • Decade got a Kamen Rider Skull card instead, but he couldn't change into the Double movie-exclusive Rider.

The Gokaigers invasion of the Zangyack Home World will lead to the events of Super Hero Taisen
  • Wikipedia's article on the Gokaigers includes this: "After the death of Akudos Gill and the fall of the Zangyack Empire, Marvelous returns the Ranger Keys, along with the Great Powers within them, back to the respective previous warriors, and he and his crew departs the Earth, going on a journey to the homeworld of Zangyack to find what he presumes to be the second Greatest Treasure." With the bit in italics linking to the Super Hero Taisen page, whether this is based on actual news I don't know but it is interesting, so the second greatest treasure in the universe is the greatest treasure of the Kamen Rider universe (the Ultimate Treasure in the Universe) and the Zangyack homeworld is the Earth of Kamen Rider. What the hell?

Finale rumors.
(Yes I know it's too soon to start guessing about the season finale but when has that stopped us before?)
  • There will be a massive roll call of all Senshi ending with a massive fireball behind them with colored smoke forming "XXXV" with each line being a different color (red,blue,green,yellow,pink,black,silver/white,and gold).
    • That would be something. Assuming they're using the 199-200 appearing in the movie, and each person uses only half a second to state their title, that's almost two minutes (1/11th of the episode) of straight up roll call. The longest in fictional history, perhaps.
    • And the problem is?
      • Jossed.

The Captain is really Dead All Along.
  • And his personality is really a coping mechanism.

Don is really a don for Zangyack
  • We need yet another Decade Reference.

Throw the Dog a Bone moment for Don pending...
...when they raise his bounty to the same value as Luka or Joe.
  • This actually may have some meat. Don used to be a great hero, but suffered amnesia before he joined the Gokaigers. Why is this revelent? #42's villian is DARAMAS, a Fired Dragon scorned bad.
  • This may actually be a Confirmed WMG. Don was the one who pulled the trigger on the GokaiGalleon Buster.
  • Confirmed. Don's current bounty now equals to Gai's.

There will be a Massive All Riders Vs Super Sentai Movie in the near future.
Decade gave us brand new mint condition suits for all Showa and maybe half the Heisei riders, and they have got 2 movies now. Gokaiger gave us 199 mint and reused suits, not counting gender and size variations, and they are getting all Super Sentai, it's only a matter of time before we get All Rider Vs Super Sentai, maybe for the 40th SS anniversary or after SS hits its own milestone like OOO's 1000 episodes.
  • Confirmed to be in the works!

The Nejirangers will show up
They're the ultimate evil Ranger team. Who better to fight the Gokaigers?
  • Unfortunately, it didn't happen in the Megaranger tribute.

Shurikenger will be revealed as the Green counterpart to Aka Red
The next add-on for Gokaioh is based on the Fuurai-Maru, but in green and with the Tenkujin's shuriken rotor blade as its motif. This is the first non-Red-themed mecha we've seen, and between Shurikenger's vague past and his tendency to appear as former Sentai heroes, he could end up being Midori Green (or something like that). This could also lead to a huge amount to minor cameos in one episode.
  • Better yet, he could spend the episode disguising as the Gokaigers. Then the budget can be focused into bringing Toku-happy Nao Nagasawa back.
    • Jossed.

The Gokaigers will discover something new which will allow them to turn into American-exclusive Rangers
One episode, Gokai Red, Blue and Yellow could turn into the Spirit Rangers (Damashi Sentai Gekiranger), Geki Shark, Geki Elephant and Geki Bat. Then turn into the toy-only RPM Rangers, Mammoth Ranger (Go-On Crimson), Triceratops Ranger (Go-On Cyan) and T-Rex Ranger (Go-On White). While Gokai Green could turn into the Titanium Ranger (Go Silver) and Gokai Pink could turn into the S.P.D. Orange Ranger (Deka Orange). Then in another episode, they could turn into the A-Squad Rangers, some sort of Megaranger upgrade.
  • I like the idea but SPD's cat ranger is in Sentai as Deka Swan.
    • I didn't mean the Cat Ranger, I meant the fake Orange Ranger that Boom dreamed of.
      • Jossed for the actual series. Still at least one and possibly two movies to go though.

There's going to be a mutiny amongst the villains.
After Oiles Gil completely messes up Damaras' and Insarn's Genre Savvy plan to actually compete for the Legendary Powers and instead insists on being a lazy conqueror, you can see that his underlings are both miffed. Besides, what's a good Space Is an Ocean story without a mutiny?
  • He throws a really big hissy fit in episode 11, beating several Gormin in the process. Whether or not there will be a mutiny is up in the air, but I have a feeling that karma is going to bite him hard.
    • OP here. After episode 17 and Damaras' pissed-off reaction to the MOTW being unknowingly rigged as a suicide bomber, we're definitely on our way to a revolt.
    • Though if it happened, Damaras is going to have one pissed Emperor breathing down his neck for mutiny.
  • Jossed as Warz Gilz was killed off before any mutiny could take place, and Damaras shows genuine loyalty and now, a thirst for vengeance.

The reason Zangyack is reviving all the past Sentai enemies in the Gokaiger vs Goseiger movie is so they can travel to Stonehenge and lock all 199 heroes in the Pandorica.
Well in my experience that sorta stuff usually happens when mass groups of past villains return :P.
  • Jossed. They just wanted to take over the world, and revived the other villains to make it easier.

The Gokaigers are Japanese alien versions of the cast of Blackadder
Captain Marvelous is Blackadder, Joe is Darling, Luka is Melchett, Doc is Baldrick, and Ahim is Queenie.

Don was involved in the creation of...
In the early promo bios Don was said to belong to a group of pacifist scientists so maybe he was directly involved (maybe even a test subject for) the Gokaiger powers. Maybe Akared asked the scientists to help him out and they created the Gokaiger powers and maybe even Navi for him. That could be why Don is so good at fixing the ship, he helped make it!
  • Or maybe in a twist it turns out that the Zangyack were made by the scientists and (as it often does) something went wrong and they turned evil (could explain the pacifism out of guilt).

If they make a Power Rangers version, Don's counterpart will still be nicknamed Doc, while Captain Marvelous will be called Captain Awesome.
Because it would be cool if they had a character in Power Rangers nicknamed Doc, and the Americans would rather use the word Awesome rather than Marvelous.
  • Joe probably wouldn't need a name change, either, and Ahim would probably just be Princess. Luka may become Luna; maybe we'll find out in a few years.
    • And Jossed.

At some point in the series, something will happen to Don and Ahim which will make them rough and thuggish like Dan and Mei in Zyuranger.
Ahim is a innocent little princess, and Don is Captain Camp, not to mention the team's bitch. It would be a good episode.
  • Wouldn't be much of a stretch: Ran became a Japanese punk in one episode.
  • Semi-jossed, it actually happens between Don and Gai in #46, with Ahim playing peacemaker.

While Captain Marvelous is not evil yet, it is growing inside him, and it will unleash itself in an explosion of horror.
Think about it, Captain Marvelous along with his team, didn't care too much about the people on Earth at first, that wasn't evil, more like anti-heroes, now they care more. But something sinister is inside Marvelous, hinted at several points.
  • His face when he reaches out for the GokaiRed Key in the opening, and then there's the endings...
  • He admires AkaRanger like he's regarding him as a formidable opponent.
  • He gives a sinister smile at Doc who is trapped in the J.A.K.Q. card.
  • He then cowers behind Doc, leaving him to be set on fire by the Gingaman.
  • When he is surrounded by the Ranger Keys, he smiles like he's the Emperor of the World!
  • I think he was the one who was throwing those Green Keys at Doc.
This will all climax in the finale, being marketed as a horror movie, where he becomes a psychopath and starts to murder all the past Sentai teams. He starts by attacking his own team, Joe and Luka escape while Marvelous cracks Doc's skull like an egg by firing Green Ranger Keys through a minigun, using Ahim's hair to scrub the brains off the floor. As Marvelous picks off the Ranger's one by one. Joe finds the one person that can stop him, none other than AbareKiller. Joe knows how awesome he is and how much of an evil bastard he was, and deduces that he is the only one who can help him.
  • 0_o! I highly doubt they'd go anywhere close to this road.
    • Maybe not, but it would be frigging hilarious.
      • Completely jossed. Sure, he'll be evil in one movie, but he's probably brainwashed.

At one point, the Gokaigers will reference Power Rangers by turning into Tommy's suits.
GokaiRed will become KibaRanger, GokaiBlue will become Dragonranger, GokaiYellow will become AbareBlack, GokaiGreen will become OhRed and GokaiPink will become Red Racer.
  • The first 2 are keys of GokaiSilver, so assuming he joins them and can share his keys thats possible but what roll will GokaiSilver then take?

If this is turned into a Power Rangers series...
Navi's first words will be "Ayyiyiyiyi!"

This Sentai will only last as long as Decade
  • We all know how well THAT turned out in the end.
  • This is technically Jossed, because if Gokaiger was only going to be 31 episodes long, we would've had scans for the new Sentai a few weeks before the finale.
    • Officially Jossed now. We have info for episodes up through 35.

Not all the past Sentai getting focus will involve a past Red senshi
A compromise of sorts between some past Red actors not being available and the Ensemble Dark Horse non-red senshi. TimePink, HurricaneBlue, BoukenPink (maybe Yellow) and ShinkenBlue come to mind.
  • According to the summary for episode 11 the Shinkenger episode is Joe centered so a certain kabuki actor may return.
    • Except Don had two focus eps involving MagiRed and GekiRed, so it's all down to actor availability.
      • The latest rumor is that Kaoru will show up instead.
      • Jossed for the Shinkenger cameo. Kaoru is shown in the preview for episode 11.
      • And Kaoru is still technically a Red, so it's not a completely jossed scenario.
      • TimeRed's actor seems to now consider the show an Old Shame and has declined to appear at fan events, so it seems unlikely he will be back. The only way to have a "Red" Ranger appear for the Timeranger episode would be to use TimeFire ... Who's dead.
      • Ban (DekaRed) only showed up for a couple lines, and Austin St. John and Amy Jo Johnson considered PR a Old Shame and still cameoed in Forever Red and Turbo: A Power Ranger movie, I'm sure he'll show up if only for a few seconds.
      • Jossed? GokaiSilver received the powers of Zyuranger, Abaranger, and Timeranger, and obviates the need for any Timeranger guys to come in...
      • Jossed. GoPink will appear in the GoGo V episode. Though I dunno, maybe Go Red will pop in for 30 seconds like Ban did.
      • It's just GoPink in the GoGo V episode.
      • Jossed as well for the Jetman episode, with Black Condor coming back, though unavailability issues also creep in - Red Hawk & White Swan are now living in England.
  • I think we got a little carried away with the Joss status-labeling with this WMG. It (paraphrasing) said "Not all past Sentai will have a returning Red Senshi." Meaning the Jossed status on GoGo-V and Jetmen is lifted and is Confirmed.

There will be a Ho Yay episode for Marvelous and Joe
Probably showing how the two first met.
  • Episode 12 probably qualifies.

The full transformation sequence for when the Gokaigers transform into a past team after unlocking their true power will only be seen when all 5 Gokaigers are themselves.
As you've seen in episodes 3, 5 and 9, when the Gokaigers transformed into the Magirangers, Dekarangers and Gaorangers respectively, that team's transformation sequence was done with the Gokaigers in their place. But in episode 7, when they transformed into the Gekirangers, no special sequence was used. Just a colored blaze surrounded them and changed them into the Gekirangers. What made episode 7 different from the other 3 episodes was that Marvelous, Joe and Luka were still transformed as the Sun Vulcan instead of their normal Gokaiger suits. So, the point is, it would appear that transformation sequences from past teams used by the Gokaigers will only be used if all of the Gokaigers are themselves during it, but if so much as one Gokaiger is a different Ranger, then no sequence will be used.
  • Confirmed except for #7.

The 200th hero will be the Red Senshi of the next team.
While it's too early to tell, it's possible that there won't be a 200th hero in the movie, seeing how the official list has been released and there's no mention of Ninjaman nor Gunmajin. We can conclude from the movie's lineup that Aka Red is no. 198 (who has been confirmed to be in the movie) and Gokai Silver will be no. 199. The 200th hero will appear towards the end of the series and he will become the leader of the next Sentai team.
  • Jossed.
    • To be specific, the 200th hero was supposed to be Ninjaman but he was sealed in the jar so it ended up as 199. Also, Abare Pink was just a joke so she didn't/doesn't count.

Gokaiger takes place in the Vs. Movie World
Considering the Vs. Movie's of the previous sentai were non-canon, and that the Gokaiger and Goseiger movie was. It got me thinking that the Vs. Movies take place in it's own world, one where every Super Sentai happened. This would mean Gokaiger would take place in the Vs. Movie world.
  • Yeah, we kinda already figured that out.

The AbareBlack Ranger Key is actually shared between Don and Ahim.
This could be a way to help balance out the "not enough Abaranger Keys for everyone" problem. Ahim could use the key whenever Don's not around when the team transforms into the Abarangers, just like how it would be if it was the other way around. Plus, she already has two Black Ranger counterparts anyway.

There will be Lampshade Hanging when it's Goggle V's time to shine.
Come on, it would be a perfect opportunity for someone to make a comment about the gymnastics mistake.
  • Probably some very explosive jokes come Dynaman themed episode, complete with Parody Dubbing
  • Sort of confirmed re: Goggle V. The team does turn into them... and they all use rhythm gymnastics ribbons on the bad guy as the only attack in that form. I think the Sentai show runners know the joke and are just running with it.
    • Every single Goggle V weapons are based on gymnastic apparatus, though. The shout out come from the fact that the weapon they used is the weapon of the only actual gymnast of the team, Miki/Goggle Pink. Either that's how they're running with the joke, or it's a nod on Miki being one of the more popular old school Sentai heroines.
    • Though the lampshade may happen in the movie where Kanpei/Goggle Black will appear.
    • Blink if you miss it moment in the movie. The Goggle Red Ranger Key Clone (under the loyalty of the Black Cross King) used his rope to fight. Guess what lead him to his defeat?
    • The finale also had one. Guess which Goggle V Ranger Key is used when dogpiling Ackdos Gil with nearly every single Ranger form ever? Goggle Pink's (by Ahim).

There will be a Denji Sentai Megaranger shout out.
You know the one.
  • Played with. The Monster of the Week in #34 copied Gai and was throwing off the Gokaigers, so all the Gokaigers changed into the Megarangers. As the Action Commander has to have his forehead in contact with another to steal appearances (thus stuck as GokaiSilver), he was exposed.
  • And during the actual Megaranger tribute episode, Joe as MegaBlue uses a hologram to create a fake Basco rather than actually impersonate him.

The power up form for GokaiRed will be Power Ranger Battlizers
Why not? After all, DekaRed did use SPD's battlizer in Magiranger vs Dekaranger.
  • Not during the series… there's still a movie or two to go though.

The meteor fragment that fell to earth and sprouted the golden bonsai in #6 is...

There will be some Wholesome Crossdressing
When Goukai Pink and Yellow transform into male rangers they gain skirts, and we can safely assume that the reverse is true for Red, Blue, and Green becoming female rangers. Despite being female rangers Deka Yellow and Deka Pink lacked skirts, this obviously means that the male versions of their costumes will have skirts.
  • Confirmed that the rangers will lose/gain skirts respectively for whatever sentai ranger they turn into.
    • Unless the suits for those series doesn't have skirts for the female members, like Bioman or Dekaranger. Other than the body-swapped Doc there are no scenes in which a male ranger wears a skirt.
    • More like female styles. Yellow and Pink Flash of Choushinsei Flashman didn't have skirts, but their suits looked more like one-piece binikis.

The five Goukaiger will fill the Straw Hat Expy quota
As the bios are out, chances are each Goukaiger will represent two Straw Hats.
  • Marvelous - Luffy & Franky
  • Joe - Zoro & Sanji
  • Luka - Nami & Robin
  • Don - Usopp & Chopper
  • Ahim - Vivi & Brook

In a future episode two or more of the Gokaigers will swap their Gokaiger Ranger Keys.
Maybe a monster will be looking for a specific Gokaiger so they switch suits to trick them. There'd also be an opportunity to see female Gokai Red, Green, or Blue, or male Gokai Yellow or Pink.
  • Doc will definately become GokaiPink.
  • Somewhat confirmed in #27: Thanks to a Action Commander, Don and Luka switch bodies and use the keys according to their body, not mind. Funnily enough, Don and Luka end up swapping their keys in Ten Gokaiger.

At the end of the series, once all of the Keys and Powers have been collected and unlocked, Marvelous will become the new AkaRed
Having united all of the Sentai powers on the world they were meant to protect, he takes on his mentor's role as the spirit of those protectors. The rest of his crew will assume a similar role for the other colors.
  • Jossed.

If there is a crossover between Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and Kamen Rider OOO, it will take place in Gokaiger.
Basically the opposite of what happened with the Kamen Rider Decade and Samurai Sentai Shinkenger crossover. Kamen Rider OOO is getting close to the end of its run (currently at #36, at the time of this writing), unless Toei decides to make the season run longer than normal. It would be easier to stick the crossover in a couple episodes of Gokaiger, where episodes and story arcs can be moved around or shortened easier, than in the few episodes they have left of OOO.
  • Alternatively, they could just stick it in a movie.
    • Kind of jossed, but partially confirmed - while the Gokaigers do work with OOO, it's in the Super Hero Taisen movie.

The Hurricaneger and/or Kakuranger-themed episodes will reference the age-old debate.
You know the one.
  • Toy scans have confirmed a Furaimaru mecha-expansion unit, so we have at least one opportunity.
  • Hurricaneger episode came and went. They had their differences, but still fought together. So Kakuranger is the last chance for this WMG...
  • Doesn't happen. Ninjaman is hesitant to trust the team, but not because they're pirates - it's because he's been burned in the past and doesn't trust ANYONE as easily as he used to.

In one of the Gokaiger movies the team will transform into next years Sentai team
As the next year preview
  • Jossed. The Go-Busters appeared while the Gokaigers were elsewhere.
    • Confirmed, albeit under different circumstances - when they returned in Zyuohger, they transformed into members from the 36-39th Sentai teams.

Captain AkaRed was not the original from Boukenger
Since the AkaRed key was the first one found, it's possible that the Captain of the Akaki Pirates was not it's original owner, the Spirit of the Red Senshi. The title will now be passed on like the Dread Pirate Roberts onto Captain Marvelous.
  • AkaRed doesn't have a key, the key Marvelous found was AkaRanger from Goranger, the original Red Senshi whom AkaRed's costume is based on.
  • Seemingly jossed. AkaRed is the same actor and Bouken Red acknowledges him.

Barizorg, turned good, will sacrifice himself to save Joe's life in the finale.
Since he definately isn't GokaiSilver.
  • Jossed.

Gai dies at the end of the series.
He gets his changer from three dead sixths Dragon Ranger, TimeFire, AbareKiller and he shares his name with another dead warrior, Gai/BlackCondor.
  • And he's an Ascended Fanboy, just like another well-known dead Gai.
    • Alternately, he's already dead.
    • My god! the poor guy has death written in all his face!
  • Jossed. However, a writer did comment that Gai was supposed to die in the finale.

The passing the torch sequence will go like this
Marvelous will activate the next series Red Ranger Key from the buckle and toss it in the air and will glow and transform into the Ranger and then they will meet in the center and next series red will take the focus. Alternatively he tosses it into a waiting silhouette.
  • Jossed

The series will end with a Movie as a Grand Finale
This, of course, will include all the previous generation plus a new generation...which were five person the Gokaigers helped along the series! Of course, this movie will include the ultimate mecha combination that was discarded in the previous one.
  • If that is the case, the in-show previews of their crossover flick with Space Sheriff Gavan would get quickly replaced due to being Overshadowed by Awesome.
    • Unless they're planning it for one of the upcoming movies… jossed.

The Changeman set won't be used until the remaining incomplete sets are fully used.
The preview for Episode 28 reveals that the Gokaigers will use Bioman and Maskman. This means that by this time, 31 out of 34 of the Ranger Key sets will have had all of the keys in their set be used at least once. So, aside from the unused Changeman set, the only incomplete Ranger Key sets that remain are Liveman (Black Bison) and Kakuranger (NinjaRed and NinjaYellow) and something tells me that those 3 keys will be used before any of the Changeman keys be used. Plus, it seems like the writers are planning something big for Changeman, based on the way their taking so long for the Gokaigers to use them.
  • Let's hope so.
  • Taking this further Changeman will be the last great power.
  • Confirmed. Episode 30 has the Gokaigers using the Liveman set, while the preview for episode 32 shows the team using Kakuranger and 4/5 of them using Changeman.

A Dream Sentai team like the one in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, Boukenger vs. Super Sentai and Once A Ranger, will appear at some point.
Its shown that the Hurricangers will actually henshin and fight alongside the Gokaigers, so maybe a few legends from different teams could band together and do the same.
  • Personally, I hope this is when the Gokaigers face Basco one last time for the 5 last Greater Powers...
  • Jossed. The "Dream Sentai" team appears in the episode AFTER the Gokaigers have taken the last five Greater Powers from Basco. And it doesn't look like they'll be transforming.

The Gokaiger will get their Super Mode in the movie
  • Jossed. Didn't happen in the movies so far, and the Gavan movie is too late, the show would only have three or four episodes left by then.

One of the last episodes will show the Gokaigers actually encountering the next team.
Think about it, Gokaiger takes place in a world where all of Super Sentai exists. Its perfectly possible that they could meet the next team, assuming they're one of those teams that gain their powers before the first episode of their show.
  • Well, they made a cameo in the Gavan movie, but the team hasn't met them yet.
  • Funnily enough, this later happens in Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger.

AkaRed will be mentioned in the Boukenger episode.
Because Satoru met him of course.
  • Confirmed in a small line in the end, and also, AkaRed just happened to appear in a flashback in that episode.

There will be a Seventh ranger
Just see his Gokai Cellular. it has a button for every Sixth Ranger...but none of the "extra rangers" (Black knight, Dekamanster, etc.). Maybe there is another Gokai Key.
  • Possibly Jossed, as Gai and 4 of the others used the Extra Hero Keys in #37.
    • Definitely Jossed.

There will be a fight between Ginga Sentai Gingaman and Seijuu Sentai Gingaman.
The former being summoned by Basco and the later being used by the Gokaigers.
  • If they do use something like this, the team will probably become Fiveman at some point during the fight, too.
    • There was a Ginga Sentai Gingaman?
    • Yes, in Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman, they were basically a gang of 5 aliens that looked like monsters normally, but disguised as the Fivemen once.
      • Jossed.

There will be a GokaiBlack for the extra heroes.
A summary for episode 15 says that someone from Marvelous's past will return and his name has a similar pattern to the main Gokaigers. Maybe he could be a 7th Gokaiger.
  • ... Did one even consider if this man was actually GokaiSilver as opposed to a new Gokaiger entirely?
    • I thought it was all but confirmed that GokaiSilver was a separate character then the one mentioned for episode 15.
    • There have never been any sort of confirmation on who GokaiSilver is, just various rumors and speculations. They may still be another Gokaiger in the future though.
      • After episode 12 I think this should be reveresed. Maybe the new guy will be GokaiSilver and Cid could be [=GokaiBlack?
      • Reports are saying that the new guy is actually a villain and one of the former Red Pirates, and GokaiSilver is someone completely different. So, jossed?
      • Yup.
      • Basco has Extra Hero keys, it is possible he could become an evil GokaiBlack. Or, just as the Sixth Ranger keys were taken off him and given to Gai (GokaiSilver), the Extra Ranger keys will be taken off him and given to another guy, probably Cid, who becomes Gokai Black.
      • Jossed with Basco's death.

There will be a Fake Gokaiger
Like many sentai have done before, though off the top of my head I can only think of Abare Pink, who will change into the costumes of the other fake sentai and have a self recorded version of the transformation call thing.
  • White Racer and Shinken Brown are two other examples I can think of.
    • As a Power Rangers shout-out, it'll probably include Deka Orange.
      • And maybe, Hurricane Pink.
  • Proof of Concept confirmed with the Abare Pink Key.

Barizorg will have a Darth Vader-esqe redemption.
  • Considering that Gosei Sentai Dairanger did the same thing, it's not much of a stretch.
    • Confirmed somewhat. It is a Redemption Equals Death scene, but it's more based on the second half of Vader's redemption. AKA, his death scene.

At some point, the Gokaigers will transform into all 5 water elemental Blue Rangers.
They could do a Blue Ranger version of the Red Ranger combination finisher they did in episode 2, using the element of water. Marvelous and Joe could be either Ginga Blue or Shinken Blue, GokaiYellow would be Hurricane Blue, Don would be Gosei Blue and GokaiPink would be Magi Blue. Just like the Red Ranger team finisher, the Gokaiger that is tranformed as a Shinkenger would be the one to finish off the enemy.
  • Semi-confirmed, as Joe, Luka and Ahim become Shinken Blue, Hurricane Blue and Magi Blue respectively during episode 45's all-blue change. Marvelous is Gosei Blue though, and Don and Gai use Time Blue and Aoranger instead of water-based Blue Rangers. Also, it was for a demonstration for Ninjaman, not a battle.

Doc will snap and have a brief Face–Heel Turn at one point.
  • And will be a better villain then all the Zangyack.
    • Well, he DID go crazy in episode 46, but that was because he was under mind control due to an Action Commander.

Bio Hunter will appear
And GokaiSilver will get a key for him.
  • Why? He wasn't a Sentai ranger or anything. Magne Warrior (the character played by Juspion) was more of a sixth ranger prototype than Silva was and even he is considered to be nothing more than a glorified villain of the week.
    • Partly confirmed, he´s not going to be a key, but he´ll appear in the Kamen Rider Vs Super Sentai movie.
    • As Rider Hunter Silva

Damaras will attack Navi at some point
  • Damaras seems too smart to forget that without Navi the Gokaiger can't find any more powers. He may go behind Oiles back and send a monster to either attack and damage Navi forcing the Gokaigers to either find a mechanic to fix her (possibly someone from a past Sentai) or reprogram her to give false leads (destroying the MOTW would return her to normal).
  • Jossed. He died before he could.
  • Though Navi does have a bounty now... albeit a very, very small one, which is half of Don's initial bounty (50 Zagins).

If there is a Kamen Rider/Gokaiger crossover, there will be a mecha based on Kamen Rider.
The Gokai-Oh toy features an odd bit of engineering: the Gokai Trailer's cab pops off in order to become the foot. There is more than enough room to engineer a linked cab to become the foot, so this seems like a choice instead of a necessity. The Kamen Rider-inspired mecha (probably movie-only) would attach in place of the cab and become a new leg for a Rider Kick-style attack.
  • Half-jossed. It isn't the Gokaigers; it's the Go-Busters, using mecha-sized versions of Fourze's Rocket and Drill Modules.

At some point, at least one of the Mobirates will be stolen and used by the villains.
Episode 2 showed that they work for anyone holding it, and if Chinomonako can manage to get the Diend Driver from Kaito, it can't be that hard. Of course, the result would be either a freaky mutation, a la Chinomonako, or Shapeshifter Baggage a la the Gaoranger/Hurricanger crossover.
  • With the possability of either Decade or Diend coming to bail them out, it might even be their fault!
    • Never happened in the actual series.

At some point, there will be a two-part episode where the Monster of the Week prevents the Gokaigers from transforming into past Rangers.
The Zangyack will realize that the Gokaigers rely on the Rangers Keys a lot, so they send a monster, who either seals up the Key sets of Goranger-Goseiger or simply steals them. He then proceeds to Curb Stomp them. The Gokaigers feel like they can't defeat the monster without the other keys, until a past Ranger appears and tells not to give up and that its not the keys that make them a strong team. Its the courage and heart inside of them. He/she then puts the crew through training that continues through the next episode. After finishing their training, the Gokaigers head off to face the monster in order to get their Keys back. Sometime during the fight, the Gokaigers will unlock their Super Mode, use it to kick the monster's ass and reclaim their Ranger Keys.
  • Am I the only one that sees that as a Broken Aesop?
  • Nope, but that hasn't stop Toei before.
  • The Dairanger episode can be viewed as this WMG.

The Gokaigers will travel aboard the DenLiner to fulfill a Stable Time Loop.
Their cameo in Gosei vs. Shinken was played as if they weren't supposed to be there, especially considering that they shouldn't be active simultaneously with other teams. The best explanation for that is time travel, as under that scenario, they can't afford being seen. And given the high likelihood for a crossover with OOO, why not include the most popular Rider season and gift their own previous cameo with some coherence?
  • The same thing happened with the Goseigers. They weren't really suppose to be their either but they show up anyway. And the VS movie have next to nothing in coherence.
  • Jossed. The Timeranger tribute deals with how the Gokaigers made their Early-Bird Cameo.
  • Half-confirmed, actually - the Gokaigersnote  do ride on the Denliner...inKamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen.

A group of evil Gokaiger will show up that can turn into evil sentai
There have been like 3 or four evil Sentai teams to face the Sentai team, along with a great number of Evil Twin Sentai teams. This seems like too good a thing to pass up. Otherwise, the Gokaiger eventually gain this power.
  • They could even be bounty hunters hired by the Zangyack to take out the Gokaigers.
    • Jossed.

Should Gosei Green get a Ranger Key...
It will be a Joke Character due to having very little to no defined abilities in it's own series.
  • Jossed in series, but there is a real-life Gosei Green key - although if they did use the Gosei Green key in-series, it would've probably been a fusion with Gosei Blue along the same vein as the Go-On Wings fusion.

The other characters will eventually gain their own special powers or weapons from returning characters that can't be normally accessed through Gokai Change
Just as Joe received the Double Disc from Kaoru in episode 12.
  • This may include a special Gosei Card during the movie.
  • Jossed

Marvelous will get his own Super Mode using the AkaRed Ranger Key.
After watching episode 15, where it was revealed that he and Basco were part of a three man pirate crew with AkaRed as their captain, this could give a good plot point for AkaRed to make another appearance in the series. Hell, the AkaRed Ranger Key could even contain his very spirit.
  • Maybe the other Gokaigers will get similar keys (the possible team for AkaRed) for their own super modes.
  • Jossed AkaRed Key is toy only.

At some point, the Gokaigers will gain the ability to summon AkaRed's team ala the Spirit Rangers from Jungle Fury.
Because it would be awesome to finally see the whole Super Sentai Damashi VS ranger.
  • And GokaiSilver could summon a Sentai Spirit who represents all Sixth Rangers.
    • GinSilver?
      • Not in the main series. (Still one, possibly two, movies to go though.)
      • And jossed.

The woman Yuki Gai is at the bar in Heaven with... Mika Koizumi, the original Yellow Four. She's the only confirmed dead female Sentai member, and they naturally couldn't get her original actress since she infamously fell off the face of the Earth during the filming of Bioman.
  • Disconfirmed. He refers to her at the end as Kami-sama, as in God. Which is pretty awesome, we finally meet the God of the Sentaiverse and she's a woman.
    • While we can be sure it's not Mika, it might not be the God of Sentaiverse. It could be one of the lesser Goddesses, but not the head God of the verse.
      • Well, if the V-Cinema for Go-busters is anything to go by, at the very least, Kami can change forms...since when Kami appears, either it's an entirely different Kami or Kami decided to take Enter's form.
  • Ahem. Switch around the syllables in "Kami"; what do we get? "Mika".
    • No. Why would they bring back a character played by an actress who wanted nothing to do with Sentai anyway and abruptly quit the show before the first cours was even over? Toei even treats Mika's tenure on the team as a footnote.
      • Jossed - Yuki Yajima (Mika's actress) is not listed in the episode credits. Plus, she has pretty much left the public eye, so if Toei had the resources to track her down, it would've been better to use them to get Dragonranger's actor (who is retired) to return for a cameo.

Aka Red is secretly grooming Marvelous to be his successor
The finale will have Marvelous becoming the new Aka Red and looking over the new Super Sentai after Gokaiger like Aka Red did in Boukenger vs Super Sentai.
  • Jossed

When all six Gokaigers are changed into the Same Sentai, they unlock a special attack/weapon
  • When all six become the Shinkengers they use a team sword attack which they mention they couldn't do before and a preview image for episode 21 shows five of the Gokaigers (all but Marvelous) using the Dual Crusher.
    • More proof of this comes in episode 22 when the team uses the Ohranger's Choriki Dynamite Attack finishing move.

The ending would be the following.
After the defeat of the Big Bad of the series. All but 11 keys are melted — the 6 Present Ranger (The Gokaigers) and something that Capt. Marvel and crew never found in the Key Chest — the keys of the next five Rangers of the next series.

The regular and Hime ShinkenRed Ranger Keys can only be used by people of the same gender as them.
Because the suits for those keys would just change into the other when used by the opposite sex.
  • Jossed, at least for the stage shows. GokaiYellow has become Hime ShinkenRed in at least two of them, with the proper female suit.
    • Explain. You just said that a female ranger used the female ShinkenRed key. Not Jossed at all, as far as I can see.
      • I meant that she's become Hime ShinkenRed. There's no evidence that the Extra Keys have been used in the Stage Shows, and it would be strange that only one had (especially since, at the time of the Stage Show, the Gokaiger didn't have that key). Which means that she became Hime ShinkenRed with the normal ShinkenRed key.
      • The appearance by the Gokaigers in Zyuohger josses this one - while it seems that the female Gokaigers can only transform into Hime ShinkenRed, Gokai Yellow used the regular ShinkenRed key - it seems that the key only transforms the user into ShinkenRed, and which ShinkenRed they become depends on the user's gender.

Marvelous and Luka will be an Official Couple
There's quite a sign in episode 21, as Luka is the one who understood Marvelous' predicament and try to help him calm down. She was the one who stopped her from hitting Navi and telling him to calm down. She was also the one who knows that Marvelous has gotten back to normal during the end.
  • This may have been hinted at from the first episode. Early on in the episode, you see that Marvelous's necklace resembles a lock of some kind, while Luka's necklace is a key. Could just be a coincidence, though.
    • Lock and key? Am I the only one getting a Shugo Chara! vibe from this?
  • This would be appropriate, considering those two are the Ensemble Darkhorses of the series.

When the emperor finally appears, his first act will be curbstomping the Gokaigers, even Gai in Gold Mode.
  • Seeing how his son is such a wuss and appears to only have his position BECAUSE he's the boss's son, I'd say that this is all but certain.
    • His son also fears his father, and the one Action Commander from his father directly Curbstombs the Gokaigers so it seems a given the father is a Baddass Big Bad... posibly requiring the use of the Gokai Super Mode.
  • Seemingly confirmed, given previews of the final episode have Ackdos Gil taking on Gokai Red and Silver Gold Mode with ease.
    • Initially. He's powerful enough that he gave Gai in Gold Mode a hard time. After the Gigant Horse went down in flames, HE gets a curbstomping.

The show will end on a cliffhanger
  • Hope to god not.
  • Jossed, thankfully.

Instead of Marvelous and Luka being an Official Couple...
...It will be Don and Luka. Just to screw with us.
  • It wouldn't really screw with us, mainly because, well, ANY coupling among the Gokaiger is incredibly obvious.

At some point in the series, Marvelous and Joe will transform into the Gouraigers.
Who wouldn't want to see the two most badass members of the Gokaigers transform into this equally badass ninja duo? Plus, their Color-Coded for Your Convenience.
  • Technically the team has already does this, Crimson and Navy however are normally Don and Ahim.
  • I know that. But did you forget that the team are not limited to just their standard Ranger Keys? They could transform into any Ranger of any color at any time. Also, having Marvelous and Joe transform into the Gouraiger duo could act as a symbolism of how close they are, since the Gourangers are brothers.
    • Jossed.

Like DaiGoyo, Navi will be the sole witness to the Early Bird Cameos of the new Sentai teams in both Gokaiger team-up movies.
I consider 199 Heroes Great Battle to be an un-official team-up movie since it does not contain the word "VS" in the title and it takes place really early in the series (before Gai joined the team). So, I think the Gokaigers will get a "VS. Super Sentai" movie, like Gaoranger and Boukenger did, and during it, the Gokaiger's successors will make their hidden cameo debut, which will only be seen by Navi. Then, when said successors have their team-up with the Gokaigers next year, their successors will make their cameo debut and Navi will once again be the only witness.
  • Don't consider 199 Heroes Great Battle a team-up movie? Too bad; it is the team-up movie.
    • However, I think (don't quote me on this) Navi did see the Go-Busters in action when Basco tried to take the Galleon during the Gokaigers team-up movie with Space Sheriff Gavan.
  • Jossed. The only witnesses are Basco and Sally.
    • Jossed for the Kyoryuger cameo as well - Kyoryu Red was seen by Marvelous and Hiromu.

There will be a Timeranger and Zyuranger episode
According to the rumors, Abare Blue will appear despite their Greater Power already spent on Gokai Silver. Therefore, there may be a future episode featuring Timeranger or Zyuranger. Problem is, which actor.
  • Ptera Ranger might be a good pick for Zyuranger, especially if it were an Ahim-centered episode, since they are both princesses. I could easily see Mei, who was displaced from her home time and the world she knows, showing Ahim that she can make a new home on Earth even though her own planet was destroyed.
    • That depends on the availability of Reiko Chiba, she's last heard already married, had a child and is a yoga teacher... although she does appear in one product commercial featuring a Kamen Rider recently (look at the below WMG). Timeranger might pose a bit of a problem due to time travel regulation it presents and the only present-time Timeranger (Time Red) is played by someone who seemed to have distanced himself from Toku. Unless for that episode, the Gokaigers are thrown to year 3011.
  • Confirmed at least on Timeranger's part. It will feature the son of TimeYellow as well as explaining the teams cameo in Goseiger vs Shinkenger.
  • While there isn't a true Zyuranger tribute episode, Goushi still appeared in #50.

The series will undergo Cerebus Syndrome once the Emperor takes over as the Big Bad.
I say Waruzu Giru will be killed before the end of the year and once his father takes his place as the main villain, the rest of the series will be dark and serious. Sure, the previous episodes had some dark stuff, like Marvelous' origin and Luka's sister's death, but most of the time, it was comedic. So, the shift from wacky Waruzu Giru to the, most likely, menacing (unnamed) Emperor will definitely make the series more Darker and Edgier.
  • The Emperor Akudos Gil has been confirmed to appear around episode 41, and with the reveal that one of his bodyguards was responsible for the destruction of planet Famille...

Crossover with Kamen Rider Fourze
  • If there is a crossover with Fourze it will introduce the counterpart to the "Rider Kick" the "Sentai Punch".
    • You mean "Ranger Punch", correct?

At one point, the Gokaiger team will transform into all the avian-themed Red Rangers.
Namely Vul Eagle, Red Falcon, Red Hawk, Hurricane Red, and Go-on Red.
  • The opponent that warrants this tactic? Ankh.
  • Too bad Ankh is no longer with us after the finale.

Gosei Knight is trapped inside the Gosei Knight Ranger Key.
Previews for 199 Heroes show that the Goseigers are desperate to find Gosei Knight's Ranger Key. Why are they so obsessed with taking back their powers when all the other Sentai thus far have been okay with letting the Gokaigers use them. Answer: The Gosei Knight Ranger Key doesn't just contain Gosei Knight's powers, it literally contains 'soul' of Gosei Knight himself. Unlike all the others, Gosei Knight didn't have a civilian form to revert to after sacrificing his powers. The closest thing he has is his original form as the Groundion Header, which is itself an expression of Gosei Power. In other words, it's impossible to separate Gosei Knight from his Sentai powers because he's literally 100% Sentai.
  • Uh, remember that he was a mere Groundion Headder prior to his pact with the earth? If anything, it would be his ability to be in a humanoid form that is trapped in the Gosei Knight Key.
    • Jossed in GoseiKnight being trapped in the Ranger Key, Confirmed on his ability to take humanoid form sealed in the Key.

At some point, the whole team will transform into Silver Rangers.
So far there are five Silver Sentai Rangers (I don't count GoseiKnight), with GokaiSilver that makes it six. GokaiSilver will stay in his normal Ranger form while the rest of the team transform into the five Silver Sentai Rangers of the past. GokaiRed turns into BoukenSilver, GokaiBlue turns into MegaSilver, GokaiYellow turns into DekaBright, GokaiGreen turns into GaoSilver, and GokaiPink turns into Go-On Silver.
  • There's just one problem with this theory: there is no confirmed DekaBright Key.
    • Two options: We go with the Gokai Black theory and give her the sixth silver ranger key. The GoGoV one.
    • Confirmed: the preview for episode 18 shows that 3 out of 5 of the main Gokaigers will transform into the Silver Rangers listed above. GokaiBlue turns into GoseiKnight, while GokaiYellow turns into MegaSilver.
    • Fully Confirmed: [1]

Kanzen Gokai-Oh is the Liveman Great Power.
Just as Gao Lion's two formations represent two separate Great Powers, Machalcon's Kanzen Gokai-Oh formation probably represents a second power besides Go-Onger. Since Super Live Robo was the very first instance of two different Combining Mecha merging into one, Liveman would be the perfect series to represent the combination of Gokai-Oh and GoJyuJin.
  • Plus, just as Gao Lion represented both itself and the Shishi Origami of Shinkengers, Machalcon could very well be a tribute to both Speedor and the Liveman's Jet Falcon.
    • Looking to be Jossed, sadly. the Liveman tribute episode is next after the Jetman tribute, and the Go-Onger episode is still not in sight.
    • Officially Jossed. the AbarePink key gave them the ability to combine the two mechs.
      • This WMG refers to KANZEN Gokaioh, not GouJyu GokaiOh, which the latter is an alternative use of the Abaranger's Greater Power. But the Jossed status stays in place. Summoning Super Live Robo is Liveman's Greater Power.

The Jetman tribute episode will reveal how the dead Sentai warriors came back to life.
Toshihide Wakamatsu, the actor who played Gai Yūki in Jetman, has confirmed in his blog that he will guest-star in the Jetman tribute episode of Gokaiger. Since Gai was stabbed by a mugger in the final episode of Jetman, it wouldn't make much sense for him to return without some sort of explanation.
  • Doubtful they're ever going to explain that beyond 'It's Sentai Logic, just go with it'. Especially since the character is named Gai, and Gokaiger!Gai has already demonstrated absolutely no lines or barriers between living and dead in his imagination, where all his power comes from. I have a feeling this is where we'll see Black Condor.
    • Who says Ikari's powers comes from his imagination?
      • Alright, maybe not all of his power, but was that not basically the main point of episode 20? Gai imagined talking to the Go-On Wings, and combined their keys. Gai imagined asking all 15 for their power, and combined them into the Anchor key. Gai's knowledge and imagination are what allow him to be GokaiSilver.
  • Jossed. Sadly.

Emiri Imanaka-Sanjyo made the Abare Pink Ranger Key herself
  • Wasn't this confirmed in the actual episode? It might have not been mentioned depending on the translator...
    • In the sub I saw, she mentioned she did. The other Wiki says the key's made out of clay I believe...
    • Considering she never fought in the Great Legend War, I say confirmed.

Retired Actors may make a comeback
According to the above WMG, Abare Yellow will return. But the last time we heard of the actress of Ranru, Aiko Ito, she got married and retired from showbiz to raise a family. Therefore, with her return, we cannot be sure that 'if the actor retired already, he/she will never return'
  • Confirmed, but not with Abare Yellow. Abare Yellow is NOT returning in Gokaiger and is staying in retirement. The rumor that she would return was actually a misread, mistaking her for Yellow Lion of Liveman who will be returning. The only Abaranger coming in for the tribute is Blue. However, the actor for Ginga Red was retired from acting, but was convinced to return for one last role at the behest of Hyuga's actor.

#34 will be the sequel to #24 and #14
Jossed. It's on Luka's backstory.

Gai Yuuki will be revealed to be Dead All Along in his appearance
While him being alive would be totally awesome, some of the circumstances got a bit too coincidental:
  • We have a Gokaiger named Gai too.
  • Said Gokaiger nearly died doing a virtuous act (saving a kid from being crashed), same way like Jetman's Gai (trying to return a purse caused him to get stabbed)
  • So chances are, it'll be revealed that Jetman!Gai's spirit saved Gokaiger!Gai's spirit from being whisked away to the afterlife, and rather than getting him killed instantly, it got him stuck in comma, enabling him to dream on meeting with Abare Killer, Dragon Ranger and Time Fire, which would eventually wake him up. Jetman!Gai's appearance will have him explain that.
    • Confirmed on him being dead, though he wasn't involve in saving Gokaiger!Gai's soul.

Luka's friend is with Zangyack
Who won't see it coming?

Cain will die at some point
Same as above.
  • Jossed

Machalcon's motiviation for getting involved will be Revenge for Speedor and BearRV
Word Of God has confirmed most of the mecha were killed/destroyed in battle with the Zangyack and Mechalcon is the son of Speedor and BearRV. If Engine-Oh was among those destroyed in the fight, avenging his parents would be a good way to explain his appearence.
  • Speedor and BearRV's voice actors are in the cast list for #35 (and Buson, too) so this may likely be jossed.
    • Though that could be in a flashback.
  • #35 featured the main three Engines, quite alive and well. spoiler: Though Speedor and BearRV aren't exactly fond of their son's rebellious ways...
    • So it's Jossed.

If and when Sousuke makes an appearance in the series, he and Marvelous will get along great.
Why? Reality Subtext, of course! (Apparently Ryota Ozawa and Yasuhisa Furuhara are good friends in real life.) Of course, that's not to say any of the other Gokaigers — save Gai, of course — won't be confused...
  • Jossed. Standard protocol happens. If you want to label an episode with Sosuke "standard"...

In the Go-onger episodes, one of the Gokaigers will become a bronze statue at one point.
Think about it: in episodes 35 and 36 of Go-onger, they involved the elimination of Sosuke by turning him into a bronze statue. And what episodes of Gokaiger will involve the Go-ongers? 35 and 36!
  • Jossed.

The Engine Sentai Go-onger tribute will show Sosuke and Miu after a Relationship Upgrade.
  • So far, no news about Miu appearing in the Go-Onger episode.
    • So what? There were no news about Master Sha-Fu being in the Gekiranger episode, and yet there he is.
      • Miu is a Ranger, and human, while Sha-Fu is a anthropomorphic cat. He also had like only 5 seconds screentime in the Gekiranger tribute.
  • #36 has come and gone and nothing happened regarding this, so Jossed.

Episode 35 will be a special one.
Since this anniversary team is using the powers of all the teams prior to them, it does seem like a good idea to have something big planned for the episode that shares the same number as its numbered title.
  • Jossed. It's a start of a two-parter. Although the Gokaigers have used all the Sixth Ranger Keys at least once by then.

When they stop promoting the 199 Heroes movie, Gai will appear in a new ending sequence.
They might also include the 10 Extra Heroes as well.
  • They're now promoting the Summer Movie, but still, after that maybe...
    • Jossed. As of episode 28, they have gone back to the original ending.

Episode 36 will feature at least one scene with the Gokaigers helmetless.
Because helmetless scenes were everywhere in Go-Onger.
  • Jossed.

Don's bounty will skyrocket after he creates the GokaiGalleon Buster.
If the entry under Fridge Brilliance does apply re: Gai's bounty being higher because he foiled Oiles Gil's plan, then stealing back three Greater Powers and turning them against them would definitely be worth something, right? (Or it'll just stay the same as it always was, though that's not as interesting. But it is amusing.)
  • Update: scratch what I said about the three powers thing, that didn't happen. Damn rumors!
  • Yeah, no change in the bounty.
    • Perhaps killing Darmaras will?
    • Confirmed!

The Battle Fever J keys don't work.
Or rather, if they do they won't work as intended. Battle Fever J is notable among Sentai teams for the fact that they didn't actually transform! They actually had to physically don their costumes. If the Gokaigers use the Battle Fever keys, they'll probably end up with a pile of clothing at their feet.
  • Jossed. They work just fine.

Final Wave will be replaced, or at the very least be rarely used, sometime in the series.
This was inspired by a comment on Henshin Justice Unlimited. Because of the earthquake and tsunami, the Final Wave finisher might be taken out so as to avoid issues involving the latter.
  • Perhaps they'll now transition into past Sentai's Finishers as the final moves? Let's just hope that this series doesn't get the Ohranger treatment.
  • It's zig-zagging, but it's leaning in on Jossed. The Gokaigers do use Final Wave from time to time, but now they mostly rely on Rising Strike.

Within the next five episodes, the Gokaigers will finally change into Battle Fever J.
Seriously, Battle Fever is probably the only team that none of them have changed into yet, whats with the hold-up.
  • What about Bioman and Changeman?
    • On, those three teams aren't listed with the rest of the Ranger Keys.
    • Don will change into Bioman Green next week.
    • This post was made a day after Episode 17, and no appearances of Battle Fever, so Jossed. Though BFJ, Bioman and Changeman have appeared on the Ranger Key page now.
  • Battle Fever has appeared in the Flying Ghost Ship movie and episode 35, however.

Don will be the Lethal Joke Character

Obviously, he prefers to Dual Wield sabers, but when he's got his gun in hand he almost never uses it - it's always tucked behind his back while he fights. This actually makes some characterization sense, since the last thing he ever heard of Sid was gunshots and screams.

Since all the Gokaiger's have traits of the One Piece crew
then what about the three remaining Straw Hat members Robin, Franky and Brooks.
  • Robin's aspects are split between Luka and Ahim but mostly Luka from the big-sister like attitude that she takes on when it comes to Ahim.
  • Brook died and came Backfromthe Dead. This can either be accounted to Gai, who may be Dead All Along, or Akared if he's not a Posthumous Character.
  • Franky is a cyborg. Joe's friend, Cid was turned into Barizorg(note that this only works if Barizorg regains his memories as Cid and becomes a good guy again.)

The Greatest Treasure in the Universe is...
The Gokaiger's own Greater Power. Why else would they have to gather the Greater Powers from the other Sentai? So that they can figure out their own. As mentioned by that prediction WMG a few above, their Aesop is to take hold of their dreams. Symbolic in that three of the Gokaiger's dreams have been mentioned but only one has achieved their dream (Gai's - both him and his actor as a Sentai Senshi).
  • Jossed. Why? The Gokaigers unlocked their own Greater Power in #38.

Damaras is the Zangyack Emperor in disguise.
It seems likely that the Zangyack Emperor is going to come in and take over from his son Warz Gil by the end of the series. It also seems likely that Damaras could be either the final boss, or The Dragon to the Zangyack Emperor. Perhaps he will be the final boss by virtue of actually being in charge? He could be observing his son up close, ready to take the helm once his son has failed one time too many.
  • Jossed. He was sent by the Emperor to make sure the invasion of Earth is successful, even if Warz screws it up. And the real Zangyack Emperor looks nothing like Warz Gill or Daramas.

Warz Gill will prove to become a Not-So-Harmless Villain before the end of the series
Eventually, either he or his father will get fed up with his failures and he'll lose it (either of his own accord or his father losing faith in him), perhaps somehow going One-Winged Angel (either have Insarn do something to him or it be somehow revealed he has a stronger for but never used it for some personal reason) or he'll just get an Artifact of Doom. Either way, he'll engage the Gokaigers personally and be a lot more difficult to defeat than he seems.
  • Maybe the emperor will send an Action Commander to give him some Training from Hell
  • Confirmed. In #37, his dad sends him the Great Warz and he proceeds to Take a Level in Badass.
    • Double Confirmed. He goes confront the Gokaigers one last time because they killed Barizorg.

Kanzen Gokaioh is the product of either the Zyurangers or the Timerangers.
I got this notion when GouJyu GokaiOh was explained as the product of the Abaranger's Greater Power (or what was left after GouJyuJin was built). My reasons of thinking this is simple.
  • Zyuranger was the first Sentai to have a Seven-Piece Combination (Ultimate Daizyujin). Kanzen GokaiOh is made of seven different mechs.
  • Timeranger's Gamma Jet is the basis of GouJyuDrill, and Time Robo Alpha and V-Rex had on occasion teamed up to defeat Londers inmates in the "Riding Time Robo" formation.
    • Wasn't it already confirmed that Kanzen GokaiOh is created through the use of a Kanzen Soul from Machalcon?
    • Actually, no. That's a unconfirmed rumor.
  • Jossed. It's the Gokaigers themselves. In the form of the Kanzen Soul.

Walz Gil will not be alive past Episode 40
Based on everything that we've seen from his Highness, I've narrowed it down to two likely scenarios.
  • The Zangyack Emperor will refuse his son's request for another new Action Commander and will tell him to prove his worth and fight the Gokaiger on his own. Given how well we've seen Walz "fight" you can guess how this will end.
  • After standing by and watching the Prince ignore all of his plans and advice, Damaras will as proposed above declare mutiny and seize control of the Gigant Horse.
  • Walz will go all out on the Gokaigers, only to be felled by a lucky shot from Doc.
Which leads to my next WMG...
  • Rumors have it that he'll meet his demise by Complete GokaiOh].
  • The general WMG has been confirmed, but not the details: Episode 37 debuts Walz Gil's mecha, the Great Walz, and Episode 38 features his defeat at Complete GokaiOh's hands.

Engine Machalcon is evolved from Speedor.
Jossed — he's the son of Speedor ... and BearRV.

The Gokaiger's Grand power...
This is assuming they even have one but...
  • Will result in the new mecha combo
  • Will repower the other 34 teams
  • Give them a new Final Wave
  • Something unexpected and still awesome
  • Probably just the KansenGokaiOh, but not until they discover the other 34 Grand Powers first.
    • Jossed - that's Go-onger's power. Basco has three powers and several more remain undiscovered.
    • Unjossed - the Gokaiger's Greater Power is Kanzen GokaiOh.

The Zangyack Emperor will appear after something happens to Walz Gil
Either Walz Gil is killed/destroyed by the Gokaiger or Damarasu himself decides to take control from Walz Gill after so many moments where Walz Gil messed up a good strategy.
  • Or perhaps to show JUST how much of a Badass / Evil he really is, he may show up to smack around Walz for faling so often and then proceeds to show him how it's done, by handing our team their asses, along with others if it happens to fall on a non-filler episode.
    • Perhaps as a twist, Walz Gil's father comes out to avenge Walz's demise.
  • The Emperor is confirmed as arriving around episode 40.
  • Confirmed. What caused it? Warz's death.

The first opponent defeated by GokaiGalleon Buster or Kanzen GokaiOh is an action commander from the emperor's own bodyguard squad, like Deratsueiger from Shinkenger's tribute episode.
  • Jossed for the Buster. He was the Stone Wall of the Zangyack fleet.
  • Jossed for Kanzen Gokaioh. It's Walz Gill in a super mecha.

The Gokaigers' Super Mode is their Great Power
Think about it, all the Sentai have a "Great Power", why wouldn't the Gokaigers have one? Ultimately, they'll be forced to find out their own ideal for being a Sentai Team to protect the Earth, and in the process, awaken their Great Power.
  • Jossed. The Gokaiger's Greater Power is Kanzen Gokai-Oh.

Captain Marvelous will eventually have a 300,000,000 bounty on his head.
  • Partially jossed. His current bounty is UNLIMITED.

In the future, an Action Commander will disguise itself as one of Marvelous dead former teammate in the Red Pirates
  • That's when Marvelous true skill will be revealed when he found out and beat the crap out of the Action Commander.
    • I doubt it. No one in the former Red Pirates is dead, not even AkaRed.

Ahim was going to be married when her planet was destroyed.
In episode 29, the camera focuses on her as the crew watches a couple getting married as she remarks "They seem so happy." Then, in episode 39, while at Moroboshi High, she takes interest in a young girl confessing her feelings to another student, and later remarks to her "I'm glad everything worked out for you." This does seem to hint that she had been in some sort of relationship before joining the crew and that it met a sad end.
  • Jossed.

Damaras will break himself out of the brig, Iroh-style
Substitute the Day of Black Sun with KanzenGokaiOh taking the battle to the enemy.
  • Jossed. He flexed his way out.

The Gokaigers will defeat the Final Boss by unlocking their Greater Power.
  • While they might defeat the final boss with their Greater Power, unlocking it by then is Jossed, as they did it to defeat Walz Gill in a mecha, which just happens to be Kanzen Gokaioh.

The Zangyack emperor is from the future
This can explain why the hell the Timerangers returned to the past... well, that or they decided to return to the past some years later.
  • Jossed.

Damaras will be the Final Boss
  • Out of all five of the villains, Damaras is the only one who has not fought the Gokaiger yet. We have no idea how strong he is.
  • He is the only one with any common sense, and he knows to take the Pirates seriously and has been willing to go behind the Prince's back to try and get something done. (Hiring Basco anyone?)
  • The Zangyack Emperor is too obvious a choice.
  • Rumors have it that Emperor Akudos Gil will be defeated right before the finale. Of course, rumors are just rumors until confirmed.
  • Jossed. He is dead as of #43, Jim.

Damaras is a good guy.
Recent rumours suggest AkaRed has a special mission for Basco which required him to betray the Red Pirates. Damaras has been seen helping Basco out behind Waruzu's back, presumably he gave Basco the Gormin he used in Episode 23. Damaras seems to me like an honourable guy, not a cowardly evil cretin like Waruzu Giru, who he seems to be getting ticked off with.
  • Jossed.

As a foreshadowing, the episode immediately preceeding the Super Sentai 199 movie will feature the Gokaigers all turning into the Goseigers.
And maybe the Gorangers too...
  • Jossed. The only change in Episode 16 was Don changing into Shinken Green.

The Zangyack Emperor will be...
  • Zedd
    • The Zedd suit and look is too good not to use in some form at some point.
  • Ivan Ooze
    • It may just be the suit but still would be cool.
  • One of the Gokaigers.
    • Gotta be Doc.
  • It may just be Ahim's Father.
    • Talk about daddy issues.
  • Jossed. He's none of the above.

The Action Commander responsible for destroying Famille will be a future Monster of the Week.
Not so much a theory as a certainty, but hey...
  • This could lead to more of Ahim's backstory being revealed and an all Pink finisher/Final Wave.
  • There are two ways we can do this. One, Ahim will be so kind she won't hold any kind of grudge. Or two, she goes freakin bat-s**t nuts and to the shock of the rest of the team, she goes out of her way to kill that Action Commander.
  • Considering the news that one of the Zangyack Emperor's bodyguards was responsible for destroying Planet Famille, and also attacks the team...
    • In other words, Confirmed.

The 'ultimate treasure'' is their final mecha
It'd make sense one of their Mecha would be found as a legendary treasure, wouldn't it?
  • That would be a bit cheap: one arc focusing on this mysterious great treasure and it turns out to be just a mecha. No, it must be something more.
  • Jossed. Kanzen GokaiOh is not it. It was shown before they confirmed that Basco (again) stole two more Greater Powers off-screennote  and the Megaranger episode.

There will be a girl-power episode with Luka and Ahim.
It's gotta happen. Maybe Marvelous, Joe, and Don get incapacitated, and it's all up to the girls. One idea, Luka changes into AbareYellow (Abaranger) while Ahim changes into PteraRanger (Zyuranger).
  • Confirmed, minus the dinosaurs. It's the GoGoFive episode.
    • However, the girls do transform into Abare Yellow and Ptera Ranger in #51.

At some point in the series, when the team transforms into the Abarangers, Ahim will transform into Ptera Ranger.
You know, to compensate for the lack of an Abaranger Key in her collection.
  • This will be in the episode where the Zangyack who destroyed Famille appears. He/she will easily beat the Gokaiger's Abaranger + Ptera setup and taunt Ahim with something to the effect of "You're just as weak and pathetic as everybody else who lived on your worthless planet." Ahim will then get a Heroic Second Wind and switch to PuToTyra.
  • Jossed. OOO is over and PuToTyra was destroyed.

Domon wasn't lying about receiving an ultimate power from the time traveling.
The reason Domon sent them back in time was to save Ninjaman, who will give the Gokaigers the Kakurangers' ultimate power.
  • Pretty much all but confirmed, with episode 45 set to focus on Ninjaman's return.
  • Confirmed.

The Kakuranger tribute episode will explain what happened to Ninjaman's Ranger Key.
  • Hell, maybe Ninjaman PERIOD!
    • I believe Word Of God stated, or at least heavily implied, that he died in the Legend War.
  • At least partially jossed by Episode 40. A mysterious jar was in the shrine they were sent to protect, and this was the Timeranger tribute. Granted, however, we don't know for sure what's in it, but I think we can safely assume that he was sealed (again) before the Legend War, and therefore did not give up his powers and does not have a Ranger Key.
  • Ninjaman confirmed for episode 45!
    • He's alive, Jim!

Machalon will become a Spotlight Stealer after his debut.
Have you noticed the pattern of whenever a mecha Greater Power is introduced in a two parter, it becomes the Gokaiger's most used GokaiOh formation between its debut and the next two part tribute episode?
  • It's Go-Onger. You expect anything less?
    • Not to mention Machalcon makes up a part in Kanzen Gokaioh.

Teruaki Ogawa will reprise his role as Sasuke in the Kakuranger tribute episode, and the Gokaigers (except for Gai) will confuse him with Hyuuga.

Since the Hurricanger focus episode featured the original three Hurricangers—Yousuke, Nanami, and Kouta; the Kakuranger focus episode will feature the "original three" Kakurangers—Sasuke, Tsuruhime, and Saizo.
  • Weeeeell... 1/3 right. Tsuruhime's coming back for the Kakuranger tribute, since the focus will go to Ninjaman.

Basco will be defeated by the Gokaigers executing the following:
Marvelous using the Gokai Galleon Buster on his own, Gai using Gold Mode's Gokai LegenDream finisher and the others doing a four man version of the Gokai Scramble.
  • Jossed. It was a one-on-one fight between Basco and Marvelous.

The villain of the Super Hero Wars movie will be:

Ninjaman was still in hot water for what he did during the show's run.
I mean, think about it: #45 is called "The Confused Ninja"! He's probably been there since the 90's! This means his teachers were REALLY ticked off at Ninjaman and imprisoned him again after the fight with the Youkai was over!
  • Jossed. It was for an entirely different reason 10 years ago.

The Kakuranger's Greater Power is what will be used to defeat Basco.
Because of the rumors saying that Kakuranger is the final Greater Power to find, due to the fact that Basco stole Sun Vulcan and Fiveman's offscreen and the Gokaigers will most likely obtain Battle Fever's in Gokaiger vs. Gavan, it seems likely the power that was saved for last, which seems to imply that its Ninjaman, is what ultimately puts an end to the evil pirate once and for all. Plus, what better ironic way of defeating a pirate then with its mortal rival, a ninja?
  • Personally, I view that as a more worthy example of Pirates vs. Ninjas. The Hurricanger Arc was just a rinse-and-repeat procedure on the show, only adding the fact that the Hurricanegers gained their respective Ranger Keys back for only a brief time.
  • Jossed. None of the Greater Powers were used in the final fight with Basco (except possibly the Gokai Galleon Buster).

Gokaiger vs. Gavan will have Dekamaster in it somewhere.
I mean, the pamphlets for the 199 movie reveal he and gavan are close friends. Either one of the Gokaigers use the Dekamaster key or Doggie cameos and the Gokaigers let him temporarily use his powers again. Unless the writers have some "one cameo per character rule."
  • Jossed, Tetsu Inada (the voice of Doggie Kruger/Dekamaster) has confirmed that he won't be appearing in the movie, what a letdown!
    • Hopefully, Dekamaster is a Gokai Change.
      • Also Jossed. DekaBreak is the only Dekaranger change in this movie, as part of the all-white change. (However, Marvelous DOES tell Gavan Bootleg that they are under the purview of Special Police Dekaranger.)

Go-On Yellow knew about Machalcon all along.
Bear RV somehow told her about it. And that's why she is the one giving the Gokaigers the Go-onger's power.
  • Clearly. After all, why hide something like MACHALCON, your own son, from your partner?
    • Well, that didn't help Speedor from not telling Sousuke.
    • In Sousuke's case, it was to show what Machalcon was like. After all, he (and the viewers) only knew Machalcon as the Go-onger's power.

Basco is actually a good guy
This isn't a case of Draco in Leather Pants but rather a guess from his attitude throughout the season. Even Damaras pointed out that he could have killed the Gokaiger when he had the chance but he doesn't which seems strange for someone who has shown to be Genre Savvy enough to leave his true form for when it's needed and to wait on the other end of an air vent for escaping prisoners. It is possible that his betrayal was all a set up by Akared and all the encounters with him so far is a way to test Marvelous to see if he's truly meant to be a Red Ranger. Or he decided to do things in the worse possible way and decided to try and destroy the Zangyack from the inside while ensuring that Marvelous would be strong enough to handle it. Either way we won't know anything for sure until his final appearance.
  • Jossed.

The Gokaigers will defeat Basco using the Extra Hero Ranger Keys.
It would make for a good cruel irony. The very Rangers he used to serve him would end up being his downfall.
  • And maybe using the Sixth Ranger keys as well.
  • And maybe using the 3 teams whos great powers where stolen as well.
  • They got the Extra Hero keys right before he shown off his monstorous form, so it be weird for them to defeat him with those. They could use the Sixth and Extra Hero keys, and new greater powers to hold him off, but they'll probably use something else to defeat him, their own greater power, or the greater power of Super Sentai overall, or the entire 199 could kick his ass.
    • Jossed. [[Spoiler: It was a one-on-one fight between Marvelous and Basco, with no Gokai Changes at all.]]

Sun Vulcan will be the last untouched Greater Power to obtain.
What better way to finish off the treasure hunt before the final battle with Basco for the remaining 3 Greater Powers then by having their final Sentai hunt be the team with the most uniqueness of the entire franchise?
  • Uniqueness is a matter of debate, sure Sun Vulcan is unique in that they only had 3 Rangers, but there are other unique teams. Battle Fever J is the most obvious, because of their crazy costumes, so they could be the last Greater Power.
  • Sun Vulcan has two more things that make them unique: their the only team to be all male and the only one where their series is a sequel to the previous one.
  • Jossed. It's been Basco-jacked.
    • Not to mention, it's the Kakuranger's Greater Power that is the last untouched one to be collected.

Ninjaman does not hold the grand power of the Kakurangers
He lied to the Gokaigers and took advantage of that. Afterwards, he gets busted (by NinjaWhite) and sealed away yet again.
  • Jerkass, much?
  • Jossed. He is the Greater Power.

Ninjaman will be the 11th-Hour Ranger
  • Jossed. Ninjaman is the Kakuranger's Greater Power.

The Final Battle with the Zangyack will be a Gondor Calls for Aid moment
Not only will all the Super Sentai teams return, so will all their allies made over the series and Space Sheriff Gavan.
  • Jossed. The Gokaigers handled business on their own.

The final scene of the series will act as a lead-in to Superhero Wars.
  • Jossed. It's just the Gokaiger going out into space on another whirlwind adventure.

The final blow of the Final Battle will be dealt with a variation of the Goranger Hurricane
Possibly with all the Super Sentai groups involved.
  • Jossed, but they do end up using every team in the final fight against Akudos.

The final blow will just be the Gokai Galleon Buster
Because that's how most villains go down in Gokaiger.
  • Confirmed. A contact-point Rising Strike to the chest.

The final blow will be some throw back to Sentai
  • Confirmed, though unsure if intentional: the final blow was dealt by the Gokaigers using the Buster in civilian form, just as the Boukengers used the Dual Crusher in their final battle.

The Gokaigers will use the Free Joker for something
It wasn't destroyed along with Basco, so it's still around and perfectly useful.
  • Confirmed! Marvelous and Gai will use it in the finale, according to previews.

The Zangyack Emperor won't fight the Gokaigers hand to hand
Instead, the final confrontation will be between Gokai-Oh (and possibly other Mecha) vs the Gigant Horse or some other giant robot (or the Gigant Horse turned into a giant robot, Akudosu Gill at the helm. When it's destroyed, he goes down with the ship, having a Villainous Breakdown as it explodes around him.
  • Jossed. While he does go down with the Gigant Horse, he survives and takes a LOT more effort to finally put down.

The Gokaigers will transform into the Zyurangers, Magirangers and Goseigers in #50.
The appearance of Armed TyrannoRanger, as well as Goushi, seems to imply a full Zyuranger change. Same goes for Yuka Yamazaki and Professor Amachi for Magiranger and Goseiger respectively. Maybe the writers didn't show them because unlike the previous episodes, they want this to be a surprise for the viewers.
  • Jossed.

During the final battle with Basco, the main five Gokaigers will each transform into a Ranger from one of the teams of the stolen Greater Powers.
It would be a great way to avenge the supposed deaths of the Rangers who were killed by Basco when he stole their Greater Powers.
  • Who says he killed them? He could have just walked off after taking their powers for all we know. And I doubt they would kill off Sentai Legends.
  • Even so, I'd still like to see the Gokaigers do this in their battle. Aside from the obvious all Red-change, they could become the following: Marvelous as Vul Eagle, Joe as Change Pegasus, Luka as Yellow Mask, Don as Green Flash and Ahim as FivePink.
  • Partly confirmed. They change in the episode AFTER they beat Basco: Marvelous as Vul Eagle, Joe as Blue Mask, Luka as Five Yellow, Don as Change Griffin, and Ahim as Green Flash.

The Gokaigers leave Earth to hunt down even more treasures in the finale...
...and pass their Ranger Keys to the boy from #2 (Red), Moriyama Mirai (Green), the girl from the Christmas ep (Yellow) and maybe those two kids from the Megaranger ep (blue and pink?), leaving someone to hold the fort on Earth.
  • Well, it's half-right. They head to the Zangyack homeworld, and take their own keys. But they DO leave someone to hold the fort on Earth… the original 34 teams, whom they return their keys to.

In a shock twist, Dyrandoh will be the Big Bad
  • Jossed.

References to Gokaiger vs. Gavan will be made in #47.
The movie is set to premier the day before #47 airs. Plus, 199 Hero Great Battle, as well as Goseiger vs. Shinkenger, have been canonized into the series, so why shouldn't Gokaiger vs. Gavan do the same?
  • Jossed.

In the finale, either Marvelous or the whole team will become Japanese Spider-Man.
The series was what paved the way for Super Sentai proper to debut, and without it, the show as we know it wouldn't be around, so it's only fitting that such a celebration of the series would include a callback to its roots. However, the rights might be an issue — I doubt that they'd be able to use the actual Spider-Man suit, so they might have to resort to a Captain Ersatz version. Hopefully, they'll still be able to use the Leopardon, though.
  • Jossed.

In Kanzen Gokai-Oh, Machalcon will pop up in the Gokaiger's cockpit as its chibi soul form
Because no Engines are complete without their chibi forms.
  • Sadly, Jossed.
    • Then again, his Engine Soul is the size of GokaiOh's hand. Kinda would be out of place if GokaiOh pulls out a massive Go-Onger-era Transformation Trinket just to give Machalcon the ability to communicate with the team, when he can do that as an Engine.

Zangyack succeeds.
In the ultimate subversion, Zangyack ultimately triumphs over the hated pirates and brings order to the Earth.
  • Well, THAT's depressing.
  • THANKFULLY Jossed.

Like Warz Gills, the Emperor is weak
He relies on his generals for the war and the only way he's any more of a threat then his son is he knows to stay out of their way.

Doc is the true Zangyack Emperor, Yowas Gills.
He's seemingly incompetent to the point of being a liability in battle, and his bounty is incredibly low. It's possible that this is part of an act as a Double Reverse Quadruple Agent.
  • Jossed.

All the alien Gokaigers will have someone from their past show up
Marvelous and Joe already have with Basco and Cid, and now Luka with Cain.
  • For Ahim, possibly a noble or general from her planet wanting her to lead whatever refugees are left.
    • For Ahim, it's the Action Commander responsible for destroying her planet.
  • As usual, Don is the odd man out, as his past showed that he used to a legendary hero that slayed a planet-killing dragon.
    • Don... Poor Don. Turns out he lied by making the magazine and the star-shaped marking on his shoulder (a hint: it was faded and looked drawn on a long time ago). So, either he is a refugee from a Zangyack-destroyed planet, or the poor guy is all alone.

When the Zangyack Emperor arrives, he will use the powers of past Sentai villains with a device voiced by Norio Wakamoto.
Because that would be so awesome.
  • So far, not happening.
    • Then again, he hasn't gone planet-side in all of his appearances.
    • Jossed.

Basco is the evil counterpart to AkaRed.
  • Not that difficult to see, actually.

Sally will turn good and be adopted by the Gokaigers after Basco is defeated.
  • I can imagine Navi not being happy at this.
    • Both jossed and confirmed. Sally did turn good, but Basco made Sally explode.

At some point, the five Gokaigers will become Red Rangers again, the first five this time. Marvelous will become Vul Eagle, Luka will become DenziRed, Don will become Battle Japan, Ahim will become Spade Ace and Joe will become Aka Ranger.
  • Wouldn't it be better to have Marvelous as Aka Ranger and Joe as Vul Eagle?
    • I picked it that way because I got the idea from a picture of the first 5 Sentai Reds, which had Vul Eagle in the center, with Aka Ranger and DenziRed at his side.
  • The third movie has leaked scans of this happening, with both ShinkenReds being used at the same time.
    • The two ShinkenReds appeared in episode 41, not the Gavan movie.
  • Jossed.

Kanzen GokaiOh will get a theme song.
Why not? Ultimate DaiBouken, Engine-Oh G12 and Samurai HaOh got one, so it should only be fair that Gokaiger's strongest mecha combination get a theme song too.
  • It's been a staple of the series as of recent years. Of course Kanzen GokaiOh will have a theme.
    • It does, debuting in episode 39.

Gokaiger vs. Gavan will feature the team turning into Dekaranger.
Dekaranger was a massive Metal Hero homage, and I think the joke will continue.
  • Jossed. Marvelous tells Gavan Bootleg (not realizing he's an imposter) that they are under the purview of Special Police Dekaranger, but DekaBreak is the only Gokai Change from that team.

  • Jossed. They don't get one.

The Gokaiger Super Mode will be every past Super Mode
When activating Super Mode the Gokaiger will gain the super bits of whatever team there using.
  • Jossed. They don't get one.

If there is a Gokaiger vs Gavan movie, Gavan will give a Gokaiger a Space Sheriff Key.

If there is a Kamen Rider OOO crossover, it will take place after OOO
Eiji and the veterans all have that gave up their powers thing, so he could just pop by and introduce an aesop to the heroes as they get the OOO Ranger Keys.
  • Jossed.

Gokai Silver will have a second Super Mode called "Platinum Mode".
Assuming there won't be a seventh Gokaiger, chances are that the ten "extra hero" keys that the team just got from Basco might be used to create another Super Mode for Gokai Silver called Platinum Mode. It's the same idea as Gold Mode, only it's a platinum chest armor with the faces of the ten extra heroes.
  • Jossed.

There will be an 11th-Hour Ranger
  • Jossed.

The lock Marvelous always wear as necklace will be important in the future
Let's face it, it's obviously going to be important.
  • Jossed.

Kiaido isn't dead
They establish him as the best Bounty Hunter in the universe, they give him a history with Marvelous, and then they kill him off at the end of the episode? I'm not buying it. The guy was basically a cross between Boba Fett and Kenpachi Zaraki, you don't create something that awesome just for a Monster of the Week.
  • Also, he was red and had a past with Marvelous. Another survivor of the Red Pirates turned evil?
    • Jossed. He is.

Don and Ahim will get their own Super Modes.
Similar to how Gai has Gokai Silver Gold Mode, Don and Ahim, the only other Gokaigers who have Ranger Keys in their "batch" that arent their color, will also get Super Mode's that capitalize on this. Don's will be Gokai Green Black Mode, while Ahim gets Gokai Pink White Mode.
  • Have you forgotten that Luka also has some keys in her collection that aren't her own color (two whites (Big One and Change Mermaid) and one orange (Battle Cossack))? So, wouldn't this mean that she should get her own Super Mode as well, like Gokai Yellow Orange Mode?
    • Those are only three keys. Not enough to register for a different-colored Super Mode. Also, think about it for a second. In all of Super Sentai history (except JAKQ, Battle Fever J, and Changeman, which are the only ones I can remember, currently), there has always been a red ranger, a blue ranger, and a yellow ranger. The fourth and fifth rangers have almost always been either black, green, pink, or white. So it would make sense for the fourth and fifth rangers of this season to have Super Modes that capitalize on the four most common colors for the fourth and fifth Rangers.
  • All of the team could have a mode with all of their counterparts. We already have Gai's Gold Mode. Marvelous could have "Gokai Red Ruby Mode", Joe could have "Gokai Blue Sapphire Mode", Luka could have "Gokai Yellow Amber Mode", Don could have "Gokai Green Emerald Mode", and Ahim could have "Gokai Pink Rose Mode".
    • And the name of these Super Modes, along with Gold Mode, can be called the "Treasure Modes". Also, while Gai's Gold Mode converts his GokaiSpear into Anchor Mode, the main five's Super Modes instead give them a weapon that doubles as a sword and gun.
  • Maybe they could be called Legacy Mode and they each could have a different color longcoat and a fancy hat Marvelous with Crimson, Joe with Navy, Luka with Orange, Don with Black, and Ahim with White?
  • Jossed.

Aka Red is the Big Bad
Oh yes, because the embodiment of 34 Red Sentai Heroes could be a villain.
  • He can if he's an impostor.
  • Jossed.

The Free Joker has its own robot form.
  • Since the Free Joker is essentially a modified Zangyack Battleship, they could do with this the rest of the fleet so that GokaiOh and GouJyuJin has to fight against Zangyack warships as robos.
    • Jossed. Even if it WOULD be awesome.

Basco is a Kaijin version of AkaRed
He claims that even AkaRed was afraid of his true form so it stands to reason that there must be a good reason for that. Or he's a Kaijin Marvelous and he has his own crew with Sari as Kaijin-Silver.
  • Jossed

Gokai Red will obtain a Kamen Rider Decade key in their crossover movie.
And Decade, likewise, will obtain a Gokai Red card. And the resulting transformations will cause the movie to undergo a Reality-Breaking Paradox.
  • Unfortunately Jossed, though there was some other power-swapping with the Gokaigers getting OOO keys, some riders getting Goseiger cards, and Go-Buster-Oh using Astro Switches.

Gai will get kidnapped in Gokaiger vs. Gavan.
Which would explain why he's not in the first promo for the movie.
  • Jossed. GAVAN gets kidnapped, and the team rescues him.
    • Reason why he wasn't there was because he was getting groceries for dinner.

The Gokaigers discover a way to summon Rangers from the keys but not without a cost
Think about it. If they could call as many Rangers as they wanted there would be no danger. If they had to fight a giant mob of mooks they could just have the Keys do it for them. So maybe the process of summoning the Ranger clones takes a massive ammount of power from the user and that amount increases per clone. For example if Marvelous wanted to summon GoseiRed his power would be cut in half in order to sustain the clone. If he wanted to summon GoseiRed and ShinkenRed it would be cut into thirds and so on.
  • Jossed in-series, but the potential for this is touched on in Ten Gokaiger.

Jealoushitto will die or be killed by Zangyack (or for bonus points, Basco)
Jossed, He lived another day and even married a human to boot!
  • The WMG is referring to sometime after #24.
    • For extra Tear Jerker points, he could be killed by the takoyaki owner whose mother Jealoushitto eloped with.
    • He's alive still, as seen in the Gavan movie. He's behind bars, though.

By the end of the season they'll have no keys left.
At the start they have a whole chest full of Ranger Keys and the other Sentai have given up their powers. Each time the Gokaigers meet a Sentai team they'll give up the keys for them to regain their powers. Resulting in all the Sentai having their powers back in time for round two against the enemy.
  • Partially disconfirmed, as Kai Ozu decides to let the Gokaigers keep the powers of the Magirangers... for now. Whether or not the Gokaigers will give all the past Sentais their powers back all at once near the end of the series is still up there.
    • Not to mention, saying "no Keys left" would imply that the Gokaigers will lose their own Gokaiger Keys.
      • Semi-jossed. The team returns all the keys to the past heroes as their last act before leaving Earth, after the Zanyack Emperor dies.

If and when the main 5 Gokaigers manage to use the Super Modes of their predecessors...
..., there will be a moment where they each transform into one of their respective colored counterpart with a Super Mode.
  • Example: Marvelous as Hyper ShinkenRed, Joe as Super GoseiBlue, Luka as Super GekiYellow, Don as DekaGreen SWAT Mode and Ahim as Legend MagiPink.
  • If you include Gai, he could transform into AbareKiller Abare Mode, only because none of his Silver Ranger predecessors have one and Shurikenger is the color green.
  • Confirmed somewhat: the Gokaigers transformed into the Rangers listed above, though Gai transforms into his Gold Mode.

The last episode will end with the twist that the whole thing was nothing but a fanfic...
...written by Gai, or rather, his real life counterpart, as the Gai we see in the show is a Flanderized Author Avatar. Hence why he's so cheery and why we get no info of his family or where he lives: in reality he has Abusive Parents, little to no friends whatsoever, and is constantly builled, but even so he remains optimistic and sees Super Sentai as his "escape pod from reality" as well as the one thing that keeps him from falling apart.
  • There may be a Real After All moment in the very end of the episode where the real Gai spots the GokaiGalleon up in the sky... only to see that the actual Gokaigers are jerks.
  • This could instead be the plot for the Return OVA, should there be one, but with the plot taking the whole OVA and in the end turning out to be All Just a Dream, with Gai waking up all sweaty on the Galleon and the crew teasing him.
  • Jossed. There is always the Return OVA...

The Gokaigers will gain copies of the Ranger Keys, allowing them to change into past Sentai while the past Sentai keep their powers.
  • This rumor was tossed around shortly before the finale, though it didn't happen there. But scans for Super Hero Taisen show that there will be Gokai Changes (Marvelous - Spade Ace) but also unite past Sentai heroes (Akaranger leading Goggle V, Liveman, and Dekaranger). If this is the case, the Gokaigers would truly become the "pirated" version of past Sentai teams, as in Gokaiger they used the original power, it was just changed into Ranger Keys, but here they will be copies.
    • Some past sentai in Super Hero Taisen are seen being banished to another dimension, it's possible that the arrangement of passing their Ultimate Powers to Gokaiger means that the Ranger Keys will go back to Gokaiger at that moment.

The next Sentai series will be insect-themed
For the past few years, the "pirate Sentai" and "insect Sentai" rumors were the two most popular. Well, now that we've got one...
  • Jossed, the title of next year's team has been confirmed, and there's nothing insect-y about it.
    • Say hello to the now-confirmed 36th Sentai, Tokumei Sentai Gobusters!
      • They're supposed to be spy-themed. What's one thing spies are known for? Planting bugs.
      • Confirmed! Well, sort of. The Sixth Rangers (actually 4th and 5th) are bug themed.
      • Which actually makes the Go-Busters parallel with the Hurricanegers. Their fourth and fifth members, the Gouraiger Brothers, were themed after beetles, the same for Beet Buster and Stag Buster.

We may not get a proper Gobusters Vs. Gokaiger.
  • I hope this isn't the case, of course. But if both teams appear in full in Super Hero Wars, that may count as their teamup, like 199 Heroes serving as the Gokai vs. Gosei movie, and a separate one would be considered redundant.
    • It may not be so bleak: From what was reported from those who saw the movie the Go-Busters were barely in it, only Marvelous, Joe, and Don had significant screen time, and the Gokaigers and Go-Busters were only together for the big Sentai/Rider group shot (and possibly for a brief scene where the Gokaigers helped the Go-Busters against some Gormin, but other sources and trailers suggest they were helping Fourze). Since the interaction between the two teams seems to be only slightly more significant than their interaction in Gokaiger vs. Gaven (ie: none, unless Basco counts), the odds are good there will be an actual team-up between them. On the other hand, 199 Heroes might've as well have been called Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Goseiger. It had the other Sentai, sure, but the Goseiger were the main costars, thus justifying no "real" team-up later.
    • Ahem...

Marvelous is secretly a long lost heir to the Zangyack Empire throne.
Why else would the DaiZangyack let him be their leader in Super Hero Wars?
  • Super Hero Taisen reveals the villains are deceiving Marvelous and Tsukasa to assemble the Big Machine, but they both see through it.

Marvelous was the guy that led the initial Zangyack attack in the beginning.
And when the 199 Sentai used their "Z-Wave" to wipe them all out, it gave Marvelous amnesia. He gets picked up by Akared when he finds the Akaranger key and the rest is history. When he gets his memory back, he shall lead DaiZangyack.

The Marvelous leading DaiZangyack isn't the Marvelous we know and love
It will be either an alternate universe version or an imposter.
  • Either that or he's the genuine article but brainwashed.
    • Turns out it was a ruse, and he really was working with Decade to put the riders and sentai teams in another dimension once both Dai Zangyack and Dai Shocker were gathered in one place. So jossed.

Kamen Rider OOO's Final Form Ride will turn either him or his medals into a set of Ranger Keys.
  • Would explain why were are just now getting the OOO Ranger Keys.
    • Jossed - OOO becomes armor in the SIC Hero Saga; the OOO Ranger keys come from his combo medals when the Gokaigers hold them.

The Ranger Keys don't need to be in the chest to be summoned.
  • Mostly due to the fact that there are still some Gokai movies to come, and after the final battle, the Gokaigers return the other teams' powers. If the Ranger Keys are returned, how do the Gokaigers keep their gimmick? There'll have to be a Hand Wave.
    • If the events of the Zyuohger crossover are anything to go by, this one is Jossed, since Gai Ikari had to ask the ToQgers for their powers so the team could use them.

This season takes place in the same continuity as Power Rangers.
Now hear me out on this one. If you recall, a line in the Super Sentai vs. Kamen Rider movie stated that on the other side of the ocean, Rangers are called "Power Rangers". It's very possible that instead of actually creating the powers for the Rangers, Zordon and others like him merely tapped into those powers via the Ranger Keys, copied them, then placed those copied powers into alternative sources of energy, such as the Power Coins. Yes, even the Go-Onger keys, although those got trapped via a portal into an alternate world where Doctor K found them.

  • What about the Mecha, though? Aren't those destroyed at the end of the year (or in the case of the Dinozords and Thunderzords, the beginning)? Simple: they were repaired offscreen. Also, it's very possible that the living ones cannot have their full potential unlocked because of the language gap. Thus the Engines cannot talk to the RPM Rangers because the RPM Rangers don't know Japanese. There are a few alterations along the way (Jumbo Whale was captured and forcibly trapped inside a shell to become a Venjix attack bot, for example), but for the most part the Mecha are simply repaired versions of the original units.

  • Jossed as Gokaiger is adapted into Super Megaforce.

The Gokaigers will reappear in the 2016 series.


     Old Gokai Silver 

Goukai Silver will have the ability to become GekiViolet and DekaMaster
And that will turn him into a Badass, because let's face it, black is the closest color for both of them, because GekiViolet is so far the only Violet Ranger and DekaMaster...Well just look at him.
  • Deconfirmed partially. GekiViolet is part of Goukai Green's forms. DekaMaster, however... is left for the Sixth Ranger supposedly.
    • Also deconfirmed. It is shown that all of GokaiSilver's transformations will be Sixth Rangers and AbareKiller. No extra Rangers.
      • Not necessarily deconfirmed - Since the core 5 Gokaigers can also use the Sixth Ranger Keys, it can be safely assumed that GokaiSilver can also use the GekiViolet Key, as GekiViolet is considered a core team member. Secondly, the existence of a DekaMaster Key opens up the possibility of GokaiSilver using it.
      • Well, Gai couldn't do it before because all he could have accessed before he gained acess to the Treanger Box was his own Key, so perhaps we might see Gai become GekiViolet or DekaMaster.... provided that the Gokaigers get the DekaMaster Key from Basco first.
  • The potential is there, but so far, not happening.
  • This troper most likely meant that Gai would be ABLE TO, which is confirmed since Gai has been able to use keys for colors that don't belong to sixth rangers. However, it's more likely that if Gai was to participate in a full team transformation into the Gekirangers, he would use Gekichopper before Gekiviolet, only because said ranger is the only late addition to the team that has an insert song (something that all sixth rangers have).

GokaiSilver will summon rangers like Diend.
Why else would he not use ranger keys?
  • Scans show that he does have Ranger Keys, and he does transform into past Sixth Rangers.
  • However for the next episode it showed Basco ta Jolokia, the traitor of the Red Pirates summoning Sixth Rangers.

GokaiSilver will be an Expy of Sanji.
So far it seems like Sanji is the only core member of the Straw Hats not accounted for.
  • Jossed. Looks like Gai is Brook.

GokaiSilver's Gold Mode will work like Decade and Diend's Complete Forms.
  • I mean, come on. Why else would Gold Mode feature the faces of the Sixth Rangers GokaiSilver can transform into on his chest?
  • Confirmed in a sense. GokaiSilver Gold Mode summons the Sixth Rangers during the Gokai Legendream finisher, akin to what Complete Decade had did in the Hyper Battle Video and Complete Diend in Episode Yellow movie.

When GokaiSilver uses the Go-on Wings Ranger Key, he will transform into Go-on Gold, while a duplicate of Go-on Silver is summoned.
  • It would seem kinda weird for GokaiSilver to be able to transform into both Go-on Gold and Go-on Silver, since they both have the same powers. So, having GokaiSilver transform into Go-on Gold and a clone of Go-on Silver summoned to fight alongside him would make it easier then making a male version of the latter's suit. Also, it would seem obvious that once GokaiSilver changes into a different Sixth Ranger, Go-on Silver will disappear.
    • If a female were to transform into GokaiSilver and then use the Go-on Wings Ranger Key, she would transform into Go-on Silver, while a duplicate of Go-on Gold is summoned and once female GokaiSilver changes to a different Ranger, Go-on Gold will disappear.
    • Disconfirmed. Its revealed that Go-on Gold and Silver will be separate Ranger Keys.
      • There's also a combined one! He's split half silver and half gold, not unlike Kamen Rider Double.

That kid from episode 2 will become Gokai Silver.
Because of what Marvelous said to him I don't think it would be too farfetched. Not to mention someone who intends to protect the Earth would be a contrast to the Gokaiger.
  • Jossed. GokaiSilver is a new character.

GokaiSilver's GokaiCellular proclaims the name of the Ranger he transforms into
Just as the Gokaiger's Mobirates proclaim the name of the Sentai team of a Ranger they transform into, its obvious that GokaiSilver's GokaiCellular would instead say the name of the Sixth Ranger he transforms into. It would also be similar to the Transformation Trinkets of last year's team, Tensou Sentai Goseiger, where the main five's Tensouders would proclaim "Change Goseiger" when they placed their Change Cards in them, while GoseiKnight's Leon Cellular proclaims "Change GoseiKnight" when he uses his.
  • This has actually been confirmed- someone managed to trick the Mobirates into saying "Gosei Knight" with the wrong key.
  • There are also sounds for Shurikenger and Gouraiger.
  • As well as Go-On Wings.
    • Oddly enough, despite the sound clips in the toy version of the Gokai Cellular, this is jossed in the actual show.

GokaiSilver will give Aihm access to some of the 'extra' rangers to make up for her having fewer keys than her team members
Specifically since Aihm has no key of her own for Sun Vulcan or Abaranger and GokaiSilver is probably going bring not only keys for the sixth rangers but for the 7th+ rangers from some of the larger teams (Go-onger, Dekaranger and Gekiranger depending on how you count Rio and Mele) he's going to give her the keys for Go-on Gold, DekaBright, DekaSwan, DekaGold and (maybe) Mele as a sort of Gekigreen to make up for it. Doc might also get DekaBreak's key for missing out on Sun Vulcan.
  • She gets GekiChopper when the team goes Gekiranger. There's a link on the main article's page, under Mega Manning, displaying all 34 full-team shots
    • Yes but some people consider Mele and Rio to be the sixth and seventh members of the team after their Heel Face Turns and the basic point is of the WMG is that GokaiSilver will give Aihm access to some of the rangers from the larger teams despite the fact she already gets access to one form from that team because she has one less key of her own than Doc and two less than Luka, Joe and Marvelous.
  • If Silver were to give Ahim a Go-on Wing Ranger Key, wouldn't it be better to give her Go-on Silver instead of Gold? Afterall, it would be easier to do that then change Go-on Gold's suit into a female.
    • Yeah, that was a typo.

199 Hero Great Battle will be GokaiSilver's Early-Bird Cameo
  • Confirmed

Unlike the main 5, GokaiSilver can only transform into his Sixth Ranger predecessors and his Ranger Keys can't be used by anyone else.
  • This seems to be supported by the fact that Gokai Silver's Keys say the name of Ranger he's turning into rather than the name of the team they're from.
    • However, there will be Ranger Keys for some of the sixth rangers that Gokai Silver can transform into, so it's possible he can let some of his keys to the main Gokaigers.
  • A recent on set photo shows a team of five "sixth" rangers (Timefire, Megasilver, Dragon Ranger, AbareKiller, and Magishine). While teams of sixths can be summoned by Basco, Megasilver and Abarekiller clearly had skirts, so this is probably josssed.
    • Long jossed. Once they got the Sixth Ranger Keys (after the movie, that is), the team used them before GokaiSilver joined.

Gokai Silver is related to Ahim.
Admittedly, this comes just from the anchor motif from the Gokai Submarine. Maybe it's her older brother?
  • Jossed. Gokai Silver is an Earthling.

Ninjaman and Aka Red are the last of the 199 Heroes to be revealed and Gokai Silver will be the 200th.
10 of the 12 extra heroes in the 199 Hero Great Battle have been revealed. As seen in this promotional shot for the movie, Signalman, Black Knight, Magi Mother, Wolzard Fire, Princess Shinken Red, Deka Swan, Deka Master, Zuuban, Rio, and Mele are confirmed. This deconfirms the previous Kamen Rider speculations, and a few other lists predicting the 12 that would appear. With only two heroes left unconfirmed, Ninjaman and Aka Red (who previously had a cameo in Episode 2 as the red warrior who gave Marvelous his Ranger Keys) are both very likely candidates. Gokai Silver is possibly going to appear as well, rounding up the 199 heroes to 200.
  • Disconfirmed. There'll only be 199 heroes in the movie: 182 Legendary Heroes + 5 Gokaigers + 11 Extra Heroes (including AkaRed) + 1 Unknown (Gokai Silver).

GokaiSilver will be a villain before performing a Heel–Face Turn
The Zangyack see their monsters are no match for the Gokaiger, so they create one using the powers of the extra warriors because they're generally more powerful (at first). He eventually changes his ways (breaks free of brainwashing, sees Humans Are Special, gets disenchanted with the Zangyack, whatever). Alternately, he's a Phlebotinum Rebel who escapes an attempt to make an anti-Gokaiger warrior.
  • Alternatively, based on his costume and design, GokaiSilver could be some sort of a naval Knight Templar.
  • Well as we learned in 8 Joe was a former Zangack so it would make sense....
  • Jossed. Gokai Silver is a Ascended Fanboy.

Oiles will turn out to be GokaiSilver.
Mutiny from men, he pummels down to earth and is revealed to be a human adopted by the Real Big Evil. Guess who's going to knock him out of his senses?
  • His chest does bear a striking resembelence to Gold Mode what with the head/scales.
    • That stuff may just be military medals though,kinda like how commanding officers always wears a whole lot during official ceremonies.
  • Jossed, maybe. I heard a rumour that GokaiSilver will be an old friend of Joe, played by Barizorg's voice actor.
  • Fully Jossed. Gokai Silver is an entirely new character.

GokaiSilver will be Barizorg/Cid after he's returned to human form
From there they'll launch a counter assualt against the Zangyack army and will proceed with the arrival of the Emperor himself
  • This is actually plausible given how the characters are slightly based off One Piece characters and therefor Cid would be like Franky who is a cyborg.
  • Jossed. GokaiSilver is an entirely new character. And he happens to be an Earthling, if rumors are right.

GokaiSilver will be Barizorg/Cid but not be turned human again
An opportunity will present itself and the Gokaiger will capture Barizorg, they will then restore his original personality and memories but be unable to restore his body.
  • Possibly during a meeting with a sentai teams techie.
  • Jossed, as recent magazine pictures show that a completely new character is to be Gokai Silver.

Gai is dead all along
  • The first description of Gai (GokaiSilver) says that he's a fan of Super Sentai that gets hurt saving a little girl from a car and has a dream where some past 6th rangers (Namely the ones that died) give him his powers. How much do you want to bet he's dead all along?
    • He also shares a name with Black Condor, who died - but then wouldn't that be too much of a Downer Ending for the anniversary celebration?
    • Possibly jossed as not only does Jetman!Gai never sense anything odd about Gokai!Gai, but Gokai!Gai can't even see or hear Jetman!Gai for the entire episode.

Basco has the sixth Gokaiger key
We'll get a brief preview of Gokai Silver when Basco uses it, then it'll be lost only to be found by the true sixth ranger.
  • Jossed, Abarekiller had the GokaiSilver key and it's changer.

The Hurricaneger tribute episode will be Gokai Silver-centric
Since Gai is an Ascended Fanboy, he probably won't approve of the decidedly anti-hero Gokaigers. Cue Hurricane Red (or better yet, Hurricane Red AND Kabuto Raiga) showing up and teaching everyone a lesson about how the Hurricangers and Goraigers learned to work together. As a symbol of there newly formed bond they'll gain Fuuraimaru, the mecha which allowed Senpuujin and Goraijin to combine into one.
  • Probably Jossed, Gai loves the Gokaigers, and they aren't really the anti-heroes they were at the start of the series.
  • Jossed. it's Marvelous, Luka, and Joe.

Oiles Gil will have something to do with Gokai Silver's Gold Mode.
Promo pics of the Gold Mode show the helmets of former rangers. If you look closely at Oiles Gil's chest piece, he has rounded sections shaped VERY similarly to the helmet pictures.
  • Jossed. Gai created it by combing his 15 Sixth Ranger Ranger Keys.

Once Gai joins the team, the Gokaigers will start transforming into teams they haven't used since unlocking their Greater Power again.
If you've noticed, whenever the Gokaigers unlock the true power of a Sentai team, the only times we see them use that Ranger Key set after that is when they want to summon a Legend Mecha. Now, with Gai making his debut next week, it could be a possibility that the main five will start using the unlocked Ranger Key sets for transformations again, because of the fact that GokaiSilver has Sixth Ranger Keys that correspond with 4 out of 6 of the Sentai teams they've encountered so far. Plus, having just Silver transform into one of those Rangers without the others following suit would seem a bit odd.
  • Confirmed. They've changed into Shinkenger, Dekaranger, and Magiranger lately.

The rangers will try to take Gai's Gokai Cellular
  • Confirmed! Marvelous takes the cell from Gai and gives it back when he proves his worth.

Don is Gai's least favorite Gokaiger.
It would explain why Gai didn't include him in his "Why you should add me to your team" fantasy.

The three sixth rangers who gave Gai his powers also gave him some advice

At the end of next episode, Gai will take down Basco's Black Knight Clone, taking the key and changing into Black Knight to fight alongside the Gokaigers when they change into the Gingamen.
WolzardFire, DekaMaster and MagiMother will flee and Hyuuga, seeing Gai fight as Black Knight realizes that Gai can do it.
  • Gai is shown fighting against Black Knight in the next time trailer.
  • Jossed, Gai doesn't get the key until the very end of the episode.

Gokai Silver's Shapeshifting Mech works on Spiral Energy
That is why GouJyuJin is the strongest form and can execute the final attack.

Gai's Gold Mode takes a lot out of him.
In episode 19 Gai is out of breath after he uses the Gold mode so this may be a reason not to use it often.

The Gokai Cellular has codes that will allow Gai to transform into an Extra Hero.
The ending of episode 20 with Hyuuga giving Gai the Black Knight Key does seem to hint that he will later be able to transform into Extra Heroes. It would be good for Gai to join the main five when they transform into a post-Jetman team that uses a Bangai Hero as a Sixth Ranger, like Carranger with Signalman, Gingaman with Black Knight or Gekiranger with Rio.
  • Alternatively, maybe he just inserts other keys in the bottom, the same way he does the Gold Mode Key, and the transformation is automatic and doesn't require a code.

If the Go-On Wings appear in the Go-Onger tribute episode, Gai will give them their Ranger Keys, so they can fight alongside the Gokaigers.
I'm calling this because having Gai transform into the Go-On Wings Hybrid Form just wouldn't seem right for the tribute episode. It would better to see all of the individual Ranger Keys used at once.
  • Jossed. Sosuke is confirmed to appear for the Go-onger tribute.

The Sixth Ranger will use DragonRanger as his/her first form
  • Possible, as the first team the Gokaigers transformed into were the Gorangers, so it would make sense for GokaiSilver's first transformation be the first (official) Sixth Ranger of the franchise.

Though the Titanium Ranger is unlikely to actually appear in the GoGoV episode, there will be a sly reference to him
Maybe when Gai finds he doesn't have a counterpart to change into when the Gokaigers become GoGoV.
  • Jossed.

At some point the Gokaigers will use Goujyu Drill to travel back in time
This could be how they appeared in Goseiger VS Shinkenger and why they reacted the way they did when they were spotted.
  • Well, if the Gokaigers did use Goujyu Drill to travel back in time to the events of Goseiger vs Shinkenger, how do you explain Gai not being with them? I mean, Goujyu Drill is his mecha and it seems obvious that only he can summon it with the Gokai Cellular.
    • He may have been keeping the engine running so they could get out of there fast.
      • Or maybe, he was watching the fight.
  • Confirmed in #40 for the Timeranger tribute. As for why Gai wasn't with them, he was talking to Domon's kid.

Gai's Ranger Keys besides the Dragon Ranger, Time Fire, and Abare Killer keys won't be used during mecha battles until they get Gokai-Oh Complete
It would actually make sense if they are waiting until Gokai-Oh Complete to appear for Gai to start using his other Ranger Keys for the finisher attack.
  • Actually, this has happened. Gai finally used a different Key in the form of the Black Knight Key backed by the Gingaman's Greater Power during the Timeranger episode. Well after Kanzen Gokaioh's debut.

Gai is an orphan and the son of two former Sentai warriors
Although said only in extra-series material, it is revealed that Ryu and Kaori had a son (we assume he was born not long after the marriage, or that they married because Kaori found out she was pregnant) whom they named Gai, like their deceased friend Gai Yuki. However, due to some circumstances, like risks related to being then-recent Sentai warriors (in the Gokaiger universe, evil is practically endless), they were forced to give him up for adoption. Yet, the spirit of his parents was strong in the kid, which would explain his innate passion for Super Sentai which ultimately led him to become one. Gai Yuki knows this and him being invisible only to Gai Ikari among the Gokaiger is a way to "protect" him from the truth - he wants the boy to be a hero on his own rather than "The Son of Jetman".

Gai is Akared
.. Or at least his sixth ranger equivalent. It explains his ability to combine the sixth ranger keys and make a Go-on Wings ranger key. On top of that the first Bangai Hero Key Gai uses is the Black Knight Key, who is often considered more of a sixth ranger than Bangai Hero.
  • Jossed. How he is able to do this is [[Handwave Handwaved]] aside.

Gai can do the key fusion thing with all the Ranger Keys
He'll combine the others sets of Ranger Keys like he did his own to unlock their Super Modes
  • Jossed for the series - it's over, and none of the other rangers tried to combine their keys. Odds are that if he HAD tried this, he would have only made Super Mode keys for Ahim, Don, and Luka - he probably would have made Aka Red and Aka Blue keys for Marvelous and Joe.

     Power Rangers 

The Titanium Ranger and Spirit Rangers suits will show up in the series
The Titanium suit could either show up as a new experimental GoGoV suit, or with the design taken from Turboranger it could be a lost sixth suit to that set as well. The Spirit Rangers suits could be new SCRTC designs.
  • They might go for a Take That! approach instead - the Titanium suit replaces the absent Gogo V by carrying out rescues in a Literal Genie fashion, and the Spirit Ranger suits are worn by raw recruits.
    • GoGo-V and Gekiranger came and went, so Jossed.

Real Life Writes the Plot for certain rangers
  • If they ever do a reunion of MMPR, they will mention that Trini died in a car accident (in reference to her actor passing away), Zack is cleaning up his act from an unspecified addiction (Walter Jones' DUI), and Billy having a falling-out with his old friends involving his decision to leave Earth (David Yost's battle with Homophobia on the set).

If a Power Ranger shows up, so will either Decade or Diend
Tsukasa will probably want to fight the people who stole his schtick, and Diend is already a pirate essentially. Plus it gives an explanation behind how the ranger could be there, its either Decade's fault, or Diend experimenting with a new card.
  • Why would a foreign actor be cast for the show to take on a role he never played in Japan? They're celebrating SS not PR. And Tsukasa got along fine with the Shinkengers, he wouldn't care that they do a similar thing he does.
    • Might've happened if a Masked Rider had shown up, but the series came and went, and no Power Rangers cameoed in Gokaiger, so jossed.

At some point after GokaiSilver is introduced, the Gokaigers will change into the Shinkengers...
And in the middle of the battle, GokaiSilver will change into Shurikenger. A reference to Power Rangers of course, as Cam is the Green Samurai Ranger while Shurikenger is a Ninja.
  • Jossed.

The Zyuranger themed episodes will include a Shout-Out to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
Perhaps, since Zyuranger was the series that introduced the concept of the regularly-appearing Sixth Ranger, Goukaiger's Sixth Ranger will appear in the Zyuranger episodes and at one point turn into Kiba Ranger to fight alongside the Zyurangers.
  • In his interview with Linkara and JesuOtaku, Johnny Yong Bosch mentioned going to Japan to do some work. Hmmm....
    • And in the OP, one of the most prominent of the past Sentai members is the black Zyuranger... or is it the black Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger? Hmmmmm...
    • We might be able to confirm this pretty easily- if one of the sounds the Mobirates makes is "Poooooower Ranger!"
    • Also, it's a bit of a stretch, but the black Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger was the only one whose animal was different than his Zyuranger counterpart, being a Mastodon rather than a Mammoth. It might make his morph/henshin more unique to him.
      • In the Japanese dub of MMPR, his call was changed back to Mammoth, so that might not be a factor unless they want to appease people who watched it in English.
      • There's also the fact that unless you're a Palentologist you probably can't tell the two species apart.
  • Most likely it won't be anything elaborate involving foreign guest stars. They'll probably have the main Gokaigers transform into the Zyurangers and Gokai Silver into Kiba Ranger.
  • Given the writers are actively inserting some Power Rangers references, such as Go-On Yellow using the wheels on her arms as weapons, this WMG seems far more likely.
  • Maybe Navi will say Alpha's line
  • They could made an episode using the same powers Tommy used along the franchise.
  • All of the above is Jossed - Zyuranger won't be getting a tribute episode, GokaiSilver already got their power.
    • Abaranger is getting tributes soon with guest star Abare Blue so there may be hope yet.
    • Not necessarily. Boukenger's power is supposedly already unlocked, but we're still getting a tribute for it.
    • And even if there isn't a Zyuranger episode, doesn't mean that the team won't change into the Zyurangers again, Gai could still fight alongside them as KibaRanger.
    • If there is a tribute, It would make more sense to have Gai become Dragon Ranger then Kibaranger.
      • If they did that it wouldn't be an obvious reference because they all showed up in the same Sentai series anyway. Having Kiba Ranger fight alongside the Zyurangers would directly parallel the White Ranger coming from a different series.
    • For the maximum amount of reference potential, Gai would have to trade keys with Marvelous and become Tyranno Ranger while Marvelous uses Kibaranger. MMPR White Ranger was the team leader.
    • No Zyuranger tribute episode, so jossed.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will get a reference in Gokaiger...
...but it'll be in the form of a Take That!, not a Shout-Out. The team might, for example, have to use unusual combinations to confuse the MOTW, and the one that does the most confusion is Kibaranger alongside the Zyurangers, with there even being a line from somebody about how "nobody in their right minds would ever think of this!"
  • Shout out confirmed (kinda) with Gai and Joe turning into Dragon Ranger and Abare Blue. Just let it sink in who their Power Rangers counterparts are.

There will be another round of Zyu 2-style footage for the American adaptation.
"Zyu 2" was the extra footage filmed for the first and second seasons of Power Rangers to expand the use of the original suits. Because Goukaiger will be using pre-PR teams, Saban may want extra footage filmed using the teams from Zyuranger and beyond instead.
  • Any PR adaption would have a smaller episode count.Extra footage won't be needed because they'll just cut those episodes and splice anything they need from them.
    • Or they could integrate the pre-Zyu teams into the Power Rangers universe, like Masked Rider attempted to do with RX's predecessors. Hopefully without the name mixups this time.
    • They would still need to film original footage anyway, considering Power Rangers had a couple of exclusive rangers (namely Lightspeed Rescue's Titanium Ranger and Jungle Fury's Spirits Rangers).
  • Partially confirmed. They are in fact re-creating the Legend War scenes for the PR version counterpart.

AkaRed is a fragment of Zordon's power.
Follow the bunny trail on this one: At the end of Power Rangers in Space, Zordon's shattered energy tube released the Z-Wave that had the power to wipe out (or turn good) all of the evil forces in the universe. We know that AkaRed is the collective spirits of all of the Red Rangers. We also know that the other rangers are capable of combining their power together to create a smaller version of the Z-Wave, as that's how it's shown they defended the Earth from the Zangyack Empire last time they attacked. If every ranger was capable of creating the same effect as Zordon, and AkaRed (and presumably the other rangers like him, see the WMG above) is a collection of all of their powers, he would need to be the link to Zordon that would allow them to have access to that kind of power.
  • Well, in Power Rangers, perhaps he could be.

An American guest star will have the power to turn into the Spirit and Titanium Rangers
Richard Brown got to be Shinken Brown (though didn't transform) and it'd be a great way to homage Power Rangers and make use of American made stuff. Might also include the designed, but unmade, Paleo Rangers from Power Rangers RPM. Particularly since Johnny Yong Bosch is supposedly getting some work right now in Japan (see first WMG on this very page), it might be a perfect fit. Gokai Black perhaps?
  • Jossed!

The reason behind Gokaiger is to imitate Power Rangers and have only one continuity
Of Course now Power Rangers is going by a different continuity per season with Tezchor in charge...this is retroactive so yess MMPRS 1 and MMPRS 2 are different continuities, which is the formula for Super Sentai
  • Only RPM has a different continuity...and even so, Word Of God said that it would be added to the main continuity if it is needed.
    • Not with Tzachor. He doesn't consider Disney's seasons as canon, and I've heard (don't know if it can be backed up) that he even considers every season to be a different continuity, which is quite honestly a Wall Banger.
      • In short, it's a take that to Tzachor.
      • There may be something to this, as it's been revealed that one of the legend mecha is from Go-Onger.
    • That doesnt make much sense because no Sentai is in continuity with each other even this one.

The Gokaiger's Super Mode will be Metallic Armor
Freakiest part: It may just happen. This is a display from the latest toy conference. See those shiny, metallic versions of the Gokaiger keys, and notice how their display adds a little extra to the end of their title? It says "Great Power Version", indicating that these may be the new Gokaiger keys after a large amount or even all of the 34 Great Powers are unlocked. That kind of title has "This season's Super Mode" written all over it. And since there's nothing different about those keys except that they're metallic and shiny (may or may not be a reference to MMPR metallic armor, take it for what you will), it looks Toei found an even cheaper Super Mode than Shinkenger's Elvis coat.

The Power Rangers Version will bring back the United Alliance of Evil and will explain the pre-Zyuranger costumes as being those of other Alien rangers.
  • Jossed - the UAE doesn't get any reference, and while they do include costumes from teams not adapted into Power Rangers (some of the pre-Zyuranger outfits, as well as the core 5 from Gosei Sentai Dairanger)...the only ones that get an explanation are the Dairanger suitsnote , while the rest are treated as if they were adapted into Power Rangers - oddly enough, some sentai-only teams get more team morphs than actual Power Rangers teams (specifically, Power Rangers in Space, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescuenote , Power Rangers Time Force, and Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, who get no team morphs - ironically enough, the Power Rangers Megaforce counterpart of Gai is an alien, an homage to In Space and Operation Overdrive).

Guest Star/Tribute Speculation
Because there isn't an exact translation between Sentai and Power Rangers veterans who want to return, if PR is going to have guest stars in their tribute episodes, here's some ideas.
  • Mystic Force: Xander, since he's a fan favorite.
  • SPD: Kruger will definitely be in it, but Bridge would probably replace Ban. Z appearing is up in the air.
    • Mystic Force and SPD are Jossed - while SPD does kind of get a tribute in the form of Zord action, neither gets a tribute episode, nor do any members guest star.
  • Jungle Fury: Casey. If he's unwilling, RJ.
    • Confirmed. Jungle Fury even gets a tribute episode, with Casey having the same role Jan does in the Gokaiger episode it's adapted from.
  • Wild Force: Cole (his actor has appeared in Samurai).
    • Jossed - while they do visit the Animarium in a Wild Force tribute, no one from Wild Force makes an appearance; not even Princess Shayla. Although Cole probably would have made a cameo if it wasn't for the legal troubles he's facing.
  • Samurai: Possibly the entire cast, similar to the Hurricanger tribute. If not, I would expect at least the Kaoru analogue and/or Jayden.
    • Jayden does appear, along with Mentor Jii - which seems a bit odd, since you'd think that they'd just make the Samurai tribute episode a team-up between the two teams, since Samurai was the preceding season - especially since Samurai had a team-up with RPM, despite RPM being made by Disney and Saban making Samurai; in fact, they could have used the footage of the Gokaigers appearing in the Shinkenger-Goseiger crossover.
  • Turbo: Justin, possibly to redeem the character in the fans' eyes.
    • Also, he can be done via The Other Darrin without too much trouble, freeing up any necessity of finding the actor.
      • That's not a problem - Blake Foster has said he'd be willing to return if asked.
      • And Jossed. No Turbo tribute episode, nor does Justin make an unmorphed cameo (TJ and Cassie do, albeit as In Space rangers).
  • MMPR: Because there will certainly be one despite not having a Zyuranger tribute in Gokaiger, it depends on who they can get. Zack and Jason seem likely since Walter Jones and Austin St. John came back to host the "lost pilot" episode, indicating that they are on decent terms with Saban. Adam is also a likely possibility. If they can convince Amy Jo Johnson to come back, the fandom might just explode.
    • No MMPR tribute. Jossed.
  • Lost Galaxy: I really wish this could be a direct translation, with Mike as the star and Leo coming in at the end, if only because the story about the Gingaman tribute episode's production and "Forever Red" are eerily similar. Even if Leo doesn't return, Mike might. This is another tricky tribute due to behind-the-scenes issues from the show.
    • Leo's definitely out, his actor is retired and is now a lawyer.
      • Nope! Danny Slavin is confirmed, somehow. Not to mention, his retirement doesn't mean anything. A retired actor could make a minute-long cameo.
      • Both jossed and confirmed - while there is no Lost Galaxy tribute, Leo (as well as Damon) does make a cameo in the finale.
  • Operation Overdrive: Mack. Possibly Ronnie if that doesn't work out.
  • Lightspeed Rescue: Dana—it has to be, if they're going to keep anything from that episode intact.
    • The 2 directly above are jossed - no one from Lightspeed Rescue or Operation Overdrive appears in tribute episodes (mainly because there are no tribute episodes, despite their sentai counterparts having them); oddly enough, Dana and Carter Grayson DO make appearances unmorphed during the finale.
  • Ninja Storm: Tori most definitely, with possibly the others to replicate the Gokaiger episode.
    • Tori's actor stars in Shortland Street, so she'll be the hardest of the three to get back.
      • Jossed - no Ninja Storm tribute, and no cameos from any Ninja Storm characters (unless you count the Legendary Battle).
  • The Jetman tribute will obviously get cut; the MMPR one might replace it.
    • Confirmed about the Jetman tribute being dropped, but MMPR doesn't get a tribute episode (unless you consider a tribute episode to be an episode they do a full-team morph in).
  • Dino Thunder: Kira. Abare Blue wasn't very important in the Gokaiger episode, so they may as well bring back the fan favorite.
    • Jossed. Dino Thunder doesn't get a tribute episode.
  • Liveman will get dropped to reduce the episode count.
    • Confirmed. It would have been odd to do a tribute episode to a sentai series that doesn't have a PR counterpart anyways.
  • Zeo: Tommy. Because this marks the introduction of the big gun, and because we've seen that he has his Zeonizer, it's best to bring him back here.
    • Tommy DOES appear, but he's mostly unmorphed, save for the legendary battle, where he uses his original costume.
  • Dairanger will get dropped.
    • Not necessarily. A casting side uses that episode's script, referring to Ryan the Red Star Force Ranger.
      • They do drop the Dairanger tribute episode, yet ironically enough, they use the core 5 suits more than some of the actual Power Rangers teams.
  • RPM: Scott definitely, since he guest-starred in Samurai. Ziggy and Dr. K might return as fan-favorites.
  • Space: Andros, or TJ if Christopher Khayman Lee isn't available.
  • Time Force: Jen, and/or Wes and Eric.
  • RPM, In Space and Time Force are both Jossed - curiously enough, the latter two don't even get full team morphs, much less tribute episodes. TJ and Cassie do both make unmorphed cameos in the finale though. RPM does get a tribute episode and a full-team morph...but none of the cast appears. They don't even leave the skyship.
  • Battle Fever J will get dropped (though I wouldn't be surprised if there was another Christmas special in its place).
    • Like Liveman, confirmed.
  • Alien Rangers: Cestro. We may just get voices again, like Forever Red.
    • Or a The Other Darrin. Anyway, footage says it'll be Ninjor.
      • Jossed. No Alien Ranger tribute.
  • At some point, there will be an episode featuring whatever Goseiger gets adapted into. This may feature footage from the movie.
    • This one is jossed because the Gokaiger's counterparts and Goseiger's counterparts are one and the same!

The Phantom Ranger will take Aka Reds place
He's the PR equivelent before Aka Red was created
  • Alternatively, they'll use the Aka Red suit and explain it as being an upgrade to the Phantom Ranger, to use the same character but still be able to adapt footage.
    • But except for 1 scene in 199heros Aka Red only appeared with out of suit actors
      • Jossed - while the Phantom Ranger may very well be the Power Rangers version of Aka Red, he didn't appear (considering that his Sentai Counterpart, the VRV Master, doesn't appear in Gokaiger, this was a longshot anyways).


Basco has the sixth Gokaiger key
We'll get a brief preview of Gokai Silver when Basco uses it, then it'll be lost only to be found by the true sixth ranger.
  • Jossed, Abarekiller had the GokaiSilver key and it's changer.

The guy with the Ranger Key trumpet will be the Sentai answer to Diend.
  • Well he did summon sixth rangers... could he be joining them later on, or be a total Diend like anti-hero agent of the Zangyack?
    • Considering that Basco nearly destroyed the Red Pirate Gang and kidnapped Joe, Luka, Don and Ahim all for the Greatest Treasure in the Universe, this Troper thinks that joining with him is like inviting a cobra to bed: too dangerous to even consider.
      • Zig-Zagged. He's a troll like Diend, he is The Rival to Marvelous, and he's connected to the Zangyack. However, he doesn't join the team, and he gets killed off by the end of the series.

By the end of the season Marvelous will kill Basco.
  • Think about it, Basco betrayed and was responsible for the attack that nearly wiped out the Red Pirates. For all we know they could have been like a second family to Marvelous and he does not seem like the kind of guy to let that go unpunished. Here's how I think it could go down. Marvelous and Basco meet on an asteroid to finally end things (I assume that Basco has a morphed form too) and a battle ensues that rivals the final battle between Takeru and Juuzo. It ends with Marvelous stabbing his Sabre into Basco's chest and as he falls starts to walk away to leave him to die slowly for his crimes. Basco begs for mercy and Marvelous walks over and extends his hand only to pull out his Gun at the last moment. He fires one shot into Basco giving him the mercy of a quick death and walks away.
    • It's been revealed that (The Red Pirates were a threeway (I had to :/) between AkaRed, Marvelous and Basco. Though maybe losing AkaRed, who was probably like a father to him, and being betrayed by Basco, who was probably like a brother to him, will be enough.)
    • Considering Basco has gone One-Winged Angel and revealed is true inhuman form, this seems more likely.
    • Confirmed in #48

Marvelous' rivalry with Basco will be a Story Arc for him.
  • I thought the introduction of Basco counted, story arc-wise.

Basco will lose the 6th Ranger keys to GokaiSilver, and comeback later in the series with the Extra Hero keys (Dekamaster, Black Knight, Wolzard Fire, Signalman, etc.) as his new weapons for an upgraded trumpet with six slots (to fight his now six enemies).
Confirmed; at the end of episode 16, after losing his first 15 Ranger Keys to the Gokaiger, he pulls out ten new ones including Signalman, Bullblack Black Knight, and Dekamaster.

The rangers take the 6th keys from Basco
They have to get them somehow.
  • Shaping up to be confirmed based on the end of Ep 15
  • Confirmed, however Basco still has the extra ranger and ranger-esque ally keys.

The Gokaigers will either take Basco's trumpet, or get a trumpet of their own, and use it to summon their own Ranger clones.
  • Jossed.

Basco will lose the Extra Hero keys to the Extra Hero of this season.
However, it will then be revealed that he has more Ranger Keys. Specifically, ones for the rangers that were exclusive to Power Rangers.
  • It'll probably be Barizorg, back as Cid Bamick.
  • So what? A total of 4 keys? The Spirit Rangers and Titanium Ranger? Seems more likly it will be (if they use PR at all) all the evil rangers Hanaranger, Nejiranger, cyborg lightspeed, and the new Power Rangers to give a more robust team.
    • Actually, I was counting Phantom Ranger as a Power Rangers exclusive ranger, on the basis that VRV Master isn't considered a ranger or an extra hero.
    • Also the SPD A-Squad, SPD Orange and maybe the toy only Paleozord Rangers from RPM.
    • I suppose some of those could work also Deka Gold, though if they are going with toy only why not do all the toy exclusives, I'm pretty sure Toei has done exclusives for each series.
  • Basco does lose the Extra Hero keys to Gai, but even without Ranger Keys Basco has the ultimate powers of Changeman, Flashman, and Maskman, and his true armored form anyway.

Ranger Keys based on the evil ranger teams will be used either by Basco or a new evil ranger team.
Furthermore, they won't be limited to preexisting evil teams, there will have at least one Key for each of the good teams.
  • Unfortunately jossed. There aren't any Psycho Rangers in this series, despite the fact that Kakuranger and Megaranger have tribute episodes.

Marvelous' final fight with Basco will include the extra hero/heroes for this season and veteran sentai members

The Gokaigers will eventually obtain all 10 keys currently in Basco's possession
But there won't be any new extra hero or anything for it, instead the first 5 gokaigers will just keep two each, ie: Marvelous has Wolzard Fire and DekaMaster, Joe has Signalman and Rio, Luka has Hime ShinkenRed and Mele, Doc has Kurokishi and Zubaan and Ahim has DekaSwan and MagiMother.
  • Actually, I think Signalman would be a better fit for Don because of him coming from a comedic Sentai and Don being the Gokaiger's Comic Relief. Kurokishi better fits Joe because of both of their sword fighting skills.
    • Also, Ahim should have Hime ShinkenRed (She's a Princess too after all) and DekaSwan (She's elegant like a Swan) while Luka has MagiMother (I dunno lol, cos Luka is a tough cookie and MagiMother has bulky armour?) and Mele (Luka has the Cunning of the Chameleon).
      • Luka also shares a similarity with Mele and MagiMother in that she's a female character with a male suit actor.
    • Maybe Marvelous should have Rio while Joe has DekaMaster because of his sword.
    • Hime ShinkenRed better fits Luka because of their sword skills and MagiMother suits Ahim because of her more graceful appearance.
  • Comfirmed at least they've been stolen.

Basco will get his own armour.
So he can fight against Marvelous when he's in Ranger Form.
  • Confirmed, Basco transformed into armored form in episode 31. Though he's had it all along.

Basco has the Titanium Ranger Key
And will use it in the GoGoV episode.
  • "Gokai Change!" GOGOV! "GoTitanium!"
  • Sadly Jossed for the GoGoV episode bit.

Basco has other Ranger Keys besides the ones already shown.
After Basco loses all of the Extra Ranger keys he currently has, it will be revealed he has keys for evil Sentai teams as well, such as the evil Gingaman, the Nejiranger, the Neo Jetman team and the Hana Kunoichi no Gumi.
  • Unfortunately jossed.

Basco will pull a Strike Me Down with All of Your Hatred! on Marvelous
  • Jossed.

Basco has Ranger Keys for the Thai Sport Ranger series.
And the Gokaigers will take them and change into the Sport Rangers.
  • ...Need I say it?
    • Jossed - he never pulled out keys for the Nejirangers or any of the American exclusive rangers, let alone the Sport Rangers - considering that Power Rangers does air in Japan, he would have pulled out keys for the Spirit Rangers or Titanium Ranger long before pulling out Sport Ranger keys (And even then, he would have used keys for the Nejirangers before those).

The Liveman tribute episode will explore Captain Marvelous' relation with Basco.
Since the main theme of Choujuu Sentai Liveman was about about heroes being forced to fight their former friends, Jou/Yellow Lion (whose actor already confirmed his presence in the season) will return to sympathize with what Marvelous is going through with Basco.
  • Jossed. It was Joe and Cid/Barizorg

Damaras is providing Basco with Gormin
This ties into the mutiny WMG—Damaras is helping Basco in exchange for Basco taking over the fleet.
  • But wasn't he already shown to be helping Basco by "conveniently" attacking the Gokaigers?

Once Basco loses his remaining Ranger Keys, he will have a Villainous Breakdown.
I say the one reason why Basco has been acting all smug and confident even after all his plans failed is because he still has an army of Sentai warriors to fight for him. Now, I'm sure its only a matter of time before the Gokaigers acquire his 9 Extra Hero Ranger Keys and once he has no more left, Basco won't be the same calm, composed and arrogant villain that he was when he was first introduced.
  • Jossed. Still the same arrogant prick he always was.

Marvelous' anger towards Basco will soon bite him in the ass.
Bonus points for his team calling him out for it too.
  • Jossed.

Basco's last Ranger Key will be Brajira
from Tensou Sentai Goseiger.To expand on this, maybe Basco has a whole array of villainous Ranger Keys that turn into antagonists from previous series.
  • Jossed!

Both Basco and Cid will be the seventh Gokaiger
This is a mixture of multiple WMG from above. First Basco steals/creates/finds/buys/etc a new Ranger Key for himself which he uses in his final battle with Marvelous. After Marvelous defeats/kills Basco he takes the key and mobirate with him so they don't fall into Zangyack hands. Soon after the Gokaigers manage to free Bazorg and return him to Cid (with some cyborg implants left as a result and Navi removes all the Zangyack programming). Wishing to atone for his actions Cid joins the crew (after inspecting one of the weapons he becomes the ships blacksmith and fixes and upgrades all of the weapons) and Marvelous gives him the key he took from Basco. Thus Cid becomes the Privateer Ranger (couldn't think of a good name). He is able to use the Extra Ranger keys and he gets the Free Joker as his zord and after some modifications it can become the Privateer Megazord.
  • Given the appearance of a seventh key in this ad, this may be possible.
  • Jossed with Barizorg's demise in episode 38.
    • Jossed even more with Basco's demise in episode 48.

The reason why Basco was able to outsmart the Gokaigers other than Marvelous in his first appearance is because he's been in those situations himself.
  • Possibly, since [[spoiler he was wanted long before he joined the Red Pirates.]]

Basco will usurp the Zangyack throne from Walz Gils and be the Big Bad.
Let's face it, Basco has been so damn effective, while Walz Gils is a complete ineffectual moron. Basco is also power-hungry and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. So it is no doubt that Basco will one day think that he will show what it means to have power, so he dethrones Walz Gils, usurps his throne and uses the Zangyack Empire as his slave to find him the Greatest Treasure of the Universe, especially with its firepower.
  • Jossed. Was killed by Marvelous in a spectacular one-on-one duel.

Basco will team up with Damaras to usurp Walz Gils
Related to the above WMG, Damaras and Basco seem to have an understanding, and considering how useless Gils is being Damaras will probably get sick of his bullshit and overthrow him with Basco's help. However, while Damaras will be in it to conquer the world, Basco will be in it to get the Greatest Treasure in the Universe, and at some point will betray Damaras to get it, making himself the Big Bad.
  • Jossed. The Gokaigers kill Gills.

Basco is secretly acting on orders from AkaRed
He's been providing the Gokaigers with extra motivation to get stronger and acquire the Greater Powers, while ingratiating himself with Zangyack by appearing to be evil and working for them. His ultimate goal is to bring about Zangyack's destruction from within and without, pulling a Taking You with Me on one of their leaders while pushing the Gokaigers to their limits and making them strong enough to take down the other Big Bad on their own.
  • Jossed.

Basco's ship has the same "form the core of a robot" function as the Gokai Galleon.
Just because. And four Gormin will become the limbs.
  • And SugoGormin could form the expansion pack weapons. We've already seen them become jets and cycles.

Basco stealing Great Powers will be his downfall
Either they somehow destroy him because he can't control their power or the Gokaiger will reclaim them and use them one right after each other to destroy him.

Basco will have a villainous breakdown when Sari dies
  • Hm.. When Sari got hit pretty hard by the blaster, Basco did care somewhat for the poor thing, even going in the way of a Final Wave.
    • Jossed. He killed Sari to boot.

Basco will betray and let Sari die
Let's look back at Basco's very own motto: "In order to gain something, you must sacrifice something first". Knowing Basco, it would become very obvious that if necessary, he'd sacrifice Sari if there's something he really wants. Which will happen near the end of the series. Confirmed. Not only did Basco betray Sari, but his plan involves killing Sari in an explosion. All to take out Marvelous.

Basco is going to be the Gokaiger's Extra Hero

Sari's supply of battle-droids are limited, and when he runs out (near the finale), he himself will grow and fight against the Gokaigers, then get destroyed.
  • That would explain why the Basco episodes are few and far in-between. Even the last time Basco appeared, there was no Droid for the Gokaigers to fight.
    • Confirmed and jossed. The battle droids are limited, but Sari didn't grow.

Basco dies in the Megaranger episode.
According to the subs, his line in the promo was "Why don't we just settle this", implying that this will be where he falls. As for his supposed appearance in Gokaiger vs. Gavan, perhaps Gavan Bootleg revives Basco to get some help in defeating the heroes. I mean, if the movie takes place after this episode.
  • Jossed. He escaped.

Basco will be somehow Hoist by His Own Petard.
In one of four possible ways:
  • The most obvious way being that it's Captain Marvelous kills him.
  • Gai, the most immediate beneficiary of his Ranger Keys, lands the killing blow.
  • He attempts to use the Greater Power of Flashman, which turns out to be the Anti-Flash Phenomenon. Just like Navi said, "Not all of the powers are going to be useful."
    • I like to think the Anti-Flash Phenomenon as the fail-safe of the Greater Power if it gets stolen and misused. Why poison your own comrades who would use your power for good (Gokaigers) rather than those who will use it for their own ends (Basco)?
  • The Zangyack betray him like how he betrayed the Red Pirates.
    • Actually, Basco betrayed the Zangyack by backstabbing Damaras.
  • Confirmed for the first point, as Marvelous and Basco end up dueling each other in the end... and Marvelous is saved by a piece of metal he grabbed from Sally, no less.

Sally will come Back from the Dead
Ether before, during, or after Basco's death, Sally will somehow be brought back to life. If before, she'll play a big role in his demise. If after, one of the Great Powers he stole will permit this once recovered by the Gokaiger. Or they just somehow steal Insarn's Make My Monster Grow ray to bring her back.
  • Jossed.

     Greater Powers and additional mecha 

Since not all seasons of Sentai are likely to grant GokaiOh with Legend mecha...
...and not all of the ones they do get are likely to join the toyline, there's the possibility of GokaiOh getting gag powerups like:
  • When GokaiOh is sent falling from a great height, the pirates in desperation use the Goranger keys, which summons a Barikikyun balloon from the torso to float them to safety.
    • Jossed.
  • The four limb doors open to reveal a kingsized JAKQ recharging in them. The torso door reveals their team cannon.
  • Also in desperation, the pirates use the Dynaman keys when it's mobbed by Giant Mooks. Ka-blammo.
    • Not quite. It's the Gokai Super Dynamite attack instead.
  • Maskman provides gigantic dangling earrings. Well, it is a pirate.
    • Jossed. Gokai Aura Galaxy finisher.
  • The Choujin Sentai Jetman keys uses the open torso door as a runway to launch the five Jet Machines.
    • Jossed. Another finisher attack (the Gokai Jet Phoenix).
  • Legend Power from Juken Sentai Gekiranger confirms something similar to the JAKQ suggestion above.
    • Actually the latest rumor is that Goranger, Sun Vulcan, and Zyuranger are the next three mechas so there may be some partial truth to this.
  • Kind-of confirmed as of episode #14; to quote Navi, "Not all of the powers are going to be useful". The Carranger's great power is... making children happy. (And traffic safety.) Gokai-Oh does one of RV Robo's attacks and it doesn't even finish the monster.
    • That "monster" was not just a MOTW, but effin' Zealousto. Of course it didn't finish him.
      • Well, we got a mix of Legend Mecha (Variblune, Ninjaman, GaoLion, Furaimaru, Pat Striker, MagiDragon, Machalcon), finisher attacks (Gokai Super Dynamite, Gokai Power Bazooka, Gokai Aura Galaxy, Super Big Burst, Gokai Jet Phoenix, Gokai Goujyu Kiryoku Bomber, Gokai Radical Racing Slash, Gokai Spartan, GoZyu Fierce Cut, Victory Splash/Gokai Prominence, Gokai Adventure Drive, Gokai Great Geki-Geki Beasts and Gokai All Headder Great Charge), Gokai Silver's mecha (three powers), two alternate mecha configurations, and their team cannon. None were actual jokes. The last nine (J.A.K.Q., Battle Fever J, Denziman, Sun Vulcan, Goggle V, Bioman, Flashman, Turboranger and Fiveman) were never revealed though.

For teams without a toy GokaiOh will launch energy projections of that team's mecha

Outside of Movie Exclusive powerups, the Gokaigers will not receive any mecha from series earlier then Zyuranger.
  • It would be a shame if they do, but it would make it a lot more simple for Saban to adapt it into a season of Power Rangers, so it is possible that Toei may deliberately do this.
    • There's also the fact that most of the mecha before Zyuranger were generic vehicles that would be hard to turn into interesting gimmicks to attach to Gokai-Oh. The only exception is Liveman, and we already have an animal-themed mecha.
    • I don't think Toei makes their Super Sentai series to make it as easy as possible for the Americans to adapt it into Power Rangers; they just work on their own show and let Saban/Disney do whatever they want with the material. And if Saban decides to remove the pre-Zyuranger teams in the adaptation (which I don't think has even been confirmed yet), he'll probably do the same with the mechas (if they do appear).
  • Jossed. They now have Super LiveRobo
    • That was just a one-off attack, not a Legend Mecha. Seeing how the series is nearing its conclusion, this is pretty much confirmed.
    • Jossed again. Guess what showed up in the penultimate episode. :D

Sun Vulcan, Zyuranger, and Goranger will have mecha in Gokaiger
They cover sentai of decades other than 2000-2009 (a decade which already has five Sentai appear as mecha), those being the 80's, 90's, and 70's respectively. And unlike the mecha from Magiranger, Dekaranger, Gaoranger, etc., these three mecha can all combine to make SunZyuGo-KaiOh (The best part: SunZyuGo is pronounced the same way as San-Jyu-Go, which means 35)
  • I thought this was rumored a while ago.
    • Rumour jossed. Goranger's mecha is a movie mecha (though it did show up in the penultimate episode), and Zyuranger's grand power is part of GokaiSilver's robo, along with Timeranger and Abaranger. Sun Vulcan hasn't had a mecha announced. (And never actually got used.)

Composite Mecha
Each of the Gokaiger will eventually get a mecha from a past series like with Gao Lion, eventually they'll be combined.

GaoLion is the last of the Power Animals.
Think about it, the Power Animals are defenders of the Earth, don't you think they would have attacked the Zangyack by now? They may have been one of the first to fall against the invading forces leaving GaoLion as the lone survivor. This could be why he was so angry towards everyone when he first showed up in Gokaiger.
  • Supported by the Word Of God that all the mecha of the previous teams were destroyed during an earlier battle of the Great Legend War; the rest of the Power Animals were probably among them.
  • As a follow up to this at the end of the season we may get a shot of GaoLion overlooking an island full of reborn Power Animals.
    • Naturally, they will all be adorable Power Animal babies.
      • Well, not seen in the last episode, unfortunately.

The Carrangers power-up can only be used combined with the Go-onger power-up
Both are parodies of the genre and both have car theme. Also, the task in order to obtain Go-onger's Grand Power will be as ludicrous as the carranger theme episode. Yet, paradoxically, the power-up obtained from the combination could end being one of the strongest power-up in the entire season, making it something like a Lethal Joke Power-Up
  • Rumor has it that the Go-onger's grand power may let Gokai-Oh and GoJyuJin combine; that would certainly qualify for the "lethal" part.

The Boukenger's Great Power will be GokaiOh with GoJyuJin's arms.
GoJyuJin's drill arm is obviously a reference to AbarenOh, but it could work just as well as a tribute to Go Go Drill, the first and most used member of Boukenger's Mecha Expansion Pack. With the drill on the right arm and the dino-head Power Fist on the left arm, you've got a reasonable stand-in for DaiBouken Drill & Shovel. Add in the fact that Boukenger is famous (or infamous) for its limb-swapping and tying the Gokaiger limb-swap into the show would make for some major Fridge Brilliance.
  • Possibly jossed as GokaiOh with GojyuJin arms basically sums up the Go-Onger Great Power. In which case...
    • Not jossed yet, GokaiOh with GoJyuJin arms in the toy ad isn't Go-onGokaiOh (that's the one that looks like GaoGokaiOh but with a car), but it's actually known as KanzenGokaiOh, or Complete GokaiOh, and is the final mecha combination..
      • Since the episode has come and gone, this is considered Jossed.
  • An alternate form of the Abaranger Great Power is GokaiOh with GouJyuJin's arms, dubbed GouJyuGokaiOh.

The Boukenger's Great Power will be GokaiOh and GojyuJin with all previous Legend mecha combined
In an inversion of the Gao/Shinken powerup, the Boukenger legend mecha (GogoDump) starts out as another sentai's tribute mecha (maybe GoGo V), and combines by replacing all of GokaiOh's limbs or just GojyuJin's arms, but enables BoukenGokaiOh by attaching below GokaiOh as a wheeled rig, with the detached Trailer and Marine sitting on the back like they would in GogoTrailer. The final UltimateGokaiOh comes from adding GojyuJin and all previous Legend mecha to that (Gao lion head in front, Go-On wheels on the sides, Magi Dragon head and wings above lion head, PatStriker below lion head, GojyuJin arms replacing GokaiOh arms)
  • Chances are low. The Boukenger tribute is happening in two weeks, and we've already seen toy ads for Hurricane and Go-on and Kansen GokaiOh, all of which show no signs of happening soon in the show. A toy ad for something like that would've surfaced by now.
    • Long Jossed. It summons DaiBouken and gives GokaiOh the GoGo Ken.

GouJyuJin was a mech developed in the Year 3000 that never got used.
The mecha was originally the prototype for the V-Rex, but it never got used due that it after its test run, was not fit for use due to its power and complexity of trying to emulate the "3D formation" that Time Robo used. It was hidden in the Providus base for a long time until Gai unlocked the power, and only a few knew it was finally used properly in that time, but they had no idea who was using it and never knew.
  • Alternatively, after Time Fire told the other Timerangers to build it in the future and they did so.

GouJyuJin will use the Sun Vulcan's Greater Power instead of GokaiOh.
You know how Sun Vulcan and Abaranger are the only Ranger Key sets that don't have a key for each of the main five (Ahim doesn't one from either and Don is only missing Sun Vulcan) and how Abaranger's Greater Power was handled by having it's, Zyuranger's and Timeranger's Greater Powers combined together for Silver's mecha, GouJyuJin? Well, if the show does decide to give Sun Vulcan a tribute episode, because GokaiOh's cockpit has five Ranger Key slots and it seems obvious that all five need a key inserted in them to activate the Ranger Key set's finisher, the only way I can see Sun Vulcan's Greater Power be used is if GouJyuJin uses it instead, since it's cockpit has exactly three slots.
  • We'll see... when the Gokaigers take the Sun Vulcan Greater Power from Basco.
    • Never used, unfortunately.

Separate Greater Powers can be used at once
Most of the Greater Powers are attacks (Gekiranger, Carranger, Goseiger and Boukenger so far), so it might be possible to use any of them in combination to others. Not to mention that GaoGokaiOh is pretty much a centar mode, leaving room for GokaiOh to become another form while keeping the Gao part, which could result in GaoMagiGokaiOh.

Gingaman's Greater Power is the Gokaiger's Super Mode
Gingaman was the first Sentai with a team centric Super Mode, so it's natural.

At some point, Gokaiger will unlock the Great Power of Super Sentai as a whole
And that Great Power will be found by unlocking the meaning of the Super Sentai Soul that's mentioned throughout the series, absolutely refusing to give up no matter what the odds. This would probably be best unlocked in the Final Battle for the ultimate attack on the final foe.
  • To use it, Marvelous will insert an AkaRed Ranger Key into the helm.
    • Apparently Jossed. (Unless it happens in the Spring 2012 movie.)

Future Great Powers
These are the powers they haven't unlocked yet as of #40.

  • Battle Fever J- Lightning Sword (Battle Fever Robo's primary weapon)
    • Never used in series.
  • Sun Vulcan- Aurora Plasma Return (Sun Vulcan Robo's finishing move)
    • Never used in series.
  • Changeman- Super Thunderbolt (one of Change Robo's finishing moves)
    • Jossed.
  • Flashman- Super Cosmo Flash (Flash King's finishing move)
    • Never used in series.
  • Maskman- Final Aura Burst (Great Five's finishing move)
    • Not completely Jossed. While it is based on a mecha finisher, it's actually Galaxy Robo's Iron Fist Aura Galaxy attack.
  • Liveman- Combines both mecha as suggested above
    • Jossed. It was transforming Gokai-Oh into Super Live-Robo, which performs its finishing move.
  • Fiveman- Super Vector Punch (Super Five Robo's finishing move)
    • Never used in series.
  • Zyuranger- Dinosaur Sword Godhorn (Daijyujin's primary weapon)
  • Kakuranger- Tsubasamaru or the spirit of Ninjaman
    • Confirmed on being Ninjaman. However, he's very much alive.
  • Ohranger- Super Crown Sword (Ohranger Robo's primary weapon) or Twin Blocken Crash (one of OhBlocker's finishing moves)
    • Jossed. It's bringing the team's powers together, and is used to complete the Gokai Galleon Buster.
  • Megaranger- Voyager Spartan (Mega Voyager's finishing move)
    • Confirmed!
  • Timeranger- Flyer Magnum (Time Robo Beta's primary weapon) or Space-Time Sword (Time Robo Alpha's primary) for a freeze compression attack.
    • Jossed. Timeranger's power is time traveling.
      • Half unjossed - they only used one key. We don't know what the full set does.

Unlocked but unused Great Power ideas
These are the powers they unlocked but haven't used yet as of #40(not including Go-onger)
  • JAKQ- Sky Ace (team flying fortress) attacks the enemy
  • Denziman- Electronic Full-Moon Cut (DaiDenzin's finishing attack)
  • Goggle V- Electron Galaxy Missile (one of Goggle Robo's finishing attacks)
    • Alternatively, their ultimate power can be sharing their exclusive weapon gimmicks (thus Don and Ahim can dual-wield swords, Joe and Luka can dual-wield guns). Since Jetman's Great Power wasn't used in mecha, this could be Goggle V's answer, since one of their unique gimmicks is that everyone can share other character's personal weapon for a team attack.
  • Dynaman- Dyna Knuckles (secondary weapon used by Dyna Robo)
  • Bioman- Super-Maser (Bio Robo's sword)
  • Turboranger- Super Turbo Builder Beam (Super Turbo Builder's finishing attack)
  • Jetman- Jet Phoenix finishing move
    • Confirmed, as they get to do a human-sized version in Jetman form. And later a mecha-sized version in the penultimate episode.
  • Dairanger- Ryuseioh appears and attacks with fire and changes into warrior mode and attacks with the flying dragon rod
    • Jossed. It's a combination attack between Gokaioh and Gojyujin.
  • Gingaman- Galaxy Beast King Cut (Gingaioh's finishing attack)
    • Jossed. It's the Gokai Fierce Cut attack for Gojyujin, using Black Knight's key.

The Gokaigers will claim the remaining Greater Powers before the end of 2011.
  • Confirmed somewhat. #45 is Kakuranger's turn, but there is still the five Greater Powers Basco has...
    • Actually, this theory looks to be jossed, seeing as how the Kakuranger episode will air on 1/8/12, as well as the five Greater Powers that Basco still has.
  • Yup, Jossed.

The last Greater Power will be obtained in the Christmas Episode.

Once the Gokaigers unlock all 34 Greater Powers, they will be able to use the Super Modes of previous teams.
  • Jossed. While they had the ability to transform into an all Super Mode Gokai Change in #51, well before that, Marvelous had used Abared's Abare Mode in the Abaranger tribute, the crew had used the Lights of Ginga in #47, and Gai had used Shurikenger's Fire Mode in #43.

The Battle Fever J Great Power is a full sized, separate mecha.
Battle Fever J was the first sentai series where they had a giant robot, so this wouldn't be illogical.
  • Never seen in the series, unfortunately.

Alternate possibilities for future Greater Powers:

  • J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai - 5 keys (new finishing attack for Gokaioh)
    • Notes: That earlier "four giant J.A.K.Q. are in the hatches, and the team cannon is in the main one" theory is pretty good.
    • Confirmed data: Obtained after the Gokaigers gain the former Big One's approval.
    • One of nine never seen in the series.

  • Battle Fever J - 5 keys (new finishing attack for Gokaioh)
    • Notes: Lightning Sword Rocketter is the final finishing attack used by Battle Fever Robo, used to destroy their Big Bad. It involves throwing their mech's sword.
    • One of nine never seen in the series.

  • Denshi Sentai Denziman - 5 keys (new finishing attack for Gokaioh)
    • Notes: Denzi Fighter is the primary mecha of the Denziman team. It is launched from the main hatch of Gokaioh, transforms into DaiDenzin, and attacks the enemy.
    • Confirmed data: Obtained after the Gokaigers gain the former Denzi Blue's approval.
    • One of nine never seen in the series.

  • Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan - 3 keys (new finishing attack for Gojyujin)
    • Notes: Eagle Fire, Shark Washer and Panther Galaxy are the special attacks of VulEagle, VulShark and VulPanther. When used with Gojyujin, it allows a variation of the Goujyu Triple Drill Dream technique, where all three attacks are fired from Gojyujin, GojyuDrill and GojyuRex, converging at a single point.
    • Confirmed data: Obtained after the Gokaigers gain the former Vul Eagle II's approval.
    • One of nine never seen in the series.

  • Dai Sentai Goggle-Five - 5 keys (?)
    • Notes: Unknown.
    • Confirmed data: Obtained after the Gokaigers gain the former Goggle Black's approval.
    • One of nine never seen in the series.

  • Kagaku Sentai Dynaman - 5 keys (new finishing attack for Gokaioh)
    • Notes: "Super Dynamite" is the Dynaman team's finishing attack. When used with Gokaioh, the individual mecha transform into spheres of light, which combine into one large sphere of light and shoot through the enemy.
    • Confirmed data: Obtained after the Gokaigers gain the former Dyna Pink's approval.
    • Semi-confirmed: It's GokaiOh itself that turns into a sphere of light and shoots through the enemy.)

  • Choudenshi Bioman - 5 keys (new finishing attack for Gokaioh)
    • Notes: The Bio Particles are the power source for the Bioman transformation. When used with Gokaioh, they are able to perform the various finishing attacks previously used by Bio Robo.
    • Confirmed data: Obtained after the Gokaigers gain the former Red One's approval.
    • One of nine never seen in the series.

  • Dengeki Sentai Changeman - 5 keys (new finishing attack for Gokaioh)
    • Notes: The Earth Force is the power source of the Changeman transformation. When used with Gokaioh, a mecha-sized version of the team's cannon appears in Gokaioh's main chest hatch, and fires its finishing attack.
    • Confirmed data: Obtained after the Gokaigers gain the former Change Griffin's approval.
    • Semi-confirmed. They channel the power through the Gokai Ho for the Gokai Power Bazooka, modeled after and named for the Changeman's team cannon.

  • Choushinsei Flashman - 5 keys (new finishing attack for Gokaioh)
    • Notes: The Prisms are the power source of the Flashman transformation. When used with Gokaioh, a mecha-sized version of the team's Rolling Vulcan cannon appears in Gokaioh's main chest hatch, and fires its finishing attack.
    • Confirmed data: Obtained after the Gokaigers gain the former Green Flash's approval.
    • One of nine never seen in the series.

  • Hikari Sentai Maskman - 5 keys (new finishing attack for Gokaioh)
    • Notes: Aura power is the power source of the Maskman transformation. When used with Gokaioh, a mecha-sized version of the team's Jet Cannon (a vehicle/team cannon) appears in Gokaioh's main chest hatch, and fires its finishing attack.
    • Confirmed data: Obtained after the Gokaigers gain the former Blue Mask's approval..
    • Jossed. It's Galaxy Robo's Iron Fist Aura Galaxy attack.

  • Kousoku Sentai Turboranger - 5 keys (team power-up mode)
    • Notes: The Turborangers' greater power allows the team to combine powers that would seem antithetical to one another (such as science and magic). It is used to unite the Gingaman and Megaranger powers, modifying the Battle Risers with the Lights of Ginga.
    • Confirmed data: Accessed after the Gokaigers gain the former Red Turbo's approval.
    • One of nine never seen in the series.

  • Chikyu Sentai Fiveman - 5 keys (new finishing attack for the Gokai Machines)
    • Notes: The "Brother Attack" is the original finishing attack of the Fiveman team. Gokai Trailer releases a rope from its front portion, while Gokai Marine, Jet and Racer attack. Finally, the Gokai Galleon charges, impaling the foe on its prow.
    • Confirmed data: Obtained after the Gokaigers gain the former Five Yellow's approval.
    • One of nine never seen in the series.

  • Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger - 6 keys (new combination for Gojyujin)
    • Notes: The Zyurangers' full greater power allows Gokai Jet and Gokai Racer to combine with Gojyujin. The resulting combination is able to perform Zyutei Daizyujin's "Empire Attack".
    • Confirmed data: GojyuRex is one of three modes of Gokai Silver's mecha, based on the Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus. Obtained after Gai gains the former (and deceased) Dragon Ranger's approval.
    • The possibility for this one remains, since we never saw the full set used.

  • Ninja Sentai Kakuranger - 5 keys (new mech and combination with Gokaioh; or alternate mecha)
    • Notes: Tsubasamaru is one of the sentient mecha/mentors of the Kakurangers.
    • Alternatively: The Shinobi Scrolls are artifacts which contain many of the Kakurangers' techniques. They allow the Gokaigers to transform into gigantic humanoid mecha, akin to the Kakurangers' transformation into the Kyodai Jūshō (in Power Rangers, the Shogunzords).
    • Jossed. It's Ninjaman, whom they can summon to help out.

  • Denji Sentai Megaranger - 6 keys (new team weapons and part of team's super mode)
    • Notes: The Battle Risers are the team's power-up devices, allowing for special powered-up techniques.
    • Jossed. The Battle Riser appears during the Megaranger tribute, but only as an extra weapon. Megaranger's power gave Gojyujin wings and a new finisher.

  • Seijuu Sentai Gingaman - 6 keys (part of team's super mode)
    • Notes: The Lights of Ginga are a mystical energy that enhances the team's powers, enabling their Super Mode.
    • Confirmed data: Obtained after Gai gains the former Black Knight's approval.
    • Jossed. The team DOES use the Lights of Ginga, but not until their penultimate fight with Basco. The true Greater Power enables a finishing attack for Gai.

  • Mirai Sentai Timeranger - 6 keys (new finishing attack for Gokaioh or Gojyujin)
    • Notes: Max Blizzard is the finishing attack of the V-Rex, used to freeze the target.
    • Alternatively: Pro Divider is the Time Shadow's main weapon when combined with Time Robo, used for the "Pressure Cannon" or "Blizzard Slash" techniques (in Power Rangers Time Force, these are "Time Target" and "Time Strike").
    • Confirmed data: GojyuDrill is one of three modes of Gokai Silver's mecha, based on the Time Jet. Obtained after Gai gains the former (and deceased) TimeFire's approval.
    • Half Jossed - one key will enable time travel, but we never saw them using the full set.

  • Go-On Wings - 2 keys (new combination of existing mecha)
    • Notes: The Kanzen Soul, used to combine Machalcon, Gokaioh and Gojyujin into one, may actually be the Greater Power of the Go-On Wings, since they're really a separate team from the core five Go-Ongers.
    • Jossed. The Kanzen Soul is the result of the Gokaiger Greater Power, and to make sure it is the Gokaiger's, their logo is the Kanzen Soul's symbol.

The Gingaman's Greater Power is what gives the Gokaigers the ability to use the Super Modes of past teams.
Gingaman is officially recognized as the first team to use a Super Mode, so it would make sense for its Greater Power play a role in unlocking the power to use previous team's power ups.
  • While this could be Jossed, what with Gai using it in the Timeranger episode, you have to remember, it was Gai. Not the core team. Then again, this Troper isn't sure if the Greater Power was transferred to the other Gingaman Keys. All we saw in that episode was the Black Knight Key lighting up.
    • Jossed. The Gokaigers had the ability to transform into the Super Modes ALL THIS TIME.

One of the great powers gives the five main Gokaigers personal weapons
It could just about any Sentai that dosen't go for the whole standerdized thing. Here are a few ideas on what they could be:
  • Marvelous: A sword combination gun.
  • Joe: A sword (obviously) posibly a BFS.
  • Luka: A Whip Sword, Double Weapon, or Epic Flail.
  • Don: Possibly a sawed off shot gun Dual Wielding wouldn't be bad.
  • Ahim: A gun that has two barrels on one handle or a crossbow.
    • Well, not exactly Jossed since there were 9 Greater Powers left unused, but [[spoiler:the Gokaigers gave back all of the Ranger Keys to the Super Sentai alumnae, so trying to use the remaining Greater Power (or any of GokaiOh's forms or GouJyuJin) would be now impossible.

A lot of events in the series are predicted by the ending theme.
As seen in the series:

  • "The five assembled are Goranger" (Marvelous stands alongside AkaRanger) - AkaRanger, who gave them the power in the Gokaiger Vs. Goseiger movie, is both the first and last of the veterans to appear in the series.
  • "The worldwide dance of Battle Fever" (Joe is dancing alongside the team) - (Joe as Battle France danced in #44)
  • "One plus two plus Sun Vulcan" (Only Marvelous, Joe and Luka transform) - Well, they did it twice in the series.
  • "Exercising with Goggle V" (Ahim is tossed around by rhythm gymnastic ribbons, notable weapons for the Goggle V team.) - the whips and ribbons are the only team weapons seen being used by the Gokaiger during the series.
  • "The explosive (explosive) Dynaman" (The background explodes, inferring the massive amount of pyrotechnics this season used.) - their Greater Power turns out to be the Super Dynamite finisher, the team's main explosive attack.
  • "The legendary creatures of Changeman" (The team is surrounded by both their mythical creatures and planets in the background) - The creatures that the Changemen are based on appeared when GokaiOh used the Changeman Greater Power
  • "The glowing aura of Maskman" (Don is seen using a hand gesture alongside the team) - Aura Power is the Greater Power of the Maskmen, and is used in a fashion similar to Land Galaxy's signature finisher.
  • "Why'd their friends do that to Liveman!?" (A dolphin appears and kisses Joe) - the Liveman episode deals with betrayal and grief. Joe is the main character of the episode.
  • "The Jetman were trendy" (A heart with Joe in it appears around the team) - the heart refers to the series' notorious love triangle. The Jetman episode features Black Condor, who was part of said triangle (along with White Swan and Red Hawk).
  • "Zyuranger with dino-fantasy" (The team emerges from a dinosaur egg) - their greater power is incorporated into the dinosaur-like GojyuRex mode of GokaiSilver's mecha.
  • "Chi-powered victory for Dairanger!" (Luka floats down on several shooting stars) - Chi, the team's power source, is also their Greater Power.
  • "Ohranger with ancient super powers!" (Luka's star from the Dairanger scene becomes the helmet of OhRed) - OhRed is featured in the Ohranger episode.
  • "Traffic safety with Carranger" (Pink Racer approaches the camera and blows a kiss with the Joe heart returning) - traffic safety is the aesop of the Carranger tribute. Pink Racer's kiss and the heart refer to the series-long love triangle, which is alluded to in the tribute episode.
  • "Youthful school days with Megaranger" (The team is seen riding on "sliders") - the Megaranger tribute involves their old school, and the team uses the Cyber Sliders during this episode.
  • "The Earth's warriors, Gingaman!" (Don is attacked by the Gingamen while Marvelous hides behind Don) - the main villains were space pirates, as are the Gokaiger. This is brought up in the tribute episode.
  • "Rescue from GoGo-V!" (The team save Don post-Gingaman attack) - rescue is the aesop of the GoGoFive tribute.
  • "And hailing from the future, Timeranger!" (Luka and Ahim are apprached by TimeRed and TimeFire and seem confused by which is the main leader) - the Timeranger tribute features a message from the future, and the Gokaigers travel back in time. TimeFire actually gave Gai the greater power earlier on though.
  • "Gaoranger and the howls of a hundred beasts (The "Gao" kanji appear as Luka makes the pose for the team, startling the Gaorangers) - one of the "hundred beasts" is their Greater Power.
  • "Gale-force shinobi, Hurricaneger" (The team perform attacks behind a traditional fusuma (sliding screen that's mostly used as a door)) - the core three, who are technically the only Hurricanger (the other three are from different schools), appear in their tribute episode.
  • "Explosive Dino-guts with Abaranger" (Marvelous eats a bowl of curry while the team appears angry as if he stole it) - the base for the Abaranger is "Dino Curry", a restaurant, which reappears in their tribute episode. The aesop is "going on a rampage", implying anger.
  • "Dekaranger, Galactic Police" (Due to his previous action, Marvelous is locked behind bars) - Marvelous is arrested in the tribute episode (though he never makes it as far as the jail).
  • "The Magical Family Magiranger" (Ahim appears to summmon the team with a wand) - their Greater Power involves the summoning of a mecha, which used to be made out of Kai Ozu's older siblings.
  • "On the hunt for Precious with Boukenger" (The Boukenger appear behind Don in the crows nest of a ship) - the former BoukenRed is indeed looking for another Precious in their tribute episode.
  • "Gekiranger training in their animal styles!" (The team appears alongside a giant panda the pirates push out of the way) - hard work is the aesop of the tribute episode.
  • "Engine Partners of the Go-Onger" (The team drive by on animated versions of their mecha) - another Engine becomes the partner of the whole Gokaiger team.
  • "Samurai Shinkenger with clatter of swords" (Joe switches swords with ShinkenBlue so they've each got the right one) - Joe is the main character of the Shinkenger tribute.
  • "Angelic cards from Goseiger" (Joe turns into a Gosei Card) - the team's Greater Power has cards emerging from Gokaioh's hatches to unleash a finishing attack.
  • the Gokaiger's Greater Power (to take hold of their dreams) is revealed in their opening theme, via the lines "So reach out for what you desire, and grab it!" and "Giant dreams are infinite".

For the rest...
Still uncertain as to these last ones.

  • "The card-themed cyborgs, JAKQ" (A card with Don is switched with Clover King) -
  • "Hailing from the planet Denji are Denziman" (A doll of a Shiba Inu with glowing eyes appears) -
  • "The bio-particles of Bioman" (The team is blown away by "particles" from Luka's mouth) -
  • "Then a Flash from a supernova" (The "planetoids" from Changeman become the individual planets each of the Flashman were trained and gained their powers and abilities from.) -
  • "The Turborangers were high school students" (Don & Ahim appear as high schoolers) -
  • "But the Fiveman were teachers and siblings (Marvelous appears as a teacher who thwaps Don with a pointer) -
  • "Pop-culture ninjas, Kakuranger!" (The team appears amidst English sound effects) -

The reason Ninjaman doesn't have a key, is because they wanted to show him as a giant robot.
Just think about it. If Ninjaman had a key, then one of the human looking Gokaigers would transform into Ninjaman. It would be very out of place for them to grow into a giant robot. This way, we could see Ninjaman fight alongside GoZyuJin and GokaiOh. Also, having Ninjaman give the Kakuranger ultimate power makes better sense, because they would only need to use a suit actor, if they couldn't find another guest actor.
  • Or it's because he was hidden in a jar which in the unaltered timeline prior to episode 40, he was unknowingly (to the Kakurangers, at least) destroyed presumably before the Legend War?

     The Greatest Treasure in the Universe 

The "Greatest Treasure in the Universe" the Gokaigers are finding turns out to be the soul of the Super Sentai.
I know it probably sounds cheesy, but think about it. At first, the Gokaigers start out as Anti Heroes, only interested in finding this supposed "Great Treasure of the Universe" and only helping others when the situation calls for it, but as the series progresses, they learn to appreciate the lives of other people and by the end of the series, they discover that the treasure they've been looking for all along was the heart of being a true hero and the soul of being a part of Super Sentai.
  • This is Super Sentai we're talking about. The Greatest Treasure is either that, or the Earth itself; having inherited the powers of its defenders, they have also inherited the care of the planet and the responsibility to protect it.
    • Jossed. It's an actual artifact.

The "Greatest Treasure in the Universe" is not an object, but conceptual
Either its the knowledge of all the lessons learned in mastering all the sentai powers, or something simpler like "friendship" or "justice", depending on how extremely corny they're going for.
  • Personally, I think that the "Greatest Treasure in the Universe" is the Earth itself, given how it's had 34 Sentai teams to protect it (35 if you count the Gokaiger as protecting it as well).
  • And the Team will act like Jerkasses about it but secretly will be thrilled. #9 really hits this point home as they mouth off to GaoRed but we learn from Ahim and Doc they really are good people. A bit reckless perhaps with civiliansf but they are good guys.
  • Alternatively, the true Greatest Treasure in the Universe is actually the experiences they've had in seeking it. (Hey, it worked for Korin's version of the Sacred Water in Dragonball.)
  • May or may not be Jossed. We're seeing an artifact they claim is the Greatest Treasure.

The greates treasure in the universe is... One Piece!
Har-dee-har har.

The Greatest Treasure of the Universe is actually...
Earth. Navi says it itself (herself?) in Episode 1.
  • Jossed. However, if you want to get technical, the Will of the Earth did talked to the Gokaigers through the Greatest Treasure,

Akared made up the story of "The Greatest Treasure in the Universe" to not only recover all of the ranger keys and unlock their powers to use against Zangyack but also test the true intentions of Marvelous and Basco.
  • How did I not view it like that? Gai had already went through a Secret Testof Character in the Gingaman episode; what's to prevent Marvelous and Basco be the subject of a far more subtle one?
    • If it happens... blame the Law of Chromatic Superiority.
    • Jossed. The Greater Treasure is an actual artifact. (However, Basco claims AkaRed DID intend merely to have them gather the keys so they could be returned to their original wielders.)

Akared invented the Mobirates and planned the whole story.
Akared saw all the powers leave Earth. He created the morphers and the Gokai Galleon. Why else is this the only team that can turn into past teams? Because Akared saw all the powers turned into keys, so he made morphers with keyholes in them, and conveniently enough the pirates use keys for their own powers. He finds Captain Marvelous, convinces him to go to Earth because by the time Marvelous gets there, the Zangyack will be back. The rangers admit they aren't sure if it's fate or coincidence they arrived at the same time as the Zangyack. Akared was sure the good hearts of the pirates would save Earth and realize for our protection, we should have the powers back.

The Greatest Treasure is a Secret Test of Character
It won't really cause the power of Super Sentai to disappear. It's a test to ensure it's users are truly worthy of it. The wish has to be something important enough that sacrificing them would be an equalivant exchange. Had Basco or someone like him used it, it'd have deemed him unworthy and either not granted his wish or taken a Literal Genie route and twisted it back upon him, either way it'd rescatter the ranger keys if used in this manner.
  • Well, now we won't know, now that the Gokaigers smashed the Treasure.

The wish will be a mind screwy wish that will allow the rangers to keep their powers
Something like say... "I wish the Zangyack never existed" and thus have no Legend War, and thus no reason to sacrifice the powers.

In the other sentai series, the Gokaiger used the "Greatest Treasure"
Simply put, it's like another alternate universe/histories.

If the Gokaiger used the treasure, all the sentai (and their enemies) plus Zangyack are wiped out from the main world (Gokaiger-verse), but they became exist in each their own, separated universe. This is where the most sentai series take places. In this continuity, Gokaiger might not even existed in the main universe since there's no need to do so.

However, the Gokaiger takes place in 'what-if' continuity, where they never used the treasure and all sentai (and their enemies) coexist together in the world. This is also the place where VS movie takes place.

  • The key point in this would be Gai, since he was the one making the decision. Interestingly, him being Gokai Silver is also plot device - the dead spirit ranger handing it over him, he woke up from coma without explanations. Now, imagine if Gai didn't wake up and never joined Gokaiger. It's likely that the Gokaiger had to find each sentai's greatest power by themselves and the plot is relatively the same, without Gai. He didn't even playing any important role in movies. The biggest difference would be that the Gokaiger had no real connection to the Earth. once they get the greatest power, they are all probably agreed to use it.


    Ten Gokaiger 

    Meta and Retrospective 
Don "Doctor" Dogoier is a Time Lord, to be exact, another Doctor.
Why else would they call him the Doctor?
  • If you squint, he does kinda look like the Colin Baker version of The Doctor...
  • No he isn't, it is infact Marvelous who is the Doctor. Sure Don looks like the Doctor, but Marvelous is more like the Doctor. The reason Don looks like the Doctor is because he is a fan of the Doctor/Marvelous and became his companion after meeting him. Don likes him so much he dresses up like one of his previous incarnations, the Third Doctor, and the reason why the call him Doc is because of his obsession with him.

This, too, is Decade's fault.
He's crossed over into the Rangerverse once before, and look what he's done now.
  • In an Easter Egg in episode 2, you can see a kuroko lurking in the background. Is is just a Shinkenger in-joke... or is Decade back in his old disguise?

The act of sacrificing their powers was planned out.
After using the Z-Wave to defeat the Zangyack, even if they were defeated for good, that would still leave the Earth vulnerable to attack from some other evil force, since there would be no Sentai teams left to stop them. We know that other people are capable of using the Ranger Keys to take on the powers of past Sentai teams, just as the Goukaiger can. It's already been confirmed that AkaRed is the reason the Goukaiger's have their powers and the Ranger Keys. Therefore, it would make sense if the past Sentai teams had AkaRed create the Goukaiger and the Ranger Keys as a backup plan to get their powers back if the Z-Wave failed (which it did). Would it be kinda jerkish to create a Sentai team specifically for eventually taking away their main gimmick? Yeah, probably, but the Goukaiger have shown to be pretty slick fighters so far, even without bootlegging the other Ranger's powers.

Captain Marvelous' first name is...
  • John
    • Or Billy
    • Or Captain. Checkout those wanted posters!
    • Or Jack. There's a million of them.
    • Or Marvin. Basco keeps calling him "Marvy-Chan", maybe he just took his real name and changed it into Marvelous.

AkaRed is actually the missing in action Amuro Ray.
Amuro and Char were missing at the end of the movie. AkaRed is voiced by Tōru Furuya. Who else would be underneath AkaRed's true identity? Or again, they might have merged when they were thrown into this universe, which explains Aka Red's predilection for the color in the 1st place.

There was a previous Gokaiger team that gave up their powers and created the Mobirates to replace them.
That's why there are keys for them.

There were previous Gokaigers we never met.
  • Well, Ranger Keys are the powers of those who lost their powers in the Legend War. The Gokaiger powers come in Ranger Key form, and in the Red Pirates flashbacks, Marvelous is not shown to have Ranger powers.

AkaRed made the Gokaiger's powers specifically to defeat the Zangyack.
It took an entire army of Sentai to defeat the Zangyack once, all their Mecha being destroyed in a fight with their fleet (confirmed by Word Of God). Gokai-Oh was able to singlehandled obliterate a fleet of Zangyack ships singlehanded without a scratch, meaning it's clearly a powerful mecha. Thus Gokai-Oh and the rest of the Gokaiger's arsanal were made as a specific counter to the Zangyack by AkaRed.

Marvelous is a created being
Like Death the Kid to Shinigami-sama in Soul Eater, AkaRed created Marvelous from part of his spirit as a being to grow stronger and eventually replace him.

Their final attack was a plan by AkaRed and the other previous Sentai to defeat the Zangyack once and for all
The previous sentai realized that they couldn't completely destroy the Zangyack, so they came up with a plan. They'd unleash an All Your Powers Combined attack as a last resort. If it succeeded and destroyed the Zangyack for good, AkaRed would simply locate all of the Ranger Keys to restore their powers, no harm, no foul. If it failed, then the plan was for AkaRed to track down all the Ranger Keys and unite them in a single team to destroy the Zangyack, exploiting Conservation of Ninjutsu and All Your Powers Combined. The latter happened, so that's what's happening. The glitch is AkaRed was intended to lead the team and when he didn't, the other Sentai teams have to help properly unlock the Ranger Keys.

Captain Marvelous' father is Captain Bravo
Awesome men with awesome names.

One of the monsters that fought in the Legend War will be revealed to be a No Celebrities Were Harmed version of Chuck Norris, and we'll see every single Sentai team fight it at once.
In the The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny song, the last entry in the list of the combatants who finish off Chuck Norris is "Every single Power Ranger". If they do it, it would be the most epic Ascended Meme ever.
  • Jossed - the lyrics were "Every Single Power Ranger". 16 of the teams in Gokaiger don't have Power Rangers counterparts (new powers not withstanding.

Aka Red is Ryusuke Ohwashi, the first Vul Eagle
Aka Red's helmet looks a lot like Vul Eagle's. Ohwashi also has a special place among the Reds, being the only one to get replaced (and as a result, he is among the pre-Gao Reds the only one not to appear in Gaoranger vs Super Sentai). Since he left to work for NASA, maybe he found himself lost in space during a mission and was saved by a mysterious energy who gave him the power to become Aka Red.

Giant robot fights are a popular sport in Zangyack-controlled space.
Why else would the Gokaigers beating Warz Gill be printed in a sports newspaper?
  • I thought so too!

The Three Imperial Guards are expies of the Three Admirals
This is pretty far-fetched, but it's something I noticed that the creators may or may not have intended. The Emperor's three Imperial Guards (Deratsueiger from #12, Zatsurigu from #41, and Dyrandoh who's the current Dragon) are colored blue, yellow, and red respectively, just like Aokiji, Kizaru, and Akainu. In addition to that, each of the Imperial Guards has one of the Admiral's personality: Deratsueiger is loyal and ruthless (Akainu), Zatsurigu is lazy and patient (Aokiji), and Dyrandoh is slow and playful (Kizaru).

Don is Link.
Look at it. Earth is obviously Hyrule sometime far in the future, since the Triforce is there. And there is Navi. Don is yet another Link, somewhere down the line, who was inexplicably drawn to the Pirates so that he would eventually get to the Triforce again. The Zangyack Emperor is just another form of Ganon, and Ahim's gotta be Zelda. It makes perfect sense!
  • One problem: Don's a coward. Link has nerves of steel.

Zangyack is Starfleet gone very wrong.
The number of Okudagrams aboard the Gigant Horse and Gokai Galleon can only mean one thing. And Ackdos Gills is Picard, he wasn't able resist. Akared? Sisko of Bajor, of course.

The Great Legend War and the events of Pretty Cure All Stars DX 3 was one big event
Both events involved the same consequences (a mass gathering of heroes fighting a powerful evil and being forced to sacrifice their powers to stop them) and both were shown at or around the same time. Also citing the fact that there are Audio Dramas with the original Pretty Cures teaming up with Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger and Mahou Sentai Magiranger means both Precure and Sentai warriors exist in the Gokaiger-verse. Just the Precure got lucky when their Mascots came back and they were restored to full power.
  • Black Hole, the villain from the All Stars movie? Zangyack creation. He lied about being the originator of all evil just so the girls could focus on him while the Zangyack focused of the Sentai warriors.
    • Even though I despise the Legend War to bits and pieces, I declare this theory Made of Win.

The reason Zangyack is so powerful is that for the last 34 years Earth's Super Sentai teams have been pruning back the competion
Just a bit of arc-welding WMG but it makes sense. Not every sentai have faced an opponent from space but enough of them have that their destruction left a power vacuum that Zangyack was more than happy to step in and fill.
  • Most likely the case.

The Zangyack Empire was in financial and military disarray after the Great Legend War
  • The beginning of the series (and also of Gokaiger vs Goseiger) shows Zangyack as a truly unstoppable force, with so many ships and troops they could simply roll over any opposition counting simply on their sheer number. They didn't predict the wave of Super Sentai power however, and most of their fleet was wiped out, along with most of their best officiers. Consequently, the Empire's ability to hold their conquered planets has weakened. While the remaining forces are still large by any standard, they're a shadow of what the Zangyack army used to be. Which explains why, even with the powers of the previous teams, a single Super Sentai team can hold them back now, and why an incompetent like Warz Gil was sent to command a fleet - there was little alternative. Also, while the new fleet at the end of the series is surely impressive, it was declaredly assembled with reinforcements from every corner of the empire. After this one is destroyed too, Zangyack would fall apart even if Ackdos Gill survived, since at this point there's little military force left.

The other Gokaigers have the ability to combine keys.
They just never tried to do it. Gai only discovers this accidentally when he can't decide whether to be Go-on Silver or Go-on Gold. It very possible that each of them could have made a gold mode like key combining all their own colored keys.
  • Wouldn't it make more sense for Marvelous to be able to create an Akared key though? Not to mention that Joe and Marvelous are the only ones who have keys of the same color for all teams. Not every team has green, pink, and yellow rangers.

Ranger keys will be re-used as collectibles in another sentai in a future anniversary.

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