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Recap / Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

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TV series

  1. The Space Pirates Appear
  2. This Planet's Worth
  3. Changing Courage into Magic ~Maagi Magi Go Gokai~
  4. What Are Friends For?
  5. Judgement Pirates
  6. The Most Important Thing
  7. Niki-Niki! Kenpo Lesson
  8. Little Spy Tactics
  9. The Lion, Runs
  10. Card Game
  11. The Serious Rebellion
  12. The Guaranteed Showy Samurai
  13. Tell Me the Way
  14. Now For Traffic Safety
  15. A Privateer Appears
  16. Clash! Sentai vs. Sentai
  17. The Awesome Silver Man
  18. The Big Abare With the Dinosaur Robot Drill
  19. Armor of the 15 Warriors
  20. The Lost Forest
  21. The Adventurer Heart
  22. A Promise on a Shooting Star
  23. People's Lives Are the Future of Earth
  24. Foolish Earthlings
  25. Pirates and Ninjas
  26. Shushutto The Special
  27. A Change More Gokai Than Usual
  28. Wings Forever
  29. The Abare Quick-Changing New Combination
  30. At Least My Friend's Soul
  31. Crash!! The Secret Operations
  32. One Power
  33. It's a Hero!!!!
  34. A Dream Come True
  35. The Other Dimension
  36. Partner Pirate
  37. The Strongest Fighting Machine
  38. The Power to Seize Dreams
  39. Why? We're High School Students
  40. The Future is in the Past
  41. Something I Don't Want to Lose
  42. The Strongest Man in the Universe
  43. To the Legendary Hero
  44. A Lovely Christmas Eve
  45. Confused Ninja
  46. Hero Eligibility
  47. The End of Betrayal
  48. The Fated Showdown
  49. The Greatest Treasure in the Universe
  50. The Day of Battle
  51. Farewell Space Pirates



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