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Missing from this image: flames in the background, giant explosions, and burning mecha fighting.

Tomokazu Seki (born September 8, 1972) is a part of the voice actor quartet Knight Hunters led by Takehito Koyasu. He made himself a well-known name in the anime industry due to his versatile voice, which ranges from the serious, to the comical, and even the deranged. His forte, however, is his ability to pull off Hot-Blooded characters so well it rivals Nobuyuki Hiyama (and they duke it out in They Are My Noble Masters).

He has several relationships with other voice actors. With fellow Knight Hunters member Shin-ichiro Miki, they're usually cast as buddies. With Ayako Kawasumi, they often play either couples, or Seki's character has an unhealthy, unrequited lust for Kawasumi's character.

And finally, he has an alleged rivalry wit—WE CANNOT LOSE TO SUUUUGIIIIIITAAAAAAA!, right, of course not, since they have the same first name and all.

Another interesting note is that to this day, he is still single and willing to remain a bachelor.

He opened his personal YouTube channel in late April 2020, which you can follow here:

Who gave you permission to list my notable roles, MONGREL?!

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