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If it will be adapted as season 3 of Power Rangers Dino Charge...
  • The team will essentially be the same, as Keeper is still around to hand over the Energems to the rangers whenever the need arises. Maybe even getting new people to go as the new Dino Charge rangers like in Dino Force Brave.
  • However, due to the differing dino and ranger configurations, it will be Handwaved as Keeper and Zenowing optimizing the Energems and Zords to match the strength of future enemies, who may be stronger than Sledge's crew was.
  • The Neo Deboth Army will be adapted as a splinter group of Sledge's crew, who are both separated from each other some time before the beginning of the series. The reason for the split can be disagreements over bounties, clashing personalities (Poisandra and Fury can be a pain in the rear for some), Cloning Blues (as evident in some of the monsters' reused designs), or simply not enough room in the crew's ship. Once the splinter group has learned that Sledge and co. were perished, they forgive him and then decide to attack Earth as revenge for killing their fallen ex-comrades.
  • It would actually be very easy to explain away why the last 4 Dino Charge rangers were not adapted as well - Keeper and Zenowing could have been in the process of strengthening the Energems and zords when the aforementioned splinter group attacked (and the process requires him to start by strengthening the zord; the attack interrupted him before he could strengthen the silver energem, only being able to strengthen the Titano Zord), and the Gold Energem and it's corresponding Zord were stolen during the attack. They'd just need to show that the method he used to strengthen the Energems and zords required all 10 Energems to be present at once, hence the reason he can't simply strengthen the 4 energems whose rangers weren't adapted.
  • It will have a full British cast.

If adapted as a sequel series to Power Rangers Dino Charge, it will be a mini series.
Considering the length of the episodes and the episode count of the show, they might pad it out to fit a normal time length of a actual Dino Charge episode but with the same episode count of Dino Force Brave. For better accessibility, said mini series would be exclusive to either the Power Rangers official Youtube channel or on Netflix as a Netflix Original.

The last scene of both Kwon brothers meeting Yamato Kazakiri and the others might be different in the Japanese dub.
Well, the scene does exist to promote the Korean PR dub of Zyuohger, but the show has ended in Japan a year ago, so the said scene might be reshot with Yamato speaking in Japanese (undubbed) if they decide to keep the said scene, or replace the Zyuohgers with the Uchu Sentai Kyuranger gang (with Lucky being the only out of suit) for the Japanese dub of that scene since it's more fitting.
  • Jossed, the scene remains intact.

Hasbro will adapt this for British audiences
Considering that this show is made in South Korea, there is a chance that Hasbro may or may not adapt the show for audiences in the UK. Is so, huge changes will be made from the South Korean version such as actors and filming locations.

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