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Doggie Kruger from Dekaranger is gay and fooling around with his officers.
Despite having feelings for Swan-san, neither she nor Doggie show any hint of consummating their relationship. Doggie seems to tolerate the "puppy" treatment he's given by the rest of the SPD team (especially the guys) more than he does with Swan. And, there is so little Doggie/Swan-san fanwork out there that it defies Rule 34 (and when there is, it's just like every other Rule 34 fanwork out there: that is, Doggie as submissive BDSM plaything).

Professional abstinence, or closeted slut puppy? The world may never know...

  • Are you seriously using fanmade porn as evidence for this?
    • Jossed by Dekaranger: 10 Years After - Doggie has married Swan.

Special Police Dekaranger is a branch of the Shadow Proclamation
Both of them are alien police forces whose officers are also responsible for executing criminals.

The "Ultimate Court at the End of the Universe" that tries the criminals in Dekaranger is composed of Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth and the Judge.
Think about it. The Court is always right and finds out the truth in an extremely short time. It's likely that the cast from
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney have been recruited by the Space Police and sent to an alternate dimension where three days (the maximum time allowed for a trial in Ace Attorney) are equivalent to the handful of seconds required for the Judgement of Alienizers. Possibly they've been turned into omniscient A.I.s or something in the process.

Umeko in childhood was a student in Remi Hoshikawa's class
Umeko's age would imply that she'd be of kindergarten age when Fiveman starts. In the first episode of Dekaranger, she sang the song that Remi taught to her students in the first episode of Fiveman. Which means, Umeko really learned that song from Remi.

Doggie's snout is kept in Hammerspace while morphed
It's like when Chell from Portal sticks her arm through a portal, his snout is constantly somewhere else but he's still getting sensory input from it.

There will be a Dekaranger vs Space Sheriffs film
In 2015, provided the Upcoming Sharivan and Shaider V-Cinemas sell well (being Sakamoto's work probably helps their chances) Add to this that the 3 new sheriffs may still be contracted for more films and the fact that almost all the Dekarangers are probably willing to return to their roles. It will also feature Retsu so we can finally see the Retsu/Doggie friendship. Additionally the movie will feature Ban and someone else (Retsu and Den maybe) pulling a Big Damn Heroes after arriving from off-planet
  • Almost certainly jossed. They're getting a new film, but it isn't a Space Sheriff crossover, it's a 10 Years After movie like Hurricaneger had a couple of years ago.


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