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  • During the Magiranger vs. Dekaranger movie, Jasmine's reaction upon seeing a disguised Hikaru and Tetsu (they're dressed up as women. Really pretty women.)
  • Episode 13's closing has Hoji being disrespectful towards Murphy, Murphy then challenges Hoji to see who's stronger which he refuses and tries to walk away. Murphy then attacks him offscreen with Hoji screaming "OH MY GOD! I'M SORRY!" In fact, a majority of the closing segments all fall under this category, which include...
    • Episode 5—Umeko is curious as to what happens if you feed Murphy a real bone, only to put it in Doggie's mouth instead.
    • Episode 6—While demonstrating the shooter tunnel which leads to the Dekamachines, Ban jumps down to his PatStriker, only for Sen-chan to switch it to Hoji's PatGyrer, causing Ban to land right on top of his "aibou".
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    • Episode 11—Jasmine gushes about PatArmor, with Swan casually noting that she designed it. Cue Jasmine immediately acting like a loyal servant
    • Episode 15—The gang show off their uniforms, which all have the SPD logo on them. Ban even shows his underwear, which has "SPD #1 Ban" drawn on it.
    • Episode 16—Ban and Hoji show off the DekaBase Robo, which they apparently forgot to warn everyone else about, as they all slide towards the bottom.
    • Episode 36—The guy Swan left behind to deliver a speech for her is called onto the stage
    • Episode 37—Swan explains that her DekaSwan transformation is something she only does every 4 years. Jasmine immediately calls her an Olympic hero.
    • Episode 38—Ban calls Yaako a piglet, prompting her to attack him.
    • Episode 41—The Dekarangers show samples of Ban being Sen-chan's idol policeman, such as Ban being told off by Boss, Ban napping in the Boss's chair, Ban taunting Umeko, and Ban being bit on the butt by Murphy, forcing everyone else to help get him off.
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    • Episode 44—Swan is giving everyone injections for treating their injuries. It hurts, and Doggie's glad he doesn't have to go through that. Swan tells him he's next and holds up an even bigger needle. Doggie panics, it then zooms out of the Dekabase and Doggie's howling like a puppy.
    • Episode 46—After giving their New Year greeting, Umeko suddenly drops her sash since she was called to join her team while she was in the bath, leaving the others to frantically try to pick it up.
    • Episode 47—Gyouka pretends not to know Sen-chan, causing him to go into a corner of woe as he tearfully tries to fix the mug he dropped. Umeko proceeds to then punch Gyouka in the ribs.
  • Umeko imitating Jasmine and Umeko drunk.
  • Umeko acting as mama for a large alien baby in episode 12.
    • Let's not forget how the episode started. Umeko was enjoying her bath until there's an emergency call. Cue Umeko showing up in front of Doggie with shampoo still on her hair, she sneezed and some of the bubbles flew right to Doggie's mouth. She just gave a deadpan "Oh" and put her 'bathing hat' on Doggie's muzzle and goes to the tube to enter her Deka Machine, transforming to Deka Pink. And inside, she sneezed so hard her Deka Machine leapt up and crashed into the others. Pissed off, Doggie screams her name while Umeko haplessly apologized (cue thunder outside Deka Base).
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  • Speaking of the bath, in Tetsu's first full episode as part of the team, Episode 24 opens with him hijacking the bathtub, much to Umeko's annoyance (he even took Umeyo, Umenosuke, and Umegoro with him). Then, when there's an emergency call, Tetsu pops out, but forgets to cover himself, showing his "little Tetsu" to poor Umeko.
  • In episode 45 when a bisexual alienizer falls in love for cross dressing Tetsu.
    • And earlier while trying to deduce the alienizer's personality, Tetsu comes to the conclusion that Umeko seemed to attract children and animals... cue Umeko punching him on the rib. Then Tetsu made a similar conclusion on how Jasmine seemed to attract old men... cue Jasmine punching him on the rib.
    • And the closing shows that the Alienizer kept trying to make out with him straight til the New Year came at midnight!
    • The rest of the Dekarangers letting Tetsu deal with his new admirer on his own, noting that it was the comfort he was asking from work earlier.
  • Dekaranger vs Abaranger, Yukito (Abare Blue) can immediately tell that Doggie has a backbone condition that causes him to miss once in 2,000 attacks. He goes on to fix the backbone condition against Doggie's will. Doggie is howling like a puppy while it happens.
    • After Jasmine reads Ryouga's mind, she informs everyone that they're innocent. And then proceeds to sing the first few notes of the ending theme for Abaranger. (It was playing in the background of his mind, apparently)
    • Also from Deka vs. Aba, Abare Killer is revived and meets Umeko. When she lays down the law to him, he promptly puts the moves on her, causing her to swoon... which is followed by Tetsu, with audible sweatdrop, "Nonsense."
  • Episode 5. Umeko lost her SPD License and when it comes for the In the Name of the Moon speech..
    Red: "One, to hate inhuman crimes!"
    Blue: "Two, to pursue mysterious cases!"
    Green: "Three, to investigate using futuristic technology!"
    Yellow: "Four, the hideous evil of space..."
    Umeko: "Five, WHERE THE HELL IS MY LICENSE!?!?"
    The other four: "What!?"
    • The soundtrack also just cuts out at that point as if to say "What the hell?"
    • Also note that rather than posing like the others, Umeko is still looking into her coat for her license. And the Alienizer even laughs at this!
    • Also in said episode, we are treated to the debut of Murphy... and his first action of business is to pee coolant on Doggie's foot.
  • Umeko and Jasmine shopping and eating ice cream... cue Umeko declaring they're going to buy lots of things and accidentally shoving her ice cream into Jasmine's face. Jasmine tries to remain calm as Umeko tries to clean that up... accidentally using Jasmine's top. And finally Jasmine can't take it anymore, she explodes and cue a hilarious chase.
  • Pretty much any scene involving Tetsu in drag, but the one in episode 26 is of particular note.
  • In episode 46, Ban pushing Hoji aside casually when he comes up with a theory as to why Murphy is attacking Umeko. (he was actually attacking her because he'd smelt psycho-mush and picked it up on her)
    • Hell, Ban's facial expressions are priceless.
  • Episode 31 has a Funny Moment that crosses into a Moment of Awesome with Umeko and her doppelganger. After Umeko recovers from being shot at by a sniper, she proceeds to give a giant rant against the lady who tipped off the sniper, the princess's bodyguard and the princess herself, before Jasmine taps her on the shoulder asking if she feels better.
    • At the end of the episode, the princess comes clean to Umeko saying that she never knew about the sniper in the first place and that she just didn't want to go through with the crazy ordeals from the start. Umeko nods in understanding, there's a Beat... and then goes ballistic.
    • Also from 31; at the beginning, when Ban first sees Umeko and her look-alike in the same place, he just looks between them with an increasing expression of shock until his brain overloads and he just kind of screams and falls backwards. In a blink and you'll miss it moment, right before he goes over, Jasmine (who is standing behind him) cups her hands to catch his head without batting an eyelash. It's not even dwelled on. Oh, Ban.
  • In 10 Years After, if Rewatch Bonus, then the scene where Umeko tried to cheer Carrie up by telling the tales of her fellow Dekaranger becomes one, when you realize this 'Carrie' was actually Ban using advanced disguise technique all along, and he pretty much protests anytime Umeko describes herself as a leader, because that's so not true.
  • In the first episode, we are introduced to our fearless DekaRed. In particular, the point where he comes to Earth in his squad car...only for the Earth to have a giant forcefield around it.
  • In Episode 43, Ban and Hoji are arguing who gets to eat a piece of meat, when Jasmine just walks over and eats the meat still in the chopsticks.
  • Space Squad vs Dekaranger has Gavan interrupting Umeko and Sen-chan's wedding, and Umeko seems very enthusiastic about it since it's something out of a movie.
    • Then during the do over in The Stinger, Sen-chan suddenly gets cold feet and walks away. Umeko's response? Start shooting up the ceremony with her blaster!


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