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Headscratchers / Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger

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  • So why does the show like to show Doggie with little upper clothing? Not that I mind, of course, but surely there must be a technical explanation for it. Could it be because the suit is hot inside that adding more clothing would make the suit actor suffocate or feel too much heat?
    • That did stick out to me, though not that I'm complaining. While the heat is a possible I don't think thats it. First, even though I've never worn fur if you catch my drift I'd assume that the fursuit (lets just call it what it is), prosthesis, height adjustments, longcoat, and pants would be hard to move in, even by a suit actor's standards. To make anything in Tokusatsu realistic (okay believable) the suit actors have to be put under the most stress. So on top of the overheating there's lack of ability to move. So it makes a lot of sense that when they could get away with it in a scene thet make the character shirtless or naked in a hospital be with his lower body covered. So yeah, its very likely that its practicality first, fanservice as an afterthought.
      • But wait, why would you need to put the actor in a complete fursuit to begin with? If we don't see what's under the coat, then the actor could be naked underneath for all we know (and care), hence eliminating your entire argument.
      • I assume they either didn't have one of these needed assets (time, money, know-how, or getting the okay for such expenses) and since Japan has a different idea of whats right or wrong for children maybe they could get away with using one since the target audience wouldn't even notice and parents wouldn't probably react. However if they did this here in the states parents would flip (if they recognised it). Also, I never said 'complete' if thats what your implying. The being covered is just for realism.
  • So, what does happen to Doggie Kruger's nose when he morphs?
    • TARDIS technology, the helmet is bigger on the inside.
  • In the final 2 episodes when Abrera invades the Dekabase and the Dekaranger take it back how would they have the proper footing, since they SHOULD be constantly shuffled around, not to mention that they can still use stairs, which are strangely right side up? Keep in mind all the other times it's used that they have to tell everyone to get into safe rooms before anything else.
  • In 10 Years After, the Big Bad summons a clone of Agent Abrella to fight the Dekarangers at giant size. However, the deletion process that Abrella was executed by is stated to not only destroy the Alienizer, but also sterilize their remains as so to prevent them from being cloned. How can Clone Abrella exist?
    • For that matter, why did the Big Bad feel the need to make a giant clone of him in the first place?


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