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Tear Jerker / Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger

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  • The very first episode, the criminal Ban is chasing killed a child whose dream was to grow up to become a police officer one day.
  • Episode 7 shows Jasmine's backstory. When she was in school, she suffered from hearing everyone's thoughts, and even the girl she considered her best friend didn't care for her at all. Then, when she witnesses an Alienizer murdering another woman, and when he goes to kill her, she puts up no resistance because she thinks nobody would miss her if she died. If Doggie hadn't shown up when he did and convinced her that she wasn't alone...
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  • Episode 11 ends on a really sad note for Hoji. You can feel the guy is completely broken over having to kill a friend, someone he clearly admired and looked up to.
  • The flashback of Episode 29. Before dying, Tetsu's mother hands her son over to Genio, thinking that he's come to help them, and completely unaware that he was the one who caused the accident that caused her and her husband's death.
  • Episode 35. It's hard to blame that old detective for going after the men who killed his daughter since they got away scot-free only because they were unable to prove which of them fired the gun. On top of that, it's heavily implied that due to his old age, he won't survive to fulfill his sentence, but he accepts it since he has nobody waiting for him anyway.
  • Episode 37. Worse than killing a former friend, how would it be killing your fianceé's younger brother? That's what Hoji has to do here. The boy is trying to find a cure for his terminally ill sister, but it involves lethally extracting nutrients from young women to make it. Hoji is a police officer, so it's his duty to stop him from committing more murders... and in the end he's got to do it by lethal force (And doing it was part of passing his Tokkyou exam). Obviously they break up shortly after. Just be thankful it didn't end with Girls In Trouble! Dekaranger to end the episode.
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  • Episode 38. Yaako's backstory. She ended up as the sidekick of a thief because he took her in when she lost her parents. As it turns out, said thief killed her parents so he could abuse her ability to open any lock.
  • Episode 46. Poor Umeko, not only the man he's about to marry turns out to be a serial killer, but he mocks her feelings, viewing her as little more than one more in his long list of victims.


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