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Tear Jerker / Mahou Sentai Magiranger

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Mahou Sentai Magiranger, despite its generally light and optimistic tone, can pull at the heartstrings something fierce.

  • The Death of MagiMother. Even knowing that she didn't really die doesn't change much.
  • In Stage 26, as Smoky is dying from his curse, he tells Urara that while he didn't have a mom, having been born of a volcano, he would have liked one like Urara. Then Hikaru saves Smoky just in time, turning this into a heartwarming moment.
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  • Stage 34, Kai's tearful confession to Wolzard that he doesn't want his only memories of his father to be of their battles against one another.
  • Stage 28. Poor Tsubasa.
  • That episode where that Samurai Infershia cuts the siblings bonds. My god, seeing how a cheerful guy like Makito got broken in that episode was terrible.
    • Doubly so if you're the oldest sibling. Absolutely cuts to the quick.
  • Stages 45-46: Houka manages to befriend the Gentle Giant of the Infernshia Gods, Titan. He choses to end his Divine Judgement, and helps Houka and Makito several times. However, he gets possessed by N Ma and he decides to go to the Lake of Tranquility to sleep for all time to prevent N Ma's resurrection. Just as he reaches there...Dagon kills him to allow N Ma's resurrection. God...that was hard to watch.

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