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Mahou Sentai Magiranger is at times unabashedly silly and goofy, taking advantage of its magic motif to great comedic effect.

  • Nearly every moment after Mandora Boy/Ozu siblings/Hikaru/Smokey explains the functions of the spells. The obvious one in Stage 07 is that Kai blab that Tsubasa had a scary face but have a good heart. Tsubasa's response is trying to make a slumber elixir with a weird outfit. Another one in stage 4, the siblings tried to combine into Magi King untransformed.
  • In Stage 1, Kai climbs up the side of a building to get a kid's balloon back. This also gets picked up on local news.
    Kai: (waves, throws up V-Sign) Hello, everyone! Yeah!
    The Rest of the Ozu family: (watching on TV) EHHHHH?!?!
    • The whole conversation when they first see the news is hilarious, too—in particular, Tsubasa's reaction.
    Tsubasa: (seeing the news) There's idiots out this early in the morning?
    Makito: It's said both idiots and smoke fly up. I wonder if that's true?
    Tsubasa: Don't be impressed by that!
    Kai: (on news—waves at camera) Hey!
    Everyone Else: EH?!
    Tsubasa: (Face Palming) That's our idiot!
  • The first appearance of Mandora Boy, when the siblings are tidying up the Magic Room. He screams when pulled out (he's a mandragora, after all), causing everyone else to scream and collapse...except Tsubasa, who had headphones on and didn't hear a thing. He gives everyone a "What the hell...?" expression when he sees them collapsed.
  • Stage 5. Every moment Houka spoils the moment between her youngest brother and Yamazaki Yuka. In the end, Yuka likes Magi Red and Houka easily suggests that Kai should go out as his alter ego.
  • Speaking of Houka, her Blatant Lies about being just an ordinary post box each time Kai catches her using that form to eavesdrop on him and Yamazaki. (her shapeshifting has a Morphic Resonance drawback; everything she turns into is pink).
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  • Kai's Corner of Woe for the Omake in Stage 14, as once again Yamazaki chooses MagiRed over him.
  • When Tsubasa and Makito encounter an English-speaking tourist.
  • Magiranger VS Dekaranger - Hikaru and Tetsu cross-dressed as women and Ban addressing Hoji as ex-partner.
    • Jasmine’s reaction to the above is just as priceless.
    I can’t believe this. (Aside Glance) Or would “majii” be more appropriate?”
  • From Stage 10: Makito's leading a round of towel rubdowns with Kai and Tsubasa when the girls pop out from the door. Makito calls them out to join - and Urara's jumping at the chance.
  • Stage 13: There are a few funny moments:
    • 1. Makito awkwardly admits to Urara that he lost the collection bag and tried to sneak away. He panics the moment when Urara suddenly screams loudly and covered her mouth with his hand not to make the others hear.
    • 2. Urara implementing the Ozu economizing regulations and her siblings' reaction when she's being strict on every action. (She even intrude in when Kai was bathing naked)
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    • 3. Flashback when Urara remembered their mother. Tsubasa asked where his boxing glove was, but if you notice beforehand, Kai was wearing the other glove his brother was searching for, unnoticed by their mother.
    • 4. When Makito explains how pitiful his siblings' attitude but has good traits, Kai strikes back with calling him 'Baka Aniki'.
    • 5. The collection bag was found. Where? Under the table where Urara sat earlier in the episode. The funny moment? Makito's response when he noticed his siblings glared at him for being careless and Kai suggest that each of the siblings should punch him 100 times. Makito's excuse, slowly sneaking away until he got chased.
  • Stage 39: The sequence when Kai and Houka first realize that they have swapped bodies. The capstone? Tsubasa grabbing Mandora Boy to stun everyone so they calm down (with Tsubasa himself putting on a pair of headphones to block out the sound), and the very next thing we see is Mandora Boy in the corner, sobbing.
    • The scene begins with Kai (in Houka's body) entering completely oblivious to his situation until his siblings begin spotting mannerisms unique to Kai and not Houka. Houka (in Kai's body) comes flying in moments later in a panic. The two start piecing things together, resulting in a Crotch-Grab Sex Check of utmost hilarity.
    Houka (Kai's body): (grabbing chest) Nothing. Nothing. (grabbing crotch)...Something!
    Kai (Houka's body): (hesitantly feeling chest) Nn... a little something... ''
    • Even funnier is that the resulting confusion panics everyone so much that when Hikaru tries to figure out what's going on, Urara turns him around and starts shaking his head.
    • Later on, Houka explains to Kai that she has dates (and, yes, that's plural for a reason) that he'll have to keep in her place. Seeing as how Kai can't act even remotely attracted to any of them, he takes care of them the best way he can: he, as Houka, breaks up with them! Even better, the screen divides to show fifteen boys going "EHHHH?!".

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