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  • Eiji hands everyone a gift upon properly joining a team while trying to remember their names. He hands Satoru a tomato and Natsuki a yellow bellpepper. Sakura and Souta introduce themselves to him and he gives them a carrot and a stick of celler respectively. Then he gets to Masumi and he stops to think for a moment before cheerfully saying You're the black one! and handing him an eggplant. Masumi doesn't appreciate it and they start arguing. In the bacground, Satoru, Natsuki and Souta bite into their gifts while watching the show. Sakura is just annoyed.
    • Also, their faces when being handed the vegetable. Satoru and Natsuki are happy. Sakura and Souta are confused. Masumi is mad.
  • Eiji and Masumi generally express their dislike for each other as if they were children in preschool. Trying to outpace each other while searching for the recent Precious is not something sensible adults would do.
  • Task 22
    • Shizuka turned some of the Boukengers into animals.
      • Masumi became a dog.
      • Natsuki became a bird.
      • Akashi became a gold fish.
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    • Eiji's roll coll and introduction gets interrupted by Sakura, after the latter realize Akashi who has turned into a goldfish is suffocating without water.
  • The episode where Satoru is cursed with bad luck is one giant example. He suffers from improbable, near lethal slapstick. Later he puts on a bunch of good luck items, which make him look so ridiculous that there is for once an excuse for why the bad guys don't attack the team during the roll call - because they are laughing their asses off, and continue to do so after the explosion that follows the entrance causes Satoru to catch on fire.
    • Check it out right here.
  • Two words: Natsuki Rampage.
  • Natsuki's Cinderella reading at the beginning of 26: Attack.
  • In Task 28, after Makino repairs Masumi's Transformation Trinket, the latter praises the former by calling him a old man and the ep ends with Masumi about to take a nap and Makino rebuking at him for calling him a old man.
  • In Task 30
    • The Boukengers except Akashi and Natsuki were arguing over a trivial matter and then Zubaan became angry and punched them offscreen. We also get to see poor Sakura and Masumi suffering from nosebleed and Souta and Eiji suffering from eye injury.
    • The episode ends with Zubaan bridal carrying Akashi and giving him a massage.
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  • Also, Task 35, where Satoru and Morio trade places to thwart a trade of a Precious by the Dark Shadow. Since Morio is in Satoru's place with the other Boukengers, he does even the henshin and team poses along with the team! It has to be seen to be believed.
  • In Task 32, Masumi and Eiji are poking fun at Akashi for apparently failing a adventure exam and annoyed Sakura pulling both of their ears because she can't bear to see them insulting her Cheif.
  • Shizuka + Rainbow Cloth + Truck Transformation + stopped from running over Souta by Eiji + Eiji adjusts his balance = Funny Moment.
  • Task 21. There's just something ironic about Natsuki saying that Masumi and Eiji are the ones acting like kids...
  • Earlier Task, Satoru makes a pun which causes a Beat, followed with Morio saying that it makes him sound like an old man, then the rest laughs at him.
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  • Sakura's earliest focus episode contains this funny line when she tried morphing to convince a kid, only for the said kid to run away. Her response:
    Sakura: At this rate, I'll not be Bouken Pink, but Boke Pink!
  • Satoru's Heroic BSoD when he failed an Adventure School (although it turns out his result was swapped). It only gets better when Masumi and Eiji constantly bring it up throughout the episode to the point Akashi's on the verge of breaking down. Topped off with Sakura reigning the two in.
    Eiji: If you take adventures from Akashi, what will you have left?!
    Akashi: *Gasp!* What... What would I have left?
    (Beat, before Masumi and Eiji laugh even harder.)
  • Natsuki's Imagine Spot with her being Cinderella, with Sakura as Prince Charming, but most hilariously, Satoru, Masumi and Souta as the Evil Stepmother and Evil Stepsisters. Especially when Satoru was all "ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!" on nearly everything in that Imagine Spot.
  • Akashi is really a great source of comedy. Our cool, badass and level headed leader becomes completely bamboozled when Santa called him Sato-Rin.
  • The brief showing of Gajah Dengekitai during the Psycho Rangers segment. What tops it off is Gajah calling himself Big One as a nod to THE Big One.
  • Task 36 is a reimagination of the Momotarou Tale. The thing is that the first people he sees are Eiji and Akashi, who he calls his Gramps and his Granny. Yes, Akashi is the granny.
    • There's also Akashi acting all motherly to the boy, even crying when he leaves.
  • Task 37 is pure gold with Sakura, our stoic and badass second in command, acting all cute and channeling her inner Natsuki during the mission.
  • Task 39, has tons of comedic scene despite being a Recap Episode.
    • In order to entertain the Precious, Makino brings several silly costumes for the Boukenger to dress and entertain him.
    • The Boukengers also gave Precious a hot spring bath.
    • Eiji and Masumi are forced to wear Hawaii swimsuit and do hula dance with a deadpan expression.
    • Akashi dressed as a old granny and the girls dressed as maid.
    • After the Boukenger realize that this was a training setup by Makino, they vent their anger on Precious and began to smack him.
  • The 30 Super Sentai Encyclopaedia has a few golden moments, that double as a literal Mythology Gag.
    Shizuka: Boukengers, you fail. Zero points.


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