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Heartwarming / Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger

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Episode 1: The Exciting Animal Land

  • Despite being from a different world, the Zyumen still cannot stand to see the innocent suffer and stand to fight against the Deathgalien.

Episode 6: A Wild Present!

  • When Larri rescued a girl from the rubble while on disguise, Larri was shocked when his cover was blown given his past experience with humans. However, instead of getting rejection and fear, the girl ended up thanking him for saving her. She finished the heartwarming that Yamato started in the last episode.
    Girl: Mr. Gorilla, thank you for saving me. *hugs*
    Larri: *gasps, then pats the girl on the head* No problem, senorita.
    • Even better, when Yamato was having guilt for receiving some of Larri's Zyuman power after knowing that it shortened Larri's lifespan, Larri encourages and assures Yamato that it was worth it to give away some of his Zyuman power to Yamato, because it was thanks to Yamato that he restored his faith on humans, being able to rescue the girl from earlier, and living life to the fullest once again.

Episode 11: Animals Assemble

  • Tusk, Leo, Sela and Amu give up the chance to retrieve the final King's Credential, which would allow them go home, and capture the Bird Man to get answers from him in order to rescue Yamato from G.I.F.T.
  • Small as it may be, the Bird Man's reaction to the others telling him that Yamato gave them the means to find him. Not only was he not remotely upset, he smiled upon hearing the human's name.
    Birdman: I see... Yamato still remembers me... *smiles*

Episode 12: The Short-Nosed Elephant

  • When Tusk was having difficulty of telling the story (about a short-nosed elephant and its four friends) to the kids, Yamato, Sela, Leo and Amu decided to join Tusk by wearing their respective animal costumes, encouraging Tusk to continue the story. To drive it home, they reenacted the events of the book by pulling Tusk's nose as if they make his trunk longer as Tusk is shown in Zyuman form, that he finally gets to finish the story and entertaining the kids as well, which is very touching. And the icing on the cake? We get to see one of the times when Tusk smiles.

Episode 20: Champion of the World

  • Misao's friendship with the rest of the time is cute as he says he never had friends before, making the team his first true friends. He's like a little kid around his first friends.

Episode 24: Revived Memory

  • After seeing the illusion of Yamato's mother killed by Bunglay, the other five Zyuohgers swear he's going to pay for what he did. True Companions indeed.
    • Before proceeding to the giant monster fight, Amu takes a moment to make sure Yamato is ok after what just happened. It's small, but it's sweet.

Episode 32: Heart Flipped Over

  • Due to the MOTW causing people to show their hidden sides, Tusk admits to affection for Misao.

Episode 37: Champion of the Heavens!

  • After getting his butt kicked by the monster of the episode, Yamato is saved by the arrival of Bud. After Bud gets knocked around himself, he begs the Champion's Symbol he stole for help to keep Yamato safe. It works.
    • Better yet? The Earth itself gave the missing power needed to awaken the Symbol.

Episode 38: The Wings Take Flight

  • We finally find out Bud's backstory. He was once a Link Guardian who met and befriended a human who stumbled upon Zyuland and helped nurse him back to health. However, the rulers discovered the human and imprisoned him, despite doing no wrong, just to maintain Zyuland's isolation from humanity. The human apparently died while trying to escape, and this probably wasn't the first time this sort of thing happened. Bud was so disgusted by this that he stole the King's Credential, trapping himself in the human world, just to make sure that this could never happen again.
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  • Yamato showing Bud the team of himself and four Zyumen fighting together, followed by Bud joining in to fight by Yamato's side.

Episode 42: The Future of This World

  • For the first time, the three Zyumen in Misao's subconscious have ceased bickering and are completely supportive of him, helping Misao get the courage to get into the fight and help his friends.

Episode 44: The Champion of Humanity

  • Mario, upon learning about Yamato and the others' roles as Zyuohgers and the various abilities they have, bemoans about how useless he must be compared to them. Yamato objects to this, saying that Mario greeting him and everyone else with a smile whenever they come back is always something they like to see. D'aww...

Episode 46: The Immortal God of Destruction

  • After helping Yamato save his dad, we learn why Bud saved Yamato all those years ago and still protects him to this day. Sixteen years earlier, Yamato's father found an injured Bud laying in the middle of the road. Though he was first put off by the sight of an actual birdman, Yamato's father saw past his physical appearance and knew that Bud needed medical attention. So Yamato's dad took Bud to the nearest animal hospital to heal him up, saving Bud's life in the process. So all this time, Bud has been protecting Yamato to repay the man that saved his life.
    • Even moreso, it shows that Yamato's father has the same principles as him and his mother, meaning that Yamato had more in common with his father than he thought.

Final Episode: Earth is our Home

  • Earth and Zyuland are fused into one planet, with humans and Zyuman alike living in harmony.
  • After being separated from them for a year, Sela, Leo, Amu and Tusk finally reunite with their respective families.
  • The three Zyuman from Misao's mind cheer him on as he helps Larri with a presentation about the history of zyumans. Could also mean as Misao finally finding peace as it shows them vanishing, implying that Misao would probably stop hallucinating about them.
  • The final scenes involves Yamato helps a young zyuman and invites her to a picnic with the other Zyuohgers. D'aww.

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