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Fridge / Titans (2018)

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Deathstroke is although still very brutal and cold, noticeably less willing to engage in lethal force in the present compared to the past flashbacks we see in season 2. While part of it could be owed to his desire to make Dick and the Titans suffer for their past, in hindsight, it's also a sign of Jericho's spirit affecting his father's actions and preventing Deathstroke from killing his friends.
  • The Lazarus Pit is always green in the comics; here it's purple. When the writers created the Season 3 finale, in which the Titans create a rainstorm of Pit fluid, they must have really wanted to use the title, the song, and the visual metaphor "Purple Rain".

Fridge Horror

  • Word of Saint Paul from Brenton Thwaites confirms that Batman in this universe has forsaken his Thou Shall Not Kill which is horrifying enough but then one has to wonder exactly when Bruce crossed that line. Was it when Dick was still a child? Which if so brings up more disturbing inclinations about Bruce and Dicks relationship.
    • It seems that this particular tidbit is wrong, in 'Dick Grayson' Dick is shocked that Bruce killed the Joker, stating that Bruce has a code. Given that this is a fantasy made by Trigon to corrupt Dick, using the darkest view Dick has of Bruce, this implies that Bruce hasn't actually crossed the line, and this is either Thwaites being misinformed or a case of Lying Creator.
      • Jossed. After the Joker kills Jason, Bruce beats him to death in s3e9 — using what is apparently the same crowbar.
  • Dick is capable of killing Batman as we see in his All Just a Dream sequence. Furthermore, it is both a combination of his worst fear as well as deepest wish. This implies the feelings toward his mentor are outright hatred on some level rather than mere resentment.
  • Dick removes his tracker and advises Jason to do the same. Remember what happened that time Bruce couldn't find Jason in time? Imagine what Dick's reaction may be if/when it comes to pass.
    • Jason's actor did drop a Red Hood hint...