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Fridge Brilliance

  • It always seemed a bit coincidental that Veronica would have started hanging around Cassidy Casablancas more and more towards the end of the second season (in which you find out it was him who raped her, especially since logically he would have tried to avoid her as much as possible and was only around her because of Mac), but then it clicked that the reason he was around so much was that, by pairing him with Mac, the writers were demonstrating how not even the smartest person in the show (Veronica's logical, but let's face it, Mac's a genius) realized he was capable of anything like that. Took months to realise that wasn't a coincidence and that the writers were making a point.
  • A minor one, but only occurred to me on re-watch; in "An Echolls' Family Christmas", when Veronica comes to see Weevil early on in the episode, Weevil calls her on the fact that she tilts her head when she's about to ask for a favor (which is an Actor Allusion; see the episode recap). Cut to the second season, and the episode "Driver Ed"; Wallace calls up Veronica to ask her to help him figure out who bumped into Jackie's car, and he does the same head tilt. As if that wasn't enough, part of the plot of "An Echolls' Family Christmas" involves a poker game Weevil was involved in, so basically, he's spotted Veronica's "tell".
  • An important arc in the second season is discovering Felix's murderer. Logan was framed for Felix's murder, and nearly killed because of it. Ironically, the true murderer, Thumper, is framed by Weevil and killed (albeit indirectly) by Logan.
  • In the second season, Duncan learns that a Meg was trying to contact social services about a child who was being abused and works with Veronica to track down the kid. It had been implied in the first season finale that Duncan knew Aaron was abusing Logan, but had never said anything. If he had, Aaron likely would've been arrested and Lilly never would've been murdered. He's learned his lesson about "standing idly by."
  • From the film: There's a scene where Dick mentions having pot brownies, claiming that it's medicinal for his depression. He says it like he's joking, but considering that the last time we saw him in season 3 he was having a breakdown over all the bad stuff he did to his brother it's not the much of a stretch to believe he really does have depression.
  • Also in the film, Weevil returns to his old ways as a biker. However, maybe it's to help reform the PCHers, who, as seen in the film, are clearly as out of control as the 09ers and the police. He may even be working with Veronica.
  • Probably a bit of a reach, but Logan arrives at the airport in his Navy dress whites, having caught the plane right after a meeting with some members of the JAG Corps (Navy lawyers). This could be a Shout-Out to JAG, which introduced the main characters, a pair of Navy JAG lawyers, as they arrived aboard a carrier in their dress whites (in their case, because they had to leave to catch a plane on short notice while attending an embassy party). Veronica's feelings on the matter mirror a claim Harm makes about "Dress Whites and Gold Wings".
  • Logan's high-flying career would probably be appreciated by Lilly Kane's ghost, considering how giddy she and Veronica were about going to San Diego Fleet Week and seeing the sailors a long time ago.
  • While Dick showing up on Logan's doorstep in "Welcome Wagon" admitting he 'messed up bad' seems to have been included as a red herring that goes nowhere for the Hearst rapist arc, it also comes after Dick seeing Mac for the first time since Cassidy's death. That in mind, him breaking down there can easily be him, for the first time, acknowledging his part in how he treated Cassidy, blaming himself for how his brother ended up.
  • Meg Manning is one of the students who was removed from a sports team after her drug test came back positive in "Normal Is the Watchword". However, her drug test probably would have detected her pregnancy as well. Then I thought of something: what if the sample she contributed for the drug test wasn't actually tested?
  • One episode reveals that Cindy "Mac" MacKenzie and Madison Sinclair were Switched at Birth. Sinclair happens to be a brand of computer in the United Kingdom (their most notable product is the ZX Spectrum), so Mac would have ended up with a computer-based name either way.

Fridge Horror

  • In the season 1 finale, "Leave It To Beaver", the bad guy's appearance in the back seat of Veronica's car is not only creepy/terrifying in its own right, but add in the fact that the man killed Lilly, who he had been having a sexual relationship with, without batting an eyelid, and the fact Veronica is not only about to ruin his life by turning him in but that she is a LOT like Lilly both in appearance and the situation (about to ruin him), and you realize that, alone and miles from anyone, he could have done anything to her in the dark and got away with it. ANYTHING. Also, when he has trapped her in the fridge the audience's first reaction is that he's trying to scare her and doing a very good job of it - the reality is that he could have buried her alive or let her die of asphyxiation, and honestly, he wouldn't have let her out even if she had told him where all the tapes were.
  • Another example from Veronica Mars occurs in the Season 2 Episode "Ain't no Magic Mountain High Enough" when Veronica gets Ms. Hauser fired for stealing money from the school. Only later do you realize that Veronica has just gotten a single mother fired and, even if she doesn't face criminal charges, she is unlikely to ever be able to get another.
  • The motel scene in "Weapons of Class Destruction." Just think about what must be going through Veronica's mind when an armed man kidnaps Veronica and takes her to a motel to "show her something."
  • Logan's revenge for Veronica putting the bong in his locker wasn't because he's upset about his car being taken away, it was because Logan was beaten by Aaron for something he didn't do. In Universe, Veronica would've likely had a similar Fridge Horror reaction once she connected the dots after learning the truth. Similarly, in an episode 4 flashback, he yells at Duncan for spraying champagne on him because he's wearing his dad's tux... which is made all the worse by the fact that Duncan knew about Logan's situation.
  • In season 1, episode 21 Veronica asks Cassidy about that night, he says "I swear on my life I didn't touch you" and a season later, around the same episode number, we find out the truth and Cassidy dies
  • Almost all of Sheriff Don Lamb's decisions, but specifically when he turned away Veronica, who told him that she'd just been drugged and raped, and when she starts crying, he tells her to "get a backbone."
  • Throughout the first season, Veronica sees visions of her dead best friend Lily. In the second season, she has visions of the dead bus kids speaking to her. Whether she's actually seeing visions or just hallucinating out of trauma, the fact that she's seeing dead people whenever she closes her eyes is pretty horrific.
  • Rodney Goodman is likely also an abuse victim. In the season 2 episode, "Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner", Veronica is investigating to see which boy Meg babysat for was being abused, based on information from emails she had sent to Child Protective Services. The parents Veronica encounters seem overly strict or otherwise a bit off, and she states that they are all unsettling enough to be suspects, but does not see or find proof of abuse. When it is revealed that it was not a boy, but Meg's little sister, Grace who Meg was talking about in her emails to CPS as the abuse victim, the other children are not mentioned again. Veronica and the viewer assume that while the parents were very strict about schedules and spilled water, there is not actual abuse going on in those households. However, at the end of the season, when it is revealed that Woody Goodman had molested Cassidy Casablancas and other boys, you realize that Woody may have also abused his own son in the same way. Rodney is starkly different from Gia. Where Gia is bubbly and outgoing, almost ditzy, Rodney is shy and withdrawn. Gia says that he is "sweet but kind of weird." Rodney's panic and nervousness over spilling water are similar to Grace's behavior, when Veronica and Duncan find her in the closet. It is not until later that you realize Rodney is not afraid of his mother but of Woody. Made worse when you consider that his mother was abusive towards him, like the episode suggests. Add in Gia describing him as weird and ignoring him most of the time and his classmates likely bulling him for being weird and having a child molester as a dad (the show made it very clear with Veronica and Jackie that your parent's social status determines your popularity in Neptune) and you end up with a very familiar sounding backstory… shy kid with an abusive parent, uncaring (at least) older sibling, parental abandonment (when Woody leaves the country), molested, and bullied by his peers.
  • Veronica drew Duncan's name in a heart on a shoe once upon a time. Lilly's shoe. Considering the originally planned storyline involving the latter two...
    Lilly: Okay, that's just creepy.
  • In the post-movie books, Logan is very vague about what his downward spiral before signing up for the Navy consisted of, exactly. It's heavily implied that his substance abuse extended beyond alcohol, but then you realize how the series finale left his plot thread. He had a grand total of one friend, and was on the Russian mob's shit list for throwing around and thoroughly embarrassing one of them to defend Veronica. These are the same people who cut up the bodies of their enemies. Just what did he go through in those years?
  • After finding out that it was Meg's little sister Grace who was being abused by her parents, Veronica and Duncan proceed to forget about her entirely. Even though Veronica helps Duncan kidnap his daughter and flee the country to avoid her being placed in Meg's parents' custody as well, she does nothing to help Grace. Somewhere, the poor scared girl is still being psychologically tortured...
  • After Lynn Echolls commits suicide, her son is left with his abusive father. Granted, she never did much to help, but imagine how worse it got now that she's gone