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Fridge / Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum

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Fridge Horror

  • In the episode 1, Zequinha climbs inside one tight pipe and ends up in Mau and Godofredo's lair in the sewers. A real-life child doing that would seriously risk being stuck inside the pipe. Dr. Abobrinha does the same in his debut episode and ends up visiting Mau and Godofredo, too.
  • When Biba explains the four operations to Zequinha, she touches the subtraction button in Nino's machine and says "1 Zequinha - 1 Zequinha = No Zequinha". Seeing as the machine can apply the 4 operations on people, th1ankfully she did not demonstrate that one on Zequinha or he would likely vanish forever.
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  • Pedro, Biba, and Zequinha will likely grow up and become adults while Nino stays as child possibly for centuries. Nino's friends are probably going to die of old age while Nino stays a child.