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Fridge Brilliance

  • Elizabeth and Philip's American names seem strange when you consider that both names are also fairly common in Russia (though Elizabeth would be Yelizaveta). But as the main page mentions, you realize that those two names are tied to a very non-Russian pair: the rulers of England. It makes the choice look a lot savvier, as the names are not obviously not-Russian.
  • Kate is not a particularly good handler. The brilliance sets in when you find out that Kate's main operation was as a Honey Pot for Jared. It's likely she wasn't trained to work as a handler to such an experienced and highly trained pair of operatives.
  • We learn in the final episode that "I have to work late at the office" is the code phrase for blowing the whole mission and returning to Russia. It seems a bit odd that such a common phrase for such a common occurrence would be assigned to such a cataclysmic eventuality. They can never say that they're working late unless their whole mission is over? But it makes sense that the phrase for running away would need to be the least suspicious thing that a couple would say to each other. They'd just have to be trained to say other things, like "I need to finish up some paperwork" when they actually need to work late.
    • This troper assumed the code word was specifically "topsy-turvy."

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