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Fridge Brilliance

  • The Liveman suits don't particularly appear to be battle gear, to put it generously. Of course, they were designed by the wearers in memory of their fallen friends - and their original peaceful goals.
  • Super Sentai Time! It only recently struck me that, in Liveman, they have Animal Mecha for a reason (and on top of that, they're overkill for the reason they were built). Jet Falcon is a jet fighter armed with lasers and talons(!), meaning it can engage in mid-range and melee-range air combat. Land Lion is a quadrupedal lion mecha with useful jaws and two large cannons on its back, giving it mid- and melee-range capabilities. Aqua Dolphin looks like a couple of dolphins attached together, with tank treads as well, fighting with missiles/torpedoes. They are designed to be far more capable than they need to be (a jet that can attack at melee range; what is theoretically - the special effects of the time couldn't possibly show this - the most agile tank ever built; a submarine that can drive up to surface targets). This is because the designers had no idea what they would have to face, and subsequently over-engineered their Humongous Mecha to the point that they didn't need to combine - that they were Combining Mecha at all was an afterthought, installed by their mentor, who foresaw that their enemies might have some sort of humanoid Humongous Mecha. Awesome.
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  • In one episode, the topic of friendship comes up in the Volt base, and Butchy remarks to Guildos that that's something they can't understand as aliens. This seems a bit odd at first, until the revelation that they're both robots happens. Of course Bias wouldn't program them with something he felt was useless.
  • Bias and Gash's death scene is regarded by many to be a Tear Jerker, despite the fact that it was made blatantly clear before and after that Bias is a monster who deserves no sympathy. Then you realize that this is actually a Karmic Death; Bias was fighting against aging, other people, and weakness, but died a fragile old man accompanied by Gash, just as he deserved.


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