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Fridge Brilliance

  • The Thanksgiving Episode of Season 1. The unusual traditions Randall had for the dinner. I personally thought 'Huh?' Then as the episode progressed it made sense and I thought it was sweet.
  • The title of the show at first thought comes off as a cheesy meta-description. But it takes on a deeper meaning when you realize that it is meant to be the viewer’s reaction to the show and their own family.
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  • William had a very different voice in the present day compared to his 1970s-1980s voice. He was a soft-spoken tenor as a young man, but he speaks with a hardened baritone in 2016-17. This could have been the result of years of drug abuse and hard living.

Fridge Horror

  • More like Fridge Sadness, but the 1997 scenes of Season 1 are totally depressing to rewatch with the knowledge that Jack will be killed in a tragic House Fire within a matter of months.
  • Rewatching any scene taking place in the Pearson household becomes a bit unsettling when realizing that the defective Crockpot that burned the house down is innocently sitting in the kitchen.

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