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As emotional This Is Us is, there are some moments which prove that they can be light-hearted at times.

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     Season 1 
  • The pilot has a heavily pregnant Rebecca wearing a shirt, and a sexy bra over the shirt. She's about to have sex with a naked Jack, then she says her water has broke.
  • Also in the Pilot features a rather narmy moment where Kate is measuring herself, but she falls over.
  • Randall wants to play the piano for the girls in their school, thinking he'll be good. It doesn't end up how he envisioned it to be, and he even lampshades this.
    Randall: You know how in movies, somebody’s bad at something but they don’t wanna be. And so they set their mind to it. And then we see this montage where they are practicing and practicing. And then comes the big moment, and they’re amazing, and everybody cheers.
    William: I think I’ve seen a few movies like that, yeah.
    Randall: I think I skipped the montage.
  • Kevin calls Randall and after doing their three cheer, Kevin said that he should go back to whoring himself to studios and Randall reassures him with these words.
    Randall: Mom and Dad raised no whores. (Beat) Except once, during Kate's eyeliner phase.
  • The Christmas Episode. Kate has just had sex with Toby upstairs in Randall's house, the two are coming down the stairs and the two are caught by Beth.
  • Miguel trying to put on the Christmas lights, and does so successfully.
  • When young Kate is having her appendix out, there's a Funny Background Event of Kevin standing in the background, clutching his side.

     Season 2 
  • Randall getting so stoked when they get into their hotel room he goes on about how they can have loud adult sex without their kids around and wonders what else they could do. He goes from deciding what food to eat in bed, wanting to have sex in the shower, to finding a movie to watch.
    Randall: I hope they have that Hugh Grant, Meryl Streep movie that sounds like a black lady.
    • Beth breaks the news that she thinks she might be pregnant and tells her husband she's bugging out and needs him to calm her down. Randalls face is the epitome of confused followed by a small, "...uh".
  • Randall is seen playing with a baby, we think he has adopted the baby, only to be revealed to be the neighbors baby.
  • The Teenage Pearson kids are at the movies with Rebecca. Randall is sitting next to Rebecca, and Kevin makes a snarky comment saying that maybe Randall will finally make his move.
  • This very meta conversation:
    Beth: That's some white people level repression.
    Randall: Well, I was raised by white people.
    Beth: Everybody knows.
  • Kevin admitted to Rebecca that, in the midst of his heartfelt apology at his father's tree, he's not sure he's at the right tree.
  • In "That’ll Be The Day", Kevin and Randall are doing some construction work in the apartment building Randall and Beth bought. Kevin and Randall are walking side by side and have exposed their musclular arms (Randall actually rolled the sleeves of his t-shirt and Kevin was just wearing a vest). Kevin is seen using a sledgehammer tearing down a wall, and some of the female residents decide to watch him work, whilst Randall had to do some of the harder work, and nobody is watching him. As the scene cuts between Kevin and Randall, the number of women watching Kevin had somewhat increased.
  • Beth accidentally killing her kids' lizard, Mr. McGiggles, in the episode "Super Bowl Sunday".
    Beth: He ain't giggling now.

    Season 3 
  • Beth and Zoe's screaming match over Zoe sleeping with Kevin, while outside Kevin awkwardly tries to keep the kids distracted with the fight clearly audible. Including Kevin bringing up the time he dated Jennifer Love Hewitt, while Zoe thinks the Party of Five cast member he slept with is Neve Campbell.
  • Jack and Rebecca's first date, coming off soon after the Steelers' epic 1972 playoff win off of Franco Harris' "Immaculate Reception." Naturally, everyone is talking about the game. When Rebecca is asked, she replies "What game?" Jack immediately says "new to America."
    • Even funnier to realize that die-hard Steelers fan Rebecca once knew nothing about football.
  • After Kate's IVF equipment is revealed in front of Rebecca, Toby makes a desperate attempt to cover for it: "I'm a heroin addict."
  • Under anesthesia for the IVF surgery, Kate finds herself meeting both her younger personas.
    Kate: (seeing teen self grabbing some treats) Oh, you shouldn't eat those.
    Teen!Kate: Yeah, I can see that.
  • In a Crosses the Line Twice kind of way, Randall is completely unfazed to learn Jack's brother is still alive because all the other drama he's been through in the last couple years has numbed him to it.
  • Madison proudly presents a cocktail she invented for Kate's graduation called a "commence-mint." When she tells the bartender how to make it...
    "You mean a mojito?"
    "Just serve it!"

  • Milo, Mandy and Sterling playing Never Have I Ever, which revealed that Sterling has had sex dreams about Mandy.
  • Milo and Mandy rapping the The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song.
  • After The Reveal that a faulty crockpot was the cause of the Pearson house catching fire and directly causing Jack's death, many fans decided to boycott crockpots. Before the Super Bowl episode, a commercial aired with Milo Ventimiglia reassuring fans that Crockpots are okay to use (and showed him using one) and after the commercial aired, #CrockpotsAreInnocent appeared on screen. What’s even funnier that Crockpot created a Twitter account to plead their innocence.
  • In the Paley Center special, Mandy Moore recalls how the initial trailer went viral on YouTube, and insists that it was because you can briefly see someone's bare butt near the beginning.
  • She’s also recounted how she talked the crew out of using an older actress for the present day Rebecca, which she’s come to regret as every day of shooting for the present day scenes requires her to go through a three hour makeup job to appear to be in her 70s.
  • When Sterling K. Brown hosted Saturday Night Live, he proceeded to get tearful and choked up throughout his monologue, obviously parodying the show's weepy tendencies.

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