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  • William says in a previous episode that his father taught him how to play piano, yet we find out in a later episode that his father died before he was born. May be too early to call it a Plot Hole though...anything is possible in this show.
  • Why the hell didn't they use "What Now?" as the Season 1 finale? It would have been a perfect note to end on. They honored William's life. The underused Beth finally had A Day in the Limelight. Randall finally forgave Rebecca. Then it ended with the cliffhangers of Kevin's L.A. opportunity, Kate's secret, Randall quitting his job, and Jack going to Cleveland. "Moonshadow" was universally panned as a horrible finale, but it probably would have made for a decent Season 2 premiere by introducing four new story arcs (The Jabecca separation, Kevin going to L.A., Kate's decision to pursue a singing career, and Randall and Beth considering adoption). That, and there would be another episode in a week. The entire season was magnificently written and produced, but the way they chose to end it is puzzling to say the least.
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  • Why did Toby's parents wait until a half hour before Toby and Kate's wedding to express their misgivings about the marriage? While they may have actually raised valid points, wouldn't it have made a heck of a lot more sense to have that conversation BEFORE the wedding was planned, paid for, and about to take place? And what would the endgame have been if Toby did leave Kate at the altar? Did his parents expect him to abandon his dog, residence, and possessions at the drop of a hat? Given that they were worried about Toby's depression resurfacing, it seems that a life-altering move like that would have been a FAR riskier decision than going through with the marriage. The speech was obviously written under Rule of Drama, but it was pretty ridiculous once you break it down.

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