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Fridge Brillance

  • The idea of Jerry having a show in Japan isn't entirely far-fetched; his old college buddy even asks, "So, would have done it in Japan, but in English?", to which Jerry says he doesn't know. Japan actually does have a rather large English-speaking community, particularly Okinawa, so it wouldn't be entirely impossible for Jerry and George to do their in-universe show over in Japan.
  • In "The Finale", the officer keeping an eye on the gang in lockup says that the Good Samaritan Law they were arrested for breaking was based on a French law. The gang was on their way to Paris when their plane went down, so even if they had managed to get there the same thing probably would have happened to them. Karma's a bitch.
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  • The sub-plot in "The Abstinence" of George becoming more intelligent by forgoing sex and Elaine becoming less intelligent for the same reason makes more sense when you remember the fifth season finale ("The Opposite"). There, the plot was that whenever George gained a success (got a girlfriend, got a new apartment, got a job), Elaine would suffer the opposite failure (broke up with her boyfriend, got evicted, lost her job) due to Jerry being "Even Steven".
  • "The Summer of George" ends when George falls down the stairs. To reiterate, summer ends with fall.
  • "The Bris": Why was the mohel "highly recommended", despite clearly being a nutcase? Because everybody who meets him is so petrified of him that they'll give him good reviews because they're afraid of what he'll do if they don't.
  • There are complaints over "The Finale" that partly stem from the fact that the entire trial for the gang was a farce, but consider the following: Jerry's show had a pilot with questionable writing regarding the law and a man being sentenced to be a butler (a point lampshaded several times), and the entire trial happens due to an event that takes place because of the show being picked up.
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  • Newman eagerly spearheads Elaine's plan to get rid of her neighbor's annoying dog, claiming that he hates them. It seems like yet another example of his skeevy personality, except. . . Newman's a mailman. Of course he hates dogs.
  • The whole premise of Seinfeld. It's about nothing, and Seinfeld and his friends get arrested, for doing nothing.
  • The library enforcer who goes after Jerry for Tropic of Cancer is named Bookman, which amuses Jerry quite a bit. But doesn't this kind of set up some kind of superhero theme with him? (He's a hero who tackles crimes against books. He's Bookman!)
  • In "The Jacket", George has "Master of the House" from Les Misérables as an Earworm and can't stop singing it. "Master of the House" is about what a selfish, greedy, conniving Jerkass Thenardier, the singer, is. So, George is going around obliviously describing himself in song.

Fridge Horror

  • In one episode, Elaine gets bitten by a dog, and she fears she may have gotten rabies. After her doctor, who doesn't understand much english, cleans her arm off, Elaine asks him if she needs a rabies shot. The doctor thinks she's asking if she was shot by a gun ("Woof! Woof! Not, Bang! Bang!"). Elaine does get a rabies shot later in the episode, but only after showing symptoms of rabies! Okay, so this doctor who speaks poor english.... how many other patients has he misdiagnosed, or not properly treated due to not understanding certain questions?
    • This could have been a lot worse if it hadn't been a tv show. The chance of living once symptoms of rabies begin to show is so low that she'd only survive due to being a main character. This Troper is only aware of less than five people in the US surviving after not having the shot before the symptoms showed.
    • Another one involving Elaine and doctors. In "The Package" Elaine has difficulty getting her doctors to treat a rash she has all because she has a notice in her file that she's "difficult". A notice that stemmed from her simply not wanting to wear a hospital gown. Subsequently, Elaine tries to be friendlier and easier to work with to get her rash treated, but every doctor she sees brushes her off, or immediately dismisses her the second they see her file and see the notice that she's difficult. Watching this episode it's not hard to see that these doctors are merely looking for ways to not treat a patient, not do any actual work, and still get paid. Elaine should have sued their asses.
  • George is a moron and an amoral schemer, but man does his life SUCK. Especially in regards to how his relationship with Susan's parents soured. As a matter of fact, in one part of the series finale, Mr. Ross was shown buying a handgun. Yes, you saw that right. Susan's parents dislike George to the point of wishing death on him.
  • In an episode where George sleeps with a married woman, the woman's husband declares his intent to "sew his ass to his face, break all his joints and reattach them backwards", etc. One wonders what kind of treatment his poor wife was in for when she returned home from their tryst.
  • In The Hamptons, the group go to their friends' beach house to see their new baby. It's mentioned that they did the same thing two years ago when the couple had their first child. However, when they get there, the two year-old is never seen or mentioned. What happened to it?
  • There's a Cracked article theorizing that George caused his own brother's suicide.
  • Jerry admits he was making out with his girlfriend during Schindler's List, but defends himself by saying he started during the previews. Thing is, previews are often based on the kind of movie you're going to see (like if you see a horror movie, the previews are probably for other horror movies).

Fridge Logic

  • In "The Outing", George ends up watching a good-looking male nurse give a sponge bath to a good-looking male patient. This is obviously a reference to the female-female scene in "The Contest", but in Real Life, male and female patients (George was visiting his mother) do not share rooms.

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