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Fridge Brilliance

  • During the Season 6 finale, Angie spills time by closing the car door, even though her son is at home with a bomb. Watching again you realize, she does it to make sure Patrick stays in the car with the real bomb.
  • If you pay close attention, Wisteria Lane, as a depiction of a North American upper-middle class suburb, has been occupied by every single white-collar professional there is (lawyers, doctors, businessmen etc) except for architects. The reason is clear: no self-respecting architect of discernment or taste would design to live in an area which is evidently a ticky-tacky, mock-traditional pastiche neighbourhood a la Seaside, Florida. That said, many architects probably wouldn't be able to afford to live there even if they tried...
    • Are you seriously gatekeeping architecture?
  • During Season 1, Tom tells his father about a terrible thing he did in the past that Lynette can never find out about. At the end of Season 2, the truth finally comes out that Tom has a love child from a prior relationship. It would seem that this was what Tom was initially referring to- except that Tom only found out about Kayla's existence recently. Is it just Writers Cannot Do Math? Nope. In Season 7, it's revealed that Tom had an affair with Lynette's college friend Renee decades ago. This was Tom's big secret all along.
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  • When Edie tells the others that she has married in season 5, Susan asks whose husband it was before. David was the husband of the woman killed in Susan and Mike's car accident.

Fridge Horror

  • Throughout the series, Mary Alice's suicide is reflected upon by her friends as a needless and regrettable tragedy that should have been prevented. But if Mary Alice had lived, what would her fate have been? Pursued by Noah Taylor, she would have been subjected to a violent execution to avenge Deidre. Mike would have held her at gunpoint in the desert, instead of Paul, and Zach would have hated her too. And, with Martha still blackmailing her, Mary Alice very likely would have gone to prison and ended up being reviled by the entire street, including Susan, Bree, Lynette and Gaby. Given all that, Mary Alice killing herself was probably the smartest thing she could have done. She really had no other options.
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  • In season 1, episode 17, Andrew gets woken up by his parents, who tell him he is troubled and there are camps for people like him, before taken away by two complete strangers. Right after Susan caught him and another boy making out in the pool. Given the conservative leaning of his parents, he most likely thought he was going to a Gay Conversion Camp for this.


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