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  • Shortly after Gabrielle finds out that Carlos has cheated on her with Xiao-Mei
    Xiao-Mei: "I can go now, too?"
    Gabrielle: "No, you can start dinner."
    Xiao-Mei: "What?!"
    Gabrielle: "You're not going anywhere, not as long as you have my baby in your belly."
    Xiao-Mei mumbles a profanity in Chinese.
    Gabrielle: "... I don't know what that meant, but I didn't like the tone. So just remember, I am the boss of you, or else I'm gonna make this the worst nine months of your life."
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  • Bree standing up to Matthew who turned out to be a murderer and is pointing a gun at her to protect Danielle despite their turbulent relationship in the Season 2 finale.
  • Bree punching Alma in the face after she drugs and rapes Orson.
  • In a delusional attempt to win Bree back, George Williams begins to serenade her at her house, in the middle of a dinner party she is giving. She tries to get him to leave, but he sings even louder, so she ultimately gets her shotgun out and shoots the lights out of his boombox. Then she gracefully returns to her guests.
  • Orson finally giving his mother the verbal taunt she deserved while she's been left completely paralyzed by a stroke.
  • Season 6: Patrick forces Angie to build a bomb by holding her son hostage. The bomb has a 30 second time from the detonator being pressed to the bomb exploding, and Patrick puts the bomb in her house, giving her that time to try to save her son. But then...
    Angie: It's in the detonator.
    Patrick: ... You bitch! [car explodes]
    • Patrick had lied to Angie about what he wanted the bomb for, she had no idea he would put it in her house to threaten her son's life. Angie had thus built the bomb into the detonator itself fully prepared to be blown up along with Patrick to save her son. He just unknowingly let her get away alive so she had the chance to give him that epic one-liner to begin with.
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  • Gabrielle confronting the nun who refused to believe her stepfather was molesting her.
  • In season three, where Lynette gives a big speech to the psychopathic woman holding her and several innocent bystanders hostage in a grocery store. After Nora gets shot and killed, Lynette, completely hysterical and her face covered in blood tells the shooter off, "We all have pain! But we deal with it!" Shooter: "She deserved it!" "Well maybe you deserved to be cheated on!"
  • In the Season 7 first part of the finale, Paul is kidnapped and being poisoned slowly with an IV drip full of antifreeze by Felicia. Susan shows up at the house and finds out what happens. He notices, and surreptitiously tells her he has a half an hour. Realizing the police won't get there in time, she saves Paul's life with a toy police car that had a siren.
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  • In Part 1 of the Series Finale, Karen McCluskey takes the fall for the killing of Gabby's stepfather
  • In "You're Gonna Love Tomorrow", Bree is being photographed taking a pie out of an oven for a line of cookbooks she's selling. They want her to act surprised at how perfect the pie is, but Bree sees no reason why: her pies are always perfect. Her confidence in her culinary skills is admirable in the face of outdated marketing standards.


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