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  • The show frequently told us that Lynette always got her own way and Tom never did, when really it was the opposite way around. Lynette gave in to his childish whims much too often, usually after he whined about being “emasculated”. Why was she portrayed as the bad guy, when he always made childish decisions and rarely thought through his schemes? Lynette was just being responsible, but she was portrayed as “controlling”.
    • Except that Lynette is shown to be too controlling, not just with Tom but with many aspects of her life. A perfect example is the end of Season 1. Lynette is not happy that Tom's ex-girlfriend is working as his partner at work. Lynette insists Tom get rid of her, but Tom refuses. So, Lynette takes matters into her own hands and tries to set Tom's ex up at new firm. This, however, backfires and Tom ends up losing his own job. So that was not Tom being childish in any way. Lynette is the one who inferred and damaged his career. It's not a monolithic routine of course. Sometimes Tom is too irresponsible but Lynette at times was too overbearing. This co-dependency simply got worse in the last few seasons.

  • Bree is said multiple times throughout the series to not be a natural redhead and "you'll never guess what her natural hair color is", etc., yet in a flashback to her childhood, she is seen with red hair. Is this an error, or has she been dyeing her since she was very young?
    • Maybe she went prematurely grey?
  • So, can anyone tell me why this one neighborhood just happens to be full of stay at home moms, house wives, and women in general that just happen to look like drop dead sexy super models?
    • Most TV dramas do this. Everyone on the House cast could be a model, male or female.
      • Taub? Really?
  • Gabrielle became pregnant with Juanita either some time after or before the fourth season finale, therefore making her pregnant in 2008, and giving birth sometime around early 2009. The show then skips ahead five years to 2013, making Juanita four. Now we're in the seventh season in 2015, which would make Juanita six...and yet everyone is saying she's eight? ("The daughter I've been raising for eight years..." "Susan, do you remember what happened eight years ago?") What the hell? I know Writers Can't Do Math, but seriously, that is just ridiculous. I'm no math expert, but it's just basic, simple math. And somehow, I don't think SORAS is to blame in this case. I've seen fanfiction writers be more consistent with character aging.
    • Maybe they stole her like Paul and Mary Alice did. And no one in the neighborhood but Julie ever knows enough math to even do their own taxes, so it's the perfect crime.
    • Juanita could also be seven, meaning she's in her eighth year of living.
  • Why didn't Gabrielle and Carlos keep the baby that their Chinese surrogate gave birth to? Just because it wasn't genetically theirs doesn't mean it's not a child for them to raise, I mean, they were willing to go through adoption, and tried to take the illegitimate child of a stripper, so why did they suddenly not want this one?
    • I don't remember exactly, but I believe they mention that there was a mix-up when the embryos were implanted. The baby belonged to another couple, so it's possible that they decided to take him and raise him. Carlos and Gabrielle's baby didn't make it. 
    • You don't get to go around just keeping other people's babies like a game of finders-keepers. That baby has biological parents somewhere who aren't at fault because the doctors stupidly put their embryos in the wrong woman.
  • Paul Young would have never been caught and found out about how he and Mary Alice killed Zack's real mother if he didn't decide to just randomly dig up her body and chuck it in the water. Did he think that people would sooner drain his pool, dig through the concrete beneath it, and then pull up the chest the body was buried in than if he just tossed it outside?
    • Clearly someone knew about the Youngs murdering Deirdre, how could Paul be certain that the same person hadn't figured also where the body was buried?
    • My theory is that Paul decided very early on that the safest thing to do would be to move him and his son as far away as possible. While it's not likely the pool would be dug up any time soon, there's no guarantee it never would be. Digging up that chest isn't as stupid as it seems at first provided he then put it somewhere more secure. So the better question would be why Paul then proceeded to throw the airtight, unweighted box into a river where it would obviously be found quickly...
  • Wasn't Andrew engaged in season 5, hence why he moved out into his own house on the neighborhood? His fiance is never mentioned at all in season six, and it even mentions Andrew having sex with some of Bree's new employees, without any mention of infidelity. Considering it was kind of an important subplot for Bree and him in season 5, it seems sort of weird to just brush it under the rug.
    • Actually, Bree DID ask about Alex when it came to light that Andrew had been sleeping with an employee. It was simply left alone, likely because of the name of the show being "Desperate Housewives," not "The children of desperate housewives" and Andrew was only a recurring character, not a main cast member, in Season 6, with Bree's plot of Rex's illegitimate child coming to the forefront over Andrew's infidelity. And in Season 7, Alex has left Andrew because of him developing a drinking problem, though he is referred to as Alex's husband, so they must have gotten married off-screen.
  • At the end of season 6, Orson leaves Bree because she made him turn himself in for running over Mike and did not make Andrew do the same when he ran over Juanita Solis the Elder. All she can say is that 'he is my child'. Why did she not point out that what Orson did was on purpose and what Andrew did was an accident?
    • Yes. That always bugged me. Theres a difference between a 16 year old accidentally running someone over... panicking and running... than a grown man deliberately commiting a hit and run with the intent to kill or at least cause grievous bodily harm
  • Was Bree always a Neat Freak, according to her aunt, or was she laid back in the uni, according to Rex?
    • It could possibly be a little of both. She was always a tidy person but it didn't reach the levels shown in series until much later.
  • The finale implies that all the housewives don't really see each other again. Does that mean that Lynette never spends time with her grand-daughter, since Julie moves away? And does Porter not get to know his daughter?
    • I think that it was just the main women who didn't get all together again. That's not to say there wasn't the occasional visit here and there, but no gathering of the whole group.
    • Ditto the above, and plus, it's explicitly made clear that Lynette does get to see her granddaughter, and all her other future grandchildren: she takes them to Central Park "and yells at them."
  • If Renee is Lynette's best friend and has been since college (as Lynette says to Tom when mad at him over sleeping with her) why have her children never met her before? Especially as she is so keen to rub Renee's face in her beautiful family.
  • If Betty had gone through with killing Caleb, how exactly was she planning to dispose of his body?


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