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Wisteria Lane exists as a really advanced The Sims-like simulation.
Kids grow old while adults remind pretty much the same, they don't seem to be affected much by outside current events and people marry, divorce, engage with relationships, finish relationships and die absurdly easy with little to no caring.
  • The game version would actually appear to confirm this, had it not taken place in an alternate timeline.

Karl Mayer isn't Julie's real father. She is actually half-Kryptonian.
  • For reasons unknown (probably somehow connected to an incident during which Superman died or disappeared) Lois Lane had to go in hiding. Yet not knowing she was pregnant, she changed her name and moved to Fairview (a suburbia just outside of Metropolis), where she met Karl Mayer...
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  • Julie's powers either haven't manifested yet, or the soil at Wisteria Lane contains homeopatic traces of kryptonite - not enough to serioulsly threaten her health, but enough to subdue her powers down to average human level.

Alternatively, Julie is a Vampire Slayer.
  • The location for Wisteria Lane can be seen in 'Hush' when the Gentlemen are floating around, looking for hearts. So Julie is a Vampire Slayer, and she's actually been spending her time during the time skip and after fighting the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. That guy she brought home in season five? Actually her Watcher, not a college professor.
The child that was switched at birth will end up being either Penny Scavo or MJ Delfino.
  • Think about it. It can't be any of Bree's children, since none of them was actually born in Fairview - they were young children when their family moved to Wisteria Lane. The same goes for Julie Mayer.
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  • It could be one of Gabrielle's daughters, but they resemble each other a great deal, and also their parents - it would be too much of a coincidence to have them not being biologically related. Also, didn't Carlos or Gabrielle mention once that they were the only Mexican couple living in that area? That makes it even less likely that the child mentioned was Juanita or Celia.
  • That leaves MJ and Lynette's children. Quite obviously, it can't be one of the twins, as they are identical. It can't be the new baby, because she was seen being born in the S6 finale, and also the switch occurred year before. Granted, it could still be Parker, but unlike Penny, he resembles his older brothers. So the child will either turn out to be Penny or MJ.
  • Jossed as of Season 7 opener. It was Juanita.
Who shot Paul Young.
  • Going through the list of obvious choices. In this episode two characters have guns Lee and Bree. Neither of them is likely to have done it, Bree most likely more preoccupied with Keith, and Lee most likely having gone to the hospital for any injuries (if I recall he got hit in the head with a bottle that shattered on impact) though possibly Bob in his place. Then we go to less likely but plausible suspects, people who would shoot him, Mike (only if he managed to get an overnight flight to fairview just in time to go shoot paul before seeing susan), Beth(though with her developing real feelings for him this is least likely but still could happen), and Felicia (even though she's supposedly in jail, but with her mastermind tendencies she coulda gotten herself out). And finally akin to last season, some unknown but "been there the whole time" character that we wont meet til late season, or possible Zach. Those are the 3 most likely scenarios from what i gather.
    • Confirmed: It was Zach.
Bob and Lee are into some extreme BDSM
That is why they moved into the Applewhite house, how many suburban homes are there that have an actual dungeon?

Bree will commit suicide in the Season 8 finale

  • She received a blackmail letter reading the same as the one send to Mary Alice before her death. Lynette, Bree, Gabrielle, Susan, and Carlos were all involved in Alejandro's murder to an extend, but it was Bree's plan to hide the body, triggering the events starting off in Season 8.

Desperate Housewives is a Show Within a Show in Doctor Who

  • It is a popular historical period piece, ala The Tudors, on 21st century life in America, made Hotter and Sexier to keep the audience attention. Season six had Captain Jack Harkness himself guest starring as Patrick Logan.

Adam Mayfair is an ancestor of Malcolm Reynolds

  • They are both made of iron and seem to have a trouble/insane women magnet. Another tenuous connection to Firefly is Tanaka, Carlos' business partner from the early seasons. Perhaps an ancestor of the Tanaka who raved about Wash?

Mrs. Mckluskey sent Bree the note

  • I don't have any proof really just a vibe I've been getting this season. I believe Karen Mckluskey will turn out to have sent the note to Bree.
    • Turns out it was Orson behind the note.

Mike is still alive and in the witness protection program

  • Something just doesn't sit right with me regarding Mike's "death". For one thing, Susan and Mike are pretty much the "main" couple of the show (followed by Tom/Lynette & Gaby/Carlos but let's face it, Mike/Susan have always had the spotlight) - how many shows honestly kill of one of the main couples in the final season? Second, I find it suspicious the way they cut from him being shot to him being dead. We didn't see the ambulance come, we didn't hear somebody announce his death, it's just suddenly the next scene they're preparing for the funeral. Personally, I don't think Susan (and Julie and MJ for that matter) acted NEARLY upset enough at the funeral. Susan is the type of character who should be going ballistic at the funeral. For crying out loud, Mike only dumped her, and she went screaming hysterically down the street in a wedding gown! And the last part is when the cop went to question Bree in the funeral episode (about Alejandro) they just casually breeze over the fact that they already caught the guy who killed Mike...You'd think, after all the build up, him threatening Ben and Renee, and then killing off such an important character, they wouldn't just make a forgettable comment in an unrelated scene that the guy had been caught. Unless, that's only what they want everyone to think!! I think Mike will return in the finale.
    • He did return in the finale. As a ghost.

Orson can walk and will do so in the finale

  • Unless he had someone unless take the pictures and then killed them, he had to have taken them himself and a wheelchair doesn't exactly make good camouflage. If everything comes to a head and Bree is in danger, he will spring out of the wheelchair and into action.
    • Nope.

Purgatory is narration over the daily lives of your former neighbours.

  • We mainly see Mary Alice's penance but the occasional episode did feature the narration of other dead characters. They just got a lucky break having died on Wisteria Lane where so much shit is always going down. Most people have trouble narrating ordinary lives of ordinary people from the dead.

Bree's natural hair color is... red.

  • She was very against changing "god given hair color" after Danielle dyes her hair in season 1. She is also shown as a redhead in various flashbacks of her childhood. She just dyes her graying hair to her natural shade of red.

Susan died sometime after the finale

  • Susan is the only one whose futur after leaving Wisteria Lane is left uncertain and she is also watched by the ghosts and when she is leaving the street. It could also explains the fact why the housewives never played poker together again : Rather that drifting apart , one of them died.

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