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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why is Torin, the team's mentor a bird and not some sort of dinosaur? Because birds are the direct descendants to the dinosaurs!
    • Also he looks like an Archeopteryx, a prehistoric bird with Dinosaur characteristics
  • Each of Kyoryuzin's combination names have a deeper meaning to them.
    • Kyoryuzin Western note : Western movies are known for their gunfights. Parasagun serves as an Arm Cannon for Kyoryuzin.
      • Lesser known is that cowboys have large knives on their person for various purposes to conserve ammo.
      • The Tyrannosaurus and Parasaurolophus also are both native to the Western hemisphere.
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    • Kyoryuzin Macho note : Macho is a word of Spanish origin. What's the name of Ankydon's respective Kyoryuger? Ramirez, a name of Hispanic origin.
    • Raiden note  Kyoryuzin note : Raiden is one of the commonly used names for the Shinto thunder god Raijin. This form requires Pteragordon, who has lightning based attacks.
    • Kyoryuzin Kung Fu note : Monks are known to wield both hammers and flails, and Tessai is a monk.
    • Bakuretsu note  Kyoryuzin note : Plezuon's respective Kyoryuger is a scientist. Explosions are normally Played for Laughs with scientist characters.
    • Gigant Kyoryuzin note : The Brachiosaurus is said to be the biggest of all sauropods, and by extension of all land animals, ever to walk the face of the earth. "Gigant" is the German word for giant.
  • Ramirez is clearly from the Dark Ages with how he dresses and his general appearance. The monster they fight in that arc is based off the plague. A neat touch, even if it was unintentional.
    • It was completely intentional. Notice how they bring up that the monster was directly responsible for the black plague.
  • The oven monster in episode 7 operates by having the mooks disguise themselves as the other rangers, and say things that will make them angry. So in other words, it's roasting them.
    • Or "flaming" them, if you want to get into internet lingo.
    • If you want to get more old school you could say they got burned, or since the monster has a grilling theme, they got served.
  • Kyoryu Gold being carried by Dogold. Kyoryu Gold's theme and element is essentially lightning. Dogold's entire design seems to be based on a thunder god.
  • In episode 1, Chaos asks Dogold to identify himself upon being thawed out. This just seems like a way to make sure his mind's still functioning properly, but we find out in episode 9 that Dogold's been imprisoning and controlling Utsusemimaru all this time, which adds another dimension to Chaos ensuring that Dogold knows who he is.
    • In #3 it may have been further foreshadowed when Chaos and Dogold discuss how easy it is to drive a person to anger, especially when you take away their freedom.
  • Amy's ability to manipulate remote controls with her feet in #10 makes sense considering that she's a Kick Chick and has to be pretty flexible when fighting.
  • As pointed out in this post, the Kyoryuger villains resemble The Wizard of Oz, with Aigaron as the Tin Man, Dogold as the Lion, Luckyuro as the Scarecrow and Candelilla as Dorothy.
    • And what's more, Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger's villain was a wicked witch and her flying monkey henchmen.
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    • Building further on this, Chaos could be Glinda, and Deboss is the Wizard himself.
      • There's also a subtle playing card theme too. Aigaron has a spade shape on his back, Luckyuro has a diamond pattern on his legs, Candelilla should be obvious, and Dogold's thunder wheels on his chest look similar to a club shape. Master Deboss is the reported ace for the army, and Chaos? Clearly the wild card or Joker of the bunch.
      • Endolf seems to be based on the winged monkeys.
  • Regarding Utsusemimaru's long name and his status as a former commoner turned samurai. Prior to the Meiji period, commoners don't have family names and his unique name could have been intended for recognition.
  • Kyoryu Gold is depicted in episode 11 as being better than the other Kyoryugers even at their own specialties. Seems like a typical case of Sixth Ranger hype...until you realize that to become Kyoryu Gold he probably had to defeat Pteragordon, a zord who can fly, shoot lightning, his its own robot mode and was described by Torin as being immensely strong. Of course he's such a badass!
    • On top of that, he had the training and skill of a samurai, is older (and therefore more experienced) than the rest of the team, and had to fight alone on top of all that. He had a massive head start on the rest of the team, it would be a wonder if he wasn't stronger than them!
  • Why does the effect of the MotW in #11 turn the men into pushovers for Candelilla? Because they're missing a backbone or lack a spine, depending on your preference.
  • Pteragordon's name is an interesting case of Spell My Name with an "S"; the Japanese language has no distinction between the sounds for R and L, so the name could also be read as Pteragoldon.
    • It's actually revealed that it's based on "goro-goro" an onomatopoeia for thunder.
  • From #14: of course Ucchi would look like a bully from the wrong decade.
  • Given the theme of bravery, it makes sense for there not to be a Yellow Ranger this year. The opposite of bravery is cowardice, and what's another term for coward? Yellow-bellied.
    • Fridge Logic: Doesn't Yellow mean something else in Japan?
      • Yes, it means courage or sometimes happiness, but that leads to another piece of Fridge Brilliance from a Japanese perspective. While there is no yellow warrior, there is yellow pretty much everywhere else. On their costumes, Zyudenryu, and weapons. The color may be used to symbolize the overall theme of his year, bravery, while at the same time set up the Lighter and Softer feel they want for this season.
      • Stegotchi, Dricera, Zakutor, Parasagun, Ankydon and Bunpachy all have yellow on them...
      • And the living Kyoryugers are literally yellow-bellied.
  • Ovirappoo, when used in the Gaburevolver, emits its noxious fumes from the back of the gun's grip, otherwise known as the butt of the gun.
  • It may seem strange that the hands from Igeranodon uses thumbs for tickling, but this is to reflect the Iguranodon using its spiked thumbs to attack predators as a defense.
  • From #18: the way to beat the monster that is based off a meteor is to use the Zyudenryu that is a meteor hammer.
  • The Sixth Ranger and the two spirit rangers don't use handguns as Transformation Trinkets because they came from hundreds of years in the past, before guns were even invented.
  • It makes sense that Shigeru Chiba voices the Kyoryugers' gear. He made them.
  • Yayoi's ability to charge Plezuon with Brave is not only Foreshadowing her role as Kyoryu Violet II, but is also to be expected. She's been working with both Plezuon and her grandpa for a long time, it should make sense that the Zyudenryu would find her worthy, even if she didn't defeat it in battle.
  • The Deboss' plan in episode 24 is to freeze the city with its own tears, which makes sense when you remember the prefix for anything pertaining to ice: cryo-.
  • Of course Deboss fears bravery, he only ever consumes Joy, Sorrow and Anger. A pretty much mindless beast is often scared when confronted by the unfamiliar.
  • The new Knight Endorf looks like candles with flames. His name kinda sounds like "engulf" and he could represent "burning hatred."
  • Why does Kyoryujin not use all 5 of the main mecha at once? Because there aren't any "main" mecha. in universe, there's not a 5-man core team with some extras, there's just one 10 person team!
    • Well, 10 + 1. Tobaspino lets the characters wield 5 Kyoryu Giants with all the trappings.
  • I have noticed that the Beast Batteries that Grey used on the Kyoryuger bar Red in Episode 17 are specifically designed to counter their preferred method of fighting.
    • Souji is a Swordsman meaning he had to get close to his opponent and one of main assets is his speed. So a Beast Battery that makes it hard for him to move is used on him.
    • Ian's main form of attack is his gun this means he has to both see his opponent and keep his attention on them. So a Beast Battery that creates a gas that both makes it hard to see with smell that makes it hard to concentrate is used.
    • Amy uses kicks a lot of time meaning she has to keep herself balanced to stop her from falling over. Hence a Beast Battery that makes a person dizzy hence reducing their balance is used.
    • Nobuharu tends to use his physical strength to fight meaning like Souji he has to get close to his opponent to have any effect. So the Beast Battery used on him has the power to stop him moving. It is also ironic as this Beast Battery tickles their opponent to make the laugh as Nobuharu is both a bad comedian and was also the only Kyoryuger to use that Beast Battery before this episode.
  • Note that when Aigaron tried to self-destruct along with the Kyoryugers, Ian's first action was to use Tuperanda to get everyone to safety rather than make sure Aigaron goes down for good. He'd been growing out of it already!
  • Dogold hates Endolf not just because they're so similar, but because he's replacing Dogold as Chaos' right-hand man.
  • Torin's Deboss-sensing power makes a lot more sense now that we know he's a creation of Deboss himself.
  • Why is Daigo so good at everything (cooking, dancing, art)? He needed it as a way to earn some money on his travels! Traveling isn't cheap, you know.
  • Bakuretsu Carnival might have been a They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot moment, but it might have been because it's a different kind of combination compared to other Kyoryujin's combos. As noted by Yayoi in #29, Carnival powers up similar to other Snapping Combination, but for Bakuretsu Kyoryujin's case, it was classified as a Explosive Biting Combination instead, so it does not count.
    • Same with Raiden Carnival and Kyoryuzin, as that's a Lightning Biting Combination.
      • #34 shows it being a yellow remold of Zakutor among all the Guardians being destroyed. Further hint that it was the original Deinochaser was its own Zyudenchi icon appearing when it was destroyed.
      • We've seen more than one Deinochaser in bike form at least once, and each bike needs two dinos - maybe the original Deinochaser left a whole nest of eggs?
    • Speaking of which, of course the spoiled guy who's in love with Amy has Stymero's stone...
    • It could also explain why King is so hot-blooded. His pendant is in reality the stone for Allomerus.
  • Episode 30: We learn that the stones that revived Torin last episode are the remains of the Guardians (Zyudenchi 11-23). Ian wonders why his friend Shiro's stone is clear, then we see that it's Deinochaser's stone. Deinochaser is still alive and rolling, so it wouldn't have any remains.
    • Jossed. All of the Guardians have remains. Their remains are covered in solidified Bragigas tears, with Shiro's stone being just a pure solidified tear without any remains in it.
  • With the reveal that the Spirit Base is inside Bragigas, it puts an extra layer to Luckiero's mission to destroy the Spirit Base and why Torin had to change it so only the Kyoryugers could enter it.
  • Nossan being the oldest of the six main warriors (in years that count, anyway) makes a lot of sense when you look at his Zyudenryu partner. Everybody else on the team has a partner whose dinosaur base lived in the Cretaceous period. Stegosaurus, OTOH, lived in the Late Jurassic period, several million years before the others. Of COURSE his partner would be the oldest warrior!
    • This can also be applied to Doctor Ulshade the First Kyoryu Violet who has the oldest actor out of all the Kyoryugers (59 at the time this was written) who has a partner whose origins are from the Early Jurassic and Torin. as Kyoryu Silver who is the oldest Kyoryuger chronologically at atleast 65 Million Years and like Nossan has a partner from the Late Jurassic. P
    • They did it again. #40 has a pile of Ship Tease with Nossan and Candelira, who's a Deboss and most likely the oldest woman on the show.
    • Actually, what makes even more sense is that Utchy has a pterodactyl. Pterodactyls are not true dinosaurs, they are descendants of a earlier proto-dinosaur creature. It's the oldest thing to have powers based on it, and Utchy is from the samurai era - he's 29, plus about 400 years old!
  • Ucchi using an unloaded Zandar Thunder to merely zap Ian in #33 actually makes a funny kind of sense - some deluxe toys have been noted to have just enough energy for a slight burst of sound after the batteries are removed, thanks to capacitors.
  • Aigaron having a Superpowered Evil Side may be justified by his emotion, sorrow, going down the slippery slope and turning into something far stronger, depression. There may or may not be a similar powerup for the other three.
    • [[spoiler: Turns out that the source of Aigaron's Evil Side is that he actually died when he blew up, but because his armor was so tough, it trapped his soul inside it, and Chaos revived him with his dark magic.
  • I am surprised nobody has mentioned this yet as it seems so obvious but this series is called Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger which contains a mutation of the Japanese work Ju which apart from meaning Beast it also means 10. So think about it excluding the Deboss made, movie exclusive Deathryuger and the also currently movie exclusive Tobaspino, how many Rangers and Mecha does this series have again?
  • The Deboss Legion's generals are all personifications of Deboss' emotions. What happens to Torin? He becomes the personification the Bravery of the dinosaurs and humans instead!
  • This Tumblr post points out how Torin and Daigo parallel each other in episodes #1 and #36
  • We've established that Aigaron is based on the Tin Man, and what was he looking for in his journey? A heart. Is it any wonder Aigaron seems to have fallen in love with Candelilla?
  • The Deboss Legionnaire's command center has emotion-gathering pillars, but one is smashed; since it's been there since the beginning, long before Endolf came to be, this pillar likely belonged to D(eathryuger), the Knight of Ferocity, who has his own emotion brooch on his left pectoral, distinct from any of the others.
  • In #13, we hear Rin saying that Souji's been cold and standoffish ever since they were children. Then in #43, we learn that his parents went through a difficult divorce at the time. Suddenly it all makes sense.
  • In episode #25, Torin suggests that Candeliera and Luckyro must be defeated because anything related to the Deboss Legion must be destroyed to prevent them from returning. He has hesitancy, because he knows that's a death sentence for himself, too. But, in the end Candeliera and Luckyro survived. They might have changed sides, but they still exist, which might be why the Deboss Army comes back 100 years later, albeit in a weaker form. They survive even after that, which may be a reason why Power Rangers Dino Force Brave has more Deboss enemies that exist.
  • Regard that choice of motifs in the villains, we can say that sometimes, our emotions can be our own enemies. They made us stop thinking rationally and do things blindly that can lead to unexpected consequence. Kyoryu Gold letting his anger get the better of himself and ended by being trapped and possessed by Dogold is one example.
  • Torin giving Souji the Feather Edge in #45 may not just be because he is a good swordsman, but also because Velociraptor is the dinosaur most closely related to birds in the lineup.
  • Notice how in all of his forms, Deboss appears to have an extra pair of arms crossed around his chest? With the knowledge that Deboss can survive pretty much anything as long as his heart is intact, we can infer that those extra arms of his are to protect his chest and, by extension, his heart.
  • Keeping in mind the Wizard of Oz theme that the villains have, their fates all seem to make sense:
    • The lion, Dogold, got the courage to stand up against Endolf and go out on his own terms, in a duel with Ucchi.
    • The tin man, Aigaron, found his heart and died protecting the woman he loved, Candelira.
    • The scarecrow, Luckyuro, got a brain and realized that he wouldn't be able to enjoy himself as much with the humans dead, and defected.
    • The Dorothy of the group, Candelira, found her way 'home', and defected to go live amongst the humans.
  • Utchy surviving the finale may come as a huge shock considering that most other Dinosaur-orientated 6th Rangers got killed off. One other trait they possessed was that they were evil at the beginning, and while Utchy being possessed by Dogold qualifies for that, there's the fact that he wasn't the first evil Kyoryuger that turned good. Who's the other one? Torin. He was made by Deboss himself and thus has a stronger tie to the villains than Utchy has. He also died in a Heroic Sacrifice, something that the other Sixths went out on as well. Utchy surviving wasn't because they'd subvert the trope, but because Torin had all the qualifiers to be the Sixth to be killed off.
    • Also, considering how Go-Busters ended with a dead Gold ranger, they probably didn't want to repeat it too soon.
  • Candelilla managed to hand the right color to Kyoryu Blue's descendant 100 years later while the other got random, wrong colors might count, as KyoryuBlue had the biggest impact on her during the series.
    • Also, Nobuta-san, said descendant, is Rika's and not Nobuharu's. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
  • In #29, Endolf is possessed by the Dogold armor, and in #41 Dogold starts to be clouded by Endolf's personality before Endolf himself breaks free in #42. Given the latter statement, it makes sense for Dogold not to possess anyone as he pleases: Aigallon, Candelira, and Luckyuro because of their personalities; Chaos because he is too powerful; Torin nor any of the Kyoryugers because they are enemies of Deboth; and any unfortunate human nearby because he cannot know said human's personality right away.

Fridge Horror

  • Remember in #5 where the rangers tried out each batteries for their effects? How did you think Kyoryu Pink knew what Battery #14's (Stymero) effects were when she first used it in #6?
    • Nobuharu falling in love with Daigo? Doesn't sound too bad to me, especially since the effects of the beast batteries are only temporary.
    • Not to mention Stymero's effects are just too grin-inducing to be labeled "Fridge Horror".
    • #7 had Torin telling the Kyoryugers what one of the Beast Batteries would do before using it, so Stymero's effect might have been explained off-screen instead of experimented.
    • Even if the Deboss got their hands on the battery, with what we see of Candelilla and Luckyuro, that episode would just be played for laughs.
  • The test to become a Kyoryuger is to defeat a giant mechanical dinosaur. Despite what we're shown, the majority of the human population are pretty much incapable of achieving such a feat. Granted, Torin only picks the bravest and strongest of people around the globe, but just one slip up and you are royally screwed.
    • To be fair, Gabutyra was initially hesitant about working with Daigo, because he didn't want him to get hurt, so it seems safe to say that he and the other Zyudenryu would know when to stop before they would seriously hurt a potential Kyoryuger candidate.
    • Torin gave Daigo the option to quit when it seemed like he wasn't making any headway either. It's pretty evident that they take a ton of precautions to ensure the test is safe as possible under the circumstances.
  • We've seen how seriously Torin takes his responsibility as the mentor of the Kyoryuger, heavily blaming himself for Utsusemimaru's predicament and his worry over Ramirez when the Kyoryu Cyan powers were sealed. The tearjerker page points out how every fight Torin's had with the Deboss before now ended on a bittersweet note at best. Now consider how he considers all the warriors his friends and treats them as such (adopting the "Nossan" nickname even before the others, joking around with them, and so on)... how lonely must Torin have been in the centuries-long gaps between losing Utchy and finding the current team? Or any of those long periods, likely ones where he was continuously working to defend the planet without expecting or receiving any gratitude or appreciation, with no company but the mecha and the spirits of the dinosaurs (none of whom seem to be capable of speech)? And remember, he's been doing this for sixty-seven million years... he may seem like an utter badass on the surface, but Torin has got to be hurting deep down.
    • Of course, the fact that his response to that pain is to be A Father to His Men says a lot about him. Most people would respond to that sort of thing by being an aloof mentor who would refuse to get deeply involved with his team out of a fear of being hurt like that again.
  • What kind of Body Horror do the dinosaurs (and a Ptero Soarer) go through to become Zyudenryu? Especially the one with detachable parts.
    • Probably that kind where only 24 out of about a billion of dinosaurs would be willing to volunteer in the first place?
  • Doubles as Fridge Brilliance, but Deboss absorbing Viruson in his debut appearance makes sense. All the members of the Deboss Army are made from his cells. They're borrowing power from him, and killing them would allow him to take it back. Ironically, he's the bigger threat to the Deboss Army then the Kyoryugers are.
  • Remember how Torin was determined that the Kyoryugers destroy Candelilla and Luckyuro after it seemed Deboss was destroyed and he said that as long as a single Deboss monster lived the world was in danger knowing that he is a Deboss monster himself, what was he planning on doing if they succeeded?
    • 29 pretty much confirms this in the opening, with Torin saying he would've had to die sooner or later. Thankfully, the Kyoryuger have their own opinions on the matter.
    • And then Torin ends up dying for real...
  • In the final episode Deboss claims that he was created by an as of yet unnamed being. Now, think about that for a minute: There is someone so evil, they actually created a monster that exists only to consume emotions and destroy all lifeforms on a planet. Again. And again. Presumably until there's nothing left.
    • Anyone who watched ''ToQger vs. Kyoryuger'' would see how big a pain he ultimately turned out to be. His entry in Fridge Horror is well deserved.
  • More of a Fridge Sadness but consider this: Souji is the only original Kyoryuger to appear in the 2114 scenes in Kyoryuger: 100 Years After. It may just be story reasons why the others didn't appear but more likely, time did what Deboss couldn't.
  • There is likely another Fridge Sadness case. Chaos obviously took Torin's Heel–Face Turn rather hard. And it's not just because Torin is his younger brother. Deboss having created the both of them first from his cells makes him their "father". So in his eyes, Torin has betrayed his own family. No wonder Chaos is pissed about it.

Fridge Logic

  • Why did Nobuta become Kyoryu Blue? He's descended from Yuko, not Nossan, so surely he should have become Kyoryu Cyan?
    • That is true but he would be the odd one out. That and he looks so much like Nossan anyway (yes, I know that he's played by the same actor).
    • Also, refer to the Fridge Brilliance entry above pertaining to Nobuta. Again, unlike the others, why is he NOT a direct descendant of his predecessor, but instead of Yuko and Rika? For that matter, why does Candelira happen to have just the Stegocchi Zyudenchi on hand so only he gets the right one at the start?
    • Because with 11 morphers and 6 rangers at least one could be right. She probably remembers Nobuharu the most since she was closest to him.

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