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Jimmy Davis is a maker of YouTube Poop who has been active since 2015. Notable for making many YTPs of Veggietales and ushering in an era full of poops of said source.

Not to be confused with the singer of 'You Are My Sunshine', the creator of Garfield, or the actor who played J.R. Ewing.

This Pooper's YTPs provide examples of:

  • Author Appeal: Veggietales and Michael Rosen tend to be recurring elements throughout his videos.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: This bit from "Why Does Larry Have A Shoe On His Head":
    "And then they attacked [Larry] from under their rock. First they shot Soos, and then they shot Sonic, but what they did next was really unfunny: They made him watch Milk Money!
    Larry: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  • Artistic License – History: Parodied at the end of the missing King of the Hill poop, where Hank claims that "Weird Al" Yankovic committed suicide in 1989 after his records failed to sell.
    Bob: I don't think that's true....
    • Parodied again in "Sherlock Holmes is Barely In This Poop"
    "Humankind landed on the moon on June 6th 1666."
    Andy Taylor: History's hard, Cora.
    "I'M HARDCORE!!"
    • And parodied again in "Schoolhours Suck", which shows the British winning the Revolutionary War after a Minuteman shoots General Washington at the behest of the singers.
  • Ax-Crazy: Bob the Tomato is sometimes featured like this; threatening to shoot the viewer if they like Walt Disney, attempting to rob Junior Asparagus at gun point, and even shooting Bobby Hill for no apparent reason.
  • Black Comedy: Plenty, such as Bob's repeated threatening of Larry at gunpoint, and the frequent deaths of the characters.
  • Bottomless Magazines: In "LarryMan Twice", Bob is somehow able to get five shots out of a double-barreled break-action shotgun when he's shooting at Larry.
  • Butt-Monkey/The Chew Toy: Junior Asparagus is typically depicted this way.
  • By "No", I Mean "Yes": Junior does this in Why Does Larry Have A Shoe On His Head?.
    Bob: Didn't you minor in aerospace technology?
    Junior: Why, yes! Yes I did not! Thank you!
  • Cargo Ship: In universe. In "MyCarly": "Lewbert's gay for cake."
  • Censored for Comedy: In "Why Does Larry Have a Shoe on His Head?" Scooter briefly appears naked, with pixelation, and when he sees Bob, Larry and Junior, he leaves, gets dressed, and comes back. This despite the fact that the characters are food and have nothing to hide.
  • Clickbait Gag: Some of the titles of his YTPs parody clickbait titles, such as "I POOPED Myself for TEN YEARS?! (NOT CLICKBAIT)" and "EXPOSING The CREEPY SECRETS Behind CHRISTMAS?!"
  • Continuity Nod: Many gags from "Just Another Day At Foster's" return in the YTP Tennis match between Jimmy and NPCarlsson.
  • Cure Your Gays: Wilford Brimley's doctor offers to help him to "pray the gay away", but Wilford isn't interested in that.
  • Death by Cameo: Everyone up to and including Jimmy Davis himself has had this happen when they appear in a video.
  • Digital Piracy Is Evil: Link attempts to pirate a movie in this video. Even Ganon is annoyed with Link.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: In "The King Checks Twitter", King Harkinian tries to beat Jimmy Davis up for leaking his baby picture on Twitter.
  • Everybody Must Get Stoned: The ending of "Why Does Larry Have A Shoe On His Head".
  • Every Episode Ending: Early Veggietales poops ended with Michael Rosen appearing out of nowhere to gobble up one or more of the characters.
  • Exactly What I Aimed At: Soflo tries to shoot a fireball at a planet but appears to miss, and the planet mocks her for it. The fireball then ricochets off of a passing spaceship and hits the planet, which explodes.
  • Gainax Ending: A lot of videos:
    • See Every Episode Ending above.
    • "Why Does Larry Have a Shoe On His Head" ends with Junior suddenly being revealed to have pot, and everyone gets high. Then it seems to wind up being just an Imagine Spot.
  • Have a Gay Old Time: Lampshaded in "PBG's Ping Pong Poop" where PeanutButterGamer takes the reveal that his father is gay to mean that his dad is very happy (like the original meaning of the word), complete with an edited version of Pharrell Williams' "Happy" that replaces "Happy" with "Gay".
    "Gay means happy!"
  • Hilariously Abusive Childhood: Junior's parents tend to not care about him, when they show up in Jimmy's poops.
    "Let's skedaddle up those stairs, your father will be up in a minute to strangle you."
  • I Am a Humanitarian: Sam apparently eats Lewbert at the end of "MyCarly".
  • Indulgent Fantasy Segue: A scene in "Zelda CDI: Revisited" showing Zelda and the King being killed and Impa proceeding to try and kiss Link turns out to be All Just a Dream Impa was having about finally being alone with Link.
  • Insane Troll Logic: In "A Story About Grapes And Junk", the Grapes of Wrath come to the conclusion that Junior must be a boy because his hat is yellow, and Spongebob is yellow, too.
  • Insult Backfire: Zig-Zagged in "(r/askreddit) What's for Dinner [SERIOUS]" with Link's attempts to make fun of GKRapper's mother:
    itsyaboilink: ur mum gay
    GKRapper: Hell yeah, she is! And she's happily married to her amazing wife :)
    itsyaboilink: ur mum's wife gay
  • Mood Whiplash: When Larry is stuck in a hole and waiting to be rescued:
    "Were those footsteps? Oh, could it be true?"
    "Certainly not!"
  • Naked People Are Funny: Madame Blueberry's nude picture of Mr. Magoo in "Madame Dude Berry and the Rareware Crackers". Don't worry, it's censored.
  • Overly Long Name: "This Poop's True Title Is Too Long for YouTube", and of course, the actual title, "A Senile Elderly Man Recounts the Factory Life of Three Young Men".
  • Precision F-Strike: Usually averted aside from the word "piss" being dropped in "The MythBusters Discover the Penny". The intentionally dirtier than usual video "MyCarly" has some stronger language, on the other hand.
  • Reference Overdosed: Many videos, but "PBG's Ping Pong Poop" has an especially large amount of references and cameos.
  • Retraux: "Here Comes Pumkin" and "There Goes Puck-Man" are presented in 240p to give it a classic YouTube feel.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: Notably Jamie, in The Mythbusters Discover the Penny.
    "The myth is,
    that if you piss
    off of a building this high,
    and somebody's looking straight-up in the sky,
    and gets hit in the eye,
    that it'll either make you high (Weed!),
    or it'll make you die."(Die!)
  • Running Gag:
  • Spoof Aesop:
    • The "moral" of "Larryman and the Friggin' Outer Space": "God wants us to always punish Junior."
    • In a Call-Back to the above, Larry claims that the "moral" of "LarryMan Twice" is that "God wants us to spread the measles!"
  • Stylistic Suck: Several of Jimmy's poops and other videos starting 2019 feature original art and animations, done in the style of the The Legend Of Zelda C Di Games.
  • Take That!:
    • Milk Money is frequently on the receiving end of these.
    • The first skit of "Zelda CDI: Revisited" revolves around Link being sent to rid a panicking Koridai of the Minions. Upon arriving there, Gwonam doesn't beat around the bush and urges Link to kill them.
    • During the Fine Brothers' "Reaction World" fiasco, Jimmy made this video in response to the brothers' ultimately ill-fated attempt to copyright the world "react".
    • This video (hilariously) does a Take That at the mind-set among some poopers that "Memes = Instant Hilarity".
    Larry: It's funny because it's a meme!
    Bob: Well, whatever happened to "it's funny because it's actually funny"?
  • Toilet Humor:
    • From "Madame Dude Berry": "We'd like to take a poop on top of you..."
    • "Zelda CDI: Revisited" features Ganon being tricked into eating chocolate laxatives by Link with explosive results.
    • "The Mythbusters Discover The Penny" at one point involves Jamie testing a myth that involves peeing off the top of the Empire State Building to see if hitting a person on the ground with pee would make them high or make them die. (See above, in Rhymes On A Dime)
    • Lampshaded in "Hank's Got a Lot of Beers" where Hank watches toilet humor-based jokes in previous Jimmy Davis YTPs and gets so annoyed that he runs to Jimmy's house and punches him. (Ironically, there are "toilet jokes" in the same video past that point.)
  • Word Salad Lyrics: The "Because I'm Gay" song from "PBG's Ping Pong Poop".
  • Your Head Asplode: A Running Gag; everyone from Soos to Hoffy1138 to Jimmy himself has had this happen to them when they appeared in a YTP.


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